The Best pieces of advice for Sports motivation

S​ports motivation lies in getting over yourself and begin to do at least something to be strong and healthy. There is a popular point of view that, sports give confidence and masculinity for men.

On the other hand, sports gift admiring looks for women. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Generally, those statements are pretty convincing. Of course, if you have a sports motivation, you will train with pleasure. However, it is essential to find the strength to begin to do sports. In most cases, the first step is the most difficult.

It is important to say:

The issue of sports motivation is a topical not only for ordinary people but also for celebrity. Sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed and to go to the gym. Although, you should always remember that cool sports results depend only on you.

Best sports motivation tips to begin doing sport

In general, our organism needs some time to adapt to different types of activities. Mostly, it takes about the month. After that, the person will enjoy the athletics as much as it is only possible.

Of course, nowadays everybody is interested in health, beauty, fitness. Sport is an integral part of the everyday life of a successful person. Furthermore, it represents the social reality of the world.

However, how you can keep sports motivation at the beginning of your sports activity?  Keep calm! Here there are some basic tips for you:

  • The motivation begins from the goal. Fits of all, definite why the sports activity is so essential for you. Do you want to boost figure, become pine knot, get bigger muscles or lose weight? The sports motivation depends on your goals. It is evident that good reason will help you to achieve the desired goal! Be sure it will increase your sports motivation a lot!
  • Chose such kinds of sports that will bring you happiness. You should always enjoy your sports activity. What do you like to do? Do you want running, or maybe you are a big fan of cycling? Think about it! Sports motivation always mean willing to do different types of activity.
  • Find a coach or a trainer that will motivate you initially. Be sure he will help you to feel confident and efficient in a new gym. If you ashamed to go to the gym immediately, you could start sports at home. But don’t be lazy! Why? It is because laziness is one of the central barriers to sports motivation.
  • Plane a training program. It will better when your trainer does it for the first time. Besides, your coach can give you a lot of sports motivation! But, attention! Do not feel sorry for yourselves! If you have not a personal trainer, find the very active and useful set of exercises that will bring a good result! Also, remember that there is no training program for everyone. It is selected taking the individual abilities of each.
  • Find a model. It can be a photo of a person that you extraordinarily admire. You should have an example. It will be your sports motivation. For example, to look like your icon. Then, it will be easier for you to achieve success.
  • Create the music playlist. It helps you to feel the rhythm during your exercising. Remember some famous films. Probably you saw the movies in which people during their morning jogging listened to the music. Make your playlist for exercises. It will become a sports motivation for you to do jogging every morning.
  • Keep a sports diary where you will write the results. It doesn’t matter what it looks. More important is the information that you will write in this diary. Your excellent result will become sports motivation for you. Moreover, when you see what you did earlier and when you notice the dynamics of your progress you will realise that all your efforts were worth it.
  • Tell your relatives and friends about your plans. Then, you will try to do all your best. By the way, you can go to the gym with your friends, for example. It will be funnier and more interesting for you. Also, then there will be no way back. It will also be a good sports motivation for you to work more and harder.
  • Find your favourite piece of clothing that has become cramped for you. It is an excellent sports motivation that always works, especially among girls. Everyone wants to look at their favourite clothes astounding.
  • Don’t forget about the gifts! If you have a good result, make present for yourselves. It will always be a great sports motivation for performing better and better!

Some examples of the wrong sports motivation

In general, sports motivation is a deep inward impulse that leads to different types of actions, physical changes, searches for solutions, revisions of values.  In most cases, motivation is a source of activity in a particular direction.

The sports motivation is, perhaps, the most significant force that makes your body entirely change.  

So, how to learn to manage your motivation?

Unfortunately, sometimes people misunderstand the meaning of the sports motivation. Moreover, very often a lot of people quit the activity that they have already started. Why? Just because of incorrectly created goals.

That’s why here you have some examples of the wrong sports motivation. Take a look at them and, please do not repeat this mistakes on your path.

My wife wants me to have a sports figure.

Maybe it sounds great, but in general, it is a terrible sports motivation. First of all, you should ask yourselves. Well, do you genuinely want to? Not your wife, children, friends, but only you!

