Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale | Review 2020

D​o not imagine your life without cooking? Then you always need to do accurate measurements of products. Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is the number one thing you should have in your kitchen.

How to choose?

See the review to make the right choice while looking for the perfect equipment. Kitrics Nutritional Scale with Programmed Foods is made for you to do the highly accurate measurements while cooking.

Compare the equipment with Perfect Portions Scale and other Amazon Kitchen Scales 2020. Consider all the positive and negative sides of the equipment. Read the fitness experts’ and customers’ reviews and make your choice easily.

Kitrics Digital Equipment with Programmed Foods

Following healthy nutrition strictly?

Well, this scale and a nutritional calculator is a great helper. Alternatively, of just measuring ingredients, which is what most kitchen equipment do, Kitrics Nutritional one with Programmed Foods also calculates the calories of the food you put on it.

Kitrics nutrition label scale is not your common kitchen equipment! In addition to measuring portion weight and giving complete data about the calorie number of food. This fasters and health foodies’ dream also provides you a summary of the essential nutrition facts of the portion.
Product’s features
  • Kitrics 122 digital nutrition label scale measures in grams or ounces with a precision of +/- 1 gram; measures up to 72 ounces (2000 grams)
  • The equipment carries data for 1999 products; the user can simply generate and save up to 99 usual Kitrics scale codes
  • Besides, it counts calories, calories from fat, carbs, protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, sugars, cholesterol, and sodium
  • The equipment determines your regular food intake to assist you to achieve your health goals
  • It operates on two AA batteries (included); auto power off feature saves battery power
  • It has Kitrics digital nutrition scale manual

Kitrics Digital Scale advantages

It has never been so easy to weight the products while cooking:

Simply insert a food code from the given list of 1999 popular foods. After that, put the food part on the platform. The article will be weighted, and the nutritional facts for that portion represented.

Store usual food code entries for foods that aren’t previously in the database. And sum up your daily nutritional profit to support you reach your fitness aims.

  • Highly accurate equipment

You can easily weigh your food in grams or ounces, with a high-precision reading of +/- 1 gram (.05 oz.). The unit features a permanent stainless steel platform and can weigh up to 72 ounces (2000 grams). Calibrate for whatever package you’re using and you’re all set.

  • Receive a food analysis

Actually, it’s not just about weight.

The Kitrics digital nutrition tool features a database containing information for 1999 foods. Enter your food code for a portion of food and it will compute the following: calories, calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, sugars, cholesterol, and sodium.

The data is easy to read, displayed just the way it is on food packaging labels. At the end of the day, you can also calculate your daily nutritional intake, making this equipment an essential dieting tool, or an eye-opener for those who wonder about their eating habits.

  • Convenient system records

If a food you like is not present in the device’s database, Kitrics digital nutrition equipment allows you to store up to 99 of your own food entries.

  • It never troubles to double-check

Guess you’re getting those serving sizes right? You may not be. The Kitrics digital nutrition equipment helps you ensure you get a proper serving, which may be smaller or larger than you anticipated.

  • Perfect choice for baking

You’ve apparently encountered the occasional baking recipe that offers measurements in grams rather than cups/etc. Get precise with this equipment rather than converting or “guesstimating,” which is never a great idea with baking.

  • Battery operated

The Kitrics digital nutrition scale runs on two AA batteries (included). A handy auto power-off feature ensures you don’t drain them too quickly.

These 9 reasons make people buy the scale

Kitrics Nutritional Scale with Programmed Foods can perform many functions that are necessary for the process of cooking. Let’s have a look at the main reasons why you should buy it.

  • 1. Accurately measure product weight

Unlike old mechanical models, where the mistake range was 50-100 g, electronic equipment can measure up to a gram and 5 kg for jam, and a pinch of spices for sauce. Electronic models cost more expensive, run on batteries.

The only negative side is the lower maximum allowable weight for measurement.

But this is not a problem.

Kitrics digital food tool has the function of summing up the weight. So that you can safely weigh fruits and vegetables in several stages. As a rule, with careful handling, quality scales serve their owner for up to 10 years.

5 tips to mind while choosing equipment
  • the numbers on the display – they should be large;
  • buttons – touch better than the usual “push”;
  • manufacture material – food grade plastic, refractory glass or stainless steel – any of these materials must have a sanitary and hygienic certificate;
  • warranty period – at least – 1 year, but better – 3 or 5 years;
  • a cup – it should be removable, have divisions and a spout for working with bulk and liquid products.
  • 2. Change the unit

This function will be appreciated by those who like to cook according to foreign recipes and cookbooks, where the weight of ingredients is indicated in ounces or pounds. Simply select the desired measurement system from the menu.

  • 3. Zero weight dishes

Some models of scales can zero the weight of the dishes into which you fold the products, so you don’t have to put them directly on the equipment.

