Autumn Calabrese: 80 Day Obsession reviews | 21 Day Fix

80​ ​Day Obsession 21 Day Fix is a completely new super-effective set of training from Autumn Calabrese. The program will help to fully transform your body in 80 days.

So, you will tighten and round the buttocks, improve the leg shape. Moreover, the program will help strengthen the press, flatten the stomach, burn fat and get rid of problem areas.

Autumn Calabrese’s many years of coaching experience is guaranteed to lead you to a strong and healthy body.

80-day obsession reviews

I’m really excited to start Autumn Calabrese 80 day obsession program. What do I like about this complex of exercises?

They are made in a funny way so that you get not only striking body transformation but also an internal shift is present. Your mental health is to be improved, lots of energy emerges and you’re definitely able to do more!


My results after completing the program: I feel much healthier and more related to my body than I was in my whole life. This is essential for me right now because I’m dealing with some particular situations that would leave me a total disorder.

What I consider the main advantage, 80-day obsession calendar is a large part of what’s keeping me trained and feeling powerful in my own body.


  • The nutrition plan is very flexible and diverse. It gives that definite structure, but you can always change the food list according to your favorite foods.
  • The workout length is moderate and does not enforce you to make haste. The average pace feels right especially for people with an average level of physical training.
  • While the whole body workout, you feel all body muscles involved in work. Even those that you didn’t expect to have.
  • The workout calendar is not the most suitable for traveling. In case you don’t have regular access to weights, it’s not perfect.
  • Feeling sore while doing the program is a regular thing. Fitness experts recommend Epsom salts baths and foam rolling for a successful 80 days routine.

Actually, my fitness goal doesn’t depend on a number on a scale. I permanently do measurements, as the quality of my body is more important for me. Why was I amazed after completing the program?

My body changed greatly after doing multiple activities and I’ve dropped 4.5 inches around my waist, legs and arms. Moreover, I’ve gained 2 inches in my booty. The booty is rocking right now and I really like it.


When I started the workout calendar, I feel 100% able to complete 80 days Moreover, I was even preparing to go straight into round 2 as I really liked this program.

There was a great internal shift during the program. I’ve never felt so much body love in my usual life. I’m constantly feeling confident, sexy feeling my curves. The skin condition significantly improved.


During completing the program, I felt my best following a workout and meal plan. At a recovering stage, I tried the entire “intuitive eating” approach, and I intuitively consumed my feelings.

I would suggest touching to get to a place with our bodies where we can actually trust that the signals it’s giving us are true signals from our bodies. Moreover, as I actually feel that I’ve gotten there, for me, structure and planning are what helps feed me best and keeps me feeling powerful.


80-day obsession calendar

The 80 Day Obsession program is specially created for those whose aim is not just weight loss. But for those who to really improve their body and find smart, trimmed forms. Fitness and nutrition are the main things to do.

The complex assumes an emphasis on the main problem areas: abdomen, buttocks, legs and even breast. See Autumn Calabrese boobs size before and after perky breast exercises.

In doing so, you will work absolutely on all the muscles in your body and burn fat. Autumn Calabrese has developed an effective step-by-step approach to building round buttocks and a flat stomach. Moreover, to do that simultaneously with burning fat, reducing waist and legs. See also: Jen Selter diet and workout.

Does 80-day obsession work?

Yes, 80 Day Obsession workouts are not designed for beginners.

  • First, classes are lengthy — on average, from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Secondly, Autumn offers rather intensive exercises, including strength, functional, combined and plyometric exercises.
  • Program level: Intermediate-Advanced. One of the girls shows a modified (simplified) version of the exercise. So you can always adapt the program to fit your abilities.

Want to make sure you’re ready for 80 Day Obsession training? Try A Little Obsessed from Autumn Calabrese, which includes 5 simple workouts. And it is the preparatory stage for the 80 Day Obsession. You can stay on the A Little Obsessed program for 3-4 weeks, gradually increasing your level of physical fitness.

But if you are just starting to train at home, then it is better to choose the complex 21 Day Fix from Autumn Calabrese. This is one of the most popular programs at home, which is suitable for beginners.

Equipment needed
  • For those who want to get a toned, strong and relief body without problem zones
  • Those who want to work accented on the abdomen and buttocks
  • Those who are looking for a comprehensive program for the whole body at home
  • Those who want to not only burn fat but also improve muscle tone, make the body more qualitative and elastic
  • Those who have training experience and are looking for a new comprehensive program

Of course, the process of losing weight is more influenced by nutrition. However, many coaches have shown in practice that the only way to maintain their shape and weight is regular exercise.

