Best 10 fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor

N​eed to control your body during workouts? It is easy with a comparatively new device on the market – fitness tracker with blood pressure and heart rate monitor.

Nowadays everyone wants to be healthy, so it is of paramount importance to keep under control all the signs our body send us. Here we collected the best fitness trackers and blood pressure gadgets. 

What are they?

DVEDA Fitness Tracker HR, QGHXO Buckle Bracelet are perfect high-quality variants to any taste. You can rely on this device completely as it’s accuracy is on a high level.

The new models of 2020 are stylish and fashionable. So you will not be bored of wearing them in your everyday life. Pay attention to the unique design of each bracelet. Choose the one that will suit you the most!

Fitness watch with HR monitor

Let us introduce the specially reviewed fitness trackers that will allow you to measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality. Moreover, check the best waterproof fitness watch.

The following models have many other useful functions. Each of them is special and allows for new possibilities.

QGHXO Buckle Bracelet

QGHXO Buckle Bracelet for Fitbit One has the replacement silicone band with Chrome watch clasp and fastener buckle for Fitbit One.

  • Fitbit One Buckle Bracelet is simple in usage. You should just turn you Fitbit One into a watch. Much more than a tracker.
  • Fitbit one additions are made from a delicate silicon material. Come with a clasp to secure the band from falling off. Free measure wristband extra. Substitution for misplaced or harmed bands. No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit One as it were! Not for other models.
  • There you will find nice substitution additions for Fitbit one. They are made of high-quality materials. Can be connected to a stash, bra or other clothing by sliding the clip conclusion onto clothing. The plastic conclusion of the clip was made strides to be more solid and durable. No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit One as it were!

Customers’ comments:

There is enough charge with active use for a long time. The pedometer works quite accurately, is mistaken mainly when driving on bumps in the car. After the update, the bracelet began to show the caller’s name, it is very conveniently.

In order for the bracelet measure the pulse, it must fit the arm quite tightly. For several days, the bracelet had a slight peculiar smell. A week later the smell disappeared. My recommendation is to definitely byu the fitness bracelet.


I use QGHXO Buckle Bracelet more than a week. I use a program which I installed for myself. Satisfied completely. For a week I’ve got 2 scratches, the first one accidentally hooked on the wall, the second can not imagine where.

Also, the dog strap is a bit while playing with a paw on my arm. In general, I am more than satisfied. I can advise it to everyone, but I immediately warn you, if you are not ready to buy every six months a new bracelet – paste the protective film.


Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR

Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR is an accurate activity tracker watch with heart rate monitor. Besides, IP67 water-resistant smart bracelet is equipped with a calorie counter pedometer watch for Android and iOS.

  • This smart tracker monitors data to 14 activities, such as running and riding. See the workouts data in the app and attach to your phone’s GPS to observe real-time run stats.
  • Tracks your 24/7 heart rate and sleep quality at night. The 2 most significant sets of health data support you better learn your fitness and health state. Observe your regular stats like steps, calories, distance and activity time right on your hand and stay motivated all day.
  • Get information to your bracelet so you’re always up to date. It is agreeable with most major smartphones only and Bluetooth 4.0. Comes with a built-in USB plug and does not need a charging cable for charging. Just gently pull bands of both sides off and insert the built-in USB plug into a charger to charge the equipment.

Customers’ comments:

I bought such a device with a hope that I can balance my physical activity with the diet. I have a problem with excess weight for a long time. But at times it is noticeably increased. And this winter I again gained almost seven extra pounds.

There is simply no time to go to the gym, and I can’t find the desire to sweat on the simulators at home either. But to increase the number of walks and using the ladder instead of the elevator is quite within my power. And here without daily self-control, there will be no success. And this bracelet is specially created for this task.


This is a fairly simple device that is equipped with different useful functions. It can count the number of steps and, based on this, calculate the distance traveled and calories burned. And it can work autonomously, I usually do synchronization with a smartphone at the end of the day, in a quiet evening home environment.

And already here, on the big screen of the smartphone, you can sum up the day and make conclusions. I will say briefly, in two weeks I increased the run distance more than twice and already lost one and a half extra kilos. The bracelet is comfortable, I felt no more than two or three days on my arm, then I got used to it and didn’t notice it at all.


LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker has a color screen. It is IP68 waterproof Activity Tracker with heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, step counter, calorie counter, smart pedometer. This watch is suitable for men, women, and kids.

  • This colorful fitness bracelet monitors your everyday activity such as 24/7 heart rate, steps, calories, active minutes, distance, and sleep stages. Soft bands with brilliant designs on the surface are fashionable and stylish.
  • You can use 14 sports modes like Run or Hike to observe exercises and connect to smartphone GPS for more accurate real-time speed and length. Get call and message information on your hand with soft vibration and color-screen presented caller ID and message contents.
  • Moreover, the fitness bracelet monitors your sleep duration and flexibility with a complete examination of sleep quality data. So you can see your sleep trends and get a regular system. Take the bands off the tracker host and you can see the built-in USB connection with metal clips. Put the USB plug into a USB charger for charging, no charging cable needed.

Customers’ comments:

The fitness bracelet is convenient, beautiful, not bulky, as for a girl. It looks stylish on the wirst. Now it became easier to measure your pulse in morning jogging. I got used to it very easily.

Almost do not feel the device on my hand. Another advantage is that it holds the battery for a long time. Already bought a second one for my daughter! Really great device for those who like to control their health and pace.


Sleep monitoring is a very essential feature for me. You choose a certain time, and ask the tracker to wake up in half an hour. And according to the manufacturer, the bracelet will wake up in a certain phase of sleep and it will be easier for a person to wake up and feel asleep.

But, if you slept for 2 hours, it will not work. I always put the bracelet to a certain time and until I get up, it will not stop vibrating. As for me, amzing function!


FITFORT Fitness Tracker

FITFORT Fitness Tracker is an upgraded activity tracker watch for men and women. It is a perfect device with heart rate monitor, color screen.

Except for this, the smartwatch is equipped with a sleep monitor, step counter, calorie counter, IP68 waterproof pedometer. This watch is suitable for men, women and even kids.

  • This fitness bracelet precisely records your everyday action, track strolling pace, calories burned, screen your heart rate with a full analysis. As well as screen your rest quality measurements counting time, profound and light rest.
  • Takes as it were 1 to 2 hours to completely charge and endures up to 7 days standby. Everything you wish in a minor tracker, 24 hours heart rate screen, step counter, stopwatch, update, calories counter, rest screen, underpins numerous sports modes: walk, run, climbing, cycling.
  • The replaceable bracelet makes your usual workout vogue and colorful. All new equipment engineering empowers quicker handling and more precise workout information, ineffectual information filtration makes FITFORT tracker indeed more intelligent than ever. It requires iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 over.
  • Underpins a wide range of Android and iOS versatile gadgets, introduce the App “VeryFitPro” in your phone and match the device from it. See your personal data through it.

Customers’ comments:

Although this fitness tracker has its drawbacks, thanks to it I became more active and walk usually on foot. Also now I know about all incoming calls. I like the bracelet very much not only for losing weight, but at the same time for reminding me that I need to eat less.

For example, on the display I can observe the data of my sleep quality, blood pressure and many other useful functions for health and fitnes. So I am ccompletely satisfied with the fitness tracker.


I was not disappointed with my purchase of FITFORT Fitness Tracker. As it turned out, this watch really has a lot of different interesting features. At the same time, every time I use it, I find even more and more new features, which is twice as nice.

I think that in the future one more device will appear – a watch that will not depend entirely on the phone. It will be even more convenient. And now I am happy with my recent purchase.


SKYGRAND Updated Fitness Tracker

Updated 2020 version of SKYGRAND fitness tracker with heart rate and sleep monitor, calorie and step counter and pedometer walking. It is a perfect smartwatch with IP68 waterproof activity tracker band.

Its benefit is a great blood pressure monitor. Fitness bracelet fits for men as well as for women.

  • The fitness tracker correctly shows your daily activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep state. It ensures 24-hour heart rate monitoring and manual blood pressure measurement; get a better idea of your current fitness level.
  • The bracelet automatically traces your sleep duration and flexibility with a full examination of sleep quality data. It is very beneficial for helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle. Possesses international waterproof and dustproof level. It is not necessary to remove it when washing your hands or cleaning others daily life.
  • This amazing fitness tracker will give you a warning when you leave over the distance of your cell phone.
  • Observe calls and messages directly on your hand. You can receive calls, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display. with this device, you will never miss the essential messages.

