Best inexpensive rowing machine on a budget 200, 300, 500$

A​re you limited in budget still dreaming of a good home simulator? Meet the best inexpensive rowers that are acceptable, easy to assemble, suitable to train at home.

What’s the best part?

A home rowing machine provides a highly effective workout for the whole body. It can be used for cardio and strength training. Following such fitness routines, you can lose weight and improve your health.

The benefits of using rowing simulator at home are countless:

You will improve your aerobic fitness, burn calories, and shape the perfect body. As home rowers are relatively compact, there is no problem in making the home gym.

Here we gathered the best inexpensive rowers under 200$, 300$, 500$. Choosing the best rower for home use, the following factors are crucial:

  • low noise levels
  • foldable for storage
  • easy to use without assistance
  • safety and non-slip surface
  • functionality

Cheap rower under 200$

The models chosen are on a budget, though the quality is on a high level. The best budget models are presented by the following brands: Sunny Health & Fitness and GOPLUS.

You can easily get it for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Inexpensive machine under 300$

This price segment is presented by reliable manufacturers as well.

The quality is on a high level, it responds to the price. The inexpensive models are presented by the following brands: Marcy, Stamina, EFITMENT, MaxKare.

Budget simulator under 500$

The last budget price segment is presented by the rowers under 500$.

Here you can see the high-quality simulators with great functionality for a reasonable price. The best models are presented by the following brands: XTERRA, GOPLUS, Kettler, Innova and Stamina.

What is the best home rower 2020?

If you’re tired of doing workouts on a treadmill (see ProForm Power 995i), try rowing machine.

It is a perfect alternative to gym workouts. Having rowing simulator at home spares your precious time, and together with running in the gym, gives the best result.

We prepared an overview of the best home rowing machine for beginners and pro users. The fitness machines are under 500 lbs of weight. They are top-rated and highly reviewed, durable simulators of excellent quality.

Best rated simulators

Concept 2 Model D amazon with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Black or Gray

Concept 2 brand produces one of the best-selling rowers for home use. According to customers’ feedback, Model D with PM5 provides smooth rowing with minimal noise. Every feature contributes to the convenience of using the simulator at home.

For an easy and comfortable workout, there are adaptable footrests as well as an ergonomic handle. A great advantage for storage is the ability to separate the simulator into two pieces.

Attractive features
  • It is one of the most attractive simulators among fitness experts and beginners
  • Model D rower is specially designed for effective cardiovascular exercises and not only
  • The price is quite acceptable
  • It is customized to use at home or gyms
  • The seat is at a 14” (36 cm) height
  • Include PM5, so it can be turned in different positions.
  • Powder coat finish is very strong and has a good look.

Recent users’ reviews

This Concept2 Model D is the best Concept model for me. As it has helped me lose 30 pounds so far. It’s one of the top rated rowing machines for home use so it has exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad I didn’t go for a cheaper rower model.


Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine PM5

This model is an advanced version of mentioned above Model D. It is made for even more convenience while training at home. 

The advanced model has a higher frame, so it is more accessible to get on and off the simulator. For your comfort, order the additional 29GS Solid P.V.C Mat.

The next advanced feature is the display monitor, that became closer and more accessible to you. As in the previous model, the monitor shows accurate data, tracking every stroke.

Model D vs Model E | comparison chart

ComparisonModel D with PM5 Model E with PM5
FeaturesSeat is at a 14” (36 cm) height Sits 6” higher off the ground (20”/51 cm)
Monitor arm positioning The PM5 can be adjusted to many positions, allowing to change height and angle The longer monitor arm is fixed, putting the PM5 in direct reach
ChainNickel-plated steel chain requires oil every 40 hours of use. The nickel-plated steel chain is fully housed.
ConstructionAluminum front legs and steel rear legs Welded steel construction, solid one-piece front leg
Paint coat finish Powder coat finish Glossy finish
Machine weight 57 lb (26 kg) 65 lb (29 kg)

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

This rowing simulator is perfect for home use, at it provides the smooth quiet rowing.

Due to magnetic resistance performance, you will never get in trouble with your neighbors because of the noise. Velocity Exercise magnetic rower helps to build muscle strength and improve endurance.

The safety is an important concern for Velocity Exercise. With oversized non-slip pedals, your feet will always be in place. A molded-foam equipped seat is made for your convenience while rowing. The simulator is foldable for easy storage.

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower

This simulator is an advanced piece of equipment with more capabilities than the usual rowing machine. The two-in-one design of Stamina rower is excellent for upper and lower body strength exercises.

Actually, it is an indoor rower and recumbent bike in one piece of gear. The simulator is made for effective full-body exercises at home.