Including the 80-day obsession program, you burn calories, start metabolic processes, force the body to expend energy, and not store it in the tissues in the form of subcutaneous fat. In addition to losing weight, regular exercise reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Kits and gear needed

For the Beachbody 80 Day Obsession equipment you will need to buy everything requested to make your training the most effective:

  • 1. Weights: light, medium, heavy

You will need dumbbells: lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight. If you have at least a couple of scales (light and heavy), then this will also be quite enough. But it is desirable to have a whole set of dumbbells. Moreover, if you are engaged in the program for all 80 days, you will feel constant progress. And you may later need dumbbells of greater weight.

Choose weight dumbbells based on your level of training. You should feel the load during each exercise, but it should not suffer the technique of implementation. Autumn uses weight from 5 pounds to 40 pounds (from 2 to 18 kg). You can purchase collapsible dumbbells to be able to vary the weight. 

  • 2. Resistance Loops

You will need a fitness band. See: Top 5 resistance bands for burning calories and losing weight. And it is desirable to have a set of three expanders. It differs in the level of hardness. You will do the exercises by putting the tape around your hips, feet, ankles, or wrists.

Tip: when using elastic tape, it is more convenient to practice in long pants rather than shorts. This will help to keep the expander better and avoid chafing the tape.

  • 3. Strength Slides

You will also need gliding discs (sliding discs). This simple inventory is great for strengthening your muscles and increasing your heart rate. You will slide along the floor using your own body weight as resistance. Be sure your muscles will burn. Instead of gliding discs, you can use pieces of cloth, socks, paper plates, small towels, and other available material.

  • 4. Mat

As always, it is advisable to have a rug or mat on the floor if you practice on a hard surface. This is optional, depending on your home environment and convenience.

  • 5. Foam Roller

Massage (foam) roller is an ideal tool to restore flexibility and mobility, as well as to relax the muscles after exercise. We highly recommend them to get if you care about the health of your body. You will only use it in Sunday’s Roll & Release workout, so this fitness tool is optional. On Sunday, you can arrange a day off or take another video with a banner for your taste.

Diet plan: food list

Autumn Calabrese is the developer of a special method of nutrition, which has become super-popular with fitness enthusiasts. We talked about it in more detail earlier: Food plan for containers from 21 Day Fix.

  • At first, this method may seem very complicated and confused. But as the experience of many students shows, it really simplifies life.
  • You will not need to carefully weigh, record and add calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. So, just measure the food containers and your menu will be ready.
  • So, calculate your daily calorie intake according to the method proposed in the Starter Guide. The rate will be different for the first phase and for the second and third phases.
  • In the first month of the 80 Day Obsession, you will need fewer calories than in the second and third month.

The manual suggests calculations based on your weight in pounds, not in kilograms. First, simply convert the unit of measure to pounds:

Multiply your weight by 2.20462. For example: 65 kg * 2,20462 = 143.3 lbs. So for the first phase, your norm will be 1426 kcal (143.3 * 11 + 600-750), for the second and third phase: 1626 kcal (143.3 * 11 + 600-550).

If according to your calculations it turned out that the daily rate of calories is less than 1200 kcal, then you still stick to the option of 1200 kcal. The important fact is that you will not need to count calories by-product. You will be guided by the number of containers.

Based on your calorie norm, you choose a specific nutritional plan: A, B, C, D, E, or F. Plan A assumes the norm from 1200 to 1500 kcal, plan F is the norm from 2500 to 2800 kcal (the rest in this interval). Moreover, the Beachbody team also developed a vegetarian meal plan.

Note that Autumn Calabrese offers a fairly tight calorie deficit. Think well, are you ready to follow these dietary restrictions to get quick results? You can lose weight without such radical measures, but if you have enough motivation, you can try.

You can calculate your calorie rate using the classic method or use the calculator from Beachbody. You can count calories yourself or use the method of containers. The most important thing is to control food.

Remember, for weight loss will not be enough just to play sports. It is necessary to observe the shortage of calories to the body began to expand fat reserves.

Beachbody workout schedule

How long are 80-day obsession workouts?

  • Workouts length: 30-60 minutes

The 80 Day Obsession program includes a whole series of 30-60 minute workouts. And you will do 6 days a week for 13 weeks. Sunday is a day off or a short session for relaxation and stretching. The complex assumes 3 phases, 4 weeks for each phase.

Each phase includes 6 different workouts. Although in some videos the number of approaches and repetitions will vary from week to week. But the selection of exercises will be the same throughout the month.

With each phase of training more complicated, you will constantly improve your figure, as well as develop endurance and strength. Last week – Peak Week includes a mix of workouts from all three phases.

