Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer with resistance bands vs Joyus Elliptical

A​​re you busy with your work sitting at home and leading sedentary lifestyle? No time to visit the gym? To find the solution, we did the comparative review of 2 popular Ellipticals – Joyus vs Stamina InMotion.

Think about this for a moment:

You’re a freelancer able to do the basic physical exercise at home. You don’t have to go to the gym anymore. Moreover, you can combine the training with your work.

Stamina InMotion elliptical trainers are available on Amazon. So you can order the fitness equipment right now:

If you’re not ready to order yet, read the experts’ review to the end. Here are mini stepper before and after results. This will help you to make a reasonable choice.

  • One of such workout machines is the Joyus Exclusive InMotion Elliptical trainer with resistance bands set. It is lightweight and compact so you can use it everywhere and anytime. Practice the InMotion Elliptical while standing as well as while seated!
  • Another choice is the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer. It is top-rated and highly reviewed simulator on Amazon. Workouts with this training machine help you burn calories, tone lower-body muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits are countless, so let’s consider both elliptical trainers to find out which one is better for you!

Joyus EllipticalStamina InMotion
has little sizes compact and lightweight
comes in one color comes in green, orange and silver
weight limit is 250 lbs minimal space is 24.5 x 17 inches
gives flexible pressure can vary workout intensity
comes with resistance bands comes without resistance bands

Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer reviews

See the Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider in three colors – black, green and orange, available on Amazon. It is top rated and highly reviewed model of mini-steppers.

Customers’ feedback proves that the simulator is durable and effective, developing all basic muscle groups.

Meet the advantages:

This Stamina InMotion elliptical with resistance bands can be practiced while sitting and standing position. It is convenient to move so you can use it where you want. Besides, by working in the opposite movement, producing a comfortable and adaptable exercise.

What are the main benefits of the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer?
  • helps you consume calories
  • pump up lower-body muscle groups
  • enhance your cardiovascular fitness
  • a joint-friendly workout manner

This fitness simulator is highly convenient while doing your everyday routine. No matter what you’re doing: reading a book, watching TV, or working at the office. This compact strider can go anywhere with you.

Moreover, no matter how you work with the simulator, the textured cover of the pedals will keep your feet safe. This way, you can work as hard and as fast as you need.

You can easily check the intensity of your training by just changing the balance knob. Even more, the opposition is quite a low-noise so you can manage your other things at the same time.

The great advantage of this mini-stepper:

The multi-functional monitor follows and records your progress. This way, you’ll be highly motivated to maintain operating. It additionally has a scan function so you are able to see all your exercise stats regularly.

  • A number of strides per minute
  • Complete strides
  • Workout time
  • Calories consumed

The Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer is intended for simple portability and total support. It’s small and lightweight enough to take everywhere. In such a way, you can adjust your cardio training into your regular program with no difficulty.

It gets better:

Using non-slip pedals that keep your feet in position without paying extra attention, you can fully enjoy the low-impact, joint-friendly workout. While your mind is concentrated on work at the same time.

Practice the E1000 Compact Strider at home or at the office. And when you’re completed, just store it out of view and out of the way – under your table or in the closet room.

Why elliptical trainers are so popular at the gym?
  • Workouts with Stamina mini-stepper are certified to consume a number of calories as jogging does. This way, efficiently improving strength and power while toning your hips, buttocks, thighs, and legs.
  • Nevertheless, ellipticals assist you to approach your fitness and weight loss goals. It occurs through a low-impact method that won’t shock your back, knees, hips, or ankles.
  • The Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer records and gives all results without the continuous association payments, crowds, and trouble of hurrying to the gym.

Customers’ feedback

I would like to share a review of Stamina InMotion E1000. Everything started with the fact that I decided to lose weight until the summer. Since I didn’t actually want to run on the street, I decided to buy myself an elliptical or a treadmill.

After much discussion, reviews and opinions of people decided to stay on the elliptical. The new simulator is a little expensive but highly effective.


