How to be Arnold Schwarzenegger: analysis of hard work

A​rnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular people on the Earth. He achieved significant success in Hollywood. This man earned not one million dollars in business.

But he had been involved in bodybuilding since his youth.

Arnold was born in post-war Austria. He knows not by hearsay what poverty is. In his memoirs, the famous actor recalls that one of the memorable days of his growing up was the purchase of a refrigerator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: the Story

Arnold grew up in a strict Catholic family.

From a very young age, he knew what labor and discipline are. Perhaps a difficult childhood and shaped the character of Schwarzenegger. The winner, taught not to give up and never stop there.

Every day began at 6 am. Before studying at school, Arnold did the hard work around the house.

He took water from the well, milked the cows, and cleaned it up. He dreamed of fame and wealth, he dreamed of how he would emigrate to America someday.

On this occasion, he even had disputes and conflicts with his parents, who did not want the young Austrian to “beat his head with capitalist nonsense.”

Arnold’s father dreamed that his son became a football player. Arnold himself was never keen on this game. He was always inspired by weightlifting and bodybuilding. Young Arnold began his career in sports with football, at the age of 14.

He began to actively engage in bodybuilding. Despite of the prohibitions of parents.

He didn’t like playing football. Bodybuilding Arnold gave himself with full. He trained in the gym every day. Even the hall was closed on weekends. He secretly climbed there through the window and starting worked. He could not without training.

Arnold is in the USA. Becoming popular

In 1968, Arnold’s childhood dream came true. Schwarzenegger went to the United States.

Exactly in this country bodybuilding was at the top of popularity. Sport was a business here. Winning professional tournaments made it possible to conclude contracts. It is opportunity to realize oneself in other activities. It happened with Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger falls on the most prestigious bodybuilding tournament in 1969. It is called “Mr. Olympia.”

For debut competition, he takes second place. The victory at that time won the Cuban Sergio Oliva, for whom the triumph in 1969 was the third in a row. The last one, thanks for that he could have been Schwarzenegger.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger won his titles?

Arnold Schwarzenegger won virtually all of his titles through fraud. He fought for first place at Mr. Olympia, the title holder. At the end of the competition there were only two of them left on the stage.

Arnold whispered something in his ear and he left the stage. After waiting a little, the judges recognized Schwarzenegger as the champion. It turned out, Arnold Schwarzenegger told a competitor that they were both equal and needed to leave the stage. When Sergio came down, Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed and took the most advantageous position.

1970-1975 – era of Arnold Schwarzenegger

For six years, the athlete was invincible. During this time, Arnold wins Mr. Olympia 6 times in a row. At this time, Mr. Olympia is held in different parts of the world. That is in order to popularize the tournament and bodybuilding in general. Three times Arnold won in New York, once in Paris, Pretoria, Essen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his debut in film. His first work was the role of Hercules in the film “Hercules in New York”. Although this is work, except for 12,000 dollars, absolutely nothing brought him, except the experience of filming, no more.

The film was unsuccessful. The name of Arnold himself was replaced by “Strong”, since the real name of the young actor-bodybuilder seemed too big to directors.

The first documentary for Schwarzenegger saw him in the leading roles. It was called “Pumping Iron”. This work was supposed to advertise and popularize bodybuilding. It made Arnold popular. It is simple, because at that time he was already a five-time Olimpia champion.

In 1975, Arnold Schwarzenegger was at that time the most titled bodybuilder of the planet. He announced his retirement from the big sport. But, as it turned out later, not forever. In 1980, he returns and wins the Mr. Olympia tournament for the sixth time. Winning the tournament was the last for Schwarzenegger.

Arnold have completed his career as an athlete and starting to research the Hollywood. Arnold did not break with bodybuilding. In 1988, already American Schwarzenegger organized his own tournament “Arnold Classic”. It is successfully held once a year. Since 2011, “Arnold Classic Europe” has been held.

He was not born a muscular and rich man

He was not a genius. Arnold was not a strong man. He was an ordinary child, like any of us. But he always thought big. If to be a bodybuilder, then the coolest. Want to be an actor? Then only a star. If to be a politician, then only a politician of high rank.