Do you want it by yourselves?  Is your sports figure is more important for you than for your wife?

I want to fit into a smaller dress by the summer.

It is quite a similar situation. Let think that you have already fit into a smaller dress. What will happen after that? For whom had you done it? For friends to be envied or maybe for your pleasure? Please, forget about this sports motivation.

If I push in 50 times, that will solve my other problems.

In general, it is a little bit stupid sports motivation. What problem will that solve? In such a way? You always must to think deeper. In most cases, it would be great when each question requires its an individual solution.

I want to prove to others that I can do it.

Please, forget about it! It is indeed a wrong sports motivation.

You should never prove something for your friends, family, etc. It is much better to confirm something for yourselves! Particularly always other people do not appreciate such your efforts. Moreover, they can even do not notice your changes.

When I lose my weight, at least 5kg, I will begin respect and appreciate myself.

It is another example of the wrong sports motivation. First of all, you should always remember that you are beautiful and wonderful. Your beauty does not depend on your kilograms.

Furthermore, you must always respect and love yourself, regardless of the weight. A lot of successful athletes hate such kind of sports motivation.

When I lose 15 kg, I will be slim and healthy.

Are you sure that you want to become limp and frail “beauty”? Remember that without muscle training, there will be no elasticity.  Unfortunately, without sport, your body will look like a deflated ball.

Probably, it will swell even more after a couple of weeks. So, as you can see, it is an awful sports motivation.

Examples of the right sports motivation for training

You have already reviewed bad examples of sports motivation. So, now you are ready to read great examples of sports motivation. Also, who knows, maybe our cases will become a sports motivation for you?

  • I do sport, and I train a lot. It is an integral part of my life. I am a big fan of an active and healthy lifestyle. I am afraid to be surrounded by the whiners who endlessly suffer and complain about life. Every day I try to be among the people, who are striving for health and success. In short, I like this situation as well. In this environment, without any doubts, I feel self-confident and full of energy. (Great! The perfect sports motivation with amazing goals!)
  • I don’t want to be helpless and powerless! To my mind, beauty body can become a very cool addition to the high numbers of my merits. So, I have decided that I want to have an athletic figure. (Yeah! You think wide! Sure, it is significant for strong sports motivation!)
  • I don’t want to end up in a hospital bed! To my mind, it is not my way! I want to be vigorous, successful, active and cheerful even in old age. It is a nightmare for me to regret the years lived in vain and even in diseases. (Yes, it sounds a little bit scary. However, be sure this sports motivation will work).
  • I want to look more healthy, trained, athletic and fit. There are many factors why it is so essential for me. For instance, first of all, I firmly believe that my work and my business success directly depend on my appearance. (It is sports motivation that affects you a lot. Everyone wants to be productive and successful!)
  • I want to be sturdy, well-built and healthy. I am not a big fan of the idea that for the rest of my life I will have to work to pay for the bandages! It doesn’t matter how many years fate has given for me. In any case, I have a big desire to live in a full life. (Obviously, this sports motivation sounds excellent and very convincingly).
  • In old age, I do not want to fall like a sack of potatoes on a bench in front of the house. That’s why I want to be healthy and well-built. After I am retired, most of all I want to travel around the world. I think that my organism should be ready for it. Also, I firmly believe that sport helps me to keep me my body is in a quite good condition long as it only possible. (Pay attention to this excellent example of sports motivation. Most likely, it can stimulate you to do sport during the whole your lifetime).
  • I want to be an excellent example for my children. Our life is too short to waste it. As for me, I don’t want to be an albatross for my family and friends! It is essential for me to be able to support them in different situations. Especially, when they genuinely need it. Also, I want to be able to protect myself and my family in emergencies. I want to prove myself as a real man! (Good job! You have a spots motivation that works! Everyone wants to be able to protect its own family)
  • I understand that the weight on the scales and my health or appearance in most cases has a pretty resemblance. However, I have other mission and goals. I will try to become more healthy. Finally, I don’t want to reduce the incidence on the scales, whatever it takes. Fortunately, I have another strategy. When I will perform well and eat healthy my weight will come down quickly. (To tell the truth, it is a very high-grade example of sports motivation. It shows that in the first place you should always put your health. Only after it, you should think about your weight. There are a lot of examples which demonstrated how different could look people in the same weight).