Customers’ comments:

I am very happy to have this bracelet, it is much more interesting to live with it. I advise it to anyone who cares about their health, body shape and to whom well-being during the day is important.

This amazing device tracks all my data connected with my lifetime activity and workouts. Currently planning to lose some extra pounds with the help of this bracelet. Highly recommend the SKYGRAND fitness tracker!


After the year of using the bracelet, I almost stopped using the app. In fact, data about sleep and calories cause curiosity only at the beginning, and then interest disappears. If it arises again, you can go and see. I liked the bracelet.

If you like going on foot, and your training is limited to morning exercises. Or you are thinking about a similar gadget, but are not sure that it will suit you, then this model is enough to try all the basic functions and see if you need it.


Activity tracker reviews 2020

We asked qualified doctors and got the following facts:

Fitness bracelets are completely safe. No side effects have been identified after wearing them, they only track your physical activity and sleep quality. The main function of the fitness bracelet is the constant monitoring of your body.

It calculates the number of calories consumed, the sleep hours and controls your heart rate. For some people, the question of how safe a fitness bracelet is may seem even ridiculous. As the question of the safety of visiting a doctor.

First of all, look at the healthy range of fitness tracker measurements:

MeasurementsHealthy range
Step detection about 10,000 steps per day
Pulse 60 – 100 beats per minute
Heart rate variability 18 – 44 percent variability while resting
Blood oxygenation 95 – 99 percent
Body temperature 97.6 – 99.6 degrees fahrenheit
Sleep 7- 9 hours of sleep
Blood sugar 80 – 140 milligrams per deciliter

However, it is essential to know how this device works before you put it on. Most of the technological disbelief wave has been triggered by recent research that cancer can be caused by carrying mobile phones close to internal organs.

You might be wondering:

Ideally, a fitness bracelet can be worn for up to 12 hours in a row, it is quite easy to understand the reason for concern about health.

Fitness bracelets are made of durable rubber material, they come in different sizes, so users will not feel discomfort when wearing throughout the day or night. Developed for self-monitoring and evaluation of changes in the body, fitness bracelets are highly effective and lead to positive changes without harm to health.

These electronic devices are able to control the most important aspects of our physiological state. Such as heart rate, the oxygen content in the blood and sleep patterns.

So it’s quite natural for you to worry about what additional effects they can have on the body. You do not know which fitness bracelet to buy, then we recommend you to pay attention to this article.


According to Ph.D. and Executive Director of the National Youth Institute for Sport, Health and Safety Michael Bergeron. The bracelet that tracks the pulse rate can be compared to a nurse, who measures your heart rate in a clinic.

As long as the sensor has regular contact with the point of the radial artery pulsation, it will absolutely correctly display the heart rate at rest.

Michael Bergeron

There are many advantages in favor of fitness bracelet.

  • First of all, he encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you use it according to all the rules, this device will help you lose weight. And it is beyond the power of pills or watches for weight loss.
  • Secondly, wearing a fitness bracelet, you are constantly monitoring your progress towards achieving your goal. You can track the number of calories consumed with each meal. If you exceed the permissible calorie intake per day or have been motionless for some time, the device will immediately warn you about it. The bracelet is like a personal fitness trainer who constantly, but at the same time, controls you correctly.

Fitness bracelets are great helpers for those who are planning to lose weight. Nathalie Digut Mut, MD and a representative of the American Council on Exercise, believes that already one realization that you move more and increase your activity is a great start on the way to the goal.

She inspires users with her mottos:

It’s easier than it seems and Just move more, that’s the main task. Long-term use of a fitness bracelet can really “open your eyes.

Nathalie Digut Mut

When users are able to track their progress over time, they are able to notice changes that they would not have seen before. This can motivate people to do more positive things and, accordingly, reduce the number of actions with negative consequences.

She also notes that overweight is the cause of sleep problems:

If you sleep longer and have better sleep, you are less likely to overeat and most likely go on a diet and fitness program. Social networks are also a great way to keep weight normal. When you have social support, you are more motivated to lose those extra pounds.