The following workouts in each phase
  • Total Body Core (60 minutes). Training for the muscles of the upper and lower body. Includes complex combined exercises to activate all muscle groups and burn calories.
  • Booty (60 minutes). Training involves an isolated load on the muscles of the buttocks to form round, tightened buttocks.
  • Cardio Core (30-45 minutes). In this workout, alternating cardio flow with high and low intensity are waiting for you to maximize fat burning.
  • AAA: Arms, Abs, (50-60 minutes). Training involves accented work on all problem areas (top, abdomen, bottom) using dumbbells, tape, and gliding.
  • Legs (45 minutes). In this lesson, you will focus on creating more toned and prominent leg muscles, as well as getting rid of the flabbiness of the lower body.
  • Cardio Flow (30-45 minutes). This dynamic interval training for the development of endurance, burning fat and toning the muscles without the use of additional equipment.

The program also included 2 bonus workouts for relaxation and stretching. And you can do them on Sunday or on any other day throughout the program:

  • Roll & Release (20 minutes)
  • Stretch & Release (15 minutes)

Autum Calabrese recommends using the Tracker Sheet plate, in which you will add dumbbell weights and tape resistance levels for each exercise.

21-day fix reviews

I was so lucky to notice this program on your site! I’ve been working for a week now. And it is just what I need. I worked with Gillian (shreds, rips, problem areas, metabolism, press), but I wanted something new and compelling. Insane is hard, but Fix Extreme is the fantastic program! I liked the variety of loads and the coach sympathetic. I think I will do it longer than 21 days.


I decided to try this program too. The load in it is a bit smaller. But I liked that there are power exercises, separate exercises to the top, bottom, press. To be honest, the program is definitely suitable for me. And I like the coach, and I will do it!


I passed the 21-day fix and was very pleased with the result. By the way, at that time I still fed the baby by the chest. I managed to lose weight (I began to weigh less than while pregnant). Also, the amount of breast milk did not decrease. And the quality did not suffer. Here I share my results:


  • Workouts are made as efficient and fat burning as possible so that you can achieve great results in 21 days.
  • At the same time, the program is suitable even for people who know how to do regular secondary training. During the classes, more simple modifications of the exercises are demonstrated for those who are not yet ready for complex loads.
  • Fitness course pleases with variety: yoga, Pilates, plyometrics, aerobics, exercises with dumbbells and with the weight of your own body. A new training course awaits you every day for a week, so you won’t be bored.
  • Autumn Calabrese is great at leading a workout. She always carefully explains the technique of exercises, talks about the benefits of exercises, and also constantly encourages the group involved.
  • Classes last only 30 minutes, you do not even need to devote a lot of time to home fitness.
  • After 21 Day Fix, a more difficult version was released – Fix Extreme. And according to it, you can continue training only in a more intensive mode.
  • Unlike Fix Extreme in this program, you can do without an expander. It is used only as an alternative to dumbbells in some exercises.

Autumn 21 day fix

21 Day Fix is a comprehensive program that combines a variety of workouts to create a toned body. The classes are led by the charming fitness expert Autumn Calabrese. And she will guide you through a three-week course for all problem areas.

A variety of workouts await you: functional and strength training, yoga and Pilates, plyometrics and aerobics. The program will help you create a slim figure, beautiful relief muscles, spectacular elastic forms, and a flexible plastic body.

The program is designed for 21 days, the workout lasts 30 minutes. And you need to work according to the training schedule that is already drawn up. Fitness course cannot be called extreme, but rather it is designed for a strong average level.

In addition, most exercises are demonstrated both in a complex and in a lighter version. And it means that you will be able to coordinate your workload yourself. The program is almost perfectly worked out, so it will be interesting to anyone who wants to improve their figure.

Complex 21 Day Fix workouts
  • Total Body Cardio. Improve your metabolism and burn fat along with intensive training for the whole body. Functional and plyometric exercises are combined with a fast-paced training.
  • Upper Fix. Classic exercises with dumbbells for triceps, biceps, and shoulders are waiting for you. And also push-ups and various twists for abdominal muscles.
  • Lower Fix. Exercises for the hips, buttocks, and calves are assumed here. Many squats and lunges for the development of the muscles of the lower body.
  • Dirty 30. Strength training for all problem areas. Performed with dumbbells at a low pace.
  • Pilates. With Pilates, you will strengthen the back muscles and create beautiful shapes for your hips and buttocks.
  • Cardio. Cardio training to strengthen the heart muscle, increase endurance and burn fat.
  • Yoga. Improve balance, flexibility, and strength, and help your muscles relax with yoga. By the way, it is very convenient that each asana on the video is signed.

For classes, you will need dumbbells and gymnastic mat. If you have a tubular expander, then in some exercises you can use it instead of dumbbells. According to the schedule, you need to train every day. But once a week you will find yoga. And it will help your muscles recover.

21 Day Fix is suitable for those who are looking for an effective, but not ultra-complex workout. And it is the training that a person with an average level will be able to do. Start changing your body right now with an integrated program from Autumn Calabrese.

