How to choose the most accurate fitness tracker in 2020

H​ow to choose the accurate fitness tracker in 2020 and not overpay? Imagine having a smartwatch with all the necessary functions: calories burned, steps and heart rate count.

This will help you:

Fitness bracelets are rapidly conquering the market. These devices are stylish accessories for anyone who wants to be trendy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Why do you need this gadget?

A fitness tracker or tracker is a small plastic wristband that helps keep track of your physical activity. It also helps monitor the body’s response to physical activity.

You can wear it on the wrist, ankle, shoulder, or clothing. The bracelet may be with or without a display, have different functionality. Accuracy – is the most essential factor while choosing the fitness bracelet.

Here we collected top of the most accurate trackers to measure your physical activity on the highest level.

Most accurate fitness trackers on Amazon

CNPGD Bluetooth Smart Watch
  • This fitness tracker tracks your activity all day. It accurately stores your progress throughout the day. Measures the distance you reached. Counts burned calories. The bracelet shows the level of oxygen in the blood. Measures your blood pressure. Has an option called Multi-Sports tracking? This allows measuring your activity more accurately.
  • The gadget includes a heart rate and sleep tracking monitor. These options will help you measure your heart rate. You can plan your exercises according to your goals. The sleep monitor will help you wake up and feel less tired.
  • It syncs with your smartphone. You won’t have to worry about missing calls and texts. It will link with your social media accounts. You won’t have to bring your phone to the gym anymore. The display will show when someone wants to reach you.
  • The fitness tracker is waterproof. You can get your hands wet. The body battery is also long-lasting. The charging time is 24 hours, and it lasts for up to 8 days.
  • You get a lifetime warranty. This means that the product is high-quality. If you’re not satisfied can get a reimbursement.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Rated 4.1 stars out of 5;
  • Compatible with Android and iOS;
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • Doesn’t say how many colors it comes in;
  • It doesn’t have a stopwatch.

Customers’ comments

I bought it because my doctor said I need it. My doctor says that I have to walk up to 2 hours a day. I can track my steps and see the distance I walked. I chose this one because of the good reviews.

The price is fine, too. This fitness tracker is easy to use. The long battery life – for 3 days. They delivered it pretty fast. So far I’m happy with it.


I purchased it for my son-in-law. He’s a fitness trainer at a gym. I hear that he’s satisfied with the thing. The only problem he faced was switching off military time. But that was resolved. Other than that everything is ok. I recommend this fitness tracker.


Pro-Fit Active Fitness Tracker IP67
  • The item includes a heart rate tracker and a sleep monitor. You’ll know your heart rate and exercise accordingly. You can leave it on while sleeping. The fitness tracker will monitor the time. It’s vital to know how much you sleep. The gadget can tell which phase of sleep you’re in.
  • The size of the screen is 0.96 inches. It lights up when you move it. Also, the display shows your achievements. The bracelet has a Bluetooth option. This means you can link it with your smartphone. Sync it with your social media accounts. You will receive notifications of new messages, texts, and incoming calls.
  • Time Display. You can choose the time mode. If you’re used to military time you are welcome to change it. To do so, press the tracker’s touch panel 3 seconds. There are four types of time modes.
  • This tracker is water-resistant. This means that rainwater and sweat cannot harm it. It’s not waterproof, but you can swim with it on up to half an hour. Make sure you don’t swim deeper than 1 meter with it on.
  • You will receive a warranty. Do not worry if it doesn’t suit your needs. The product has a 100% money-back guarantee. You can also replace it within a year. In addition, you are entitled to lifetime tech support. Give them a call if any questions occur.


  • Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Comes in 3 colors (black, blue, red)
  • Reasonable price;
  • Compatible with Android and iOS;
  • Free shipping.


  • The display is black and white.

Customers’ comments

I’m happy with my purchase. I believe that this fitness tracker helped me lose weight. It’s very accurate. I enjoyed using the pedometer. It motivated me. There were no problems with it.


Generally, I like how it works. At first it was hard to figure out how to charge it. I got myself a black one and a blue one for my girlfriend. She also doesn’t have any complaints.

We bought it 2 months ago and nothing worsened. One time I got it wet in the rain. It still works fine. A great gift for a dear person.


LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR
  • This fitness tracker has 16 modes. It measures your heart rate. Has a sports mode. Counts the calories you burned and steps you’ve walked. Reminds you when it’s time for exercise (a sedentary mode).
  • It includes a call reminder. Shows notifications. You can use its alarm to wake up. Also has a sleep monitor. The application that you should download is called Wearhealth. Activate the sports function in the app. You can add your position, hours active, etc.
  • You can monitor your heart rate. This function works 24 hours. All you need to do is move your wrist. It will show you the results on the screen. The information will store automatically. You’re also able to track how long and how well you sleep. The alarm is silent. You can wake up without stress.
  • One of its best qualities is the ergonomic design. The size of the display is 0.96 inches. Resolution: 80*160 IPS LCD. A contemporary design. You can adjust it to the desired size. The fitness tracker is easy to wear and appropriate for everyone. Your workouts will become more fun and effective. The display has good visibility. You can easily see your icons and notifications.
  • This fitness tracker has a standard USB port. You need to plug it in to charge the device. The standby mode lasts 10 days. The bracelet is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above.
  • Special functions. There’s a built-in reminder. You can use it to remind you of all sorts of events. Set it to when you need to take your medicine or go to a meeting. It’s also useful for when you’ve been sitting down for too long. If you lose the device, you can use the application on your phone to find it. You can even use it to take pictures. When you’re doing that with your phone – shake your wrist!


  • Rated 3.9 stars out of 5;
  • Free shipping;
  • Water resistant;
  • Colorful display;
  • Compatible with Android and iOS;
  • Good price.


  • Comes only in one color.

Customers’ comments

The battery lasts for days! This one is way better than the last one I had. It feels nice on the arm, it’s lightweight. I like the design. It functions great, too. Have never faced any issues with it. Records and stores my achievements. The app is compatible with my phone. Awesome!


This fitness tracker is like OG. I like that the battery lasts long! I didn’t expect I’d get something this good for such an amount of money. The band feels very comfortable on my wrist. Totally worth the money!


Jeestam Color Screen Fitness Tracker
  • The fitness tracker counts the steps you’ve taken. Also, it keeps track of the energy you’ve spent. This gadget measures the distance that you walk. Other useful functions are documenting the duration of the workout.
  • Monitoring your heart rate. Calculating average pace. It will notify you if you get a text or a call. It syncs with your phone. You can link the bracelet to your social media accounts.
  • To get notifications, you should install a unique app on your phone first. You will be aware of all your messages and calls. You don’t even need to bring your phone to the gym with you. Besides, to connect it with the phone you don’t even need a USB charger cable.
  • The bracelet has a multi-sports tracker. Fourteen sports, to be exact. These include dancing, running, yoga, bodybuilding and many more. You can improve your results by exercising more accurately.
  • The device has a built-in USB plug. You won’t even need a charging cable. Just plug it into your computer. The battery will last seven days without having to charge it again.
  • Improve your health by monitoring the quality of your sleep. There’s an alarm to wake you up. Set the alarm and the fitness tracker will tell you when you should get more exercise.


  • Rated 4.7 stars out of 5;
  • Comes with three replacement bands;
  • Average price;
  • Free shipping;
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.


  • Comes only in one color (black);
  • The display is not colorful.

Customers’ comments

I guess it’s ok. I wouldn’t say that it’s something extra special. But I’m satisfied. It does its job well. I’m a senior citizen. Don’t expect me to be doing any pro reviews on the thing. It works fine and keeps me happy. The rest doesn’t matter to me.


My mom got me this a few weeks ago. I’m a little illiterate when it comes to technology. I have had trouble linking it to my phone. Other than that I like it.

My doctor recommended that I walk a lot and it’s fun keeping track of my steps and distance. Now that I’m watching out for my calories I’ve lost a few pounds. Good present.