Thirst for primacy led Schwarzenegger to a simple but important thought – if you want to become better, then you need to learn and absorb advice from professionals in their field. And Arnold began to do this. He besieged the judges of all the competitions in which he participated, went to the acting school and to the English language courses to get the first role.

When he got involved in financial investments, he hired as his business adviser Paul Wachter – the financier with a world name. He understood that there are a lot of people in the world who understand something better than him. It’s foolish not to use their knowledge.

Fought for ideas, not money

Now the value of all assets Schwarzenegger can reach a billion dollars. $ 800 million – this is based on the tax returns of 2006. Most of this capital was acquired through real estate, rather than an acting career. And the amount continues to increase. In 2016 alone, Schwartz earned $ 20 million.

But Arnold himself saw in business and money only a tool that gives financial freedom. It means freedom to do what you want, and he always wanted two things. To be the best and make the world a better place. Yes, this is maximalism, but it is this maximalism that distinguishes Schwarzenegger from other actors, politicians, and bodybuilders.

He refused his own salary over 170 thousand dollars a year, as governor of California. He dreamed of cutting state expenses. And he did it. He went apart the authorities of San Diego. They, in the hope of pleasing townspeople, were going to clean the beach of La Jolla from the fur seals with water cannons.

Terminator quickly responded by defending beach animals with a new law. Principles are principles, and Arnold only follows them, even when they harm his political capital.

Helped others anytime, anywhere

Schwarzenegger was not a saint. What is it worth only the illegitimate child of Terminator. He hid the devil knows how many years, or attacks of aggression. But Arnold was still a tough guy. He had done a lot of good things in his life.

And we are talking not only about the vague “popularization of a healthy lifestyle”. It also about a specific job: Arni coached Paralympians, opened new educational programs and institutes. He dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas to give presents to children in poor neighborhoods.

Arnold founded a strong international environmental organization R20. It helps regional governments reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Even saved the guy who sank off the coast of Maui in 2004.

Swam against the current when it was needed

Arnold Schwarzenegger often faced misunderstanding and aggression. When he went into politics, he immediately made many enemies. Among Republicans and among Democrats.

Some didn’t like him for trying to get the state out of the debt trap with unpopular reforms to reduce social programs and raise a number of indirect taxes. Others for supporting women’s rights to abortion. But our hero was not afraid of strong opponents. Neither then nor now.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg, because the whole life of Arnold is full of such a struggle. Take at least his career as a bodybuilder. There were times when no one could challenge his title “Mr. Olympia”. But, “Mr. Olympia – 1980” became one of the most controversial competitions in the entire history of the competition.

Then Arnold Schwarzenegger got the first place, but along with the title he was attacked by a flurry of criticism from independent experts, rivals. Mike Mentzer left the bodybuilding world altogether. The public was buzzing, but the victory was left for Schwarzenegger.

He has always been “our boy”

In the end, there are something information to discuss with the Terminator, because in his area of interest there are many things that are close to us in spirit. Sports cars, fast riding motorcycles, expensive cigars and even good alcohol.

Arnold Schwarzenegger combines the icon of courage and the image of “his boyfriend”. Most importantly – he is a real person, not a fake, and he continues to prove it with his actions. Doesn’t matter how old Arnold Schwarzenegger is. It is important that he is still indestructible.

The main tactic – to bring the opponent out of himself

“Let me spend one night with him and he’s already a loser.” The day before the competition, he usually shot one number with the main competitor and tried in every way to unbalance him. This acted as the competition required special concentration.
Once in front of all rivals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hugged the president of the bodybuilding federation and walked with him, whispering something in a friendly way in his ear. Athletes understood that “nothing shines” for them.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger had such acquaintances and some of them simply surrendered without a fight. The funny thing is that the president of the federation did not even know who embraced him.

Arnold’s personal life with the start of a bodybuilding career was very vibrant. So, they tell how he once approached an unfamiliar girl on a Californian beach. They bluntly made her an intimate offer.