21 Day Fix is a comprehensive three-week program from Autumn Calabrese. The course includes 11 superb body classes.

So, the complex consists of 10 different workouts. All of the last 30 minutes, except for a press session. Because it is 10 Minute Fix For Abs. Therefore its duration is 10 minutes. Each training is entirely independent. That is why here you can find their brief descriptions. Among this variety, you can find the most useful classes for you.

Most workouts are suitable for both beginners and advanced. The program offers several modifications of the exercises. So you can adapt the complexity for yourself. However, to be honest, this program is designed for a strong average level.

  • Dirty Thirty

It is strength training with dumbbells for the whole body. All exercises involve several muscle groups. For example, you do sumo-squats, and at the same time, vertical dumbbell thrust to the chest. It will help you use the maximum number of muscles. And simultaneously work out all the problem areas of the body.

Dirty Thirty training is divided into 4 segments. In each part, you are waiting for two exercises that you must perform in two circles. Also, you should complete the whole training at a quiet pace. There are no cardio exercises and jumps in the program.

You will need dumbbells or an expander as well as a mat on the floor. Dirty Thirty from 21 Day Fix is suitable for those who want to strengthen the muscles throughout the body and tighten the problem areas.

  • Lower Fix

Strength training for the lower body with dumbbells or an expander. You will perform exercises that will help you make your hips and buttocks firm and taut. Perform exercise at a moderate pace. But the tension on the muscles will be quite substantial. At the end of some exercises, Autumn adds a static load, thereby complicating the weight.

Lower fix includes 4 segments. In each part, you are waiting for two exercises that are performed in 2 circles. You will perform various modifications of lunges and squats with dumbbells and an expander. Also, in the end, you will find exercises on the mat for additional study of the muscles of the lower body. Lower Fix is suitable for those who want to tighten the lower body and strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

  • Upper Fix

Strength training for the upper body: arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs. You are waiting for a series of exercises with dumbbells or an expander for muscle tone. The pace here is also calm: the main focus is on the power load. You cannot call this training difficult. It is quite accessible for any level of training. It is recommended to use two pairs of dumbbells, weighing more and less, depending on the specific exercises.

The lesson consists of 2 segments. In each part, you will perform five exercises in two circles. Therefore, the first segment is more difficult for the load. You are waiting for the plank, pushups, dumbbell traction in the slope, standing dumbbell bench press. And the second segment includes two exercises for the press, a dumbbell bench press, pullover and lifting of dumbbells in front of you.

Upper Fix is suitable for those who want to tighten their arms, shoulders, and back. Besides, this is the primary load. Work on the abdominal muscles in this program is quite conditional.

  • Barre Legs

Barr workout for the lower body will help you achieve long slender muscles. You will practice without dumbbells and jumps, at a slow, focused pace. But get ready to work hard. Autumn has prepared a real test for you. You will not only perform the standard modification of the exercise. But add loads in the form of “pulsating” movements and statics. After each exercise segment, your muscles will explode with fire.

Also, ordinary exercises are waiting for you: squats, lunges, leg lifts from a standing position, leg lifts on all fours, etc. However, due to complex modifications of the exercises, you will be able to withstand a severe load on the lower part of the body.

Barre Legs from 21 Day Fix is suitable for those who want to improve the shape of their hips and buttocks, as well as to achieve beautiful and slender legs.

  • Flat Abs Fix

Training for the complex study of the abdominal muscles: straight, transverse and oblique muscles. You should pay attention to both the upper and lower press, seriously strengthening the muscles of this problem area. In the first half of the program, abdominal exercises are waiting for you. And perform them from a standing position and a plank position.

In the second part of the lesson, you will swing your abdominals, lying on the mat. And only strength exercises without a cardio load are included in the training. However, this load will be enough for the core muscles to glow with tension.

The program consists of 5 segments with two exercises in each. These two exercises you will perform in two circles, one minute for each exercise. At the end of the lesson, you will find an additional segment with ultra-complex abdominal exercises.

Flat Abs Fix is suitable for those who want to see the desired six cubes on the stomach. However, if you want a flat press, you should not forget about cardio training.

10-minute abs workout

This short workout is also designed for abdominal muscles. All 10 minutes pass on the mat. And the proposed exercises will help you strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Occupation consists of two repeating circles for 5 minutes. Exercises are standard crunches with different leg positions. You will do easy and difficult modifications of exercises. Also, you can choose for yourself a suitable variant.

10 Minute Fix For Abs is ideal for those who are ready every day after the main workout to additionally work out the abdominal muscles for 10 minutes.

  • Cardio Fix

It is an aerobic exercise based on shock loading for burning fat and speeding up metabolism. Throughout the session, you will work on an increased pulse. And only in the end, the pace will decrease slightly. For beginners, the training will probably be too difficult. But if you just do the exercises, then everyone will take the program.