I worked on it almost every day for about an hour and ran 10 km. When practicing on Stamina, it is necessary to take several breaks and drink a glass of water.

The orbiter is designed for a user weight of about 85kg. I have 95kg and therefore, over time, during exercises, it began to squeak from the load. In one place, the pipe broke, but I checked it and now everything is ok.


When the time for exercises in the gym was really not enough, my husband and I thought about buying a simulator. Of course, arguing for a long time while choosing. You will not put several different simulators in the flat. So, finally we found the optimal variant, that suited both of us. This is an elliptical trainer.


During the workouts, almost all muscle groups are involved. Stamina model attracted us due to the low price. We have been actively using the simulator for 3 years already, it did not disappoint us.

A good piece of equipment where you can see the speed at which you work, time, as well as the number of calories burned (which is very encouraging for further work).


It is also possible to measure the pulse during exercise. The simulator has many levels. The higher the level, the harder it works. We use the first three, further it is already difficult. Only one point – the distance traveled – is measured in some units that I do not know (not exactly meters or kilometers).


I was choosing a suitable model for an elliptical trainer for a long time. At least, my choice was Stamina workout machine. What I liked was the appearance, characteristics, price, all arranged for me.

According to the manual, you should start exercising from 15 minutes. But actually, you feel the pain in your legs much earlier. There are several modes for regulating and increasing the load.


Customers report about calories burned working with mini stepper.

With time, you should increase the load. Yes, after some months of usage you start to hear squeaking. The sound is a bit irritating, but it can be easily removed with the help of the usual wd40 oil.

That is now probably in every home. Use it in the right places, and the creaking will disappear. My height is 168, and it is highly comfortable to work out. I think it’s quite possible to achieve the result if you’re not lazy.


When I decided to lose 6 kg, and the diets did not help, here it is, my dear and useful Stamina InMotion E1000. I will say right away, only thanks to this simulator I achieved the result, it’s true.

About a month and a half, the weight went away. But the training was first every other day, starting from 10 minutes, each time increasing the time. So I used to train for 40 minutes, and then every other day.


The peculiarity of this simulator is that it involves the following muscle groups: the gluteus, abdominal, lower leg, and upper thigh muscles. This elliptical trainer has a reverse movement, which gives work to the leg muscles. This simulator is perfect for weight loss because as they mostly used for burning extra calories in gyms.


Stamina InMotion rower has sensors for heart rate and calories burned, which are displayed on the monitor. You choose the load for yourself based on your own weight. I, for example, put the least load but increased the speed. The muscles of the shoulder girdle also work.

Who is interested in the result, the first is visible in two weeks. Get ready for the fact that the muscles will sore very much. So do not give a big load first. Before exercising, consult with a specialist as I just share my experience.


Comfortable elliptical trainer, perfect for home use. During the period of dieting and preparing for competitions, and simply for the sake of cardio workouts, sometimes you are too lazy to go to the gym or simply do not have enough time. And this simulator will help to cope with this problem at home.


The simulator is very good for your money, the exercises are quite easy, there were no complaints in six months of work. The only drawback for me is that simulators of this level have small move.

But for a larger move you need a larger size, and accordingly the price of this simulator will be higher. This simulator is the perfect choice for those who want to lose weight or maintain the healthy cardiovascular. My rating is good.


After a leg injury, I had to return the shapes. Walking or running alone on the street was not possible, but working out at home was more preferably. I’ve bought not the most expensive trainer, so did not expect a miracle from the simulator.


Stamina InMotion treadmill justified its results: it works perfectly, you can increase the load, measure the pulse. The quality of the product itself is satisfactory for its cost. Even my wife sometimes does it, and she is also pleased that it is possible to work out without leaving the house. She does not always have enough time to walk as well.


For many young moms as me, after the child’s birth, losing weight became the burning topic. After I finished breastfeeding, I decided to go on a diet. But, I understood that muscles also need a good workout, so that the body does not look fatty. I am a terrible lazy in terms of sports, so I asked my husband for such a gift – Stamina elliptical trainer.