One of his friends, hastily intervening, began to explain to the girl. “My friend recently in the USA and does not know our customs.” To which she replied: “No, no, do not stop him!”.

In an interview with Penthouse magazine, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that one woman offered to smear it in chocolate and lick it. Among other legends is the case when in the distribution of autographs a fan undressed in front of him and asked: “Do you want to pump this body?”

An attempt to get away from the roles of the heroes of the militants was the comedy “Junior”. There Arnold played … a pregnant man. Arnold was always a prankster and did not like his competitors. He never missed the opportunity to joke on them.

So, when at the dawn of his career, young Arnold moved to America.

He constantly received letters from young bodybuilders asking for some advice. Arnold looked through all the letters to the world. Those in whom there was no money, immediately sent to the trash!

Others he constantly teasing

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave them ridiculous advices.

So he advised one bodybuilder to eat crushed walnut shells with salt, gradually increasing the dose. Soon the athlete sprinkled acne. Another offered to eat hard boiled eggs and he almost choked. And the third offered to smear with engine oil and yell at the scene.

Then he was disqualified from the competition!

In 1991, Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with his fellow stars. There were Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. All of them opened the legendary restaurant chain “Planet Hollywood”.

With Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, he is connected not only by a common business, but also by a long-standing friendship.

By the age of 30 Arnold Schwarzenegger became a millionaire. His condition multiplied due to successful investments. He opened a mailing business. Also founded the construction company Pumping Bricks.

He took up real estate.

The core of his financial empire is the company Oak Productions, through which deductions from film studios, the percentage of sales of comic books and video games. As of 2007, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s assets were estimated at $ 200 million.

Advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger:


“Go to America” – this is the first advice of Schwarzenegger to people who want to succeed. But he immediately warns that such a trip will not be without failures. From the age of ten, Arnold dreamed of leaving for the United States.

He expected to break through the sport. A decade later, he succeeded, although the future star was practically without money and knowledge of English.


Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that you should not follow the will of the parents and be influenced by other people. First of all, according to the actor, you need to decide what you want exactly.

Schwarzenegger is glad that in his early years there was no Internet, and few watched TV. Because the boy had a lot of time to be quiet and ponder.


Schwarzenegger advises to visualize your dream. He hung up the wall of his room with photos of successful athletes. Arnold’s mother threw a tantrum. She considered her son to be gay. All his peers were interested in pictures with girls.


Diligence and once again diligence. “Do business, not sparing your ass,” – advises Arnold Schwarzenegger . In a figurative sense, of course. Through hard work on himself, Schwarzenegger set a record in sports. He seven times winning the title of “Mr. Olympia.”


Arnold clarifies, they say, this does not apply to the rules of the road. Schwarzenegger repeatedly faced with all sorts of conventions. When he finished performing and went to the artists, they said the same thing at the studio:

“Your mountain of muscles is not suitable for the screen”. “No one will understand your name.” As you can see, Arnold did not stop it.


Schwarzenegger adheres to it in its own way. When he takes on a new business, he does not just avoid mistakes. He commits them intentionally. Arnold admits that he had a lot of failed films. But without them would not have appeared and successful.


Arnold often hears that it is impossible to do something. It is because no one has done this before. In response, he talks about his mother-in-law, who in the 1960s founded a special Olympics for people with mental disabilities.

Nobody believed in this idea. Now competitions unite athletes from all over the world.


This rule Arnold considers particularly important. He promotes sport to the masses. Arnold supports non-state educational funds and meets with young people. He is inspiring children to succeed by their own example.

What you didn’t know about Arnold
  • Arnold’s father served in the Nazi Party. He served the Reich, although he was found not guilty of the atrocities of the Nazis. This fact became an excellent black PR for Arnold Schwarzenegger . Without negatively affecting his popularity.
  • Arnold starred naked at the beginning of his career for the sake of money. Some photos have reached our days.
  • He graduated from the University of Wisconsin. Bachelor of International Economics and Business.
  • He often joked about his fans and “colleagues”. For example, he said that he was progressing in muscle mass thanks to the author’s recipe: pounded shells of boiled eggs with a pinch of salt.
  • At one time, he abandoned the role of John McClain. It was given to the beginner Bruce Willis, which turned into an entire film franchise called “Die Hard”.
  • Arnold bought a tank in which he served in the army. He is parked in the backyard of his house, and often appears in videos on his YouTube channel.
  • The film “Pumping Iron” is not true and fully staged. The idea belonged to Arnold. Another joke that turned into a finished video product. In fact, he did not train to failure in this way, and did not use such a dangerous kind of training.
  • Fought with Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s. He often hostility reached the point of absurdity.

