How to Gain Weight fast: workouts & meal plan

Y​ou’ll be surprised to hear about people who suffer not from overweight, but from its lack. They complain to be unable to gain weight.

Hugo Rivera states on

They eat any food, at any time and in any quantity, but cannot increase their body weight. Some of them have health problems that need to be addressed by a doctor. But the majority believe that the reason lies in the rapid metabolism,

Go solve it:

It’s not about the amount of food consumed but in calories. Young people eat quite a lot but do not get enough calories. To gain weight, you should follow some recommendations and change your lifestyle.

Weight gain plan

1. Consult with a doctor

I’m not tired of repeating: before you start playing sports, sign up for a medical examination. You also need to pass hormone testing. Be sure that they are enough for growth. Sometimes a person cannot gain weight just because he has problems with the hormonal system.

2. Intensive training is the must

Training is stimulation. Try to practice intensively, not sparing yourself. Do not be afraid of mild dizziness, nausea, or excessive sweating after a workout – provided that you are healthy, this is normal.

Remember: the more you activate the muscles, the faster will be the response and gain weight. The training should be based on basic multi-joint exercises, for example, squats, pull-ups on a horizontal bar, deadlift and a bench press.

So you will include more muscle fibers. Isolated exercises – in second place. Basic exercises have a powerful effect on hormones, with the result that a large amount of testosterone and growth hormone is released into the blood.

  • Women’s training has its own nuances, but in general, girls should train no less intensively than men

And sometimes more intense:

The mental system in women is more enduring. In my practice, I am convinced: to overtrain women is pretty hard. They have less needed (testosterone and growth hormone) hormones than men, so it is much more difficult to stimulate gain weight.

The answer to the question what kind of training is ideal for gain weight is not. We must constantly try new things and it is desirable to do this under the guidance of a coach.

Do not become attached to generally accepted rules, for example, “muscles will grow only if you work in the range of 6-8 repetitions.” Believe me: they will gain weight, even if you work in a range of 30 repetitions per set.

Moreover, some muscle groups may respond to an increase in one number of repetitions, while others may respond to another. Remember a simple axiom: if you have progressed, that is, you increase the working weight or add the number of repetitions in the approach.

It means that sooner or later this will lead to an increase in muscle volume.

3. Follow the perfect technique

This item should try to carry out all who came to the hall, regardless of the purpose: losing weight, the acquisition of relief or a set of masses. But in the latter case, the right technique is especially important. Therefore, the first few sessions should be carried out under the control of a trainer.

He will show how to perform basic exercises, and tell you exactly which muscles are included in each of them. With the accumulation of sports experience, you will not only know in theory which muscles work but also feel them during exercise and provokes to gain weight.

4. Eat after exercise

In order for gain weight after an intense workout, it needs building material, that is protein. And this is meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs (try to buy high-quality products). Consume 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Do not forget about carbohydrates and fats:

You should eat more than before the start of the gain weight program. However, you should limit the consumption of sugary and flour products, otherwise, you risk to gain fat and not muscle mass.

I also recommend using sports and nutritional supplements, such as BCCA or other amino acids, as well as protein and creatine. They will speed up the process of gain weight.

5. Tune in a long way

The gain weight of muscles is a time-consuming process, sometimes even harder to “dry”, as it takes more time. Make this activity a part of your daily life and push ahead with your goal.

Do not equate athletes or other people who train in the gym. Focus only on yourself and your results. If a month ago you were catching up once, and now six, this is an achievement – you are on the right track.

Weight gain stories

Models, fashion only for subtlety and ubiquitous diet tips have formed a body image where only one is important: to be slim or gain weight. Often at any price. Once hit in a spiral, never satisfied with your body and measure every gram of food you eat.

You may suffer from not gain weight. While the debate about obesity is becoming louder, the risks associated without gain weight, therefore, are also increasing. This is rarely discussed.

Want to be like a celebrity? Follow the pro tips how to become slim faster.