Training Cardio Fix includes 4 segments. In each segment, there will be two exercises, which are repeated two times. After four parts, a two-minute plank awaits you. The most important thing is to withstand the first two segments. Then the speed of the exercises will decrease slightly. Cardio Fix is suitable for those who want to burn fat, speed up metabolism and improve cardio-endurance.

Plyo Fix

Plyo Fix is plyometric interval training. You will find a lot of jumps and a very intense pace. Unlike Cardio Fix, which was mentioned above, this lesson will have more stops and breaks. After each 30-second exercise, you will have a 30-second rest. But the exercises in Plyo Fix are much more intense. Therefore, this plyometric program is not suitable for those who have knee and joint problems.

Training consists of 6 segments. Each segment includes two exercises that you must perform in 2 circles. Due to the jumping exercises, Plyo Fix gives an intense load on the lower part of the body. Besides, such cardio workouts can reduce the volume throughout the body.

Plyo Fix from 21 Day Fix is suitable for those who want to burn fat and adjust the shape of the legs and buttocks. Moreover, it suits for those who are not contraindicated jump training.

Total Body Cardio

Fat burning exercise for the whole body at a high aerobic pace. You will use dumbbells to raise your pulse, burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Cardio exercises alternate with strength exercises. And they will help you not only to lose weight effectively. But it also helps to tighten the muscles of the entire body. Training is intensive. So if you want to reduce the load, do the light exercise.

Total Body Cardio Fix consists of 4 segments. In each part, there will be two exercises that you must perform in two circles. Also, you will be able to take a breath after debilitating cardio exercises.
Training Total Body Cardio Fix is suitable for those who want to burn fat throughout the body and work on muscle tone.

  • Yoga Fix

It is a classic power yoga. And it aims to strengthen your muscles, improve balance, coordination and stretching. Such training is the most peaceful of all presented. But you should not wait for relaxation. Static load gives a considerable weight on all muscle groups. However, this exercise is beneficial for the spine and back.

The lesson involves frequent postural changes. So perhaps the first lesson you will not keep up with the coach rebuilding. However, you will be assisted by a stopwatch on the screen. And it signals the time for each asana. For training, you only need a mat.

Yoga Fix of 21 Day Fix will appeal to those who wish to improve their stretching and coordination. Moreover, it suits for those who want to soothe the muscles after intense exercise.

Pilates Fix

Calm workout for all muscle groups in your body. You will work out the most problematic zones on the stomach and legs in a measured and concentrated manner. The lesson is interesting because each segment of the exercises you perform in a particular position. For example, you can do it lying on your back, on your side, on your stomach, in the position of the bar.

Even without additional equipment, pilates calories burned motivate to work out. You can put into the work the maximum number of muscles. All exercises last from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Most exercises cannot be called light. But after a couple of workouts, the body adapts to an unusual load. And it will be a pleasure to follow the program. Such activities do not develop endurance but make your body fit.

Pilates Fix will appeal to those who care not only about losing weight but also about the beauty of their forms. Also, you can perform training even after intense exercise.

If you have completed all these workouts and you want a more severe load, then try the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. Autumn Calabrese promises you even more exhausting classes.

21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme is complex for the whole body, which includes 11 diverse, effective training. Charming coach Autumn Calabrese leads the classes.

Fix Extreme is a continuation of the 21 Day Fix program. It has received very positive feedback from the fitness community. This time Autumn offers training sessions that are already more advanced in complexity. But the workout calendars remain as useful and diverse as ever.

Each training from Fix Extreme has its value. You can choose only those classes that you keen on. All submitted video programs last 30-35 minutes, except for 10 Min Hardcore – it lasts 10 minutes.

  • Cardio Fix Extreme (interval cardio training)

There is no more effective load for fat burning than interval cardio workouts. In Cardio Fix Extreme, Autumn prepared for you a hot mix of jumps, sprints, lunges, squats, and berpis. It is an interval training, in which intensive cardio exercises are replaced by strength exercises with dumbbells. You will raise the pulse to the maximum mark and lower it in the next interval.

The lesson consists of 4 rounds. Each round includes three exercises that you perform in two approaches. You will have short breaks between exercises, but you can hardly rest on them. For classes, you will need two pairs of dumbbells of small and medium weight. Cardio Fix Extreme is suitable for those who are looking for a truly fat burning workout for the whole body.

Dirty 30 extreme

Dirty 30 Extreme is a strength training with dumbbells for working out all muscle groups. You will perform exercises that simultaneously involve the upper and lower body. So, this will allow you to conduct classes as efficiently as possible for burning calories and muscle tone. You should do training at a slow pace without cardio-intervals.

