3 mini-steppers for home & gym workouts | Review 2020

W​hat’s the most effective stair stepper for weight loss? Yes, it’s mini-stepper – the most compact and inexpensive home simulator. People all around the world choose it for home workouts.

The secret of popularity?

It is the most effective way to lose those extra pounds. Combining a low-calorie balanced diet with workouts, you will quickly get rid of extra pounds. The reviews of mini stair steppers will help you to choose the most suitable for yourself.

Mini stair climber allows you to increase energy expenditure daily. We advise you to try such simulators as Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper, Stamina In-Motion E1000 Elliptical Trainer.

3 best mini-steppers

Here our fitness experts prepared the review of top best small step machines for everyone. Before making a choice make sure to check the specifications, pros and cons of the simulator.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Everything you want to know about this model you can find in this article. This stepper is one of the budgets and not very expensive simulators, which will provide you with an effective workout.

Doing exercises on any of the steppers, you’re training your legs.

You cannot entirely involve muscles of press, buttocks, hips, etc. in exercises with such training. But Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper will allow you to have a workout in which you can effectively engage the muscles of the hands, the upper back and, oddly enough, shoulders.

Attention!!! The training on this adjustable stepper should not be longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise, the device may overheat. So, there will be unpleasant consequences.

Also, one of the useful features of this stepper is that it has a variable resistance and a monitor that shows basic training. Due to different resistance, you can both increase and decrease the intensity of the workout.

And the monitor easily notes your progress. Also, on it, you can set your goal you want to achieve.

Almost all mini-steppes are small and compact. Because of this you can move and place it where it is the most comfortable for you. But do not think that it is very light and you can wear it all the time with you. Although its size is small and the price is also affordable, this stepper is quite solid.

Features of Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper
  • Dimensions – 18 1/2 “x 16” x 8 “.
  • Weight – 20 pounds.
  • User’s weight – up to 250 pounds.

But manufacturers point out that you do not need to worry. And you can continue to exercise for up to one hour. Many people who have already tried this stepper say that it is true.

Training in this simulator, you simultaneously do cardio and make your muscles toned. Also, thanks to twists and turns, you pull up your hips and buttocks.

And do not forget that you can adjust the intensity of the resistance:

On the dial, you will see how much you increase or decrease your strength. By this way, you will know whether you have an improvement or not. Moreover, you can perform exercises, involving hands, shoulders, and back. So, Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper is effective.

Take into account that you can train different muscle groups. And at the same time, you burn a lot of calories.

Thanks to the LCD console, you can find out when and how much your workouts were. Also, it lets you know about the effectiveness of your training. In this way, you can always see progress in your efforts. And see how close you are to the goal.


  • Has footboards on which you stand steadily. Thanks to them, you should not worry about safety while training.
  • Made of durable steel. Due to this, you can be sure of the prolonged use of the simulator.
  • You need only 2 minutes to set up the simulator and start training correctly.


  • The computer shows you only basic exercises, without installed programs with many properties.
  • Some users say that because of the long period of use, it makes some unclear noise during the workout.
  • Limited range of steps.


Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045 Twister Stepper is an excellent simulator with such a low price. You can have an effective cardio training. At the same time, you bring in the tone muscles not only the upper part of the body but also the lower one.

You will get everything to the maximum benefit offered by this simulator. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper is an excellent choice for you.

Stamina In-Motion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer has been on the market since December 2015. It is one of the best. People often compare it with such high-quality models as Cubii or FitDesk and others.


  • One of the best positive aspects of this mini-stepper is its price.
  • Also, all users are thrilled with the fact that they can turn pedals not only forward. The mechanism is made so that you can still turn them back.
  • Also, do not forget that most mini stepper reviews about Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer are positive. So, it always attracts new buyers.


  • Stressing the In-Motion Elliptical Trainer has a problem. If you have been training on this simulator for a long time, you may notice that the left pedal may then fall.
  • Some people do not like the design of this simulator. But each person has his or her tastes and looks for different things. So, you should not take into account.
  • Also, many people consider the problem that thing that you cannot make significant steps. The movements have a small amplitude that is not convenient for many people.

It’s very cool that the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a versatile simulator. It is inexpensive and can come close to everyone thanks to its standard features. You should not expect so much from this stair stepper. But, still, not for nothing it is trendy on the market.