So, as you can see it is critical to have good sports motivation.

In most cases, the right motivation for training it is when you can’t even imagine how you will live without it. If you can easily imagine your life without training, probably your sports motivation is weak or imposed on you by other people.

The right sports motivation immediately goes into the big intention and determination to make the first steps. Without any doubts, it is essential and necessary. Good sports motivation easily and repeatedly increases the capacity of your patience.

For instance, if it is possible, you try rapidly progress to action. Also, you able to overcome different types of obstacles.  You always have time to revise your timetable, work and fitness schedules.

How to keep sports motivation as long as it only possible?

Almost every athlete sometimes has something that is so-called mental fatigue. Generally, it is a normal situation. In most cases, it happens on the way to achieving the goal, or more often after attaining it.

In the first place, mental fatigue characterises by a low level of sports motivation. The symptoms of this stage include the following indications: 

  • You are not performing in a better way. You start to feel sorry for yourself and do not give it all 100%.
  • Lack of pleasure in the process of training. Classes are more like a routine than a path to self-development.
  • You are reducing the duration of training. You start to work less than it should be.

However, how you should deal with this mental fatigue? How to break down this stage? Let’s take a look at some sports motivation factors that will help you to do sports as long as it only possible, for example:

  • Success brings a lot of happiness and pleasure for athletes. It gives a feeling that the excellent result was worth all the efforts and diligence. The harder is the way the better is the taste. Be sure it is one of the main rules of sports motivation.
  • Recognition from the other people provides the sense of dignity and self-respect. Moreover, everyone likes to get compliments.
  • The possibility of growth and development give a person self-confidence in the future.
  • All sports activity stimulate the development of athletes. There is always room for growth. Compare yourselves with others. Are they better? Probably yes! So, you do not miss the time! Think about how will your body looks in perspective. And of course, always remember about your sports motivation!
  • Finally, believe in yourselves!

Videos as a source of sports motivation

A fantastic sports motivation is different motivating videos for training. You can watch the videos of people whose body is beautiful for you. It does not matter are those people famous or not.

Moreover, it can be ordinary people that changed their lives thanks for their hardworking.

Finally, it can be people that want to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Remember, people that achieved the success whatever it takes are a great source of sports motivation.

After watching sports motivation videos, it will difficult for you to find the sick excuse for the seventh times. Then, there will be no reasons to stay and relax at home, feel sorry for yourselves, miss the training, etc.

Be sure sports motivation videos will simulate you a lot! Then, you will always remember that even one skipping from the sports practice means two steps backwards.

Why do you need to do sports? 

Generally, “exercise” is all kinds of physical activities that make your muscles work.

During this process, the human body burns extra calories. It has been already clearly shown that to be physically active is valuable for our physical health. Moreover, it is also useful for good mental integrity. It is a common point of view that training even prolongs people’s life.

It looks like a pretty good sports motivation.

So, below there are eight main statements which introduced that regular exercise has a positive effect on your body. Please, take a look at them. Hope, it will be a good sports motivation for you.

Sport can help you feel happier than it used to be

It this statement, first of all, you should look at the happiness as at the source of sports motivation. It has been already clearly shown that regular exercises help make you feel better in a good mood. Sports reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. It affects the areas of the brain which are responsible for the formation of feelings of anxiety and stress. Amazing sports motivation, isn’t it?

Secondly, sport makes sense of depression easier. Also, during exercise, is stimulated endorphin production. The endorphins stimulate positive emotions and reduce susceptibility to the pain. Besides, it has shown that sport reduces symptoms of anxiety. It also helps people realise their fears and even fight them. As a result, you have good feelings, sports motivation and any depression! Quite fantastic!

The fact that the intensity of physical activity doesn’t matter can become an excellent sports motivation to start training right here and right now. What is more, the positive effect on your mood is regardless of the level of intensity of training. Finally, the impact of exercise on your spirit is so strong and powerful that the abandonment of regular physical exertion makes itself felt in a short period.