KARSEEN Fitness Tracker
  • You get a 45-day money back guarantee. Also, we provide you with a warranty for 18 months. This way, if you’re not satisfied – we will reimburse you within 45 days since the purchase. Make sure you buy from VaporMaxStore. This is an authorized seller. You will purchase genuine products and will be able to receive compensation if you’re not satisfied.
  • Download and install the “VeryfitPro” app. This will allow you to link the tracker you’re your phone. There are standard functions like the sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, calorie count, and many more. As for your social media, it has call reminders, SMS, SNS notification and display. Suitable for Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 or above.
  • You can use a computer’s USB port to charge it. As well as an iPad or any other smartphone. It charges directly, so you can even charge it in the car. It loads the battery relatively fast. The battery lasts up to 10 days. But only if it was fully charged. You’ll be able to see the time, steps and heat consumption on the screen. Touch it lightly, and it will light up. Another way to do that is to flick your wrist.
  • Manufactured with High Quality and High Standards. The Karseen Brand team have many development patents. This fitness tracker passed CE, RoHS, FCC, and other European and American high standard certifications.
  • Expecting an important call? Don’t worry. You will not have to carry your phone around. The fitness tracker will vibrate and notify you. It will also alert you about your social media messages. Simply connect the bracelet to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Download and install the app. You will never miss a call and a message.

Customers’ comments

I liked the color selection. Then I looked at the price. Thought I’d give it a try. Got me a green one. It arrived faster than I expected. I train for an upcoming marathon. This thing was a must have.

So far I’m happy with how it works, there were no issues. I didn’t expect much of it because it was so inexpensive. But I got my money’s worth. Lucky I found it!


I noticed that it only tracks sleep during the night. I work night shifts and I can’t get it to track my sleep. But other than that everything’s working great. I had a more expensive one in the past. This one works just like it. Very accurate.


BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker
  • This fitness tracker has a multi-sports option. This is a particular mode for each sport. It analyzes the activities more accurately. Choose the right one for you. You will get a better and faster result.
  • It will continuously monitor your heart rate. Another advantage of this device is a comprehensive sleep analysis. It works 24/7. You will learn more about your body’s needs. This option will give you good advice on what you need to improve in your sleeping habits.
  • Don’t miss out on any important calls and messages: Once connected to the app, you will get instant messaging and call notifications in the app.
  • The bracelet has a specific camera mode. You can just shake your wrist, and the bracelet will snap a photo of you. An excellent way to capture precious moments
  • This fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof. This means that you don’t have to take it off when you wash your hands. You can get caught in the rain, and it won’t damage the device. The battery is durable. Charging time is relatively short. It takes about 1-2. The battery lasts 5-7 days for standby.


  • Rated 4.6 stars out of 5;
  • Free shipping;
  • Remote camera function;
  • Works on Android 4.4 and IOS 8.0 and above;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Comes only in the color black;
  • It doesn’t have a colorful display.

Customers’ comments

I found charging pretty easy. You just need to remove one of the wristbands. After this, stick it into a USB outlet. It’s as simple as that. The battery lasts very long. I’ve gone on for about two weeks without charging.

It’s pretty weird because I wear it all the time. Even when I’m sleeping. The app is user-friendly. I sync it with my Samsung Galaxy without any problems. The bracelet is very comfortable. A good investment for such an amount of money.


This product is rather simple. It has a lot of advantages. The number of features is just right. Which is nice because you wouldn’t want to go througha bunch of stuff you don’t need.

But it is not too few where you are wanting more. So far I’ve been using it for my step and sleep counting. I’m a waiter and I want to know how much exercise a day I get. The fatc that it’s waterproof is also nice.


Lintelek Fitness Tracker
  • It doesn’t have a charger. Just take the device off the band. Plug it into your computer. You can use any other USB port to charge it. The time it takes to charge the tracker fully is up to two hours. The battery life lasts about five days. And this doesn’t mean only days. It works around the clock.
  • Universal and comfortable fashion design. The strap is relatively thin. The material is skin-friendly. Its light weight will bring you a pleasant and care-free workout. You will not notice wearing it when you sleep.
  • This fitness tracker will be your individual assistant. It will do a great job of counting your steps and calories burned. It will monitor the distance you walked and your sleeping conditions. We have recently upgraded the heart rate function. Measuring your real-time heart rate will help you know more about how to exercise correctly.
  • SMS real-time reminder. You need to connect the fitness tracker to the app. As soon as you do that the device will vibrate whenever you get a notification. It will display the message content. That way you will not have to worry about missing important messages and calls. You can also sync it with your social media accounts and messenger services.
  • A considerate after-sales service. When you make the purchase, you receive a one-year warranty. It also guarantees customer support. If you have a question or issue, you can always call their number. The Lintelek Service Center will do its best to make you satisfied.