Traning and workout routine

Arnold was fond of basic exercises. He liked to increase the working weight.

It is almost impossible to do this in insulating movements on a regular basis. In the base three, gradually build up strength is quite realistic. It is reflected in his training. The huge pectoral muscles are the result of unique genetics.

Also the correct performance of the press. Arnold Schwarzenegger always followed the technique of execution. He tried to increase the weight without cheating. Arnold put the technique of execution at the forefront.

There was nothing unique or non-standard in Arnold’s training.

He did just like other athletes of the time. Some bodybuilders stood out from the rest. Frank Zayn paid a lot of attention to stretching and isolating movements with full amplitude. Mike Mentzer used rest-pause, drop-sets and negatives.

But Sergio Oliva increased his muscles with trisets. Against them, Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed like a simpleton.

Arnold used the usual split-training programs, which he had learned in Europe. Joe Weider perfected in his time – one of his first serious coaches. He oversaw Arnold immediately after arriving in the US.

Arnold made a contribution to the training process and to various training methods. Here are the most popular.


The superset method was invented long before him. But Arnold’s workouts stood out with one unusual fact. Arnold combined exercises for large muscle segments in the super set. He chose opposing muscles.

Aa set of pull-ups was replaced by a set of bench press. He liked to practice in this style. This method has not lost popularity in our days. Arnold-style supersets save time and allow you to recover faster between approaches from a mental and psychological point of view.

It is not easy to execute 3-4 sets of dead-end thrusts. You should alternate this craving with a bench press or any other exercise. The psychological pressure will decrease. The energy costs will increase, resulting in physiologically more difficult.

Arnold Training System

Not long ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger laid out in free access his training program. He used it in preparation for the Mr. Olympia tournament. These are two phases of training with a detailed nutrition plan. The only thing to consider is a contract with a sports nutrition company. The diet in this scheme is standard with the mandatory use of sportpit.

We recommend that you do not pay attention to the diet / nutrition section of this training scheme. Pay attention to training days, sets, rest, number of repetitions. As for nutrition, it should be made individually for yourself. Some kind of template does not fit only a small percentage of people. This is averaged data.

Often beginners come to the gym with a desire to become like Arnold. A lot of them are interested in the program of training Arnold Schwarzenegger . His set of steroids and other trifles affected his success. This approach fails because Arnold Schwarzenegger has a very successful genetics. His physique is the merit of not only the training program, but also a number of other factors. It also include work, mode, etc.

The example of Arnold once again proves that at the championship level, the main role is played not by doping or training. But by genetics and labor. We can only read about his success story, swallowing with resentment all the dreams of the same physique. But at the same time, do not despair. We only want you to look at fitness without rose-colored glasses. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great example to follow, but a complete copy of his actions does not guarantee you the same body or the same success.

Tournament created by bodybuilder

Arnold Classic – the tournament that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his partner Jim Lorimer founded. Today it is one of the most important in world bodybuilding. And this is not only bodybuilding competition. There are various sports represented there.

Today it is a full-scale sporting event! Every year the tournament traditionally takes place in the city of Columbus. The city of Columbus, was chosen not by chance and turned out to be the most suitable for an event of this magnitude.

It all started back in 1970, when Jim Lorimer set himself the task of holding the world weightlifting championship in the nearby city of Columbus. Lorimer decided to organize the same day international bodybuilding competitions “Mr. Mir”.

