ID115 plus HR smart bracelet review | Troubleshooting: won’t pair?

H​ow to stay fit all the time? It’s impossible without permanent monitoring your activity. Pay attention to the waterproof Bluetooth ID115 Smart Band.

Here is why:

It is an optimal variant for people who want to monitor their activity to stay fit all the time. With a new upgrade version plus HR smart bracelet with heart rate monitor, you get more useful features.

Check this review to decide on buying the most suitable model of ID115 smart bracelet fitness tracker for yourself. Watch the videos with a detailed overview.

Consider all the pros and cons, our fitness experts’ reviews to make the right choice.

ID115 plus HR manual

Actually, various kinds of fitness devices become an integral part of modern people life.

One of these devices is the ID115 smart bracelet. Every active person should have this gadget to be able to track his/her activity every time.


Fitness tracker combines a set of functions using which you can significantly improve your health. As well as more efficiently organize work and leisure time. Let’s start the review of this up-to-date device, which we use personally.

Fitness tracker manual

  • What features do the fitness tracker ID115 possess?

The smart bracelet helps to control sleep quality. How is the monitoring performed? The device monitors phases of sleep, measuring the pulse rate, as well as recording all the sounds that a person makes.

Thus, the smart bracelet selects the optimal time when it is easiest for a person to wake up. If you set the alarm on the smart bracelet, select the 30-minute range during which it is desirable to wake up. Then the device will automatically determine the most suitable minute for waking up.

In addition, thanks to the sound recording, you can find out if you are snoring in your sleep. The definition of this fact plays an essential role in health control.

After all:

It is known that snoring may indicate the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Promptly identified diseases are easier and cheaper to treat.

In addition to tracking sleep:

The fitness bracelet helps to keep track of weight. The device counts your calories consumed throughout the day and compares the results with a table created by professional nutritionists. If the daily calories are exceeded, then attention should be paid to the sport.

The one who used the bracelet knows how to keep a food diary conveniently, bringing all the food eaten into the program. The device helps not only to monitor the figure but also to avoid a sitting lifestyle. If you sit for a very long time, the gadget will remind you that it’s time to take a break for exercises.

Such a function is simply necessary for office workers who can spend hours at the computer, forgetting about rest.

To continue the review, we should mention the pedometer. This is perhaps the most requested feature of many fitness bracelets. As is known, a person needs to walk about 10 thousand steps a day.

  • To calculate the distance that you travel daily, the ID115 fitness bracelet will be a perfect choice. Would you like to be always in great shape? Use this gadget.

Previously, people separately connected such a function to a mobile phone, but today it is possible to get a whole set of useful applications in one device.

  • It is also important to note that this fitness tracker will help you to always stay in touch. Looking at the bracelet, you will be aware of who called you or sent messages.

The device uses vibration to alert its owner. The display shows the name of the person who wants to talk with you. In addition, the bracelet cannot be lost, but with its help, it is easier to find a smartphone.

Design and reliability

Fitness bracelet is not only a multifunctional device but also a stylish accessory. The tracker is equally suitable for sportswear and business needs. The rectangular touch screen is convenient to use. Comfortable magnetic buckle securely fixes the bracelet on your hand.

By the way:

The manufacturer took care of the variety of straps colors, so consumers have the opportunity to choose both discreet colors, black, for example, and brighter colors.

Fitness bracelet has a high degree of protection against external influences IP67. You can safely wet the bracelet under running water, so you will not harm the device.

Charge the device within 1-2 hours (up to full battery). In general, such a gadget will be an excellent gift for men and women who are serious about their health.

Detailed specification
  • Model No: ID115 smart tracker
  • App OS: IOS7.1 & above, Android4.4 & above
  • Note: 3 colors LED indicator light, data can be checked on App
  • Sensor: G-sensor KX022-1020
  • Bluetooth Chip: Nordic nRF51822-QFAA

The main functions

  • Activity tracking such as step pedometer, calorie burnt and distance

It is highly accurate fitness tracker that records all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes.

  • Automatic sleep monitoring

It automatically tracks your sleep duration and consistency with a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data; wake you up peacefully with a silent alarm.

  • Call alert as well as message alert and alarm clock alert

The tracker vibrates and the call is displayed on the screen when there is an incoming call. Remind incoming text message on your tracker screen.

  • The OLED display and replaceable bands

You are able to see your daily activity and time on 0.86 inch OLED Display screen.

  • Goal complete alert, sedentary alert

The fitness bracelet has set reminders for periods of time of inactivity, especially useful for office workers.

