How the marketer earns on fitness

H​ow to earn money at home unless you are a programmer or a designer? The following ways may seem not the best, but that’s what I do.

COPYWRITING. Where to get orders?
  • Exchanges for Advego
  • Writing a short summary that you are a competent, attentive, non-conflicting copywriter and send it to web studios. Web studios do not want to keep full-time copywriters. They are eager to propose someone to fill various websites.
ADSENSE. English skills are required
  • Choose a topic that interests you and where you are an expert.
  • Sign up a blog on BlogSpot, it is better to order on WordPress.
  • Choose topics using Serpstat.
  • We write or order content.
  • Wait/get/buy a link to your website.
  • People start visiting the site, clicking on ads. You get money once a month.

PS. Ukrainian language websites bring little money; in Russian – you can earn; in English – you can earn and save.

Risks: Google has many vague rules for which you can be banned. Solution – working with analogs, competitors.

  • It is possible to buy people from Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram. The risk is buying not those people you need.
  • The second choice – create a site with traffic, or an account with subscribers. Minus – it is long, expensive.

Have you seen articles with the headlines: “10 best teapots”, and a link to Amazon? This is AFFILIATE. You advise, someone buys, you are paid for it.

You need to learn how to get traffic. Or have a platform with an audience.

I chose Amazon for myself. Created a website about fitness. There I share how to be healthy, athletic. Americans read where to buy fitness equipment for home. They click Amazon link and buy. I get 5% of everything Americans bought for 24 hours.

PS.COPYWRITING | ADSENSE | AFFILIATE MARKETING. I think you understand that I progressed from simple to complex.

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