This model is equipped with a display that shows time, speed, distance traveled, calories, pulse. To measure the pulse there are touch sensors placed on the fixed handles. In general, the simulator is very effective, in case you plan to lead an active lifestyle, but you do not have enough time for the gym.


For 3 months of exercising on this simulator, I lost 5 kilos. I want to emphasize that during this time, I didn’t keep to any diet and didn’t change my lifestyle as well. Just followed some simple rules:

  • Just byuing the simulator won’t help to lose weight. To get some result, the workouts should be systematic. You need to do the exercises every day.
  • It is cardio simulator. So the effectiveness of trainings depends directly on the pulse. It is individual for everyone, nevertheless, a definite rate maintains the fat-burning effect.
  • Besides, fat burning occurs only after 20 minutes of working in such a rythm. So every session should last 20 minutes and longer.

Personally, I started from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Stamina elliptical will suit beginners as well. People with excess weight often don’t dare to attend the gym. So this elliptical is an optimal choice for them, as it doesn’t take much space in the room. I’m highly satisfied with the purchase, especially when I saw the result. Highly recommend to everyone!


See elliptical trainers curretly availabe on Amazon:

Joyus Elliptical Trainer reviews

This simulator provides a low-impact cardio training with a resistance control. In such a way, you can perform the exercises as challenging as you want.

You can work out in front or reverse to gain different fitness goals. Mainly, target various muscle groups. For measuring your progress, Fitbit Aria/Fitbit Aria 2 is the best choice.

What’s the best part?

The fitness simulator also has a monitor that shows you how many calories you’ve consumed. Besides, how many steps you’ve taken. Moreover, the past time during your workout. A great advantage is it’s sized benefit to store comfortably under your table, bed or on your closet floor. It’s even small enough to carry from room to room.

Benefits of Joyus Elliptical
  • The simulator has little sizes so it is convenient to save in a room or closet
  • The detachable resistance pipes enforce an upper body workout
  • Joyus Elliptical gives flexible pressure to check the workout strength level
  • The fitness device has a comfortable handle for effortless portability
  • Automatic fitness monitor demonstrates the number of strides per minute, the whole amount of strides, training time, and calories consumed or browse all stats
  • It processes average resistance tubes with padded, movable handles
  • A great benefit is that Joyus Elliptical includes workout DVD
  • The weight limit is 250 lbs

The InMotion Elliptical Trainer serves you forget your miserable explanations to the curb and form a regular exercise habit. It’s a compact elliptical that is little enough to bring to your workspace and can be used while either sitting or standing up.

You can even place it under your desk so you can work while you answer your morning emails.

  • Another advantage is that you can easily use the resistance tubes to ramp up your exercise. And moreover, train your upper body as well. There’s also an adaptable knob you can toggle with depending on the power level you need.

Picture this:

The built-in automatic fitness monitor represents the number of strides you make per minute, the total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned so you can keep track of your progress. There’s even an accompanying workout DVD.

Customers’ feedback

We gathered lots of Joyus at home elliptical trainer reviews.

The feedback is from common people as well as from fitness experts. See what users tell about the simulator after some time of usage. Pay attention to the effect that Joyus Elliptical provides. It will make your choice easier. Good luck!

Joyus Elliptical trainer is a great thing. The legs are not pumped but tightened up, they become more attractive. Weight, (if you eat without diets, but do not load up at night), slowly and surely goes down. And if you observe everything in the complex, then a slim figure is just around the corner!


When you want to keep fit, and there is no time or opportunity to go to the gym. Then there is a need to create your own home gym. A great number of advertisements praising the elliptical trainers brought me to this model.

Of course, I wanted to find an option so that all muscle groups were used as much as possible. And, as you know, walking is the most effective calorie-burning exercise. So there was no special effort to purchase the simulator.