Exercises can help to lose extra weight

Many studies confirm that hypodynamia is one of the main factors that provides to obesity development. If you want to have sports motivation and understand how sport helps to reduce weight, it is necessary to trace the link between physical activity and energy output. In general, our body outputs energy on three main processes:

food digesting;
physical activity and sports providing;
maintaining vital body functions (heartbeat or breathing for example).
Please, look at the example of how does it works. On the one hand, when you are keeping a diet, the number of calories that come from food decreases. As a result, it leads to metabolic imbalance. It slows down the process of losing extra weight. On the other hand, regular physical training helps to activate metabolism. That’s why it is an excellent sports motivation. You burn calories and lose weight!

It is important to say, a lot of researches have shown that a combination of aerobics and strength training can maximise the amount of fat burned. In the same time, you will be able to maintain sufficient muscle bulk easily. Be sure it is critical for keeping the constant weight.

Sports have a good influence on your muscles and bones

Do you want to build and keep your muscles and bone quite strong? In this case, without any doubts, you should exercise regularly. So, this situation сan become a big sports motivation for you. Why? Because strength training is beneficial if you want to make your muscles and bones healthy.

Also, you can eat enough amount of proteins for better effect. In general, during exercising our organism discharge hormones which increase the number of amino acids in muscles. As a result, you have another example of sports motivation! You can build muscle mass and improve muscle endurance easy.

In general, sports exercises help to build strong and healthy bones amount young people. Also, training prevents osteoporosis at an older age. Pay attention that people who encourage in such sports as gymnastics, running, football, basketball have stronger bones than people who do swimming or riding a bicycle, for example.

Exercises increase energy-enhancing

Of course, sports is a powerful energy stimulant for the human body. Moreover, it does not matter is it healthy people or those who suffer from various diseases. In one research it was founded that six weeks of regular physical training reduced the feeling of fatigue amount 36 people who had recorded it before. Be sure the effective sports motivation based on the fact that exercises can increase the energy-enhancing of people, who have chronic fatigue syndrome and other serious diseases.

In general, in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome, physical exercises are even more effective than other types of regular treatment. Also, it includes different kinds of passive therapy as relaxation or stretching, for example.

Moreover, it has proved that regular exercises increase the energy-enhancing amount people who suffer from chronic progressive diseases such as cancer, HIV / AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Hope, it is the decent sports motivation to do not delay and to do the sports right now. Everyone knows that you want to be a healthy and beautiful person.

Exercise reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases

Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of constant diseases development is lack of physical activity mount both young and old people. Regular exercises increase the sensation of tissues to insulin. Furthermore, training increases the endurance of the heart-vascular system and the body’s endurance at all. Also, different types of exercise help you to have normal arterial pressure and a good blood cholesterol level. So, it is the perfect sports motivation to do sport at an older age.

In general, a lack of physical activity can contribute to a significant accumulation of abdominal fat. Moreover, it can increase the risk of different types of heart diseases and even the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Finally, it can lead to early death. Yes, of course, it sounds horrifying. However, probably it is the best sports motivation. Everyone wants to live a long life.

Exercise improves skin condition

It is one of the best sports motivation, especially for women. Everyday skincare is an essential part of their self-care. However, our skin may be affected by oxidative stress in the body. In general, it is has a very adverse effect. Oxidative stress occurs when the body’s antioxidant system cannot fully restore the damage caused by free radicals to the cells of the body. Unfortunately, this process can damage the intracellular structures and deteriorate your skin.

Nevertheless, even the most straightforward and regular physical training promotes the production of natural antioxidants that help protect cells. So, it is quite a fantastic sports motivation if you want to like have beautiful and healthy skin. Similarly, training stimulates skin blood flow and prevents age-related changes.

Training reduces pain

Chronic pain can sometimes become intolerable, but exercise can help with it. For many years, recommendations for reducing chronic pain included rest and decreased motor activity. However, recent studies have shown that sport is a very effective way of fighting with constant physical suffering. So, do sport and be healthy. Perfect sports motivation!