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Everyone knows that aluminum is one of the most durable metals. And you can use it precisely for the manufacture of airplanes, bicycles and other devices that requires durable material. It is also easily accessible to everyone.

That is why the Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is made of the same aluminum.

Taking a picture of the simulator, you can notice that each of the elements has its form. Each principal component is individually made. It means that the simulator is very sturdy. Therefore, the user’s weight limit is 400 pounds.

Also, taking into account the fact that aluminum is not very heavy metal, the weight of the simulator is only 14 pounds. It means that you can quickly move it wherever you like and do not worry about it once again.

Made in the USA

The Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper allows you to take classes anywhere, even at home, when your baby is sleeping in the next room. Due to the US hydraulic cylinders, your lessons will be quiet, silent, smooth and accurate. In this case, you will enjoy training.

You can also adjust the resistance on your own. Moreover, do this only with the help of one handle on the frame. Depending on the pace of the workout that suits you best, you can set high speed or slow walking.


Generally, if you compare Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper with other simulators, then it is relatively large as for a stair stepper. But at the same time due to its length, you should not worry about its stability and its balance during training. Even if your workout is very intense – be sure the simulator will continue to be as stable.

So, although the size of the Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is not the smallest, its weight will make you smile. Because the mini-stepper is made of aluminum, it is lightweight. Therefore, you can train anywhere it is comfortable for you.

Fast preparation

Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is considered one of the fastest steppers. Gathering it for the first time, you will spend about a minute on this deal. And rest assured that the next few times you will make it even faster.

Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is easy to assemble since you only need to align the hydraulic pistons and connect the two cables.


Probably the only drawback of Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is its price. After all, not everyone can pay $400 for a little simulator. However, you must know that this price is worth it. It is quality, design, and features make it one of the best on the market among all the steppes.

Home & gym workout routine

If you exercise at home, you can train only on one simulator – stair stepper. And be sure, it will be enough for you. Stepper exercise benefits are countless. So be ready to start doing workouts right now!

Example of training in the gym for 45 minutes
  • Warm up with light weights for 5 minutes.
  • Cardio on the treadmill for 5 minutes.
  • Strength training for legs and buttocks on a high-intensity stepper for 15 minutes: 10 laps of 30 steps and little pauses for rest. And set up the maximum resistance, actively tense the gluteus muscles for beautiful relief.
  • Low intensity is walking for 15 minutes.
  • Stretching with a fitball or yoga mat 5 minutes.

A technique of performing the exercises:

Classes on the mini-stepper are usually under the control of body position. The basic rule is a straight back. If there are levers for hands, body weight is not transferred to them. Also, your foot must be tight to the pedal, and the heel does not come off.

The movement of the pedals – smooth and uniform. Another essential rule concerns the knees. You need to continually make sure that they do not come together and do not bend instep.

Conditions for effective workouts on the stepper:

Training on a stepper requires following some rules
  • Do not eat 1-1.5 hours before class.
  • Do not take medication before exercise.
  • 2-3 hours before sleep, you should not work out. Otherwise, you will sleep bad and be tired the next day.
  • Breathing is deep. Do not hold your breath. If inhale-exhale gets off, you need to slow down the pace.
  • Always do the warm-up and hitch. Warm up lasts 10 minutes. Also, warming up the muscles you prepare the joints for stress.
  • Do not work in a room where there is a lot of light. So, choose a place where there is ventilation, but no drafts.

Knowing how to walk on a stepper, you give your body a favor, improve your well-being and health.

It is easy to determine the individual working speed. If during exercise the breathing is lost only during a conversation, the intensity of the load is good. Also, to get a good result, you need to reduce the number of carbohydrates that you eat.

Remember: you are not allowed to eat 1 hour before a workout. If you want to eat, eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir, low-fat cottage cheese. These products will help restore muscle faster.

Additionally, eat less protein food. But it will help to recover faster, improve the relief of the hips and legs. The balance in nutrition and exercise will help you get rid of 1 kg in 1 week.


  • So, do not move your knees inward (do not reduce them), because it can cause injury. When the feet are parallel, the knees should not reach for each other.
  • Do not carry body weight on your hands, because the main load should get legs.
  • Also, distribute the weight so that your lower body gets tired. The foot should stand entirely on the platform.
  • The pressure is smooth, the legs going down, buttocks tense. As a result, the priest pumped.
  • If the heels are hanging down, you can increase the volume of the hips by pumping muscles.