  • Rated 4.1 stars out of 5;
  • Moderate price;
  • Comes in five colors (black, green, purple, pink, green, blue);
  • Free shipping;
  • Water-resistant.


  • The display is not colorful.

Customers’ comments

I started working out a long time ago. Me and my husband enjoy keeping track of our achievements. I have had many fitness trackers. All were fine but not as good as this one. I have been satisfied with it ever since I purchased it.

The tracker is merely noticeable throughout the day and night. It’s like you’re not even wearing it. The device has a large screen and an interchangeable strap. I am definitely recommending this to everyone that seeks a decent fitness tracker.


Once I was online looking for ways to spend my money. Came across this fitness tracker. I’m not a keen sportsman or anything. Just thought it would be cool to have one of these. When I tried it I was hooked!

Now I bought one for each member of my family. Haven’t had a problem with it. I like how it’s waterproof and simple to set up. It’s light and feels comfortable around the wrist.


We all noticed how accurate it is. We even did a little test in counting steps and the tracker passed it. Another advantage is that I don’t have to run to my phone.

The device quietly tells me that someone is calling. Sometimes I have to set a reminder to get ready for bed. I only charged it once and it lasted 2 whole weeks!


Choosing the accurate fitness tracker

This device is made to keep track of physical activity. This smart piece of technology also motivates you to be even more active.

Track your movements
  • Fixate the time you’re moving or not. Sometimes you don’t notice that you’ve been sitting down for a long time. The fitness tracker will make a signal to remind you to take a break. That’s when you can and go for a little walk or do some exercises.
  • Work as a pedometer. Meaning that this equipment counts the number of steps you walked.
  • Measure the distance you have covered.
  • Count the number of stairs. Some of these devices have a built-in altitude meter. This instrument is used to count the number of stairs that you’ve conquered.
Monitor your calories
  • Tell you how many calories you burned while moving. Weight watchers greatly appreciate this function.
  • Some fitness trackers even have a barcode scanner. You can scan the product and know how many calories you’ve eaten. This function helps to maintain a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Follow your body needs
  • Measure body temperature. The fitness tracker will signal when you risk overheating or freezing. Some models measure the temperature of the skin and even sweat.
  • Control the heart rate. Useful for those who have cardiovascular diseases.
  • Measure blood pressure. Records minimum and maximum numbers during the day.
  • Analyze the quality of sleep. There are fitness trackers a smart alarm duty can detect sleep phases. The alarm will go off when you are ready to wake up quickly.
Keep up with your goals
  • Some of them help you choose the type of exercise depending on your physical condition. You can download a workout plan.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the goals. Fitness trackers remind you how many kilometers you have left to walk (run). They even point out how many lbs you still need to lose this month.
  • Have a stopwatch, which is very convenient when jogging.
  • Promote social integration of the user. Some models offer to join a social network where you can text other users of fitness bracelets. You can share achievements and motivate each other.

The fitness tracker connects to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. You download an application, and it accepts and processes data.

Almost all trackers are compatible with iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. But before buying one – make sure that the fitness bracelet is compatible with your smartphone or computer.

If the waterproofness of important, make sure you buy the one that is.

  • Water Proof – meaning that it’s afraid of water, you can swim with it.
  • Water Resistant – meaning that it will still work after a walk in the rain. You can even do dishes with it, but a swim the pool will destroy it for sure.

Who invented them?

Fitness trackers were all the rage 2011. A company called Jawbone introduced the first Jawbone UP tracker. This company was a leader among developers and global manufacturers of wearable gadgets and programs.

They had no idea that their invention will affect the entire accessories industry.

Alas, the first UP failed. The customers mostly complained about the fitness tracker not being as waterproof as the company promised. When the company was testing, they used distilled water.

That was a problem because drops of sweat and rain have a different composition. Therefore, the gadgets were not practical.

