3 Best Foam Roller Exercises. Types of Training

F​oam roll consists of only two components. A wheel is mounted on the shaft of the handle. With this, it can be used to affect almost all muscle groups. Let’s discuss the 3 best foam roller exercises.

In modern shops, you can search many variations of a foam roller.

There are with two, three or four wheels has a reverse gear. Even without all “lotions”, a gymnastic roller for the press is very effective. It is able to compete in this respect for fitness.

Not to mention the fact that any exercises without any projectiles will not come close to the results.

Foam roller exercises effects

The main muscle, for which we actually undertake the foam roll is a press! In the second place the muscles of the back. The third and fourth places are the arms and legs. Here you can’t definitely say what works more.

Some people have noted the high efficiency of the foam roll for the development of the gluteal muscles. They say that the priest after the wheel becomes unrealistic elastic!

I know a group of men who consistently work with a foam roll to increase the endurance of the waist. Downloading a press with a foam roll is not as easy. It may seem from the outside. There are exercises of moderate severity. There are heavy.

Put on comfortable clothes that would not hinder movement. You put a soft mat under your knees on the floor, you can use a towel, a small blanket, etc. Muscle pain after training with a wheel is just usual.

Let’s consider pros and cons of exercises:


  • The exercise is very good for general development. It is very effective for people who want to include the largest possible number of muscles in the work using the minimum number of exercises. For people who run in the morning, do a little on the horizontal bars, a little on the uneven bars.
  • This exercise is advertised as an exercise. With it, you can pump a stunning torso and a press, but in this regard, this exercise will not help. Many muscles are switched on at once and almost all work in a static mode or with a minimum amplitude, especially the abdominal muscles.
  • The small size of the foam roll is definitely good. This makes it possible to deal with even in a small apartment. Then hide anywhere.
  • It’s cheapness. The wheel is quite inexpensive. At the same time, classes with him give a good effect. No worse than expensive sports equipment.
  • Allows you to strengthen not only the abdominals. The shoulders, chest, buttocks, and thighs also work with the wheel. This makes the wheel a versatile simulator.


  • Do you want a super powerful, with a relief press and a flat stomach? Then this task is not solved by just a roller for the press. You, of course, include this exercise in the main complex for the press. These exercises must be competently mixed with other exercises.
  • Do we consider the whole body? Then the press workout is the final touch. In order to get a powerful press, a bump press, and a flat stomach, you need to create a more or less powerful body.
  • You should get rid of fat from the whole body, because separately from the belly fat will not go away. It is also necessary to align the posture. Take into account some other nuances.

Workouts with a foam roll, many of people, throw it in a few days.

Once you have learned the correct technique of doing exercises with him, in just a few weeks you will be able to learn how to do the whole complex of exercises. The exercises with him, subdivided into three types.

Types of training with a foam roller

Work with a foam roll for beginners:

  • Get on your knees, taking a foam roll in hand. Rest the wheel on the floor and begin to move forward.
  • Do it until you are straightened almost parallel to the floor, or as close as possible to this position. Then rise back.

When performing exercises with a foam roller in this position, you remove most of the load from the back muscles and abs. It greatly facilitates the development of technology.

That is why if you study with a roller for the first time in your life. Then, begin to master it with this variant of the exercise.

Work with a foam roll for experienced:

  • Standing on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart. Touch the floor with a roller. Bent over in half.
  • Slowly begin to move forward, comprehending the most obtuse angle that legs will form. Hold at the point of critical voltage, and then return to the starting position.

Work with a foam roll for advanced:

  • In fact, it is the same as in the previous version. The initial position is lying on the stomach, legs together
  • Socks rested on the floor, in the hands in front of a foam roller. With the help of your lower back you begin to shrink, then the buttocks and abdominal muscles.

The muscles of the back and arms are connected. You should fold in half, and then return to its original position.

Press wheel: training rules

Training, which involves the foam roller, should be carried out with the obligatory observance of some very important principles. Now we get to know them.

During workouts with a foam roll, wear comfortable. Moderately loose clothing that does not cause difficulties in movements. Hair should be collected in such a way that it does not obscure the view and does not interfere with training.

