How to get abs fast at home in a week

N​ow we will talk about the exercises. To have beautiful abs, it is not necessary to attend the gym: you can pump them up at home, the main thing – doing it correctly and systematically.

Enough is 10 minutes a day; you need only the constant in training of the abdominal area. Exercise should be done scrupulously until a burning sensation appears.

  • First of all, exercises for strengthening the abs should be performed in the morning and preferably before eating a meal: thereby the muscles will better increase.
  • Secondly, there are different methods of pumping the abs up; you need to understand what you want: either just a flat stomach (more often for women) or “cubes.” For a flat stomach, you should perform exercises at a fast pace with a large number of repetitions. If you want to have distinct “cubes”, then you should perform exercises at a slow pace, maximally burthen the muscles.
  • Third, if the “cubes” are not visible after a long time of exercises, then your press is hidden behind a layer of fat and you need to go on a diet to reduce that layer, but there can also be another reason: the abdominal muscles are still not enough developed to be prominently showed up. We need proper and complex systems of exercises for abdominal muscles and hard workouts.

How to pump the press up in a week?

It should note that the exercises are divided into two types: activities for the overhead press, for example, twisting, and the lower news, for example, lifting the legs. You should do them comprehensively, but it is better, to begin with, the overhead press. The main thing is constancy.  Now we will give a set of exercises, which must include in your training to pump the upper and lower abs quickly.

How to pump the abs up in a week – twisting with turns

It is a beneficial exercise on the muscles of abs. Lay down on the rug, bend your knees in a ninety degrees angle, towards a plane of the floor. Perform the simple twisting while trying to touch the elbow of the opposite leg, for example, the end of the right hand to your right knee. This exercise is very active on the muscles of the upper press.

How to pump the abs up in a week – raising the hips

This exercise you better do on the bench. Take a horizontal position on the court and grab the edge with your hands. The starting position of the legs is to lie on the bench. Then raise them legs while avoiding inertia (the so-called “twitching”) and trying to use less of your overhead press, since this is an exercise for your lower news. Raise the legs for 3-5 seconds, then at the same time to lower the legs, and you need to try touching the knees with your chest, but you should keep your legs straight.

How to pump the abs up in a week – “pocket knife”

Lay down on the rug and straighten up “in a string.” It is necessary to raise your arms and legs at the same time, necessarily keeping an eye on the coordination, so that your knees can reach the chest. Try to simulate the action of a pocket knife: to form and to decompose. This exercise affects the lower and upper muscles of the abs.

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