Moreover, the vibration motor turned out to be very short-lived.

The battery power lasted three days, but they promised ten. Jawbone behaved correctly. They apologized and started working on a new version. Some people received refunds; some got a free replacement.

Fitness tracker vs. treadmill

Modern treadmills are full of all sorts of useful functions. They show the speed, calories burned and the pulse. Does this mean that you don’t need a fitness tracker at the gym? 

Let’s find out!

Fitness braceletTreadmill
Calculates the exact number of calories burned;Exaggerates the number of calories burned;
Measures your pulse more accurately; Inaccurate measurement of the pulse;
Does not interfere with training; Inconvenient pulse measurement;
Counts paces; Doesn’t count paces;
Informs about incoming calls; Is not able to synchronize with a smartphone;
Stores data.It has no relation to your data.
6 reasons to choose fitness tracker

Fact number 1

The treadmill overestimates the number of calories burned by 15-20%.

Let’s say that it doesn’t know you that well. It shows an average calorie consumption for a person your weight. That’s exactly what it shows you. It can’t calculate your achievements.

The main duty of the treadmill is to move under your feet. After all, it’s designed for this purpose. The rest is just an approximation.

The primary function of a fitness tracker is to inform you exactly how much you are burning. And it’s doing the job pretty well. Just don’t be lazy to put your data into your profile. The more the gadget knows about you, the more accurate information you will get from it.

Fact number 2

Treadmills lie about your heart rate.

Don’t rely on it, as it is not a heart rate monitor. Don’t be fooled by the treadmills with sensors on the handles. The runner’s hands slide off, palms sweat, and this distorts the results.

Sometimes you notice that you’re sweating and your heart is jumping out of your chest. And what does the display tell you? That your pulse is normal, keep it up. Then how does one stay in the endurance zone?

Heart rhythm is what you want to focus on if you’re going to lose weight. The endurance zone is 130-140 beats per minute. One of the most effective in losing weight is interval training. It will take you more time to reach your goal if you rely on false data.
That’s another reason to own a fitness tracker.

Fact number 3

Monitoring heart rate on treadmills may be harmful.

You’ll have to hold on to the handles all the time. Keeping the right running mode in this position is hardly possible.

You’ll ruin your posture, your back, and joints will hurt. You’ll also get tired faster. Besides, you’ll start leaning on the handles without even noticing. Your upper body has to move as well.
Otherwise, you won’t burn the promised 500-800 calories. You’ll waste less energy that way. And you won’t pressure your legs as much. Such a workout is pointless. Your arms should move during cardio.

Let the fitness tracker do its job.

Fact number 4

The treadmill does not have a pedometer.

The fitness tracker has one, though. 10,000 steps a day is an average norm for a healthy person to keep the body in good shape. You’re not engaging in step counting when you’re running.
You can, of course, measure the length of your pace in advance. Then divide this number by the distance you ran on the treadmill and make sure that the steps are the same all the time.

Or you can do other calculations, but does it make sense? It’s much more convenient to buy a Fitbit versa and let it do them for you.

Fact number 5

It won’t sync with your phone.

If you are waiting for an urgent call, then you will either have to postpone the workout or keep your smartphone somewhere very close. But bringing your phone to the gym with you is inconvenient.

If you don’t keep it close to your body, someone could steal it, or you can drop it. It’s a lot handier to slip on a bracelet. It will tell you about the call, and the caller’s name will show. Many models have this feature.

The fitness tracker vibrates when someone calls you. That way you won’t have to worry about noize disturbing other athletes. Even if the call can wait, slide your hand across the display.
The bracelet will also display text messages. You’ll always keep in touch!

Fact number 6

The treadmill does not save your progress.

You lose your progress when you step off the treadmill. But your trusty fitness tracker remembers you. You can set your goals in your profile. The gadget monitors your progress.

Then it tells you what other efforts you need to make. After all, training is only a part of your life. We burn calories even when we’re asleep. You need to know how much energy you spend outside of the gym.

You’ll know how many calories you still have to burn.

Function: heart rate monitor

We want to start with a little explanation.