A review of several latest studies showed that the life quality of research participants improved, after regular performing of individual sets of physical exercises. Moreover, several studies have shown that regular exercise helps to control pain associated with many diseases, such as chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic pain of the soft tissues of the shoulder, etc. Besides, exercise can dull the perception of the pain and increase tolerance to it.

Sport can improve sex life

Previously, a lot of researchers proved that exercise could increase sexual arousal. Yes, of course! Without any doubts, it is a real sports motivation! Regular exercises strengthen the heart-vascular system, blood circulation, muscles bulk and body flexibility. Naturally, all these factors can have a positive impact on your sex life. What’s more, regular physical activity can improve sexual function and pleasure, as well as contribute to the more frequent sexual activity. Probably, it is one of the best sports motivation for young people!

In one of the researchers, women noted that they began to experience orgasm more often when they started to regularly perform various kinds of physical exercises – sprint, strength training, etc. Moreover, men confirmed that more exercise hours per week stimulated their sexual function a lot. Without any doubts, now, all these people have a big sports motivation to work in the gym!

What happens to your body if you are not involved in sports?

The human organism is not a simple thing. In particular, the human body is everything that makes you up. So, everything you do during your life will affect your health. It is a general fact that sports help not only burn calories.

Be sure that the lack of physical exercises has a more severe effect on your health than you have thought. Bellow, you have some interesting facts about how changes your organism and body without sports.

Maybe our facts will become sports motivation for you.

So, without sports:

You start eating junk food

Probably, all of the fitness bloggers are not only work hard in the gym but also they eat healthy food. At first glance, it may seem that this is their conscious choice. They have such sports motivation. However, in most cases, when you have regular exercise, your body needs healthy food. It is something that so-called transfer effect. The improvement in one area of life automatically causes improvement in another one. It is real sports motivation to start to do training just today!

In most cases, when you have the absence of physical exertion, your body does not need nutritious food. According to this fact, you become healthy food replaced by different types of junk food or fast food, for example, chips, sweets and burgers. Of course, it is not healthy, but it is so yummy and tasty for so many people. Probably, even for all people all over the world. So, have yourselves sports motivation and eat healthy food.

You suffer from insomnia

Everyone knows that sports exercises not only help to reduce weight. Also, they make your sleep pattern better. Moreover, they help to beat sleeplessness. Indeed, it is a good sports motivation. Remember, if you toss and turn the whole night and can not fall on sleep from an excess of energy, then you lack training. Be sure this is a real sign! It is a scientific fact that the regular exercises improve your sleep schedule. Furthermore, sport help people feel more rested and awake during the while working day. Perfect sports motivation, isn’t it?

You get tired faster

This statement can be a great sports motivation for many people of different ages. Probably, you paid attention to the shortness of breath while you are climbing the stairs. Also, sometimes it happens when you carry heavy bags. Furthermore, this appears because your body lacks oxygen. Did you notice that in a stuffy room you begin to feel dizzy? Be sure it is also because of the lack of oxygen. What should you do? The answer is quite simple. Just do sports!

In most cases, exercises reserve the heart-vascular system and lungs. In this case, your lungs reserve the capacity to absorb more oxygen. As a result, all your organs and even the brain will perform better. Therefore your organism will graceful for you if you do sports. Excellent sports motivation!

You have hypometabolism

Unfortunately, with the ages, our metabolism starts slowing down. Although, don’t worry! This pitty situation can be good sports motivation for you. Why? Because sport is a great way to delay unpleasant changes in our organism. Not only cardio training but also weight ones will do.

Moreover, research has shown that when your body is at rest sports exercises will increase the metabolic rate. But, it is important to say that if you are not active enough, your muscle bulk will reduce, and your fat depot will accumulate immediately. In summary, it negatively affects metabolism. Therefore, it is critical to do training and to have sports motivation. Especially, in cases, when your dietary habits leave a great deal to desire. Hope, it will become a good sports motivation for you.

You get injured more easily

It is a general fact, the more you exercise, the stronger your muscles grow. Many people use this statement as a sports motivation. At the same time, without physical training, your muscles bulk will atrophy. What is more, they will lose their flexibility and strength. Of cause, this situation caused a lot of troubles. For instance, you can get injuries that have appeared entirely from scratch. For example, you are trying to lift a heavy bag and, unfortunately, you stretched out your back.