What are my impressions after a year of using this simulator? I will tell you honestly that it is not always possible to train even at home. But still, I always try to run at least the minimum 15 minutes set for myself.

Basically, of course, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are involved. But the more you train, the more you will feel that the muscles of the back, abdomen, and arms also work.


Very good for warming up, because if there is time, after doing it I do a little stretch. Or use 40 squat techniques with resistance bands or weights. I must say that even after practicing it for 15 minutes, a slight lightness is felt in the body. Because even a small daily exercise, is quite capable of improving your mood and feeling.


I worked on an elliptical trainer for two years, every day for 35 minutes. To begin with, I installed a small load, but pretty soon I did not have enough of it. About 2 months later, I began to enjoy walking. It is desirable to train while listening to your favorite music, endurance will increase by 30 percent.


The simulator takes up little space, suitable even for a small apartment. The only thing I regretted was that I’ve not bought it before. I note that the pulse measurement function allows you to control it without leaving the simulator.


The simulator is quiet and smooth in work. There is the possibility of load adjustment to work on the ideal conditions for yourself. On the built-in computer screen you can see important information about the workout, pulse, speed and number of calories burned.

This simulator has shipping rollers, so moving around the room is easy. Work out with it for 40 minutes a day, and the result will now make you wait. Helped to lose 10 extra kg. I recommend it to everyone! Buy, you will not regret.


The elliptical trainer allows you to not just walk-run, but also trains the heart muscle, while maintaining its elasticity. And for the musculoskeletal system is just a discovery. When training on it, many muscle groups are perfectly pumped, including the muscles of the back, if you use moving levers for training.

The flywheel allows you to take really long steps, which is very good for the training of the leg muscles and the back. Although it would be possible for me with my long legs to pick up a bigger step.


Sometimes in the morning I just warm up, having run for 20 minutes before doing gymnastics. And sometimes, it happens that I run by the hour. It is enough just to put a suitable interesting film on the tablet in front of you so that it is not boring to do your exercises.

As soon as I wanted to increase the pressure, I would have to speed up the blood through the body. In addition, exercises raise overall health condition, improving mood.


I have been using Joyus Elliptical for almost half a year and now, no complaints. The figure is just perfect, I lost weight very quickly and pumped up the muscles. I was choosing it very long and tedious, I read a bunch of reviews.

And it stopped on this model. I tell you why. The simulator is solid and powerful, it gives an excellent load on the muscles of the arms and legs, many load levels is very convenient. As you can gradually increase the load.


There is also a display that shows speed, calorie consumption, distance traveled and pulse, which is also important in sports. Often in reviews, I see the complaints of squeaks. For two years of the daily use by the whole family, nothing like this. A couple of times my husband pulled up the bolts, but this is a technique in any simulator, you have to do it periodically, nothing permanent.


Workouts and a healthy diet will burn more calories, and this will lead to weight loss. Elliptical trainer allows not only to lose weight, it trains cardiovascular system, helps to tighten the muscles, and the variety in training programs will save you from annoying monotony.


Before marriage, I was slim, but after marriage I gained some kilos and dreamed of losing weight. I wanted to go to fitness centers, but everyone told me that I wouldn’t want to go there so often and long. And in the evening after work, you no longer want to go anywhere. Then I found an inexpensive simulator on the Internet and my husband bought me.


At first I worked out every day for 1 hour. I started to lose weight, then I quit and became fat again and then I started fresh. But I know that if I had been training for at least 2-3 months, I would have lost weight. Therefore, I advise you to buy it and train every day. It is a very comfortable simulator.


Joyus Elliptical is strong, durable and produces little noise. You can exercise under different users. During the workout time, the display shows the distance, the whole time working out, pulse, speed and kilojoules.

If necessary, you can see how many kilometers and for how long each user has passed. It gives good cardio and load on the legs. The load on the knees is smoothed. In general, the simulator is very effective. Besides, a lot of time is saved.


Elliptical trainer vs Stair stepper

Which one would you choose?