Let’s go back to the prehistoric world. Back then the man had few things to do: to hunt and to run away from a dangerous animal. Sometimes the man had to chase the prey for days before it gave in.

He also ran away from predators to the limit of power since his life depended on it. Scientists believe that it was in those days that we had formed two main modes of our cardiovascular system:

  • aerobic (or cardio)
  • anaerobic

This is important to know. You will measure your pulse with a fitness tracker. That way you will know what mode you’re in.

The aerobic workout means:

Your muscles use oxygen to work. The point is that you don’t get tired right away. The body can withstand such pressure for hours. Jogging or walking are good examples of an aerobic workout.

In the anaerobic mode:

The muscles don’t have the time to use oxygen. They work on the already prepared fuel from the glucose stored in the tissues. But this fuel runs out very quickly: just a couple of minutes – that’s all.

Then the body itself goes into the aerobic mode, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Examples of anaerobic exercise are sprint and bodybuilding.

The point being is that you will only lose weight from aerobic exercise. Why?

Because fat burns only during such pressure.

Scientifically: you consume fatty acids. The body needs time to process them. But it doesn’t have that kind of time. The time you need to get rid of fat deposits is approximately thirty minutes.

Therefore, your aerobic workout should last a minimum of 45.

Athletes use term heart rate training zones to assess the intensity of physical activity. Usually, they single out five zones:

Heart rate training zones
  • Recovery – up to 130 beats per minute.
  • Endurance – 130-140 beats per minute.
  • Aerobic – 140-160 beats per minute.
  • Threshold – 140-160 beats per minute.
  • Anaerobic – up to 190 beats per minute.

You should acknowledge these zones during each workout. You will know that you’re warming up when your pulse reaches 110-135 beats per minute.

The second zone is essential for burning fat. 140-155 beats per minute are the amount when muscles are under enough pressure. You’re spending calories, but you haven’t crossed the anaerobic threshold yet.

During this stage, the body has enough time to process subcutaneous fat into energy. You may have to breathe through your mouth during workouts in this area. But you should not run completely out of breath!

If you notice that you’ve started breathing heavily – you have crossed the threshold of anaerobic metabolism. Your pulse is most likely to rise above 165 beats per minute. The body no longer has time to process fatty acids and consumes the same carbohydrate fuel, which ends quickly.

If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t start with anaerobic workouts. Your body is not ready for them.

Some people believe that high training zones are good for training and muscle growth. This theory is correct, but only if the body is ready. But you should have a well-developed cardiovascular system. And there’s also a condition that you need to give the tissues enough time to recover.

Even a workout of professional runners takes 80% of training time in lower zones. You can’t forget about cardio. Do not make yourself do anaerobic exercises day by day.

You will just get exhausted faster. You’ll empty the body’s resources without gaining any muscle or developing endurance.

Conclusion: If your goal is to lose weight, you need to run in the aerobic mode. Avoid shortness of breath and spend at least 45 minutes on training.

Watch your pulse. A fitness tracker will help you with this. It will tell you when you’re burning fat, and when you are working fruitlessly. Apple watch series is perfect for this.

Anaerobic exercises are predominantly for advanced athletes. Even those who want to pump up muscles should start with low-intensity workouts. That way they will prepare their bodies for further goals.

Function: calories burned

Some believe that the best way to lose weight is to eat up fewer calories. But it’s only halfway correct. You need to burn more calories than you consume.

But how can people spend more energy if they work office jobs?

The number of calories you burn depends on your weight, gender, and metabolic rate. The figures below are not on point. However, you will be able to estimate.

They apply to an average person of up to 175 lbs. You can still form a general idea. Even if your weight is different. It’s more fun when you have a fitness tracker to count.

Your body still works throughout the day. You waste energy without even noticing!


This part of the day doesn’t start with oatmeal or a vegetable smoothie. The first thing you do is make the bed (35 kcal). Then you shower (10 minutes – 40 kcal), cook breakfast (75 kcal), wash dishes (50 kcal), do your hair (141 kcal).

Then you choose your clothes for the day (93 kcal). If you have a dog, a walk with it will cost you 200 kcal in 40 minutes.