Generally, it is important to say that constant back pain is a very unpleasant result of the absence of a person’s sporting life. That’s why, if you have been already suffering from these symptoms, you should on-the-spot tackle the problem and think about buying a gym membership. It must be an incredible sports motivation especially according to the fact that our health must always take precedence.

You are often in a bad mood

By effects on your personal feeling, physical activity is comparable with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and antidepressant medications. In general, some scientists argue that sports exercises cause the release of the chemical messenger serotonin and dopamine within the brain. As a result, s good mood maintained regardless of how practical the training was. It means that you don’t have to run a marathon or CrossFit to raise your spirits. So, you should only start to move more. It looks like perfect sports motivation especially when it will not take long to see the result!

What kind of sport do famous women do?
  • Kim Kardashian. She regularly does sport in a gym or outdoors with her trainer. Consequently, thanks to her perseverance and patience, Kim Kardashian quickly lost her weight after pregnancy. Do you know what it is “Belfie”? “Belfie” is a new kind of selfie which lies in photographing person (self-portrait) and featuring a person’s the butt (buttocks). It is an exciting fact that Kim Kardashian is the founder of this term. Furthermore, her butt became sports motivation for many women all over the world.
  • Jennifer Lopez. To get rid of extra weight this star started to train for a triathlon. This type of sport includes three typical components: swimming, cycling, and running. Moreover, Jennifer Lopez performed well and even took part in some competition. This famous woman can be a fantastic sports motivation icon.
  • Jennifer Aniston. This famous actress tried a lot of different types of fitness. However, the pilates and yoga have been her favourite over the years.
  • Victoria Beckham. This star runs more than 3 km every day. After running, she does sport in the gym with her trainer. Victoria Beckham says that running brings her a lot of pleasure.
  • Madonna. She is one of the most successful singers ever. However, how does she manage to have such a slim and toned body in her 60? Sport is the simple beauty secret of Madonna. Precisely, thanks to yoga she looks fantastic and has such great flexibility. Madonna pays yoga about three hours every day. Without any doubts, she is an excellent example of sports motivation!

Why don’t you chose Fitness at the beginning of your sports career?

Fitness (from to fit) is a type of physical activity. The main task of this kind of sport is to keep people in a good physical form. Besides, physical exertion, fitness consists of a healthy diet.

It is important to say that all these forming elements are selected individually. They depend on different factors, for example, age, health, structure and features of the figure. This kind of sports is trendy and thriving all over the world.

Why? It is because of its accessibility. You can do fitness even at home conditions (exercise, jogging, etc.). Of course, it is an excellent sports motivation.

With the help of fitness, you can quickly improve your:
  • flexibility;
  • endurance;
  • force;
  • balance and coordination;
  • reaction;
  • speed.

Of course, fitness has a large variety of different directions. But how to choose something to like?

Right here and right now, you have an excellent opportunity to consult the overview of some of the main kinds of fitness. Indeed, it can become a sports motivation for you.