To perform exercises with a foam roller, a special soft pad is very desirable, which must be laid on the floor where classes will take place.

To fatigue come to you as late as possible, breathe correctly during training, that is, through the nose. Inhalation should be made, making the slopes.

Exhale the air from the lungs should be at the time of the return of the body to its original position. The blood will be enriched with oxygen. The effectiveness of the exercises performed with a roller will increase significantly.

In no case can not immediately start classes, which are directly related to the use of a sports projectile.

A preliminary warm-up of 5-10 minutes is required. The purpose of which is to warm up the muscles, prepare the body as a whole for more complex basic training and reduce the risk of injuries.

To begin with a foam roller

Exercises with a foam roll for beginners cannot immediately take place at a high level. Moreover, classes should begin the same way as any other physical activity. How?

With a warm-up that will engage and warm up all the muscles and joints.

The first exercises usually begin to perform, kneeling. Many about the heels of the wall. It is worth remembering that exercises with a foam roll are not jerky. This means that all your movements are smooth and progressive.

It is enough to perform 10-15 extensions in several approaches. Each movement should increase the amplitude of movements.

Sets of exercises
  • Sitting on your lap, put the wheel in front of you and hold the handles with both hands. With a breath, start rolling foam roll forward, tilting the body, but not pushing it. In the final position, the hands should be moved far forward, and the body should lie on the hips. Fix the position for 2-3 seconds and slowly rise with exhalation;
  • Starting position – kneeling. Place foam roll in front of you and hold the handles. Then start pushing it forward, allowing the body to “pull” after the simulator. Take foam roll as far forward as possible, but so that the body does not touch the floor. Pause in the final position and return to the starting position;
  • A complicated version of the previous exercise. It should be done only when you already get some experience in handling the roller and strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders. The technique of execution practically does not differ from the one described above, but the initial position is not on the knees, but on the straightened legs;

Why you should begin on knees with a foam roller

The person must come to a position completely parallel to the floor. The spinal muscles should be strong. Those who are just beginning to practice using foam roll should be aware.

Their physical form is not good enough for professional use of a foam roller.

Starting to practice with foam roll from your knees, you not only provide yourself with more comfortable exercise. This can serve as a guarantee that you will not get serious injuries.

Some pieces of advice to use a foam roller

That’s all kinds of exercises with a foam roll, which you will need, regardless of what goals you pursue. But finally, before you finish the article, I will give you some simple but very important training tips with a foam roller.

Pieces of advice
  • Advice number 1. When practicing, stick with this scheme: 9 repetitions per approach for the first option, 6 for the second, and 3 for the third. Rest for at least five minutes, in this interval, jumping on a rope or supporting the body in a heated state in other ways. Fewer repetitions will be ineffective, and more will give too dangerous a load on the ligaments and tendons. Perform repetitions in five to six approaches to a state of general fatigue, rather than exhaustion.
  • Advice number 2. Try to do all the exercises with a foam roll slowly and concentratedly, in the same rhythm. This is especially true of the second and third variants of the exercise, where the slower you perform each repetition, the better the effect.
  • Advice number 3. Combine exercises with a foam roll, along with pull-ups on the horizontal bar. Together they are able to give a great result in terms of the relief of your muscles.

It is necessary not only to fix the body parallel to the floor for 30 seconds. It is important that the hands rest on the foam roll, thereby maintaining balance. The time is gradually increasing to two minutes.

By making such a bar, you can see the result much faster.

Effective exercise for legs, abs, and buttocks

It is a common understanding. The foam roll rolls in front of itself. There are some exercises that show you can use the projectile otherwise.

There is an exercise in which it is necessary to stand on the outstretched arms and to place the legs on the arms of the foam roll. Now pull the legs to the arms, keeping the balance on the foam roll.

Exercise is difficult. It is effective.

When you should upload a level of the foam roller

Do you get the feeling that the training is easy and stress-free? You need to move to the next level. Some start with the fact that they refuse to stop heels. Such a seemingly small move makes the training heavier.

It makes this more efficient.

All professional athletes do exercises with a foam roll in the prone position. It is similar to the one needed during pushups. Why are recommendations given above to do exercises from the knees? There is a good reason for this.

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