  • Low-battery reminder, anti-lost alert
  • Remote camera control, activity data sharing and etc.
Technical specifications
  • Display Size: 0.86 inches
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Vibration: Real-time vibration reminder
  • Waterproof (sweat-proof, rainproof, water drop proof)
  • Operation temperature:﹣10℃~45℃
  • Storage temperature:﹣20℃~60℃
  • Net weight: 18g
  • Dimension: 240*16*10mm
  • Charging method: USB port on the host
  • Charging time: 1 to 1.5Hour
  • Battery capacity: 45mAh
  • Standby time: 5-7 days
  • Dial and Band Dial shape: Square
  • Band material: TPE

Smart bracelet instructions

The upgraded version of Fitness Tracker ID115 Smart Band is PLUS HR tracker with GPS and blood pressure monitor. Here we disclose the advantages this model has to make it easier for you to make a choice.

This upgraded version of fitness tracker has the following functions:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Count steps/calories/distance/time
  • Sleep monitor (automatically track sleep)
  • 14 activities modes timer
  • Daily activities record(GPS)
  • SMS SNS Email and call notification
  • Remote camera, alarm alert(10 alarm), sedentary reminder

Pay attention that it does not have music control.

The great advantage of this model od fitness tracker is the heart rate monitor. Let’s consider this function more detailed. What does the heart rate monitor track?

  • Real-time heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Max heart rate

This helpful function will be especially useful in case you are involved in sport style. It will accurately record your absolute various heart rate with a graph. Moreover, assemble a quiet heart rate every 5 minutes on a graph as well.

Another advantage:

The high-quality smart wearable technology – 0.96 OLED Touchscreen, that provides quite simply read data even on daylight. Actually, it suits for the following wrist size: 5.4 – 7.6. The plus hr activity tracker has classic convenient bands.

The fitness device can work alone or with the special app to record data. You can download its own free app “VeryFitPro” from App store or Google Play. It enables wider functions and more extended usage capabilities.

PLUS HR tracker instructions

ID115 HR PLUS smart bracelet requires Android 4.4 or fresher (LG, Motorola, HTC, ViVO, HUAWEI). As well as IOS 7.1 or newer OS (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iTouch5, ipad3, ipad4, iPad Air, iPad mini etc.).

Pay attention that it doesn’t work with the Fitbit app, better work on its own app “Veryfitpro”.

As to the colors of smart trackers, it has a wide range of 5 customized clock faces for you choose from. Various personalized sport modes, map your movement path on the App once connected with a phone.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need a SIM card to work?

A: No. It can be used independently, but some features need to be connected to your phone.

Q: How long can a smart bracelet work?

A: The bracelet’s working time is about 7 days, while the expecting time is about 20 days.

Q: Is there a bracelet with an integrated camera?

A: The bracelet does not have this function. But you can remotely control the camera of your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

Troubleshooting: won’t pair

Interfacing a fitness tracker to a phone, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS, is exceptionally simple. It just finds a way to prepare to have a good time and find a solid way of life.

Regardless of whether the device you ought to have the option to interface them with no significant complexities. What is the most ideal approach to associate your brilliant armband with a phone?

If you don’t mind note that the settings may contrast from a fitness watch to another. In any case, you have to do similar advances regardless of in the event that you have a gadget that works with one or the other Android or iOS.

Connecting your tracker to the phone (Android or iOS) is simply an issue of good judgment.

You have to ensure the two gadgets are completely energized and ought to be on. Access your cell phone and go to Settings. Turn on the Bluetooth so your cell phone can speak with your wellness band.

Go to your wellness device application on your cell phone and access the principle menu. Add your wellness tracker to your application and that is it!

On the off chance that you just purchased another cell phone the cycle is the equivalent. Simply ensure that once you set up your telephone, the Bluetooth ought to be on.

Likewise, you should download your wellness tracker’s application relying upon your wellness tracker.

ID115 plus HR won’t pair. In order to solve this problem, follow the simple steps:

  • First of all, press the power button and hold in order to set it back on
  • Separate the fitness bracelet from Bluetooth (iOS only)
  • Find the Bluetooth connection settings, a pattern beginning with “G” (and 19 letters)
  • Choose this pattern and separate it from the Bluetooth

Customers’ reviews

I’m fully satisfied with my new fitness bracelet ID115 HR. It has a stylish design, long-lasting battery. The fitness device is easily able to deal with all the functions. I was very surprised by its quality. It is quite not worse than its more expensive competitors.


Using this HR PLUS smart bracelet, I found many different functions that are useful for active people. This fitness tracker is an excellent choice for fitness or just doing sports. It is made of a stylish glossy band, looks very cool and beautiful on your hand. Can recommend the tracker, as I haven’t regret that bought it!


Personally, I do fitness, counting steps and calories. Using my phone, it turns out to work not so good, because it considers the steps even if you just drive a car or go in a minibus. The watch is not so sensitive. Besides, it actually barely thinks about your steps when you walk. So the high accuracy of the fitness device impressed me a lot!


The fitness tracker is made of plastic, synchs with the phone through the program VeryFit. There are several colored bracelets (lilac, blue, blue, pink and black). I ordered it on Amazon. On the main screen you can see the charge level. By the way, the tracker keeps charging for a very long time – about a week. After that, they are recharged in just an hour.


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