Two main bodybuilding and weightlifting championships were to take place in one place. He appealed to the most popular athletes to take part in these tournaments. They felt that one of the main participants in bodybuilding competitions was to become Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He at the age of 23 was rapidly becoming an increasingly popular. Arnold Schwarzenegger initially rejected the invitation, as he was supposed to compete in London at this time, at the Mr. Universe contest. He had already won the title Mr. Universe for three years and hoped to win a fourth time. But Lorimer did not accept a negative answer.

He organized the speedy transportation of Schwarzenegger from London to Columbus immediately after the competition Mr. Universe. This weekend became significant for Arnold Schwarzenegger , as he won first place in the Mr. Universe contest in London. As well as at the Mr. Mir tournament in Columbus. His victory in the latter was shown on television.

It made him more famous for an international audience. That was at that time that he became friends with the organizer of the event. Arnold thanked him for inviting and noted that he intends to sponsor professional bodybuilding tournaments after completing his competitive career. Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered a partnership. He will be responsible for the constant increase in prize money.

Organization of the tournament Arnold Classic

It was first held in March 1989, and the prize fund was $ 10,000. It was a mere fabulous sum for those times. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge. The tournament has become increasingly popular and has taken its rightful place in the annual calendar of competitions.

There are no specific dates. Everything is organized at the beginning of March or at the end of February. These competitions are part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend Sports Festival. It is held on a large scale for several days. There is also organized a sports exhibition called “Arnold Expo”.

It presents sports products from leading manufacturers. A show is held in which stars of fitness and bodybuilding, as well as other sports take part. Arnold Classic is a chance to declare itself to the whole world and go up to the podium of the most prestigious tournament. There the best athletes participate.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Women’s International Fitness tournament and the Body Championship “Figure Championship” are organized. There are also seminars and workshops, which Arnold personally conducts. Demonstration performances are . The prize fund of these competitions grows incessantly.

All the time it turns out to be higher than the monetary incentives provided for winning the Mr. Olympia tournament. In addition to money, the winner is given a Rolex watch of the elite model and a Hummer car. Since 2011, the Arnold Classic tournament has been held in Europe.

Do the word bodybuilding is not an empty sound for you? Arnold Classic is the very tournament in which the athlete must take part. There are going to the best athletes. There is an opportunity to gain experience from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself!

Arnold’s 4 Steps to “Mr. Olympia”

Old Arnold received the Golden Raspberry award four times as the worst actor, but that didn’t break him. And we understand why. Having achieved this physical form, you can close your eyes to the opinions of critics.

Arnold bench press = big shoulders

Chip Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level. Turn the hand as if you are doing flexing for biceps (back side out). But during the execution of the bench press them with your palms out.

Effect Such “twisted” pressure on the shoulders means that all three beams of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder will be involved. Not just the front ones.

Rises on toes = strong calves

Chip In 1966, Arnold Schwarzenegger missed the title of “Mr. Olympia” because he had downright chicken legs. After that, his calves did not know mercy. The athlete trained them with a weight of up to 450 kg.

The effect of taking the weight that you can lift 10 times, not more. That way you make these difficult muscles grow.

Dumbbell set lying down = wide chest

Chip Instead of raising the dumbbells to the very top and triumphantly beating them one against the other. Lift them up only by a third of the usual arc. Linger for a second and lower it.

The effect of Arnold Schwarzenegger assured that this way the muscles tighten more. And by saying this, he could hold a glass of water on the muscles of his chest. And standing, not lying.

Pull-up grip = V-shaped back

Chip Do not think up for pulling up any sets, approaches and repetitions. Just set yourself a goal and reach it. Even if you master everything in one go.

Effect Setting new goals, learn to pull more. A wide grip will help increase the “wings” on the back.

Schwarzenegger method: how to train when you are over 50

Starting a regular workout is never too late. If you are not 100 years old, you are hardly too old to pump dice and biceps (or keep yourself in shape – look only at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will hit 70 in a few days).

If you need proof that it’s never too late to train, here they are: 68-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger still goes to the gym. We talked a lot about it and we will repeat it again: the number of years you have lived has little effect on the strength of your muscles.

The results of a study conducted at the University of Chicago, say that the decisive factor for your health – your biological, and not the actual age. This means that you may be 55, but you will be healthy as a 25-year-old.