Many say Skinny is stylish:

This makes it even more difficult to pinpoint the lack of gain weight. The fixed value is provided by a body mass index (BMI). If we divide body weight by height in meters squared, BMI is 18.5 and below, nutritionists and doctors think that it is lack of gain weight.

However individual biological variables differ from person to person. It is possible to distinguish whether there is underweight or malnutrition.

Deficiency or malnutrition can be caused by illness. These include lactose intolerance, in which food is not used properly. Or even hyperthyroidism. It can happen that a sufficient amount of food is taken in.

Thus it is a matter of malnutrition. More commonly known as eating disorders, which are the result of malnutrition. In addition, genetic and, increasingly, social factors, such as financial or psychological problems.

The body constantly has fewer nutrients available than is normally required, which leads over time to a number of possible complications and risks. This primarily affects the body’s water and electrolyte balance and you can’t gain weight.

As a result:

This leads to nutritional deficiencies due to insufficient nutrients and minerals, and vitamins in the body. In children, persistent malnutrition hampers mental development. In general, muscle function is impaired, wounds heal more slowly, you are more susceptible to infection and you have a shortened life expectancy.

Then only therapy helps, whose essence is about proper nutrition, depending on the trigger and psyche.

How to gain weight fast

If you are lean and have difficulty to gain muscle weight, this article will help you understand how to act properly to build muscle.

By the way, this article is useful to read to all who train to gain weight at all.

Best workouts

  • 1. Devote most of your training time to “basic exercises,” and to working out large muscles — legs, back, and chest.

In addition, do heavy exercises with dumbbells, for example dumbbell bench press, dumbbell bench sitting up, dumbbell pull to the belt in the slope, dumbbell lifts with biceps.

But do not waste time on ingenious simulators and exercises such as “extending the arm from behind the head with a dumbbell 5 kilo”, so you can not put up a lot.

  • 2. When performing exercises use a range of 6-8 reps.

That is, take such burdens that you can lift 6-8 times. Sometimes you can do more power approaches and descend to 4 repetitions, or, conversely, gain weight of muscles with blood, performing 10-12 repetitions. But the basic range for you is 6-8 reps.

If, for example, you can pull up 12 times, then hang on the belt burden.

  • 3. The body gain weight of muscles to overcome the loads; the heavier the barbell you lift, the more muscle you need.

This does not mean that you should immediately grab the heavy barbell and break your ligaments. But you need to gradually increase the burden and strive to lift more while maintaining the technique of exercise. Do not forget to warm up well and then you will be able to progress without injury.

Meal plan

No matter how hard you train, without good nutrition, your muscles will not grow and you can’t gain weight what you want!

Rudy Mawer mentions the necessary produtcts on

1. Proteins

It is from proteins that your muscles consist, and bones and ligaments and skin! In modern nutrition, proteins are often lacking. If you are lean and have difficulty to gain weight of muscles, you should eat at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

Main protein products for muscle mass gain
  • Cottage cheese – preferably low-fat (no more than 3% fat) contains more protein.
  • Eggs – from 3 to 10 eggs per day, yolks can be 2-3, the rest is only proteins.
  • Chicken white meat, without fat.
  • Boiled lean fish, canned natural tuna, pink salmon.
  • Vegetable proteins – buckwheat, nuts.
  • Low-fat milk and kefir.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main energy for strength training and gain weight of muscles! If there is not enough energy, the muscles are exhausted, the forces are falling and there will be no growth. The main sources of carbohydrates to gain weight are cereals – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, plus vegetables and fruits.

3. Fat

But we do not need this “farm”, because you want to gain weight of muscles, and not to get fat. You will still receive the required minimum amount of fat with nutrition. Follow to your diet was less fatty foods. Salads can fill with vegetable or olive oil.

Eat more vegetables, herbs, and fruits, they not only provide vitamins and minerals but also strengthen the immune system and increase stamina or gain weight. Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, berries – the more the better.