Program for slimming

Are you in good physical shape, but do not know how to work out on a stepper to lose weight quickly and easily? If you conduct training only on this simulator, then it should last about 1 hour without a break.

To warm up the muscles, you will need only 40 minutes.

Only after it, you start the process of burning fat. To lose weight by training on a mini-stepper, use the special program for the basic level. Do training in three sets with a minute break between them. The duration of the approaches by days is in minutes:

  • 1-7 Days: 10 – 10 – 10.
  • 8-14 Days : 15 – 15 – 15.
  • 15-21 Days: 20 – 15 – 20
  • 22-28 Days: 25 – 10 – 25.

Do you feel that the load is too small? So go to a full-fledged training without interruption. Slimming stepper is effective. But it is important not to forget that the result will appear only after 2-3 weeks of intense loads.

Remember: to get real positive changes, and you need to engage in regularly. If you practice at a stepper after power loads, then 20 minutes a day will be enough. Before classes, it is essential to warm up and hitch for 10 minutes. If you miss this point, the body will get unnecessary stress.

The stepping technique

The usual step: There is no need for explanations here. All the critical nuances of technology have been described above.

Heavy step: With such a step, the body (without bending the back!) slightly “collapses” forward on each cycle of movement. And, thereby, the work becomes more powerful. But, of course, do not forget to decrease the pace.

Thus, the effect of fat burning, as well as the development of blood vessels and the heart, will be lower. But you should work out your muscles better. Just make sure your knee joints are ready for a similar load!

“Half a foot” step: Contrary to the advice above, it is necessary to pull the heel off the pedal slightly. But at the same time, do squeeze the pedals out to the end. And the pace will be significantly higher than usual.

So, if you work out better the cardio system, you can lose weight more effectively. But, with this mode of operation, it is essential to monitor your pulse closely.

Program for four weeks

The undoubted advantage of this cardiovascular best home stepper machine is a large number and variety of exercise options. Because we have a combination of two simulators in one. And the training promises not to be boring and monotonous. There are several rules you need to stick to:

Beginners are recommended to start with daily 5-10-minute classes (1-2 week). Also, it is important how much you need to walk on a stepper. At 3-4 weeks, as you get used to the loads, you can extend the duration to half an hour and practice every other day.

After a month of classes and the adaptation of the organism, the most effective mode is three times a week for an hour. Pick up the way based on the level of your physical fitness. Give your muscles time to recover, because your goal is not overtraining and chronic fatigue.

A warm-up for stretching the muscles is obligatory. You need to do it 5-10 minutes in the beginning and at the end, with a duration of half an hour. Comfortable shoes and clothes are essential. Watch your balance, amplitude of movements.

You should have “soft knee” – do not straighten to the end and do not bend to the stop, spare your joints. And the same you need to do with elbows. And body position must be correct. Place your legs entirely on the pedals; the back is straight, the body is slightly inclined forward. But it should be without deflection in the lower back to avoid stretching.

Also, you should combine aerobic exercise (walking) with other types of exercise. For example, power is entirely possible to make expanders or dumbbells. If you train with the music, its rhythm must match the rhythm of the steps.

The approximate training scheme:

Week 1-2. Warming up – 5-10 minutes. 50 steps in 1 minute, rest (60 seconds). 60 for the same time rest. 60 in 2 minutes, rest. 50 for the same time, rest, stretching.

Week 3-4. 50 steps for 1 minute, 1-minute rest. 60 for 2 minutes, rest (2 times). 50 for 1 minute, rest, stretching.

After a month of classes: 50 steps per minute, minute rest. 60 in 3 minutes, rest. 65 in 2 minutes, rest. 70 for the same time, rest. 65 for the same time, rest. 60 for 1 minute, rest. 50 for the same time, rest, stretching.

Doing the steps, consistently do exercises with expanders or dumbbells to work out the arms 2 sets of 20 times. There are flexing the elbows for biceps; lead back to triceps; dilution to the side on the shoulder girdle; stretching the arms forward in front of you and back with elbow flexion; “Scissors” hands; elbows at shoulder level, arms bent upward by 90o – diluting to the side and putting elbows together.

Attention! Alternate slow and fast walking. At the end of the session slow down the pace.

