Gymnastics balance beam | Review 2020

D​o you enjoy gymnastics? Then having a balance beam would be very benefitial for you. Gymnastics balance beam is very popular and affordable home equipment.

Be sure you will be pleasantly surprised by this fitness tool:

So, let’s don’t waste time, and go to the overview of this Balance Beam.

Gymnastics balance beam

First of all, we want you to know that Balance Beam is specially designed to train the body balance and improve the proprioceptive sensuality. A lot of people use it in yoga, pilates, fitness, and gymnastics.

Thousands of people also use the Balance Beam in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Without any doubts, it sounds quite fantastic!

The customers confirm:

Even a few workouts with this item can help you to get the physical activity back. You will be able to restore joint mobility quickly. For example, after nasty injuries, complicated medical operations, accidents, and long-term illnesses.

Be sure this item is suitable for everyone: 

Both beginners and professional athletes can use it according to their proper purposes. Even pregnant women use these sports equipment in hydrotherapy and gymnastics.  Be sure it will be an excellent item even for your children.

In general, a lot of people also use it in gymnastics, fitness, aerobics.

By the way, it is also suitable for watersports. For example, you can use it in aqua gymnastics, or aqua aerobics. Without any doubts, it is a very comfortable item. You can kneel, sit, jump and stand and feel any discomfort.

Main benefits
  • You can use it at home, in the gym, outdoors and even on water.
  • You can use it as a sustainable platform for various fitness programs.
  • Balance Beam consists of more than 90% of the air. That’s why you feel like you are moving in the clouds.
  • It is suitable for strengthening exercises and for balance and body control training.
  • Training with this sports equipment provides correct posture.
  • This device helps to lose the legs. What is more, it strengthens and relaxes your muscles and the entire body.
  • Barefoot training allows you to relax and set your mind to achieve excellent results in the perfection of your body and soul.
  • The soft and pleasant surface makes it possible set your mind on positive emotions to works on the body.

Secondly, the Balance Beam is an excellent item to train the body balance: This sports equipment is designed to perform different types of sports exercises. That is why with the help of this device you can absorb various ways of movement easily.

For example, you can learn how to move on a closed surface.

What is more, this item is a fantastic thing for developing movement coordination and a sense of balance. Also, Balance Beam helps to form the correct posture and fair manner of walking.

Unique aspects
  • The surface is warm, soft, pleasant and comfortable to touch.
  • The product has high hygiene.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The product does not need to much storage space. It is flexible and rollable. So, it is straightforward to store.
  • It has high wear resistance. So, you can use it for a long time.
  • You can use it wherever and whenever you want.

As we have seen, Balance Beam can become excellent help-mate for your daily workouts.

You have an opportunity to perform different types of exercises without any stops and breaks. Also, thanks to this sports equipment you can train your muscles much faster. What is more, you can develop your strength and endurance.

General characteristics

In general, it is important to say that the main characteristics of this sports equipment are:

It’s good elasticity and excellent amortization. Be sure it is made of an environmentally friendly foamy material. That is why the beam is doubtless safe for human health. Also, it is easy to clean out from any contaminants with a traditional sponge and soapy water.

What is more, we want you to know that this product differs from the other similar in the fact of its surface firm to slipping. Thus, this fact allows for avoiding any falls.

It prevents the possibility of any injury of the users. Be sure these sports equipment was created using only high-quality materials. The product is made in reliance on all required regulations and standards.

Team Sports Gymnastics Balance Beam
  • Material: Foam
  • Colour: blue, pink, purple, teal.
  • Length: (304.8 cm).
  • Width: 6″ (15.24 cm).
  • Weight: 18 oz (510.3 g).


To sum up, we can say that this excellent sports equipment you can use everywhere. It means that you can use it both at home and in rehabilitation centers or sports clubs, for example. To tell more, you can roll up this beam easily.

That is why you can take it wherever and whenever you want.

Furthermore, thanks to the compact dimensions of this product you store it without any difficulties. Also, this Balance Beam has high wear resistance. So, you can use these sports equipment for a long time, without any breaks or stops. The surface is soft and pleasant. It is firm to slipping.

Thus, it is a joy to use this equipment during the training. Without any doubts, you will develop your body balance and relax the entire body! So, let’s do not waste time! Let’s buy this Balance Beam on right now.

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  • Mary Lace

    What does gymnastics balance beam work? How to make my training more effective?

    • Tania Kharkevich

      Such a simple kind of sports equipment as a balance beam can help us maintain a slim figure and get rid of many spine diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. For example, such as osteochondrosis.

      Therapeutic gymnastics or exercise therapy is a set of special exercises for the treatment and prevention of the musculoskeletal system deseases, where exercises with a gymnastic stick are also successfully used.

      What is the use of this accessory and how you can work with it?

      Exercises with this handy equipment prevent the occurrence of spinal disorders. Due to long sitting at the computer, the neck muscles overstrain, an increased load on the muscles, back muscles are weakened. These problems are treated by regular exercises with a balance beam.

    • Julia Ford

      Using balance beam, you will correct your posture, strengthen back and arms muscles, develop joint mobility. This is what therapeutic gymnastics or physiotherapy exercises does.

      Exercises with a balance beam are used by instructors in the fitness centres to warm up. It also helps to align the body, perform exercises symmetrically and prevent muscle imbalance.

      Balance beam is perfect for general developmental exercises. So, you can work out the abs, buttocks and hips, arms, chest, leg muscles. To do this, you only need desire and a balance beam.
      Today, this kind of equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Such a device gives you the opportunity, performing quite ordinary exercises, effectively load and work out all muscle groups. This accessory can be used for cardio, strength, mixed workouts, Pilates and even for aqua aerobics.