Friends, I want to remind you – chips, sausage, smelly crackers, and all sorts of coca-cola.

What is an ectomorph?

Among humans, by nature, often, one of three body types prevails:

There are endomorphic (large bone, propensity for gain weight), mesomorphic (muscular with broad shoulders) or ectomorphic (tall, lean, problems with gain weight).

  • The first two body types gain weight quickly enough. Mesomorphs without fat, endomorphs with fat.
  • Ectomorphs, in turn, usually have problems with gain weight. Even with regular strength training, although they look fit, they can easily be considered thin.
  • For most ectomorphs, a set of 5–7 kg of muscles is a serious challenge. It requires a change in attitude not only to your training but also to your daily diet.

Ectomorph gain weight strategy

A typical ectomorph can eat pizza and coke for weeks without gaining extra weight. However, only up to a certain age. Even against the background of thinness, the belly begins to grow.

Since the recruitment and further maintenance of muscle mass require a significant amount of calories:

The ectomorph either does not provide its body with these calories. It does not gain weight or provides. But literally cram sports nutrition and all sorts of food into it, completely forgetting that the quality of calories is often more important than their quantity.

Lack of appetite since early childhood has taught ectomorphs to eat what is tasty, and not what is useful. In the future, an increase in caloric intake for the purpose of muscle growth is not due to proper carbohydrates. Such as buckwheat, sweet potatoes, vegetables. But due to fast carbohydrates and excessively fatty foods.

In order for an ectomorph to be able to gain precisely the relief muscles:

He needs not only to avoid empty calories of fast food and give up sweets. He also needs to “reconfigure” his feeling of hunger by developing the habit of eating small portions every few hours. The total caloric intake at the same time should be above the norm by about 10-15%, amounting to 2500-2900 kcal.

4 main mistakes while gaining weight

Everything is not as simple as it seems. Today we will talk about four major mistakes in the diet of beginners, who decided to build up a lot.

Mistake number 1. You eat too much protein

The American bodybuilding community has come up with a new word: protein is the same protein that everyone eats, but in an amount that will help to gain weight. True, no research has proven that excessive protein intake leads to an increase in gain weight. But there are data indicating the amount of protein that is needed to optimize gain weight.

Using more than scientists advise:

You will not be able to increase the gain weight of muscles – the body simply can not synthesize as much protein. Therefore, there is no need for a third or even second chicken breast for lunch.

Excess protein in the diet can adversely affect the appetite and eating other foods, such as fats and complex carbohydrates, which are also needed to stimulate growth. This is because the protein causes the activity and stimulation of the hormone cholecystokinin, which sends signals of satiety to the brain.

In other words, eating a large amount of protein will help to lose excess fat, but not to gain weight.

  • What’s the solution?

Use no more than 1.4-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight and distribute the intake of protein evenly throughout the day. For example, a 90-pound athlete should eat from 120 to 160 grams of protein per day — that is, 30 grams of protein at each of six meals.

Mistake number 2. You eat too “clean” food

It’s not so difficult to guess what is included in the diet of those who are gaining weight. This is usually boiled chicken, rice and broccoli. The problem is that, for example, broccoli has a large amount of fiber, which nourishes the body and suppresses the feeling of hunger.

As a result, you will not get the required number of calories, which are so necessary to gain weight.

Mistake number 3. You have a few meals

You need to consume more calories than to burn. This simple truth is known to all. Another question is how to distribute, for example, 3,600 calories to several meals during the day. Beginners usually break the diet into three doses and certainly feel that they have eaten, feel heaviness in the body.

Moreover, it is necessary to evenly distribute the number of proteins throughout the day. It is necessary for its continuous synthesis in the body. Therefore, if the food intake is small, the muscles will not be able to gain weight.

  • What’s the solution?

You should constantly supply yourself with nutrients. A large number of meals will provide ease. You won’t overeat at one time to fit into the daily plan for calories. Therefore, we advise you to increase the number of servings to five or six.