Nathalie Digut Mut

Fitness bracelets allow you to share your achievements with other users. Natalie Mut believes that a fitness bracelet is a real working tool and not just a gadget.

The fact that users of the device can really go on a healthy lifestyle, is its main basis.

If you fear that a usual lifestyle is already beginning to affect your internal and external condition, it makes sense to buy in a good fitness bracelet. In the end, it all comes down to how you feel about technological innovations. A properly used bracelet is safe, useful, and of course beneficial for your health.

Heart-strong wristband accuracy

Actually, blood pressure is a very individual indicator. It depends on many factors. However, there is a certain average medical rate. Nevertheless, indicators may vary due to some reasons. It depends, for example, on the time of day, as well as a person’s age.

What is the person’s normal blood pressure?

The question is slightly abstract, since the norm for each person, in most cases, is individual. Actually, medical literature suggests taking figures as 120/80 mm Hg as the norm indicator. Such indicators have people aged from 20 to 40 years.

Normal blood pressure for a person aged from 16 to 20 years may be slightly decreased. This refers to both systolic and diastolic index. In general, the pressure at rest 100/70 mm Hg. is the physiological norm.

What are the reasons that can cause changes in blood pressure?
  • The disability of the heart to work as before and with the full strength.
  • Change in blood quality. With age, it becomes denser. And the thicker the blood, the harder it is to flow through the vessels. The cause of thickening can be, for example, such difficult diseases as diabetes mellitus or autoimmune diseases.
  • Reduced elasticity of blood vessels. This leads to improper nutrition systems, increased loads, certain medications.
  • The formation of atherosclerotic plaques that form when the “bad” cholesterol is elevated in the blood.
  • Sharp changes in vessel lumen caused by hormones.
  • Incorrect work of the endocrine glands.

The main part of the causes of blood pressure changes can be reduced independently. That will keep you healthy as long as possible. Properly chosen diet, keeping to an active lifestyle, a calm and carefree attitude to life, which allows you to avoid stressful situations.

Following these simple rules allows you to keep the pressure on the normal rate.

Recommendations for healthy sleep

There is no more pleasant and beneficial state for the human body than a healthy sleep. About a third of our life a person spends sleeping. The proven advantage of sleep is the ability to effectively recover, make the necessary reserves for the daytime.

Calm, enough sleep allows you to restore the cells of the central nervous system. In general, it is a powerful prevention of many diseases, strengthens the immune system.

  • Room for sleeping

For a strong, healthy, high-quality sleep, you must follow some rules:

The sleeping place should be comfortable with a well-chosen mattress. A blanket should be warm, but not hot. There should be fresh air in the bedroom, ventilate the room before going to bed.

Lower air temperature is suitable for sleep, about 18-22 degrees. Experts say that the lower air temperature in the bedroom, the stronger is the sleep. But, nevertheless, a suitable temperature must be selected individually.

Avoid sharp smells in your bedroom. In case of insomnia, you can use the aroma lamp with essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, hops, lemon balm, etc. The oil is selected according to personal preference.

By the way, about the smell. The smell of citrus contributes a good mood when you wake up.

  • TV and electronic gadgets

Before going to bed, you should not use a computer screen or TV for a long time.

Japanese researchers have concluded that the use of a TV, computer or electronic gadgets just before bedtime has a very negative impact on health. It is a factor of negative influence on the process of falling asleep and the quality of sleep, and may also lead to a sleep disorder (insomnia).
  • Having a meal before bedtime

It is good for the quality of your sleep to eat a few hours before bedtime (at least 2 hours). A full stomach does not promote healthy sleep. But perhaps some people need to eat something light for healthy sleep.

  • Walking

It is useful to walk for 20–30 minutes (or more) at a slow pace before going to bed. Walking in the fresh air provides the brain with oxygen and helps the body to relax. Slow-motion relieves accumulated daily stress.

During the walk:

You can calmly think about the problems that you had during the day. So as not to leave them at the time of falling asleep. It will not be possible to solve the problems during the walk.

But you can work out a plan of action (at least an approximate one). This will calm the nervous system, make the sleep more strong.