Its logically to give preference to an elliptical trainer. Now the following specifications will be estimated based on their effectiveness for weight loss.

The key factors according to which we compare the simulators are: effectiveness of burning calories, the risk of getting an injury, body muscles involved.

In any case:

The elliptical has more advantages, not regarding the price. Some people are too concerned with the correlation of an optimal price and compactness.

Elliptical pros
  • More effective for losing weight, that is estimated according to the number of burning calories. On avarage 540-800 calories per hour compared with 360-540 calories on stair stepper.
  • Muscles of lower as well as upper body part are involved. Using handles allow to combine hand and leg movements. It is possible to do parallel exercises with arms on the mini stepper, but it’s much less effective.
  • The risk of injuries due to the stable leg position on the simulator and their movement along an elliptical path is much lower, with additional support on the handles.
  • When working with the stepper there are risks of joint pain and falling from the simulator. As well as contraindications for spine and joints or some chronic diseases.
  • The reverse mode when your legs are moving back gives the possibiliy of training muscles that are hard to train while moving legs forward.
  • Almost a complete absence of noise while training on the simulator. At the same time, mini steppers often creak, and you need to regularly lubricate it.
Stepper pros
  • More compact and comfortable for using and storing at home. In its turn, elliptical trainer occupies much more spae in your appartment.
  • Much cheaper than elliptical trainer. Besides, because of its compact size and low weight, mini-stepper doesn’t require the delivery from the shop.

Various brands offer equipment of different quality.

We recommend buying the brands having lots of satisfied customers and positive reviews. Such as Concept2 Model D rower or Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 magnetic rowing machine.

Best elliptical with incline

From a safety point of view for joints and the spine, an elliptical machine with incline is the most preferred simulator.

It is designed with minimal impact on the joint and musculoskeletal system, so you can practice the equipment without harm to health. Even with excess weight and in the absence of fitness experience.

This is achieved due to the stable position of the body, adjustable incline and a given amplitude of motion. It’s hard to fall from the elliptical trainer, unlike a treadmill, where you constantly need to be focused on your body position.

However, exercises with power incline elliptical are quite monotonous:

Inexpensive models practically exclude the possibility of interval training and minimize load variability. If you can easily set the desired speed and angle on a treadmill, then using an ellipsoid, the load level will depend on the applied resistance.

In terms of load intensity, the ellipsoid is superior to the exercise bike, but lower to the treadmill.

What muscles does elliptical machine with incline train?
  • Leg muscles (ankles, buttocks, quadriceps)
  • Body muscles (press, back, chest)
  • Arm muscles (triceps, biceps, forearms)
  • Shoulders

Moreover, if you want to work only leg muscles, then you can simply remove your hands from the handles. But if you want to tone all the muscles, then use the handles and work at full strength.

1. Muscles trained while classic walk

While classical walking on an ellipsoid, all of the muscle groups listed above are involved, while the load is distributed more or less evenly.

Using the simulator, you must keep to the following rules. Make your body straight, raise your chest, place your palms on the handles, your head looks forward, your legs are bent at the knees. Hands during movement should be fully extended, pushing the handle of the simulator.

In this case, excessive body rotation should not occur. The rotation of your body should occur after the hands, but not be an independent movement. In this case, of course, you need to monitor breathing: it must be produced by the stomach.

2. Muscles trained when leaning forward

However, if you wish, you can focus on certain muscles by changing the angle of inclination. When leaning back gluteal muscles get the main load. In this case, the pelvis should be taken as far back as possible.

The back should be kept straight, however, as in all other variations. You have to walk as if sitting. At the upper point of the amplitude, the lower leg should be perpendicular to the floor, and the thigh parallel to it. Hands hold on to static handles.

3. Muscles trained when leaning back

When leaning forward, the thigh and calf muscles are loaded. The pedals need to be pressed into the floor harder, which will emphasize the load on the legs. Hands should be placed on the static handles of an ellipsoid.

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