Mistake number 4. You do not use “liquid” calories

Lack of appetite – the main obstacle to gain weight. As we have already found out, this problem is solved by increasing the number of meals. But what if the problem is also an unwillingness to cook, wash dishes and spend time on it?

Smoothies and other nutritional drinks not only help to lose weight – they can act in the opposite direction, that is, contribute to the gain weight. Drink a drink that contains enough calories will be an excellent solution to the problem when it is time for another meal, and hunger has not yet awakened. It does not need to spend a lot of time on cooking – just throw all the ingredients in a blender and click.

  • What’s the solution?

Do not exclude milkshakes and other cocktails from the diet, especially when you gain weight. This is not only a useful and simple snack between meals or a replacement for one of them but also a quick-to-prepare and rich drink with all the necessary nutrients.

Best ways to gain weight

Champions, and just experienced athletes are full of tricks and techniques that help them train more effectively. It’s time for you to learn about these secrets.

Katherine Zeratsky gives facts on

Many non-professional athletes simply don’t train to develop all muscles in a balanced way. Have you ever know that underdeveloped muscles around some biceps will surely inhibit its gain weight? This is fraught with a slowdown in progress in a hall. How many tricks have been invented in order to raise safer and more in training!

Keep 15 tips from professionals who will be helpful to you when you gain weight. Safety instructions are said to be “written in blood” – in the sense that every rule has grown out of parsing a real state of emergency. In this case, the text you read below is written in liters of sweat and tons of weights.

Pull more than you push

Design a training program so that for every 2 sets of bench exercises you have 3 sets of traction (pull-ups, rowing trainer, etc.). There is a great chance that in your current training session the exact opposite is true.

By changing the plan, you will develop those muscles that you previously paid little attention to and help to gain weight. More pluses: more traction exercises improve posture and prevent possible injuries associated with muscle imbalances.

Shake shoulders

Strong, stable shoulders will help lift large weights in all exercises that work out the top part of the torso. Perform back wiring with a shock absorber. Stand up, stay straight with a shock absorber in hand. Stretch your arms in front of your body, slightly bend them, open your palms up.

Now bring the shoulder blades and pull the shock absorber in various directions, spreading both arms to the limit. Stand in that position for a few seconds, then gradually. Repeat all of these. Make 2-3 sets of 10–15 repetitions each, rest between sets 60 seconds.

Wake your breasts

If your pectoral hibernation and completely refuse to grow, there are two possible reasons for this:

  • First – you just do not load them.

Try “Method 1.5”. Performing, for example, bench press, put the barbell on the chest, then squeeze it up only half. Put the shell on the chest again and squeeze it into fully straight arms – this will be 1 repetition. Use in such approaches a weight equal to 70% of your maximum result in the press for one repetition. Do 3-4 sets of 8 repetitions.

  • The second reason is “shoulder joints“ killed ”by improper training.

Leave for the time of push-ups on the uneven bars and presses with his back pressed to the bench. In order to load the pectoral and triceps, without injuring the shoulders, do a bench press on the bar.

Take hold of the barbell narrow grip, take the starting position for the bench press and remove the bar from the racks. Ask a friend or coach to put on your chest a bar with a height of 10–12 cm. Now put the bar on the bar, wait for a second pause and squeeze the bar back. Make 3-4 sets of 6–8 repetitions.

Pump biceps fast

To activate the maximum muscle fibers and motor units, you need to either raise the maximum possible weight, or not the biggest, but as quickly as possible. When training biceps, in the second scenario, no one works.

And you try:

  • Set the weight on the barbell, with which you can do 6-7 pure reps on the biceps. It will help you to gain weight. Make an approach, performing each repetition for speed, but controlled (very fast, but technically correct lifting of the projectile and returning to its original position at a normal pace).
  • Complete the approach when the last repetition is clearly slower than the previous one. Most likely, you will have 5, and maybe 4 repetitions, and even less in subsequent approaches – this is normal and correct. Resting between sets for 45 seconds, do not stop until you total 25 repetitions.

