The best glute exercises. How to make the outstanding buttocks?

S​lim and beautiful hips, lifted and roundly shaped firm buttocks are an unattainable dream for you? Looking for the best glute exercises to make the outstanding buttocks?

Do not panic!

We know what do you should do to make your dreams come true! Therefore, we will talk about the best glute exercises that will help you to make your hips pretty slim, and buttocks more tight and elastic.

Are you ready for it? Firstly, we want you to know that if you would like to have quite fantastic and ideal buttocks, you should firmly follow these two main rules:

  • To stick to a balanced diet
  • To do the exercises regularly

In most cases, only by going it you can achieve the success! Nevertheless, you should not expect a quick result.

Generally, if you want to meet the goals, you need to do the glute exercises and eat correctly near to the six months. Yes! It takes half a year! Without any doubts, it is very time-consuming for women to pump their buttocks.

So, be sure, if you want to have the results that will be noticeable to others, you need to work hard and to make a lot of efforts.

Glute exercises for outstanding buttocks

The buttocks consist of three muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. However, it is important to say that the gluteus maximus is responsible for the form, and fit look of the butt.

This muscle covers most of the buttocks surface.

It performs another essential function. It supports our body in an upright position. Of course, it is one of the most critical features in the body. From the sedentary life, the gluteus maximus is weakening. As a result, you have the saggy butts.

So you don’t need to wait for Monday, for the summer or the new year to start your training.

Be sure it is possible to pump up a beautiful, elastic and delicious butt. Furthermore, you can do it even at home. But you should have a big sports motivation and a huge desire to do it.

Yes, of course! Be sure that even simple but effective glute exercises will help you to achieve success. That’s why we want to give you the best and the most effective glute exercises.

Of course, if you would like to make the result noticeable, it is necessary to perform your own set of glute exercises regularly and correctly. You do not need to go to the gym, because you can do sports even at home.

Generally, all that you need is a small area for your training and your body weight. So, attention, please!

Bellow, you have the list of our best glute exercises of all times. Be sure if you perform all this training regularly, the effect will already be noticeable in 2-3 weeks.


Without doubts, squats are the most effective glute exercises for elastic and roundly shaped firm buttocks. Squats obvious are useful, especially for beginners. Why?

Because it is not a weightlifting exercise, you can perform it anywhere. As a result, you don’t have to go to the gym if you want to lift your butt. Be sure you can do it at home. However, the main secret is to learn how to perform squats correctly.

How to perform this type of glute exercises:
  • Put your legs shoulder-width apart, turn the toes to the sides, and cross your arms over your chest or hold out your hands before.
  • On the exhale, do the squat in such a way that your thighs were parallel to the floor.
  • On the inhale, be up.
  • Try to keep erect posture.
What types of muscles work:
  • Quadriceps and adductor muscles (internal surface of the thighs);
  • With proper technique, buttocks are actively swinging;
  • Load on abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Addition: We want you to know that there are a lot of different types of squats.

Be sure all of them are perfect glute exercises. You can do experiments and every day try a new variant. Finally, you will choose the one that will be the most effective for you. Perhaps, it will be your favorite one.  

Dynamic lunges

Lunges – one of the most effective glute exercises. It helps to lift the butt and make them roundly shaped. Also, it increases the size of the buttocks. Furthermore, you can perform it without special equipment.

So, it is a big advantage of this type of glute exercises.

How to perform this type of glute exercises:
  • Put your legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, toes forward.
  • On the inhale, step back, putting your foot on the toe. The supporting leg should be at 90 degrees.
  • On the exhale, you need to go back to square one and start again. Important information! Try to raise your body with the muscles of your buttocks, but not your legs.
  • You need to keep erect posture.
What types of muscles work:
  • Quadriceps (it gives a beautiful relief of the legs);
  • The longer the lunge you do, the more pressure goes on the buttock;
  • You develop your coordination. In the process of performing these glute exercises, you improve your core stability;
  • The shorter the lunge you do, the more your quadriceps swing.


There are several options for performing dynamic lunges. It is important to say that you can do this type of glute exercises not only forward, but also backward, and even sideways.

To make these glute exercises harder, you can try to perform it with dumbbells. Also, you can use other additional weight.

Lying hip abduction

Lying hip abduction is a classic swing. Generally, it is one of the most effective glute exercises. Especially in case, if you want to lift the buttocks and make them roundly shaped.

Furthermore, it helps you to make the slim and beautiful hips. Nevertheless, if you’re going to achieve success and have good results, it is necessary to keep a sharp lookout for the technique of its implementation.