  • Gymnastics and physical activity
Never exercise at night. All the exercises before bedtime are performed in slow motion. Heavy physical and mental work is better to postpone for the morning or daytime. Too strong fatigue, no matter mental or physical, is also not favorable to calm and strong sleep.

Doing workouts before bedtime promotes faster heart beating and excitement. These factors can lead to sleep disorders too.

  • Water therapy

Shower before bed should be warm and comfortable, but not hot or cold, not contrast. Warm water relaxes the body, which contributes to a more fast falling asleep.

Cold and rather hot water, on the contrary, stimulate the nervous system and bring the body into tonus. This will have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.
  • Problem-solving

Before going to bed you better not think about any problems or look for solutions. Otherwise, under these conditions, you will get insomnia.

Put the psychological defense of negative thoughts with the help of the statement – “I will think about it tomorrow.” This works especially good during nervous, emotional and stressful situations.

  • Consider the season

To make your sleep maximally beneficial, pay attention to the time of year. In winter, much more time is required to achieve a full night’s rest, healthy sleep.

It has already been proved that some people who have a minimum amount of sleep, have problems with overweight. This fact must be taken into account especially for women. As their beauty and youth depend on regular and healthy sleep.
  • Observe the regime

Constant benefits of sleep depend on the right mood for rest, keeping to the daily routine. To maintain health, a person should certainly fall asleep “today”, wake up “tomorrow”. All excuses about “owls” or “larks” are not an excuse.

Every hour of sleep before midnight equals two hours of sleep when you fall asleep after midnight. Scientists believe that a person like nature should fall asleep at dusk, wake up at dawn. It is advisable to go to bed at the same time so that the habit of falling asleep is developed.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do fitness trackers measure only the pulse and steps?

A: Not only. They can measure the distance traveled, pulse rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in the blood. More trackers determine how fast you run or walk, how long and how well you sleep, how much you sweat and how many calories you have spent.

The simplest devices measure only one or two parameters. These are usually bracelets or watches that send data to a phone, tablet or computer.

Q: Do fitness trackers really help to become healthier?

A: It is quite difficult to give a clear answer to this question. There are not so many good studies on this topic and those that were held, give insignificant benefits. For example, in two major works, the trackers did not improve the results of people trying to lose weight.

And in one of the studies, those who used such devices lost even fewer kilograms in two years than those who did without trackers. Perhaps the problem with the achievement of results is that people eventually lose interest in these devices. After half a year, a third of users refuse trackers, after a year – almost half. Actually, this may occur due to the fact that people acquire healthy habits and no longer need the help of trackers.

In some studies, where the benefit of wearable devices is still found, the results can be attributed to the fact that trackers are more often bought by people who are prone to a healthy lifestyle. A person who sits 14 hours a day is less likely to buy a tracker: no one wants to see such statistics.

Q: Can the tracker register something unusual and warn me about a dangerous disease?

A: Actually, this is unlikely. One of the main problems with fitness trackers is that they measure data with an error that is sometimes large. And in many ways, therefore, neither the manufacturers nor anyone else has ever referred them to medical devices.

Now the message from the tracker about some kind of anomaly will rather unreasonably raise the alarm and lead to the doctor when everything is in fact normal. But in perspective, wearable devices can reliably diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, the early stage of Parkinson’s disease, and much more.

Trackers will help people with chronic diseases: for example, in the case of heart disease, when it is precisely clear what to follow.

Q: So now they are not needed at all?

A: Needed if you are serious about changing something. You obviously do not need a tracker, if you go to bed every day at different times, sleep for five hours and do not plan to do anything with it. But such a device can additionally motivate you, and with it, it is easier to analyze the situation if you really want it.

Q: Will the trackers change in the future, except for becoming more accurate?

A: Of course. Now we get only bare statistics, and trackers do not know how to process data and identify patterns. As soon as this changes, we will receive personalized support and at first, invisible to us symptoms will receive a warning about the need to consult a doctor.

Doctors, by the way, will also have to learn in order to competently work with this data. The benefits of trackers will increase due to their number. There will be all sorts of sensors and analyzers at home. Wearable devices will become more diverse: they will be produced in the form of clothes, rings, digital tattoos and small devices glued to the skin.

Together, all these trackers will assess a person’s condition, lifestyle, diet, and environment in which he lives, and make recommendations on how to become healthier.

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