If you make a rough division, then all bodybuilders in adulthood who are still engaged can be divided into three groups: those who have never stopped training, those who take long breaks, and those who have just started. We think you have no doubt which group Arnold belongs to.

We called professional trainer Kit Lazarus, who at 55 still working in the gym and in perfect shape, and asked him a few questions about the workouts for each of the groups of men.

For those who have never stopped doing

Keith, you go to the gym longer than Justin Bieber exists on this planet. You are in excellent shape and still train with the energy of a 25-year-old. Do you have any special technique or are you still practicing according to the old scheme?

“I try to do the exercises simultaneously on several muscle groups, I shake the whole body like one big system. Of course, you can indulge and isolated exercises, but I do not give too much load on the muscles. ”

Even if in you from a young age remained agility and strength, age will show itself. For example, the time it takes to recover muscles after a workout will increase. “In practice, I made sure that pumping the entire body at the same time is more efficient.

Of course, young guys do not think so, and traditionally they arrange a day for pumping hands, a day for feet, and for example, a cardio day, but I have a slightly different scheme. Yes, I sometimes work with heavy weight, but in my workouts there is more and more variety: one day I do crossfit, and on the other, I lift light weights. ”

For those who start to engage

“First of all, beginner bodybuilders who are over 50 years old must be sure that the basic movements will not lead them to injury,” says Lazarus.

Straight lines, side attacks, step-ups and other basic exercises should go bang. In truth, not all 25-year-old guys are able to reach out with their palms to the toes of their feet, so do not despair if it does not work.

Exercises for flexibility and stability are the cornerstone.

Make a deep lunge forward, starting with the right foot. Bend your left knee so that it barely touches the floor. Starting with the toe of your right foot, take the next lunge, this time with the leading left. Rest between sets for a minute.

Stand in front of the step platform or any other convenient elevation. Put your right foot on the platform and, straightening the thigh of the right foot, lift your weight to elevation. Step back with your left foot, concentrating on the slow bend of the right knee. Repeat the same thing, starting with the left foot.

The principles of healthy sports nutrition can be followed at any age, but here are a few tips that will help those who are over 50 to make a diet. In 2008, the British Medical Journal published a study:

Fast absorption of food before satiety is directly related to obesity. Try to load up to about 50% of the state to which you, in your youth, brought yourself to the New Year. Universal rule: Eat nutritious foods rich in protein, containing a minimum of “white” carbohydrates, and drink as little as possible.

Nowadays of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Winner of a number of bodybuilding awards, seven-time winner of the title “Mr. Olympia”. The organizer of the competition “Arnold Classic” Arnold Schwarzenegger shared in his microblog video made in the gym.

He showed how he works on his body.

It is evident that celebrities hardly give classes. Time after time he raises a considerable weight. It seems that he likes it. Do not forget about the age of the star. Not everyone in his 71 can even afford light loads, what can we say about what Arnold does!

Gray hair, wrinkles have changed the appearance of the actor. But not his willpower and powerful spirit.

There is still strength in his muscles. He showed it to many fans. This video was a kind of gratitude to Arnold Schwarzenegger for his many birthday greetings, which he noted the other day.

In addition, in sports, but rather in bodybuilding, he is still 15 years old.

  • Over 5 years of working on his body, he has already received his first title “Mr. Olympia” and recognition. Over time, he managed to win all the championship bodybuilders, held in Europe.
  • And he also decided to conquer the United States. Having achieved amazing results in bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980, says goodbye to his sports career. He was devoting more time to filming.

He has to work hard on himself for a role in films.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was underlined by his strong German accent. A large muscle mass looked unnaturally on the screen. But for a real fighter, these were just the barriers that need to be overcome. And he did it!

The cult film series “The Terminator” forever inscribed the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the history of cinema. This incredible man managed to combine the two seemingly incompatible at that time profession actor and bodybuilder.

In both areas he reached the top.

Earlier it was reported about the birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he celebrated on July 30. We told about the life and achievements of the actor, as well as about the versatility of the personality of this person.

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