Do not forget about the triceps

What is good biceps, useful and triceps. The three-headed can also be pumped “for speed”, for this use push-ups with a corner. Place your palms on the floor as close as possible to each other, and your feet on the bench. Maximum lift the pelvis up and straighten the legs.

Do you feel a powerful rush of blood to the head?

Then the initial position will be correct. Do push-ups as quickly as possible, performing in each approach for 7 repetitions. Rest between sets is 45 seconds. Total will need to do 35 repetitions.

Turn on the buttocks

Squat and deadlift perfectly develop the buttocks, but only if you really work with them. Check yourself: if when you perform knees or squats, you reduce your knees, then your buttocks are not working enough, but the lower back goes to the full program.

Next time, doing a squat or thrust, try this: without changing the position of the feet on the floor, make an effort, as if you want to turn the toes of the legs out. So you can hold your knees and immediately feel the difference.

Squeeze the bread

This may sound a little strange, but in order to raise the results in the bench press, you need to work more with the buttocks. The next time you come into the hall, lay down on the bench, take the starting position and, before lowering the neck on the chest, with a force-strain the buttocks.

Keep them tense throughout the entire approach. You will immediately notice that your whole position has become much more stable, and this is the main condition by which it becomes possible to lift a lot of weight.

Wash your socks

Yes, the next time you have a deadlift as planned, come to the gym in clean socks. And after a good warm-up, start doing cravings in some socks, without shoes. This tip looks strange, but any heel increases the distance traveled by the barbell.

Plus it translates the load from the buttocks and muscles of the back of the thigh to the quadriceps, and this makes it impossible to lift the truly maximum weight for you. If the rules of the fitness club do not allow walking in socks, practice your shoes with minimal soles and without heels. Ideal – Czech.

5 signs that you eat little protein

Fragile hair, daytime sleepiness, and weak immunity?

Jennifer Fox states on that perhaps you just do not have enough protein in the diet to gain weight. The main signs of the lack of protein and how to calculate its rate – in our material.

Protein is the building material for our cells. And it’s not just about to gain weight – protein is responsible for the renewal of the tissues of our organs, skin, and immune cells.

When we do not get the right amount of protein, we quickly weaken, we look worse and, most importantly, we get sick more often! We can not bad – in our opinion – eat, but do not pick up the protein.

In developed countries, the problem with food, in general, is solved. But the shortage of just protein often lovers of fast food, in which a lot of fat and sugar, but not amino acids.

On the other hand, more often weights are vegans who forget to eat the right amount of vegetable protein. The risk zone also includes patients with anorexia, cancer, Crohn’s disease.

1. You have brittle hair and nails.

Hair and nails are almost entirely composed of protein. With a shortage of building material, hair loses shine and thin.

Due to the lack of protein in the diet after two months, the hair begins to break and thin
Experts of the American Academy of Dermatology warn that if you don’t gain weight for at least a couple of months, your hair will start to noticeably thin out because they do not have enough building material to renew.

2. You easily get hurt

Especially when it comes to fractures. Any injury that an ordinary person goes unnoticed, leads to long-term problems and recovery. And for the strength of the bones need not only calcium. On average, bones are stronger in those who have a lot of protein in the diet to gain weight.

It is connected with the strength of muscles and ligaments. The more dense and elastic they are, the better the bones protect.

3. Your weight drops inexplicably

You do not a diet, your volumes do not go away, and the weight slowly drops for months. This means that your muscles aren’t gain weight. Muscles and so over the years are destroyed if they are not specifically supported by sports.

But if there is a lack of protein, this process is an avalanche – the body is trying to extract amino acids from your muscles to support more important areas – tissues of internal organs and immune cells.

4. You feel weak in the afternoon

Tired by the end of the day is normal. It is strange if you are sleeping for 7-8 hours, and by noon you feel overwhelmed. Often the reason for this is a lack of protein for your hemoglobin.