So, the main and the most trendy direction of fitness are:
  • Yoga. First of all, it is a set of spiritual, mental and physical practices of Hinduism and Buddhism discipline. Exercises in this technique are pretty simple at first glance. But be sure it’s a little bit more difficult than you used to think. There are a lot of various poses that you need to withstand during a specified period. The primary goal of these posses is to develop breath control, strength, endurance, flexibility. In this kind of fitness, you immediately have your own sports motivation. Mostly, it helps to make the posture and metabolism better. Also, people widely use simple meditation for health and relaxation.
  • Shaping. In general, there is nothing complicated. What do you think about such sports motivation? In general, shaping is a type of rhythmic gymnastics, which includes a set of useful and straightforward exercises aimed at improving the figure.
  • Callanetics. Needless to say, that it is a fascinating and unusual type of fitness. It is a system of exercises that consists of stretching and static loads, which alternates with yoga asanas.
  • Pilates. It is a set of exercises that aims to create a fit and healthy body. Mostly, Pilates focuses on the muscles of the abdominals, back and small pelvis. Attention! Information for your yous sports motivation! Many women do this kind of fitness.
  • Body flex. It is a useful system of exercises. It combines proper breathing and stretching exercises. Probably, you want to ask why “proper breathing”? The answer is simple. Doing this type of fitness, you need to breathe especially. By the way, all of body flex exercises help to lose weight, strengthen muscles and improve overall well-being. Interesting, isn’t it? So, why don’t you try to do body flex? Mostly, our interest is one of the steps of sports motivation.
  • Strip plastic. In general, it is a type of aerobics. For many people, strip plastic is very similar to erotic dance, which filled with exotic sensuality and high plasticity. By exercising this type of fitness, you can make your body very beautiful. By the way, strip plastic strengthens muscles and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Finally, don’t worry, strip plastic does not mean public exposure or something like indecency. So take your sports motivation and do this kind of sport.
  • Aerobics. Probably, it is the most popular fitness. In general, aerobics is the type of gymnastics. You do aerobic exercises to rhythmic music. It helps to control the rhythm of the activities. One of the big adventures of aerobics is that it is appropriate for all people of different age. So, you can do this kind of sport both in 18 and in 40. Probably, this fact can become a great sports motivation. The most popular exercises in aerobics are walking, running, jumping, flexibility exercises, etc.
  • Water aerobics. It is a type of fitness that suggests performing physical exercises in the water to the music. Mostly, this kind of sports effect on all major muscle groups.
  • Stretching. It is a trendy set of exercises aimed at straining the muscle tissue. This kind of sport leads to increased elasticity and flexibility. It sounds like an amazing sports motivation for young women.
  • Workout. In most cases, it is an amateur kind sport. Probably, it must be a big sports motivation for you. Although, it is trendy among young people, in particular, among men and boys. The workout based on performing various exercises on sports fields. It is important to say that most workout activities require chinning bars, gym wall bars, high-low parallel bars, monkey bars etc.
  • CrossFit. It is a type of fitness that based on dynamic actions performed with high intensity. In this type of sport, the exercises change quickly. In general, CrossFit contributes to the development of the athlete’s fitness, reaction, speed.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of different types of fitness for everybody. You should only choose one of them and try to do it as good as it is only possible.

Instagram as a source of sports motivation

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking services all over the world. According to the data, more than 1 billion people use Instagram.

Of course, a lot of all these people are well-known actors, singers, athletes and other favourite celebrities. However, many of this Instagram’s users are famous food, fitness, travel, bloggers.

Why don’t you look at some of them?

As a result, you will have a sports motivation and a desire to begin to work out in the gym. Here you have a selection of the most sports motivating fitness bloggers. Their Instagram is just a sight for sore eyes!

These profiles can become great examples of sports motivation as their owners are well-built, robust, healthy and beautiful. So, let introduce you some of the most successful and beautiful Instagram fitness bloggers.

You can follow them and inspire yourselves by their career.

Five inspiring fitness women on Instagram

Hannah Fallis Bronfman

Instagram: @hannahbronfman

Followers: 489K

Hannah Fallis Bronfman by her example motivates girls to do sports, to look good and love life. In general, Bronfman herself loves yoga and dancing. Also, this woman is engaged in boxing and cycling.

This girl can become a sports motivation example for you! It is quite a fascinating fact that Hannah Fallis Bronfman is not only well-known for her healthy lifestyle account. This girl also founded her own recording company.

Her company produces discs made exclusively from recycled vinyl.

Jen Selter

Instagram: @jenselter

Followers: 12.6 million

Jen Selter is a famous fitness model. Can you imagine that even Beyonce and Rihanna follow her Instagram profile? Who knows, maybe this girl is their sports motivation example?

Jen Selter has a very stunning and beautiful body. Probably, girls from all over the world follow her account. Almost every day thousands of people inspired by this girl. She became very popular in social network thanks for her ideal butts.

So, some of the Instagram users say that this girl is the queen of the belfie. 

Although, the whole figure of Jen Selter is gorgeous. Follow this profile and use it as a powerful example of cool sports motivation. Without doubts, it is quite fantastic. 