What is the main advantage of Stamina Conversion II Recumbent among other rowing equipment?

You are able to do upper-body strength workouts, such as bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. All the data, such as heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned is clearly visible on an LCD display.

Water rowers

Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor

This indoor water rower is highly rated and got satisfying feedback among Waterrower reviews. What is the secret of its success?

The imitation of the powerful rowing motions through real water. Imagine that you are rowing in the water, feeling the breaths of fresh air, enjoying the process in comfort of your own home.

You are able to change resistance levels by supplying the water tank with the desired amount of water. The pleasant natural wood surface makes your workout more convenient, feeling more at home than you might at the gym.

Attractive features
  • Equipped with highly popular “water flywheel”
  • Reminds rowing in the water in your own home
  • The flywheel is located in the enclosed water tank for smooth, quiet rowing
  • Resistance is self-regulate
  • Monitor tracks intensity including strokes quantity, heart data, etc
  • Wooden construction lessen the sound and vibration

Recent users’ reviews

The best water rowing machine! It is a piece of beautiful, functional furniture. I use this rower 3-5 times per week. In spite, the display is not nearly as advanced as the competitors’.

But it provides all the basic functions you could require. I’ve used different types and model of rowers in gyms, but this was my first purchase for home use.


It was an excellent alternative to running outdoors in the winter and as an alternative to running when the legs need a little more recovery time. I use the middle of its resistance range and it is still plenty challenging.

So there is a ton of adjustability in that regard. It’s not quickly changed but for a single user device, this doesn’t matter. It’s a different feeling than an air fan but I like it.


Best investment I’ve ever made in fitness equipment. I am a huge fan of it. Not only is it look amazing and takes up minimal space while storing. It’s great and useful cardio and power workout.

I use it in front of my TV for motivation. It’s quite sturdy. This is a forever piece of equipment that can be passed onto future generations.

Budget machines

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor by SF-RW5515

A great budget variant for your home – SF-RW5515 magnetic rower. The manufacturer placed convenience and safety while training in the first place.

With non-slip foot pedals, you will not be concerned about slipping while rowing. Eight resistance levels will fit people with various levels of training, from beginner to advanced users.

Built-in wheels ensure the smooth and comfortable rowing, providing easy movements. It is easy to follow your growth and development, controlling your accurate data on a monitor that shows calories burned, time spent and strokes count.

Having such a fitness device at home is affordable for everyone.

Attractive features
  • Maximum weight limit up to 250 Lbs
  • Adaptable for eight levels of resistance
  • Modern and easy to read display shows all the necessary data
  • Comfortable fully stuffed seat
  • The grips of the handlebar are non-slip
  • Pedals are large and prevent from slipping
  • Fit for total body exercises for all major muscle systems
  • Gives safe aerobic and cardio workout
  • Dimensions for assembling: 82L x 19W x 23H in

Recent users’ reviews

I have bought this rower over three months, and use it practically every day. It is solid and provides a fluid motion. The tension could be more difficult, but it makes me sweat, so no complaint there.

I wish the bar were wider, but that is a personal preference. It is shoulder width, which is all you require.


I like the fact that it does not take up much room at all. It will fit, even, in a closet with no problem. I set up mine in the corner. It is not an eyesore either. I would recommend this rower to anyone wanting a full workout, or to supplement it.


Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Attractive features
  • Easy to storage as the arms are foldable
  • Provided with straps to keep the feet secure the foot-plates
  • Strong production of the frame
  • Smooth movements based on the water
  • Motivation by multi-function automatic monitor
  • The seat is comfortably molded
  • Water-powered cylinder obtain adaptable resistance

Recent users’ reviews

I bought this thing from Stamina, model Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 in Dec 2015, my daughter, granddaughter and my self-use it at least five times per week for more than 2,5 years now and it is working great. I still love it as much as I did when I first got it.

EFITMENT Total Motion Rower with Full Arm Extensions, 350 lb Weight Capacity

Attractive features
  • Suitable for people with different levels of training
  • Easy to read monitor to monitor your results
  • An optimal choice for cardio and strength exercises
  • Maximum capacity of 350 lbs
  • The big and comfortable seat with pads that slide smoothly
  • Full arm extensions for motion

Recent users’ reviews

It’s okay, corresponds to the price. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble and set up at home. It is an excellent piece of equipment to row and train. I use it every day. It has the range I need. It is rather well-made.


As a beginner, it has all the features I need. After some time I believe in fulfilling all the aims I want. The digital monitor is very easy to read and also gives all the required information.

This one is cheap, compact, and works well for the most part. I want to use it in a small room, and It perfectly fits. It looks to function well.