  • 4. Zero weight products

Another useful feature that is very convenient when mixing the dough or minced meat

One ingredient was put in the dishes – weighed, zeroed – another was added – weighed, zeroed – and so on until a mixture exactly corresponding to the recipe was obtained.

  • 5. Work like a clock and alarm

Not quite a “kitchen” function, but as a free application – why not. And some very sophisticated models can also measure the air temperature in the room.

  • 6. Measure the volume and temperature of the liquid

It is a very important function in case the family has a baby. To measure the temperature is a thermometer that is attached to the scales on the cord.

  • 7. Count calories and cholesterol

Such equipment knows the nutritional information of 1000 products. It remains for you to put a grapefruit or chicken fillet on the scale and enter the code of the corresponding product.

Here’s the deal:

They will give you information not only about the number of calories but also about the content of fats, carbs, proteins, and even cholesterol. Consistently weighing several different foods, you can get their total calories.

  • 8. Save space in the kitchen

Tthe main argument “against” the purchase of kitchen equipment – they have nowhere to put.

However, in some models, this problem has already been solved. For small kitchens, flat ones without a bowl are suitable – it is convenient to weigh whole chicken or fish on them, and for overall products, you can take any kitchen utensil.

To save space, many scales are equipped with a special hook, with which it is convenient to hang them on the railing, or wall mount. But the best option is a built-in appliance (for example, in one of the kitchen drawers). True, there are not expensive such equipment.

  • 9. Decorating the kitchen

Kitchen scales vary greatly in design.

Have a laconic white kitchen? Choose models from white plastic (by the way, this is the cheapest material). Models from stainless steel and tempered glass are suitable for high-tech kitchen. They are more expensive, but they serve longer and wash well.

For a classic interior, as well as a country-style kitchen and Provence – look for retro models with a wooden case and a copper bowl. Most likely you will have to abandon the electronic device in favor of mechanical beauty.

Lose weight with Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

The problem of extra pounds is considered one of the most urgent among people who monitor their body appearance. If men, as a rule, are not interested in such a question, then women in every possible way strive to lose weight, even if it is not excess.

Some women refuse to eat after 6 pm or begin to follow a strict vegetable diet, mistakenly believing that this will lead to quick weight loss. It is not enough just to eat carrots in hope of a miracle.

You also need to know how much you eat. It is not always easy to determine at a glance the weight of the product, which fairly adds calories to your daily ration.

Kitchen scales as a way to lose weight

Kitchen equipment, tracking every gram, will help control the number of calories and contribute to the process of losing weight. The task of counting calories may seem boring and difficult. But after a few repetitions, weighing products will become a habit.

What’s the solution?

Buy electronic equipment – they show the weight much more accurately. For the convenience of control over the consumed food use the table of caloric content. Each organism has its own daily calorie intake, which depends on the physique, lifestyle, activity, health state.

Any healthy person needs 1 200 kcal per day to maintain the vital activity of the body. Add to this figure the physical and mental stress – on average, the figure for women is 2,000–2,500 kcal.

A simple formula for calculating daily calorie intake:
10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age – 161

Do not rush to cut immediately the diet to lose weight.

To start, try not to exceed the daily rate of products. Do not make a mistake in the calculations will help just the kitchen equipment. Go with confident steps to your cherished goal! Remember that, taking the path of moderate nutrition, you will not only look great but feel cheerful.

These 3 tips form the habit of weighing foods

The habit of weighing and fixing food is achieved fairly quickly. However, for this to happen, you need to choose the most convenient variant – to use equipment.

  • 1. First of all, they should be as compact as possible so that you can put them on the kitchen table – and they would not interfere with you.

Keep in mind that the idea to keep the device in the closet – initially a failure. If you put the equipment in the closet, you won’t get them. Never.

Well, maybe the first few days you will not be too lazy to pull them out, and then clean back. So it is better to immediately find a more convenient place for them.

  • 2. Secondly, we recommend to choose equipment with a platform, but not with a cup.

The argument is simple:

You can put any container with any products on the platform, and the bowl will limit you very much in this. In addition, if you use the bowl that comes with the scales, you will have to wash it.

It is much easier to weigh the products immediately in the dishes in which you will prepare them or from which you will eat them. It is especially convenient to do this on scales that have the function of weaning the mass:

  • at first, put an empty plate or cup on the platform, nullify the indicators
  • then put the same dishes, but already full
  • and the equipment will show only the product weight.
  • 3. Thirdly, if you decide to approach the matter seriously, you can choose special diet scales.

Such a device has a memory function and also stores information about several hundred products. It allows weighing to determine not only the mass of the dish but also the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salt, cholesterol, and fiber.