The program consists of 3 rounds. Each round includes two strength exercises, which is performed in two approaches. Exercises last one minute. In the end, you will find a bonus round: one minute twisting in the bar. Also, for classes, you will need two pairs of dumbbells of small and significant weight. Dirty 30 Extreme will appeal to those who love the power load and aims to strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

  • Extreme plyo (plyometrics)

If you are struggling with cellulite, riding breeches, and flabby buttocks, then it’s time to do plyometrics. Plyo Fix Extreme includes intense jumps, burpee, lunges and squats, which will not leave any chance in the lower body fat. Also, the workout takes place at a high interval rate. So, it means that it will help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism.

The program consists of 5 rounds. Each round includes two exercises that you must do in two approaches. Exercises last 30 seconds, after each exercise you will also have a 30-second rest. For classes, you will need two pairs of dumbbells of small and medium weight.

Plyo Fix Extreme will please you if you want to work on improving your body (and especially it is a lower part). And at the same time, you should not be afraid of shock loads and jumps.

  • Upper Fix Extreme (for arms and shoulders)

It is impossible to build a beautiful figure without toned arms and shoulders. So do not forget about training for the upper body. In the Upper Fix Extreme program, Autumn prepared strength exercises for shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, and back. Also, she added a few straps and twists for the press to the video. The pace is slow, without cardio-intervals.

The program consists of 3 rounds. Each round includes four exercises that are performed in 2 sets. Exercises last for one minute. And note that after 30 seconds of execution, you will find a small modification of the exercise or a change in the weight of the dumbbells.

For classes, you will need an expander and two pairs of dumbbells of small and considerable weight. Therefore, Upper Fix Extreme will help you to form strong and elastic muscles of the upper body.

  • Lower Fix Extreme (for hips and buttocks)

For the formation of slender legs and elastic buttocks, there is the Lower Fix Extreme program. Autumn prepared a really killer load on the lower body. You can expect not only strength exercises for muscle tone. But also fat burning cardio, for example, jumping and swinging your legs. The combination of power and aerobic exercise will help you work together on your hips and buttocks.

So, the program consists of 4 rounds. Each round includes two exercises that are performed in two approaches. The last shot you must complete with an expander. Also, do exercises for one minute, but after 30 seconds modify them, thereby creating an additional load.

For classes, you will need an expander and two pairs of dumbbells of small and medium weight. Thus, Lower Fix Extreme is ideal for those who want to make their hips and buttocks slim and fit.

  • ABC Extreme (for belly)

ABC Extreme program is designed to create a flat stomach and strong core muscles. However, get ready to work on the whole body, not just on the abdominal muscles. In addition to exercises for the abdomen, you will perform squats, lunges, jumps. And this will help you increase your pulse and burn the fat layer on your stomach.

So, training takes place in 2 circles, exercises on the floor will alternate with vertical exercises. Each round includes 11 exercises lasting one minute. Between exercises, it is short 15-second rest. You will need two pairs of low and medium weight dumbbells. ABC Extreme is suitable for those who want to reduce the fat layer on the abdomen and pump up the back muscles.

  • Pilates Fix Extreme (Pilates with an Expander)

Even if you managed to try all possible pilates classes, do not rush to pass by the Pilates Fix Extreme program. Autumn Calabrese offers a lesson with an expander that will change your current understanding of Pilates. You will work on strengthening the muscles of the whole body, using the resistance of the expander.

Training takes place entirely on the mat. Autumn uses traditional exercises. But thanks to the expander they are modified and give a stronger load on the muscles. Performing these exercises, you will actively involve legs, buttocks, abs, and back. Pilates Fix Extreme is suitable for anyone who has an expander and wants to work on problem areas.

  • Yoga Fix Extreme (yoga)

Yoga has long been an integral part of most fitness programs. With yoga, you not only can improve stretching and flexibility but also restore muscle after heavy loads. Yoga Fix Extreme includes both simple and quite complex asanas for advanced. If you do not practice yoga often, repeat the simplified version. It is shown by one of the participants of the program.

Yoga with Autumn Calabrese includes such favorite asanas as a warrior, crescent, triangle. Also, there are runner, crane, bridge, as well as some balance exercises. In order to cope with the program, it is desirable to have at least minimal experience in performing yoga classes. Yoga Fix Extreme is suitable for both lovers of yoga practices and those who are far from such exercises.

  • Power Strength Extreme (aerobic-strength training)

Another workout in which you do not need additional inventory. You will get a selection of original strength and aerobic exercises that will help you burn calories and improve the quality of the body. Autumn Calabrese picked up exercises for the perfection of your arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. So the program is shown to everyone.

Training goes in 2 laps, nine exercises in each round. Each exercise lasts 1 minute, between exercises you will have a short rest in 20 seconds. You do not need additional equipment. But it is advisable to have more free space to perform some exercises. Power Strength Extreme should appeal to anyone who loves intense exercise and original exercises.