Protein foods are important for the health of your blood.

Imagine if the number of planes, trucks, freight trains and gazelles suddenly decreases several times. And it will drag on for months! Immediately there will be interruptions in the supply of goods and services, and supermarkets will be half empty.

So is the body. Without hemoglobin, blood does not have time to promptly deliver nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in your body. As a result – rapid fatigue and shortness of breath.

5. You often have a cold
On average, an ordinary person is more than 2-3 times a year if he is a homebody, and 4-6 times if he leads an active social lifestyle, for example, besides work often goes to concerts, sections, and so on and so forth.

If you are sick often, catch a cold from every draft – one of the possible reasons is just the lack of protein. For the production of cells of the immune system need a lot of protein. Reduced immunity is one of the most prominent signs of protein deficiency in the diet.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to train correctly?

A: The load with each workout needs to be increased in order for you to progress and move towards your desired goal. However, it is important to remember that at the initial stage it is necessary to gradually join the training process so that the body has time to adapt to the stress that you give it. And it is extremely important to dose it correctly!

This is one of the most common mistakes of newbies. When they come to the gym for the first time, they train very hard and overload their muscles so that the next day they can barely move individual parts of the body due to muscle pain. Remember that pain is not an indicator of progress at all, but the only evidence that you have given a load that exceeds the usual for your body. It may sound strange, but progress can be generally without the so-called muscle strength – muscle pain. Load yourself at the initial stage so that you estimate the load on 5-7 out of 10 points on the scale of your own feelings. Gradually increase it, let the body recover and adapt to it.

Are you already experienced enough practicing? Then you can use the so-called split-programs. There are training options when you work on different muscle groups on different days. Also, it is important to include exercises with free weights – barbells and dumbbells. So you will force the muscles to be more involved in the work. The training effect will be stronger. As for the intensity of the load, here you can work in the range of 8-10 points on the same scale.

Q: How fast will I see the result?

A: Immediately it should be said that due to various factors. It will be easier for some people to gain muscle mass, others will be more difficult. But this does not mean at all that due to some reasons someone can immediately forget about building a beautiful body with developed muscles. Each of us needs a different amount of time to master the skills and knowledge. The same applies to train. Someone just needs to train more to achieve what they want.

Therefore, if you suddenly began to work on a set of muscle mass and you can not progress quickly, do not despair! Remember that the result is the following of a well-built system that takes into account nutrition, exercise, and recovery. Perhaps you are missing something somewhere. And here you can be helped to move forward and save time by consulting a competent trainer.

Q: Where to begin? Coach recommends

A: The only thing that we recommend to absolutely everyone before the start of training is a visit to the doctor. He will confirm your readiness for classes. The doctor will inform about the restrictions on physical activities that can make training safe. Striving for perfect body shapes, we should not forget that health should always come first.

Q: What is the difference in muscle mass gain in men and women?

A: It is very strange for me to observe how in the gym the girls are trained in heavy male programs. These can imply a heavy muscular failure in a relatively low repetition range.
Biology and biochemistry of the female body are cardinally different from male biology and biochemistry.

Most girls are afraid to deal with burdens in the gym because they think that this can turn them into masculine freaks with male features, voices, etc.

You should not be afraid of this for the simple reason that the girls much less than the basic anabolic hormone – TESTOSTERONE!
In men (20-50 years old), testosterone varies in the range: 11-33 nmol / l (total), 8.8-42.5 pg / ml (free). In women (20-50 years), testosterone is in the range: 0.31-3.78 nmol / l (total), 0-4.2 pg / ml (free). During pregnancy, estosterone levels in women can increase by 3-4 times.

Q: The difference on the face, more than 10 times!

A: This, of course, imposes certain restrictions. Testosterone in the body is responsible for the growth of muscle tissue, anabolic processes and other things important from the point of view of training. With this level of the main anabolic hormone, the female body is simply unable to build such an amount of muscle mass as in men and, accordingly, the training should be somewhat different.