How to perform this type of glute exercises:
  • Lie on your right side.
  • Slightly lift the body from the floor bending the right arm at the elbow and fixing the head on it.
  • On the exhale, lift the left leg.
  • On the inhale, low the leg down, but do not touch the other leg.
  • Continue the exercise until an intense burning sensation appears in the muscles.
  • Turn on the other side and repeat the actions with the right foot.
What types of muscles work:
  • Thigh muscles and the buttocks (gluteus maximus muscles);
  • The loin is additionally involved;
  • With proper technique, buttocks are actively swinging.


There are different kinds of glute exercises. Hence, you can perform hip abduction in different ways. So, don’t waste time and try some of them even today.

Glute Bridge

Like all of the glute exercises above, you can perform it at home. This kind of glute exercises fits perfectly into the full range of activities for the muscles of the buttocks.

So, be sure it is not very hard, and without any doubts, it is advantageous. Also, very significant to perform it when you have no strength for anything more. For example, after squats, lunges and hip abductions.

How to perform this type of glute exercises:
  • Legs shoulder-width apart, lying on the back, your knees need to be bent.
  • Lift the body from the floor, standing on the glute bridge.
  • Fix the body in this position for a few seconds.
  • Low the pelvis down, but do not touch the floor: leave approximately 5 cm from it you need to stop.
  • Continue the exercise from this point.
What types of muscles work:
  • The posterior thigh;
  • It is a great hip extension/flexion exercise. Also, it provides the development of the hip joint.
  • Buttocks muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) and biceps muscle of the thigh;
  • The muscles of the back, which are responsible for flexion-extension of the spine and calf muscles;
  • With proper and careful execution works abdominal muscles.


To make this kind of exercises for the buttocks at home more difficult, try doing it on a fitball. Another option for this exercise is to do a bridge on one leg. 

Kneeling Rear Leg Raise

This glute exercise is designed to work out the muscles of the buttocks. Muscle tightening occurs during the first two weeks. However, it works if you perform this exercise regularly.

How to perform this type of glute exercises:
  • Low the elbows to the floor and tighten the abdomen. In this position, the pelvis is slightly higher than the shoulders.
  • On the exhale, lift your right leg as high as you can.
  • On the inhale, slowly return to the starting position.
  • Make sure that the waist and back do not bend down. The body must remain perfectly level.
What types of muscles work:
  • The buttocks and the thighs muscles;
  • Biceps muscle of the thigh and gluteus maximus muscles;
  • The loin is additionally involved.


If it’s too hard for you to do this kind of glute exercises, you can start with quick kneeling rear leg raises. In other words, the leg rises and falls quickly, without fixation in a tense state.


To sum up, the number of performing the glute exercises must be individual. So, pick the number of repetitions, which is comfortable for you. If you do everything correctly, you will have the feeling of pleasant tiredness.

Therefore, don’t worry and good luck! Try to do our set of glute exercises and then you butts will look outstanding!

Meal plan to have the ideal buttocks

Firstly, it is important to say that the buttocks area is often a zone of “attack” of fatty deposits. It is because this part of the body is usually the least exposed to physical activity.

And as a result, the lymph efflux is disturbed, the fat deposits appear on your body. 

You can cope with all these unpleasant changes, only by using simultaneously several methods in the one complex. However, this complex includes not only the glute exercises but proper nutrition too.

Advice about proper nutrition
  • You need to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • All of the proteins that you consume should be of animal origin.
  • All of the carbohydrates that you consume need to belong to the category of the complex carbohydrates (for instance, beans and cereals).
  • You need to reduce carbohydrates and give preference to the proteins because, in comparison with the men, women have less muscle tissue and more fatty tissue. Remember, your rate is 1–1.5 g per 1 kilogram of your weight.
  • Steam, boil, stew! But don’t fry! Frying is strictly forbidden! It affects your butts badly!
Example of the menu for beautiful buttocks
  • Breakfast – 100 g of oatmeal cooked with milk or water + a cup of green tea.
  • Luncheon – three white squirrels from hard-boiled eggs + a salad from non-starchy vegetables. (All vegetables should be crispy and juicy).
  • Dinner – 100 g of boiled rice with greens + 100 g of Alaska pollock.
  • Afternoon’s luncheon – 100 g boiled chicken breast + and non-starchy vegetables. Or 150 grams of boiled fish and fresh greens.
  • Supper – 150 grams of low-fat cheese and buttermilk.

What can you eat to stay in shape?

  • poultry meat
  • beef
  • fish
  • chicken eggs
  • low-fat cheese
  • haricot and kidney beans
  • olive oil
  • flaxseed oil
  • nuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • avocado
  • salmon
  • groats (for example, porridge oat, barley grits, buckwheat groats, brown rice)
  • potatoes
  • durum wheat pasta
  • dry breakfast cereal without sugar
  • sweets (for example, honey, dried fruit, nuts-and-honey bars)
  • fruits and vegetables
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