  • The Fix Challenge (aerobic strength training for the whole body)

This entirely special training will make you sweat decently. Even in the case, it seems easy to you. You must perform all the exercises with your body weight without equipment. But even without additional resistance, you will receive a perfect load on the whole body. You will have such exercises as slats, pushups, burpee, lunges, squats.

The feature of the program: it is built on the principle of the pyramid. The first round consists of one exercise. Then each subsequent round adds a new exercise. In the end, you will find 13 following exercises. Each exercise is performed on four repetitions; the training goes without interruptions. The Fix Challenge is suitable for those who want to improve body shape and develop strength endurance.

  • 10 Minute Hardcore (short abdomen workout)

10 Minute Hardcore is a quick 10-minute workout for the abdominal muscles. With the help of this lesson, Autumn Calabrese offers you to load the press purposefully. And it does not always receive a sufficient load during the sessions. Traditional curls and side slats are waiting for you; the trainer suggests using dumbbells to complicate exercises.

You should perform all the training on the mat. And it consists of 2 laps. Each round includes five exercises of 1 minute. Between exercises, there is a short break of 15 seconds. To do this program, you will need one dumbbell of moderate severity. 10 Minute Hardcore is perfect for you if you want to get an extra load on the press, without spending a lot of time.

21 day fix menu planner

If you want to lose weight, but you do not like to count calories, there is an effective nutrition plan from the famous fitness trainer and one of the best nutrition guides Autumn Calabrese. Start practicing according to her 21 Day Fix program and follow the nutrition.

The nutrition plan outlined below is suitable not only for those who plan to work out according to the 21 Day Fix fitness program. But it is also ideal for all those who lose weight. Its simplicity lies in the fact that you do not need to count calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates carefully. You will focus on the volume of servings and product categories. So let’s get started.

How to count the right amount of calories

Now we suggest you calculate the number of calories using the Autumn Calabrese method for the portion control. The goal of her 21 Day Fix program is to get you in perfect shape for three weeks. And it is hard to call her way of nutrition gentle. Be prepared for restrictions. So, you should calculate the daily 24 hours calorie intake like this:

Your weight in kg * 24.2 + 400 (calories burned) – 750 (calorie deficit) = daily calorie intake
We give an example with a weight of 70 kg:
70 * 24.2 + 400 – 750 = 1344 kcal – the rate of calories per day.

If in the calculations the figure turned out to be less than 1200, then your norm will be 1200 kcal. If you consume more than 2300, then your rate will be 2300 kcal.

You can consume the listed products according to the above restrictions. If the product is not listed, then it is not permitted. Also, have a look 21 day fix food list.

List of allowed products by category
  • Vegetables: Kale, Brauncol, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Asparagus, Beets, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Beans, Peppers, Carrots, Cauliflower, Artichokes, Eggplant, Okra, Hikama (Turnip), Chick Peas, Cabbage, Cucumber, Celery, salad, mushrooms, radishes, onions, sprouts.
  • Fruits: raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, orange, mandarin, apple, apricot, grapefruit, cherry, grape, kiwi, mango, peach, nectarine, pear, pineapple, banana, papaya, fig, melon.
  • Proteins: sardines, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, chicken minced meat, turkey minced meat, wild meat, wild fish, eggs, natural white Greek yogurt, natural white yogurt, bivalves, lean red meat, lean beef mince, tempeh, tofu, pork brisket, tuna, ham, turkey pastry, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, protein powder, veggie burger, turkey bacon, shakelology (protein shake).
  • Carbohydrates: sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, lentils, edamame beans, peas, refried beans, brown rice, wild rice, potatoes, corn, amaranth grain, millet, buckwheat, barley, bulgur, oatmeal, Hercules; then everything is only wholegrain: macaroni, couscous crackers, cereals, bread, pita bread, waffles, pancakes, English muffins, pastries, tortilla, corn tortilla.
  • Useful fats: avocado, almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, hummus, parmesan, coconut milk, feta cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, provolone cheese, Monterey cheese.
  • Sauces and seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, olives, peanut paste, sugar-free coconut chips.
  • Oil: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil (almond, cashew, peanut), sunflower.
What is important to remember
  • Containers can be combined in any way.
  • Containers measure food in a ready-made form, not raw.
  • No need to clog a container (or glass) with a slide.
  • Such a meal plan is suitable not only for those who train on the 21 Day Fix program but also for all those who lose weight.
  • If a product is not on the allowed list, then it is prohibited.
  • The number of containers and portion fix is determined by the daily rate of calories.