Program for buttocks

stair stepper for the buttocks are useful and even enjoyable. For the fifth point, this simulator is a real find. Its goal is to improve the shape of the body, strengthen the buttocks.

Do you still not know how to pump up the buttocks on the stepper and enhance the form of your priests? Then the basic program will help you master the subtleties of finding a slim figure. If your stepper allows you to change the load – make it more substantial and proceed:

Day 1-7: 1 minute 50 steps. 1 minute to recover. One minute 60 steps. 1 minute to recover. 2 minutes 60 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 50 steps. 1 minute of rest.

Day 8-15: 1 minute 50 steps. 60 seconds of rest. 2 minutes 60 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 60 steps. 1 minute of rest. 60 seconds of 50 steps. 1 minute of rest.

Day 16-23: 1 minute 50 steps. 60 seconds of rest. 2 minutes 65 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 70 steps. 1 minute of rest. 1 minute 65 steps. 60 seconds of rest. 1 minute 60 steps. 60 seconds of rest. 1 minute 50 steps. 60 seconds of rest.

Day 24-31: 60 seconds 50 steps. 1 minute to recover. 3 minutes 60 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 65 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 70 steps. 1 minute of rest. 2 minutes 65 steps. 60 seconds of rest. 1 minute 60 steps. 1 minute of rest. 60 seconds of 50 steps. 1 minute of rest.

Watch your pulse and breathing

On average, training on a stepper allows you to burn up to 600 kcal per hour. And it is quite a lot for an exercise-related formally to “low-intensity cardio training.” With more vigorous work, you can achieve a more significant result in the issue of energy waste.

But how to determine the best intensity of the training? To do this, you need to have a heart rate monitor and a simple formula. Subtract your age from 200, then multiply by 65, and divide by 100. It will be the guideline for the desired heart rate.

Naturally, this guideline is for people who do not have severe problems with the cardiovascular system. If you have any of them, you should consult with your doctor before moving on to any cardio loads! Compliance with this rhythm will provide you with an optimal load for the heart and blood vessels, as well as the proper loss of calories.

It is also crucial to controlling breathing! So, make sure to breathe evenly and deeply in the process of training. As with any cardio load, a visible marker of your respiratory system’s unreadiness to your chosen pace is when you have to breathe through your mouth. Do not allow this!


For people who have diseases of the joints, it is vital to engage only under the supervision of a professional trainer. Exercise for people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, hypertension, diabetes, thrombophlebitis is also not recommended. These workouts load the spine.

Therefore, if there are injuries or diseases of the back, you need to look at the bike with a straight fit. Also, you should not engage in a stepper in the last months of pregnancy. Avoid unnecessary stress in the acute period of an infectious disease. So, wait until recovery. And postpone the exercise, if you feel discomfort in the body or feel that you are about to get sick.

Moreover, you should have training only when you are healthy and full of energy! To master the classes on the mini-stepper for weight loss, watch the video. It is enough to take a look at how to conduct the exercises. After all, the video shows that classes on the stepper for losing weight are valid and very simple.

Stepper workout benefits for losing weight
  • The main advantage of the mini-stepper is that it is safe for beginners in sports (fitness) and those who have lower limb injuries. Since it minimizes the normal movement up the stairs, the mini-stepper does not exert great strain on the knee joints.
  • According to experts, training on a mini-stepper contributes to rapid weight loss.
  • During practice on the stair stepper, you work out all the major muscle groups (thighs, buttocks, legs).
  • Stepper training is also useful in cardiovascular exercise. Also, it contributes to an increase in heart rate. And it is an essential part of aerobic training. Also, it positively affects the heart muscle. Faskmeadminor people who lead a passive lifestyle, aerobic training is vital for maintaining health.
  • Exercises on the stepper increase the stress resistance of the human body and reduce the level of anxiety. Thereby it gives you the opportunity to feel better.
  • Mini-stepper is a compact trainer. Its weight does not exceed eight kilograms. So, in an apartment, it occupies no more than one square meter.
  • Because of the small elliptical stepper, you can take a mini-stepper with you everywhere (on a trip, a business trip). So, you have an opportunity not to interrupt workouts.
  • Also, the mini-stepper is quite cheap and widely available. You can buy it in almost all online and regular sports stores.
Disadvantages of mini-stepper
  • Mini-stepper is more suitable for beginners
  • For those who have been training on the stair stepper for an extended period, it may not be enough. It has a small amplitude of the pedals.
  • Exercises on mini-stepper cannot help you to pump up buttocks and arms
  • However, you can pay attention only to your leg movements, but flexion and swinging help also to pump up your biceps.
  • Some people say that mini-stepper is not useful
Frequently asked questions

Q: How to train correctly?