The trip to work also will not remain unaccounted for. Here, however, there are many different options, so choose the one that is closest to you. So, driving a car will cost you 90 kcal per hour, a walk on foot is 270 kcal, while a trip by public transport is 70 kcal if sitting, and 120 kcal while standing.


We’re pretty busy during a day at work. We can be writing letters (80 kcal per hour). Making phone calls (50 kcal per hour). Having a chat with our colleagues near the cooler (80 kcal per hour).

An average office worker spends about 550 kcal under the condition of slight stress. Such work includes various paperwork, phone conversations, mailing and coffee breaks. In general, quite usual things. Without any unbearable physical exertion.

People who work in education or service move around more. Their jobs involve a lot of movement and communication. They can spend more than 1000 kcal. Such work assumes that you spend a lot of time on your feet. You have to move and talk a lot continually.

Plus, the stress that you can get from such work also affects the number of calories you burn. The same applies to those who work in housekeeping. Cleaning, cooking, and childcare also fall under this category.

People that waste most energy are loaders, workers, builders, repairers, and athletes. Their physical activity burns them about 2000 calories per working day.

It is also interesting to note how much our brain burns in a day. Studies show that in the absence of mental stress, the brain burns up to 400-500 kcal per day. Your mind spends two times more calories if your work is related to solving difficult issues. Mental stress is also a factor. Energy consumption of emotions increases by 10-20%. Experiences, joy, and fear make the brain work with increased intensity.


You waste the least energy in the evening. Which is quite logical, considering that at the end of the day we prefer to relax from work. Reading your favorite book for an hour will cost you 29 kcal. Watching TV – 65 kcal. It is also interesting that 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories. Some experts even compare 1 minute of laughter with 10 minutes of fitness.

Our body continues its hard work while we sleep. For 8 hours of healthy sleep, a person can spend about 560 kcal. But only under the condition that you go to bed relaxed. You’re not stressed out. Your room is comfortable; the temperature is cold. Do not eat at least three hours before bed. Especially anything fat, sweet and heavy.


Any activity leads to energy consumption. It doesn’t matter if it’s active or passive. It mostly depends on your occupation and your physique. First, set a goal for yourself. Then you need to do plan your day for activity. This will help you calculate an approximate amount of calories you spend.

Decide on the number of calories a day. For each age, weight, and height this amount is calculated individually. It is better to contact a dietitian doctor. Together you will make up a diet and decide on the type of food.

Finally, we suggest that you include sports in your schedule. Exercise will help bring your body into shape. It will also improve your health and overall mood.

Easy ways to burn more calories

Sometimes some of us don’t want to commit to the gym. Or we don’t have the time. But there are a few extra things you can do.

Chew gum. You’ll have fresh breath and oral hygiene. Chewing gum helps to lose 11 kilocalories every 12 minutes. Not much, but it’s good to know that you’re not doing it in vain.

Cook. Setting the table and cooking healthy food turns out to be more rewarding than we thought. You can burn about 102 kcal in 45 about minutes. Good news because you can treat yourself to a dessert.

Laugh. Yes, laughter prolongs life and helps you slim down. A funny movie or a joke with friends will cheer you up. Who would have thought that fun can be so good for you? Recent studies say that an average adult loses 1,5 kcal per minute of giggling.

Walk during a phone conversation. Don’t think it’s a bad habit. It is, in fact, pretty healthy. Especially talkative ones will lose 100 kcal in 25 minutes.

Walk in the morning. You can walk the dog if you have one. Or go down to the store for fresh milk. You can even walk around your house. A few minutes before breakfast will be enough. A 20-minute walk will cost you 100 kilocalories.

Take the stairs. Sure, the elevator is faster. But think about how much healthier it is to take the stairs! You can lose 7 to 10 kcal if you go up. But if you’ll go down, you’ll lose two times less.

Pepper the food. Heat in the mouth, tears in the eyes. Do not be afraid of these effects of spicy food. After all, you will get accelerated metabolism. Your body will burn calories two times faster than usual.

Ride a bike. This is a great way to lose 105 kcal in 15 minutes. Try to make it your new habit. The result will surprise you.

Go fishing. An excellent way to spend your weekend with friends. Don’t be a couch potato. Set off to the great outdoors!