As you know, this is just another convenient method of catering for losing weight. You can strictly follow the recommendations or adapt them for yourself. However, if you strictly follow the power plan of Autumn Calabrese and carry out the 21 Day Fix program, you are guaranteed to achieve amazing results in a short time.

Please note that Autumn offers a rather strict nutrition plan. It is designed to achieve significant results in 21 days.

A Little Obsessed

In January 2018, one of the most popular Beachbody programs came out. It was the 80 Day Obsession. The Autumn Calabrese Complex includes a whole series of workouts that will help you not only lose weight. It also improves the composition and quality of the body. But it is also worth to mention a Little Obsessed program.

A Little Obsessed: A new complex of whole body training from Autumn Calabrese

A Little Obsessed is a five day complex from Autumn Calabrese. This program can be called an introductory or pre-workout one till the 80 Day Obsession super program. The training of A Little Obsessed came out two months to the premiere of the new Beachbody coach program. And thanks to them, you will get an idea of what awaits you in the full course of 80 Day Obsession.

Frequently asked questions

Q: So what is the idea of creating a little obsessed?

A: When the 80 Day Obsession complex was announced, it instantly attracted all fans of home training. The creators of the course promise a super-effective method for the phenomenal transformation of the body. Besides, it is the transformation of especially such problem areas as the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.

The team wanted to prepare you for the new program and give an idea of how these exercises will look. In order to do this, the team of Autumn Calabrese has developed a short 5-day complex A Little Obsessed. It is a preparatory stage for you till completing the 80 Day Obsession course.

Q: What is the essence of A Little Obsessed workouts?

A: A Little Obsessed program includes five training sessions of 30 minutes. They are less time-consuming and load-less than 80 Day Obsession exercises. Because in that program classes last 45-60 minutes and require a lot of physical strength from you.

The aim of Little Obsessed workouts is working on problem areas and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. And you can perform training at a constant pace with frequent exercise changes. So you will also burn calories and fat.

Thus, the training video consists of a few parts. There is a body-wide exercise, training for the buttocks, training for the legs, training for the whole body with an emphasis on core and a cardio-training with an emphasis on the core.

And mostly you are supposed to do power load to strengthen the muscles, increase the body’s tone and rid of sagging and cellulite. Maybe you do not like high-intensity exhausting workouts and want to work out problem areas and tighten the muscles with a minimal cardiovascular load. So, in this case, this training will be perfect for you.

Features of A Little Obsessed program

One of the nuances of A Little Obsessed (as well as 80 Day Obsession) is extra equipment. So, it is not enough to have regular dumbbells. You should buy small home equipment. But be sure, it is worth it! Thanks to the use of additional equipment, you will immediately have access to more diverse and practical exercises.

A Little Obsessed equipment
  • Dumbbells

To run the A Little Obsessed program, you need to have dumbbells of three different weights. There are light, medium and heavy (from 3 to 10 kg – focus on your strengths). You are going to perform a small number of repetitions. So, you should not take a little weight. It is evident that the lightweight dumbbells of 1-2 kg will not be enough for you. Therefore, purchase collapsible dumbbells and adjust weight independently.

  • Fitness band (band-ring, expander, resistance loop)

The elastic fitness band is a short elastic band that you put on legs. And it gives additional resistance to the thighs and buttocks. It is a relatively standard version of fitness equipment, which you can easily buy at a sports shop or order online.

Anyway, you can tie an elastic band around your legs or even use a regular elastic band. The program uses a tape of three levels of resistance. Moreover, for some exercises, Autumn uses even two tapes at a time.

  • Sliders, sliding discs, gliding discs

To be brief, they are just glazing discs. You can order them from the Internet or adapt any material for slipping on the floor. So, you can use paper plates, pieces of fabric, small towels, socks, etc. “Sliding” exercises give an excellent load on the muscles of the stomach, legs, and buttocks.

Training program

So, the A Little Obsessed program included five training sessions, which lasted 30 minutes. Each session also consists of both warm-up and relax. The program provides a schedule of classes from Monday to Friday. And on Saturday or Sunday, you can make a stretch for the whole body. Also, you can repeat the workout for 3-4 weeks till reaching your desired results.

  • Day 1: Total Body Core. It is strength training for the whole body with an emphasis on the muscles of the bark (back and abdomen). You will need dumbbells and fitness gums.
  • Day 2: Booty. It is a power train for elastic and tightened buttocks. You will need dumbbells and fitness gums.
  • Day 3: AAA (Arms, Abs, and A**). It is power training for all problem areas. Here are alternate exercises for the upper body, for the lower part of the body and the bark. You will need dumbbells, fitness gums and slippers.
  • Day 4: Cardio Core. It is the interval cardio training with the emphasis on bark muscles. You will need fitness gum and slip pads.
  • Day 5: Legs. On this day you perform strength training for slender legs. You will need dumbbells and slippers.
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