A: One of the most important things is to have stretched before training. At first, do 15 minutes every day. After a week, you can increase the duration of classes and intensity. Another effective training program is “Training with an elliptical trainer.” If you work without handrails, keep a straight rack. Do a slight bend forward without deflection in the back.

If you know how to practice on a mini-stepper to lose weight, then your body is tense only where you want. Locate the knees at a sufficient distance from each other. Place the feet entirely on the pedals. Also, alternate other slow walking and quick steps, start slowly. Then increase the pace.

After that, do it faster. And slowly again. After that, repeat everything. When you finish the exercises on the mini-stepper, slow down. The last need a stretch, the same at the beginning. But now it should be more in-depth.

Q: How to choose and buy mini-stepper correctly?

A: Mini-stepper is an excellent version of the compact simulator. It is a budget and does not require electricity. Besides, you can easily store it under the bed.

It is worth saying that all mini steppers, unlike bulky counterparts from stepper gyms, are mechanical and have interdependent pedal travel. On each platform is a hydraulic cylinder. And it resists the force with which you push on the pedal. Regulate the level of load on this will not work. But, despite the shortcoming, they are widespread both in Ukraine and in Russia.

Having bought such a simulator for home, you can save your time and a subscription to a fitness center. The tactics are simple: turn on your favorite music, TV or movie. And then start to engage. Regular exercises will help you to work out the muscles of the legs and back. Also, you will get your buttocks toned. And the waist will become thinner.

Q: What mini steppers are the best?

A: There are not so many different mini stepper exercise machines on the market. You can choose between models: with expanders and without, with balancing and without it, with a built-in counter, with handrails or with a turning mechanism. Additional functions:

Expanders – are elastic bands with holders at the ends. They make it possible to load the muscles of the arms and back. Excellent cardio training on a stepper. The function of balancing – shifts the center of gravity during exercise. So, classes on this simulator are reminiscent of incendiary rock and roll.

Computer – counts the number of steps, calories burned and speed of movement.

Handrails allow you to keep balance and not to fall. And it is especially crucial for those who have a model with a moving platform.

Swivel mechanism – helps to work the abdominal obliques, the waist becomes noticeably thinner. All thanks to the platform, which is shifted from side to side. Also, it allows you to make twisting movements of the body.

Besides, some models have a more significant movement of the pedals. The more, the higher the level of stress on the muscles and joints. It is suitable for those who love intense workouts.

Q: How to practice on the simulator stepper with handrails?

A: It is essential to position your body correctly: lean forward slightly, placing your weight on your hands; ass back; low back pain; feet on the platform, heels together, socks apart. The highlight, which will become the base and show you how to practice on a stepper, concerns your knees.

Moreover, do not fully extend the knees during the course. So, they must be bent throughout the workout. Then the load on the lower back should be minimal. And distribute it on the buttocks and thighs. From the outside, this posture looks strange. But you have to choose: either a beautiful body position during classes or an impressive figure and slimness.

Classes on the stair stepper will help you to be in good shape always. However, they will not cause discomfort. Cardio workouts on stepper:

The performance of training
  • Increase stamina, improve coordination, remove problems with the vestibular apparatus.
  • Remove excess centimeters and help you lose weight. 1 step burns 7 calories. For 1 workout you can get rid of 300 calories.
  • Pump different muscles: calf, femoral, buttock. And if the design is equipped with expanders (elastic rubber bands that have holders at the ends), then they will also load the muscles of the back and arms. Also, they remove wrinkles on the abdomen.
  • They will help in the fight against cellulite, especially if you combine training with the use of specialized medical cosmetics.
  • Strengthen the heart, ligaments and blood vessels.
  • Activates blood circulation. As a result, the effects of stress will disappear; the mood will improve; the general tone will increase.

The benefits of these sports models are great. The person chooses the program and determines the load depending on the individual characteristics.

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