Play Frisbee. It’s a popular activity. You can play it in the park or on the beach. You’ll lose more than a hundred calories if you play for 30 minutes.

Meditate. Just relax and take deep breaths. Fill your body with oxygen. It will calm you and give you more energy to burn calories.

Jump rope. A skipping rope is a thing you should own. It’s fun and relatively easy. Not to mention good for you. You’ll get rid of 110 calories in just 10 minutes.

Play ping pong. Can find a ping pong table in almost every park. Or you can go to the mall. Do not miss a chance to enjoy the fresh air! You’ll enjoy it more, knowing that you’re burning 113 kilocalories in 25 minutes.

Conclusion: be more conscious about your health

A healthy, slim body and well-being is what we all want! Someone wants to lose weight. Someone wants to increase centimeters in the right places. And someone wants to say goodbye to beer and forget the way to McDonald’s.

But working on your appearance is hard daily work.

It would seem we know what to do to achieve the result. Eat right, train, and everything will work out. But expectations and reality sometimes do not coincide. You follow the basic rules. But the result is not the same.

Undoubtedly, many of you have encountered this problem. So what is the reason?

The answer is simple. Theoretical knowledge in the form of books, articles from the Internet and advice from knowledgeable people is often not enough. Each of us is an individual.

Therefore, to effectively work on your body and achieve your desired goals, you need to monitor your daily results actively. Analyze, identify errors in time and correct them. This is where fitness trackers that are so popular now come to the rescue.

Technologies are developing at an incredible speed. They introduce new solutions that improve the quality of life. At first, it was possible to count calories in special programs on a computer. Then we started using smartphones.

Different party apps allow sleep and physical activity tracking. But we can’t take the phone everywhere with us.  And then there were fitness trackers.

Of course, professional gadgets for sports have been around for a long time. But usually, they are not always clear and accessible to a beginner. Therefore, they did not receive a mass distribution.

And the era of activity trackers allows everyone to begin consciously leading a healthy lifestyle. Also to get the much-desired figure. Now everything is simple. Your task is to live a healthy life. A small device will fix everything.

How can fitness trackers help you?

Sometimes we underestimate ourselves. And some of us even overestimate ourselves. It may seem that we are very active during the day. We get tired. It turns out it does even not amount to 60% of the recommended norm.

We also assume that we get enough sleep. And at the same time, we look for the causes of our stress. The consequences are low rates in training. Especially an inability to control your appetite.

And the biggest misconceptions are rooted in nutrition.

And it is 70% of the success in the process of working on your body. No matter how hard you work out, the results will be either deplorable or even utterly absent if you have problems with nutrition. It is this kind of delusion that inhibits your success.

And no other reasons, such as genetics, lack of physical training and years of inactivity. Therefore, fitness trackers can help you in many ways to understand and change yourself forever.

One may think that fitness bracelets are only for those who are professionally involved in sports. Or for those people with willpower. They wake up every morning and go for a run. It’s a part of their daily routine. But if you’re not one of those people, you still need a fitness tracker.

They can be helpful to you in the following cases:

  • if your job is in an office and this means that you need more physical activity;
  • you are a student who spends most of the day reading books and sitting down;
  • when you want to finally “pull yourself together” and get rid of extra inches;
  • you’re tired of crawling out of bed in the morning, and you envy those who are peppy;
  • you want to control your health.

The functions of every fitness tracker are different:

  • The one with a watch has a display. It usually focuses on fitness. But it can also notify you when you receive a call. When it comes to fitness, these gadgets are very useful.
  • They are capable of measuring the pulse, showing the distance traveled. In steps and in meters. As well as calories burned during this time. Such bracelets may have a built-in blood pressure monitor.
  • A fitness bracelet may have a function of an alarm clock. Then it is most likely able to track the quality of its owner’s sleep. The gadget captures changes in the position of a person during sleep.
  • Also, it measures the pulse. It can wake you up in the light phase of sleep. That’s when it is easier and more painless to wake up.

But remember, it’s only up to you. Your health depends only on you.

These little gadgets can help you on the way to a healthy body. They will become your reliable best friends. Don’t get carried away. Just lead a healthy lifestyle and the results will surprise you.

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