But even if you prefer the simplest kitchen equipment – this will already be enough to develop a responsible attitude to nutrition. You will know for sure that you do not eat anything extra, and if you eat it, you do it of your own will and desire.

Review: weight loss with Nutrition Scale

Counting calories is a quite known and popular method for everyone who wants to lose weight. But not everyone keeps this method properly. I am among such people, but since this method was tested by me, as an experiment, I can safely judge him and express my opinion.


Let’s start with the main thing. In order to count calories, you need to know your daily calorie rate, for the calculation of which there is a special formula. The results are different, based on what kind of lifestyle adheres to a person who wants to lose weight.

The main factor is activity. If you lead a sedentary and immobile lifestyle, then the number of kilocalories consumed per day, of course, will be much less. Than that of a person who “runs around” all day, plus adding a couple of hours in the gym.


Considering calories does not mean eating a whole day a couple of high-calorie chocolate bars and staying at that. No! Food should be healthy and healthy!

Also, you will need to calculate the number of consumed fats, carbohydrates and proteins per day (also, knowing their number by the formula). Know the weight of all that you eat, therefore, stock up on kitchen scales!


Weight loss occurs due to the fact that the amount of calories consumed exceeds the amount consumed. And then the body has to burn already accumulated fat. And where else would he take strength?

Such weight loss is considered slow, but true, uniform. And therefore, when you return to your “usual and usual way of life”, you are not so rapidly gaining just burned weight and fat.


I didn’t like this diet because I constantly need to find out the caloric content of certain foods and their weight. For me, this is too hectic and painful. Where it is easier to simply identify at a glance – oh, this is a carrot, not high-calorie, then you can eat!


For me, this way of eating is the only pleasant and sure way – proper nutrition. I know how many times a day I need to eat, that I should not eat and after what time I need to stop eating food. And run with kitchen scales, and even not for one day, but throughout life? No, really.


I do not dissuade anyone from this method of losing weight. Millions use it and it quite satisfies them. But I just want to add: “not mine.”

Adhere to proper nutrition, eat more healthy food, in particular, tasty fruits and vegetables, and your figure will tell you a lot – “thank you”! But as a bonus, playing sports will be even more effective than ever before.


Kitchen scales: how to choose?

The idea that it is high time to buy kitchen scales may not come immediately.

Most often, this decision is supported by the desire to improve their cooking skills and begin to prepare delicious dishes. Of course, that require precise attention of the products’ weight proportions.

The market of nutritional equipment is represented by a huge selection of models from different manufacturers. They come in various design solutions and price categories. How to correctly define which kitchen scales are the best suitable for you?

Mechanical vs electronic

In the modern world, all kitchen scales are divided into two categories: electronic and mechanical. The operation of the mechanical device is carried out by the spring. Which, under the pressure of the object to be weighed, displaces the hand on the dial on the measurement equipment.

With the coming of electronic tools, mechanical ones lost their former popularity and are less and less in demand every day. However, it should be noted some of their benefits.

Unlike electronic ones, mechanical devices have a large power of weighing and concerning a price, as a rule, much cheaper. But perhaps the most essential advantage is that they do not need a power source to operate.

When buying mechanical tools, it is important to have information about the disadvantages of such a purchase. These include relatively high measurement error.

As well as the absence of any additional functions (weight loss, calorie counting, etc.) Which, at first glance, may not seem very important, but can be very useful during usage.

Made a choice in favor of just such equipment?

Remember the following. The spring, due to which the pointing arrow moves, loses elasticity and stretches over time. As a result of which, the measurement error will constantly increase.

The principle of operation of electronic scales is based on the change of the load into electrical resistance. These devices are equipped with highly sensitive sensors, making it possible to achieve high measurement accuracy.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of electronic scales is to present information about the food on a digital display. Which is very convenient for reading.

The disadvantage of this technology is only one – dependence on power sources, which can be an electrical network or batteries.

Which is better: a bowl or a flat shape

Depending on the method of weighing, kitchen tools may be flat or equipped with a special bowl. Having scales with a flat surface on your kitchen table, you will appreciate the fact that products can be easily weighed in the same container in which they will be prepared.

Here’s the kicker:

Actually, it is much more convenient to measure the weight of large and whole foods, such as melon, watermelon, fish, pumpkin, etc. on scales of this type.

If we talk about kitchen scales with a bowl, it is worth noting that they are designed for weighing liquids, different types of cereals, as well as small fruits and vegetables. In addition to its direct destination in the bowl is very convenient to mix the dough for baking.

At the same time, each time you add a new ingredient, the indicator on the digital display will instantly change, so you can track the correct recipe of the dish with an accuracy of one gram.

To cut it short, kitchen tools with a bowl are designed for weighing bulk products. At the same time, flat-surface devices are made for vegetables or fruits of large sizes, as well as those products that have an oval shape.

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