However, we will talk about training with you in detail a little further. Therefore, with all the desire to become outwardly similar to men, you will not succeed (if you are not going to take anabolic steroids by stupidity, of course). Deal with this.

Gain weight for women

If I am talking about mass gaining in girls, then I assume NOT A CLASSICAL COMPETITIVE “FEMALE” CULTURE, which, by the way, I consider extremely irrational and ugly in sports, but a toned, beautiful, sexy, athletic female body.

I will talk about how the girl to build muscle correctly, thus becoming only more beautiful and feminine.
I already mentioned some of the moments below in my last article about girls, some moments will be completely new, because based on fresh scientific data.


A man can go much deeper into a state of muscle failure thanks to testosterone! Testosterone gives a certain fuse, aggression, which allows you to go further.

The woman will stop during the approach where the man would have done another 3-4 repetition. This is the factor that you should definitely consider when drawing up a training program.


In girls and women, the entire body is built according to the cumulative type, since the girl is created to give birth to children. The whole system of the female body is configuring to provide energy for yourself and a possible child.

Therefore, the girl is much more difficult to get rid of excess fat than a man. The female body absorbs nutrients like a sponge. The absorption of glucose and the accumulation of glycogen is more intense than in the male body.

Initially, the metabolism of a girl is much slower than that of a man. The fact that there is less testosterone in the female body also affects the size of the muscles.


This leads us to two simple conclusions:

  • It is necessary to work with smaller loads.
  • Have to eat less.

Muscles are very energy consuming. Even at rest, they consume a significant amount of the energy of the whole organism. The more they are, the more calories are required for the content. 

In women, the size of the muscles is much smaller than in men, and therefore the caloric content of women’s diets is initially lower. The more muscles on the body, the more effective the body begins to get rid of excess fat.

You can be interested in how to pump up your buttocks.


  • This is pretty obvious because women’s upper body is MUCH less low.
  • The main muscle mass is found in women in the lower body. This is due to our evolutionary features.
  • Over the years, the evolutionary transformations of women have far less utilized their upper body for survival.
  • Men in this regard developed exactly the opposite. So as a result of anthropogenesis, we acquired a fairly uniform distribution of muscle mass on the body.
  • 5. Women engaged in home improvement, gave birth to children, etc. The main energy was aimed at creating a comfortable and safe environment for the survival of offspring. Moreover, both externally (housing, heat, light, etc.) and internally (rest, nutrition, accumulation of nutrients + fat reserves in case of famine to ensure fetal survival).
  • 6. This leads us to one simple conclusion: you do not need to do a lot of work on the upper part of your body.
  • 7. The main emphasis should be placed on the lower part of your body since there is the bulk of the muscle mass (legs, buttocks).
  • 8. If we talk about a purely aesthetic component, then the big, sexy, pumped buttocks of the girls make the waist visually narrower. This also imposes certain vector load orientation in your workouts.
  • 9. More load on the bottom of the body, less on the top.

The next difference, SINGLE REPETITION MAXIMUM! Rather, the percentage of the single-repeat maximum that a woman can work with.

I will give a concrete example. It was proved in one interesting experiment.

Suppose your one-repetitive maximum (your weight with which you can perform only one repetition, no more) is 60 kg. 60 kg is a weight with which you can perform one repetition. If you reduce the weight by only 3 kg (I’m talking about girls), and this is only 5% of 60 kg, then you will have to do 5 repeats.

If a man has a one-repeat maximum of 100 kg, then a man will have to reduce his weight to 80-85 kg (by 15-20%) in order to perform 5 repetitions.

Those in the size of the working weight there are no questions, the man has it higher, but the girl can perform more repetitions with a weight of only 5-7% less than the one-repetitive maximum than the man who will need to reduce the weight by as much as 15-20%

Someone says that this is due to the fact that women are more enduring, but in fact, I am more inclined to think that due to the fact that women have much less testosterone in the body, they are farther from their REAL muscle failure (natural guard works).

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