Experts reviews: Health benefits of kefir diet

I​magine the possibility to lose weight following the diet without any harm to their health. Do you think it’s possible? 

Here is the solution:

Our 7 days kefir diet for weight loss is perfect for those who want to cleanse the body as well. Moreover, it works fast and effectively.

So, what are the main points of the diet?

This is a very effective nutrition system that allows you to lose up to 1 kilogram of weight per day. However, most of this weight, especially on the first day, falls on the excess liquid. This is due to the high content of potassium in kefir.

Besides, it contributes to a general state of the body, that improves due to the cleansing of the body and the improvement of all digestive processes.

So what are the main advantages and drawbacks of the diet?


  • Affordability. It is one of the most inexpensive diets.
  • Effectiveness. The visible result can be achieved in under 3 days.
  • Variability. Many various kinds of the diet allow to chose the most appropriate and comfortable.
  • Contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Removes excess fluids and salts.
  • It is easily endured physically due to frequent meals.


  • Can cause disorders i gastrointestinal tract.
  • In combination with fruit, it can provoke an acidity increase in the stomach.
  • It is difficult to endure morally because of a poor menu.

Fitness expert reviews on kefir diet

Actually, kefir is a frequent guest in my kitchen. As I keep to a healthy nutrition, I use this diet for weight loss almost for 4 years. What is more, not even for weight loss, but for the unloading. Although the obvious effect after its use is undeniable.

Maximal duration for me is 3 days. Sometimes I add tea and coffee to my diet – I can’t imagine life without them. After the end of the diet, it feels such an indescribable lightness. And the intestines are as if born again.

Emily Sanders

In one day of unloading on kefir, I lose 1-1.5 kg. So a couple of months ago I lost weight from 62.2 kg to 59.4 kg. In the last days, it “goes away” less than on the first. And in order to better clean the body of toxins, I also always take soda baths. In short, I personally can note only positive effects.

Mary Lace

In general, I recommend to all feast lovers to unload after the next feasts just by this amazing drink. By the way, if we talk about the principles of separate nutrition, then kefir is a product that is compatible with any other.

This means that the stomach digests it perfectly, and there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. On the contrary, digestion is normalized.

Sophia Hall

After 25 I found it harder to control my weight. It is because metabolism slows down with age. But periodically you need to unload the body. Especially in the summer, when it is warm outside and you permanently want to eat something tasty.

I followed the diet for 3 days. I drank only kefir and green tea with milk. I didn’t eat anything and I didn’t even feel the hunger.

Julia Ford

Besides, I did physical exercises at home. My result is 3 kilos for 3 days of the diet. This morning, I allowed myself fried fish and a vegetable salad in the afternoon. I finished the evening with the sour drink again and I feel great. The stomach was toned, buttocks decreased.

Of course, you need to go out gradually from such unloading days. Do not immediately absorb all the tasty food in large quantities. In such a case, the kilograms that you lost with such efforts will not return and will not bring “friends” with them. Good luck!

Evie Barker

I follow this amazing diet already the second time. Last time I managed to lose 8 kilos for 2 weeks. And now I decided not to waste time! I want to lose weight from 65 to 50 kg. For me personally, this is the most effective diet.

I like kefir and consider it a really useful product in my nutrition. It contributes to weight loss as well as to my health. Today is my third day of a diet, in two days minus 2 kilos. By the way, I have the second blood group, and this does not affect my results.

Olivia Lyons

Keeping to the diet, you need to follow all the rules. The result won’t make you wait! During the first days, your weight will be changing slowly. It is because your body needs to rearrange.

After 1 week od the diet I decided to measure my weight and was pleasantly surprised. 5 kilos were gone! That is why you need to avoid fried food, bakery products, and sweets. Of course, take advantage of the products containing protein.
They give energy and elasticity to the skin. Fruits and vegetables should be the main component of the diet. If you follow these rules – you will feel great and losing weight will be a pleasant process.

Emily Dawson

Actually, I made my way to kefir diet gradually. At first, I cleaned the intestines with the help of it. Now I started following this amazing diet. Why have I chosen this diet?

I really like kefir, this amazing drink is really good for the intestines and accordingly weight. I am on the 4th day of the diet now. And I can confidently say that I already managed to lose 3.5 kilos. Honestly speaking, I have 1 negative blood group, and for me, kefir is the most important thing for the health.

It is a pleasure for me to drink it. A fantastic product! I have always been eating yogurt, then the sour drink and always add kiwi everywhere, in any form. So choose the appropriate variant for yourself and enjoy the diet. Highly recommend!

Margaret Hall

My advice is the following. Try to regularly consume sour milk drinks for health for at least a month. Surprisingly, you will find that you have become more cheerful, flexible, your mood does not spoil because of trifles.

When losing weight kefir diet is almost the most popular. It works effectively, as it provides the body with vitamins and microelements, normalizes the intestinal microflora and helps the intestines to work smoothly.

Jerry Hilton

When you drink many juices and fruits on fasting days, there are some side effects, such as bloating. Besides, you have a constant feeling of hunger, which is well neutralized by fermented milk products.

Therefore, I constantly cook this fantastic drink, because an empty stomach cannot be filled with heavy food and purchased products of unreliable quality. My experience showed, that you can lose 7 kilos per week!

I really did it, though it was hard not to break the rules of nutrition. Every time I felt hunger I just drank 1 glass of kefir. It excellently satisfies hunger.

Mary Brown

After keeping to this diet, I lost 5 kg in a week. Before that, another 4 kg on proper nutrition. At first, in 2-3 weeks I gradually switched to proper nutrition and reduced number of eaten food. I stopped eating bread, mayonnaise, sugar, cereals, and potatoes.

I gave preference to boiled meat with vegetables, salads, eggs for breakfast, squash caviar. Moreover, I did not eat after 6 pm and lost 4 kg.

Lily Weber

When my body got used to a small amount of food I switched to kefir, but every day I ate meat and vegetables. My menu looked like this. In the morning – kefir, plus you can have an egg. At lunch – a piece of meat with vegetables, later the sour drink.

About 4 hours more – meat and vegetables, and at 6:00 pm kefir. I ate every 2-3 hours (I also consider the drink as a snack), lost 6 kg per week. Now I am so used to a small amount of correct food that it was easy to get out of the diet. Actually, more than 2 weeks have passed and the weight is the same.

Catherine Page

Nutritionists’ feedback

Doctors consider kefir diet relatively balanced and effective. Actually, they don’t name it harmful to a healthy person. When you consume this drink on regular basis, positive effects on such systems will be obvious:

  • the cardiovascular system
  • the digestive system (it has a very beneficial effect on its work)
  • the nervous system (after all, it not only relaxes and soothes but also nourishes, which means you will not be exposed to “hungry” stress).

During the kefir diet:

The body loses weight due to getting rid of unnecessary waste and improving the digestion process. As after any diet, we advise to switch to proper nutrition, giving up flour, sweet and fat, then lost kilograms will not return.

The most important advantage of this diet in the program of weight loss is the combination of active unloading and low-calorie nutrition.

As a result:

Kilograms are lost without harm to the body. Keeping to the mono-diet, take care of a complex of vitamins, and remember that its duration should not exceed three days. By consuming kefir regularly, you can easily control your weight and improve the work of your body!

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