Sommer Ray

Instagram: @sommerray

Followers: 19.5 million

Sommer Ray probably is the most well-known fitness model all over the world. Each photo and video in her Instagram gain from 400 thousand likes and more. In compare, other famous bloggers gain 100-300 thousand likes.

This girl is the sports motivation icon for many girls all over the world. This number indicates that without any doubts she is the most popular fitness model on Instagram. Also, it is pretty impressive that her parents are famous bodybuilders.

So, as you can understand, this girl has an exciting sports motivation for the childhood. What about her mum, Shannon Ray, is well-built and beautiful women. Moreover, she also has 612K followers on Instagram.

Michelle Lewin

Instagram: @michelle_lewin

Followers: 13.3 million

Michelle Lewin is a popular fitness model on Instagram! This beautiful girl made a lot of effort to always be good shape.

She spent a lot of time working out in the gym. She wanted to sculpt her body. Now, look at her profile! The appearance of this girl is genuinely fantastic. Michelle Lewin is a great example of sports motivation.

Remember, you always can build yourselves, but only if you genuinely want it.

Anllela Sagra

Instagram: @anllela_sagra

Followers: 11.2 million

Fans will immediately recognise a beautiful athlete, Anllela Sagra, thanks for her truly sexy body and graceful movements. 

Without any doubts, she is a hot sports motivation. Angela on the pages of social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, for example, regularly uploads hot photos, inspiring many people, both girls and boys to do sports.

Besides, her YouTube videos become sports motivation for thousands of people.

Five inspiring fitness men on Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Instagram: @therock

Followers: 124 million

It is difficult to explain and understand but, probably, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most popular users on Instagram all over the world.

Just think, this famous American actor, professional wrestler, has more than 124 million followers on Instagram!! It is magic!

Of course, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a kind of sports motivations for millions of people. His stunning body is the result of good genetics and great work. He goes to the gym six days per week.

Be sure all photos and videos that The Rock posts in social network look very impressive and sports motivated. So, let’s take a look at his Instagram profile. Indeed, you would be shocked!

Simeon Panda

Instagram: @simeonpanda

Followers: 4.6 million

Simeon Panda is a well-known professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness model all over the world.

He became famous not only for his amazing well-built body but also thanks for his high standards in the sports fitness industry. Simeon Panda became a very successful fitness model in different countries.

It is thanks to his unreal ideal proportions, huge arms, broad shoulders and narrow waist. This man can be your sports motivation example.

Bradley Martyn

Instagram: @bradleymartyn

Followers: 2.9 million

Bradley Martyn is a famous Instagram fitness blogger. He is an experienced trainer who leads his clients not only personally, but also at a distance.

In general, he regularly comes up with some crazy new tricks to always surprise his followers. So, in his profile, you can find a lot of sports motivation. Of course, there are a lot of impressive and inspirational photos and videos.

But, please, remember that it’s better to be sober in assessing your capabilities! Do not repeat everything that he gets up to do. Remember, sometimes it can be quite dangerous.

Dylan Werner

Instagram: @bradleymartyn

Followers: 759K

In general, Dylan Werner is considered one of the world’s experts in the field of strength training, yoga and body control in motion.

Dylan’s asanas are perfect, and the body is strong and powerful. In general, looking at his photos, it creates the feeling that standing with one hand on a slippery boulder, for example, is just a cakewalk for Dylan!

Of course, it is an example of great sports motivation! Finally, Dylan’s Instagram has a lot of fun, for instance, martial arts, rock climbing, fitness and, of course, yoga.

Curtis Williams

Instagram: @curtiswilliams17

Followers: 46.6K

Curtis Williams is a former player in the National Football League. Nowadays he prepares athletes for their performances.

Basically for many young people he became a great example of sports motivation. Curtis Williams calls himself a “fighter for health”. Pay attention to his account. He looks very healthy.

Also, on his Instagram profile, you can find a lot of motivation training videos. All of these videos are short but pretty fascinating. 


Of course, it is clear that everyone would like to be pretty, strong and healthy. However, it is not enough “to want”.

So, if you honestly have a huge desire to achieve an excellent result in sports, you must have good sports motivation and understand why it is so essential for you!

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