Air rowing machine

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rower with 8 Resistance Setting and Transport Wheels

Attractive features
  • Eight resistance levels for various levels of training
  • Suitable for cardio, toning muscles and burning calories
  • Helps to improve durability and work upper and lower body
  • Ergonomic parts provide accessibility, functionality, and efficiency
  • The pedals are slip-resistant for safety and comfort
  • Foot straps are accommodated for people of all sizes
  • Comfortable foamed, padded seat
  • The monitor is adjustable to a multi-angle and forwards to the еру backward position
  • Innovative foldable compact design offers comfortable storage

Recent users’ reviews

Easy to put the parts together. I’d like it more if I could make the resistance more strong. A bit noisy but not enough to interfere with hearing the music or tv.


I’m 6’3 high, and it has enough space for my legs. It was not too problematic to set it up. Still works pretty good so far after everyday training. The tension on it is not too strong. Like it’s not heavy pulling, but it works pretty well for the price.


Stamina 35-1402 ATS Air Rower

It’s an excellent choice for small apartments. The air rowing simulator has rather small sizes, so you can easily store it whatever in the corner or under the table.

The compact Stamina 35-1402 ATS Air Rower naturally imitates rowing in the water. The water-powered cylinder resistance helps to maintain the effect of true feelings.

Feeling comfortable and safe without assistance is another advantage of this simulator. A great three-dimensional, fully stuffed seat is made for your convenience while doing workouts. Rotating foot pedals are non-slip, so it contributes to your safety.

Magnetic rowing machine

Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Exercise Cardio Fitness

Attractive features
  • Strong aluminum beam and equipped seat
  • Smooth workouts due to non-slip handlebars
  • 10 levels of customized resistance
  • Sizeable anti-slip foot pedals provided by adjustable foot straps
  • Fit for the people of different age to practice fitness
  • Large LCD monitor shows total strokes, calories, time
  • Perfect to be used at home and other suitable places
  • Best simulator for professional indoor exercise
  • Full-body workout aiming the whole muscles
  • Maximum weight limit 220lbs

GOPLUS Hydraulic Rowing Machine Rower

Attractive features
  • Made from high-class steel, creating the feeling of swimming in a boat
  • The water-powered resistance proportional types are set to both sides like paddles in the water
  • The spacious formed seat provides good support during training
  • The handle is created with a multidimensional butt
  • The paddle can push at any angle and create rowing in all directions.

Recent users’ reviews

Incredible for the cost!! I had some doubts about what to expect, but I’m impressed. It was shipped absolutely in time, was simple to assemble, is very lightweight, but super sturdy! A great investment!!


Decent for the price! It arrived even a week earlier I supposed and setup was easy. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for good equipment but is not looking to spend a crazy amount of money on rowers.


Easy to assemble and easy to use! I couldn’t believe how quickly I put it together. You are not required to pay for the installation, do it by yourself. A simple display screen and an easy adjustment knob.

I only wish it could count how many meters you row. Otherwise – great! I got the protection just in case, but so far it’s been sturdy. It’s also nice that you can easily to fold and put it away.


Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Favorit Rowing Machine

Attractive features
  • Presents 6 different functions for convenient usage
  • Provides cardio improvement training
  • Water-powered cylinders create resistance
  • Resistance levels can be changed according to your level of training
  • Ergonomic footplates give a full motion
  • The padded full seat slides easily along a steel track

Recent users’ reviews

The Kettler home exercise is personal training equipment for my wife and me. It is an excellent option for improving not only muscular but cardiovascular health.

A thick, padded seat with sealed ball bearings glides smoothly along a steel track for ultimate comfort. With this acceptable, but great quality rower, there is no more chance but to start working out immediately.


LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

Attractive features
  • The console is easy to use
  • Drive system with a 16.5-pound flywheel
  • Quiet and Comfortable
  • Strong steel frame
  • Quick-Fold for Easy Storage
  • Three-LCD readers show strokes quantity, strokes per minute, calories, distance
  • Maximum weight is up to 300-pound

Recent users’ reviews

Surely, I recommend this high-quality RW1000 indoor rower. The price is somewhat reasonable. It is assembled very directly.

Takes less space unfolded and folded compared to the other devices. Smooth action. Suitable and comfortable for tall people. Sufficient tension settings for an average user.


Read the instructions before you start to row! You must insert locking pin when using to lift the front of the unit off for proper work of the device. My only issue is that feet slip off the bottom of foot pedals.

The solution is to add a second foot strap for each foot so you can have foot strap at the heel and front of the foot. Each foot pedal has two slots for foot straps.


Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine Adjustable Resistance with Folding Arms, LCD Monitor & Safety Straps

Attractive features
  • Durable and able to work for a long time
  • Highest weight limit up to 265 pounds
  • Hydraulic resistance is set easily by the standard control knob
  • Possibility to improve the potential of the total body
  • LCD monitor helps to monitor burned calories, strokes, time
  • Сomfort thanks to the designed seat
  • Footplates are equipped with safety straps even for large size feet
  • Free repairing or replacement of defective parts within the warranty period
  • It is an aftermarket of the generic part

Recent users’ reviews

I wanted to purchase one of these for a very long time, but as I live in an apartment. I hesitated because rowers, as usual, are large training equipment and I have little room for them.

This one however met and even exceeded my hopes concerning space saving. It’s firm, but at the same time compact.


It easy to set it together. If you do not like to read the assembling instructions, you can be guided by a video on their Amazon page, which made it very simple to set up.

For me, this model is the best among a variety of hydraulic devices. I can keep it stand near the wall to store. It definitely worth the cost. Enjoy!


Perfect indoor routine for entirely acceptable value. My 13-year-old son and I quickly put it together, then immediately tried to row. It works smoothly.

The display shows the basics regarding strokes, time, calories, etc. The funniest is that you can combine passive Netflix shows and row. Works well in different tenses levels. Well-suited for the whole family.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a rowing machine?

A: This piece of gym equipment is a construction which consists of a seat, a handle, a frame, and a flywheel.  Such exercises simulate a real boat.

During training, an athlete takes place, then by pushing his legs and forcing his back and shoulders, returns to the first position.

To make this workout more realistic, some kinds are equipped with individual fans. This fan stimulates wind blowing. The pulse is measured by a removable sensor (which is fixed at the earlobe, chest or neck area)  or is adjusted into the grips of “paddles.”

Q: How to choose the best rower for the money?

A: Huge options are available for you to buy including Not to be lost among the variety of rowers models, customers reviews, you need to concentrate on the type of rower which fits your demand in the best way.

There are four main types of indoor rowers suitable for home use: water rowers, piston or cylinder based ones, flywheel rowers and magnetic resistance indoor rowers. You can replace row movements with “pull back ” or “full hands extension.”

Q: What percent of body muscle is used while training?

A: The research of fitness specialists confirmed that these exercises are the second act after ski races which involve the most number of muscles to be trained. Within exercising the right way on any type of rowers more than 82% of the body muscles are used.

Additionally, such devices develop power, cardiovascular and respiratory system. They are also helpful to the strength of the hands and back.Rowing is considered as the training of moderate load and safe for people of any age with a different level of physical fitness.

However, if you have any severe problems with your back, it’s better to consult the doctor before buying. You can also try to do your first practice to row in the gym.

Health and fitness experts confirm that these simulators guarantee the best workouts. Choosing and buying one of the above lists of rowers best sellers on Amazon will help you to improve your health and body in a rather short term.

  • You train and strength with a big effect on your heart, different muscles, shoulders, arms, legs, and back. At the same time, it has a very low impact on the joints.
  • Workouts are harmless for aged people and helpful to recover after specific diseases and injuries. Provide reasonable weight loss.

Let us believe that the offered review will help you to make the right choice.  

Rowing machine benefits
burnup to 800 calories
improveyour body flexibility
makeyour hands and legs stronger
row activity simulation is suitable for recovery
safe for joints and back

Now it will be easier for you not to lose in a colossal option and obtain the exact model most suitable for your desires, possibilities, and aims. The best ones are those that fit your targets, your home place and of course your budget.

Very soon your body and mind appreciate you!

Four misconceptions

Mainly training the muscles of the hands

The whole body is involved: the shoulders, the press, buttocks, legs, and the back. The advantage of such fitness devices is that the power is distributed equally on the whole body. Of course, if the technique is correct. In any case, it’s better to start to row after consulting with fitness instructors.

Training is prohibited for those who have back problems

If you set a right body position and your approach to training is competent, it does not influence your back problems. It could even help to avoid them. The matter is that all efforts are spread evenly on the muscular systems. And in this case, the muscles of the back play only an auxiliary role, and the spine intense is minimal.

It trains strength and power

Besides power body enforcement, a person improves the coordination of movements. From the first point of view, elementary exercises require the right concentration and coordination of the body.

Better to use to develop the muscles than to lose the weight

Following the statistics, during one intensive hour of training, you n can “burn” up to 800 kilocalories. It’s is even recommended to people with high weight, e.g. mid obesity. Correct practice with rowers is safe even for those who have high blood pressure. However, before starting, it is better to consult a doctor.

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