Best pilates machines for home | Review 2020

D​ream to have a fit and toned body not leaving home? We suggest the best pilates machines for home in 2020 for working out back muscles without extra load on joints.

Why choose it?

Pilates reformer is the most popular pilates trainer. Practically everyone can use it. In fact, during one intense workout up to 500 kcal is burned. And the probability of getting injured tends to zero.

Training on AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610, Pilates Cadillac Reformer and other simulators described below will help to significantly improve your health and raise the mood.

It is perfect for this kind of sports, as well as Pilates magic circles for effective workouts.

Best home pilates reformer

It is a magical thing for doing sports available on Amazon. Let’s get to know more about this trainer. Figure out how to do exercises strengthening your health.

AeroPilates Reformer Plus 5006

AeroPilates can really challenge their core. Actually, using more cords is harder on the main mobilizing muscles. But some cords make the training more concentrated on the core.

Want to know the most interesting part?

This Amazon Pilates Reformer has several other extra features. Including a broader platform, for more upper body space. A larger Cardio Rebounder, a standing platform to challenge your balance, fur hand grips. Moreover, it is able to hold up to 350lbs.

The pulley risers enable you to adjust the height of the straps. It alters the angle and intensity of each exercise. Actually, the trainer is for a general user, or simply one who wants the top of the line reformer.

The AeroPilates Reformer Plus 5006 will give more comfort and enjoyment in your routine.

Main features
  • A Certified Refurbished stock has been examined and approved. It is to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear. It was tested by a manufacturer or specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon.
  • Flexible resistance with 5 heavy-duty. Elastic bungee cords: 2 black, 2 Red and 1 yellow.
  • Padded purple platform (23.5” wide). Taller (2”) Cardio Rebounder. Padded, flared, wider foot bar. High-density foam shoulder pads. Padded, 3-position adjustable headrest.
  • Pulley risers for adjustable strap height. Standing platform with the textured surface for better balance and control.
  • 3 DVD with 10 total Workouts. AeroPilates full-color workout wall chart. Foldable frame with wheels for easy portability and storage.

To conclude, the AeroPilates Reformer Plus 5006 is able to provide more comfort and luxury in your AeroPilates routine. Burn calories in a pleasant, gentle manner with the Patented Cardio Rebounder.

If you’re seeking a road for more traditional Pilates exercises, use the padded foot bar. You will gain the wider platform, double loop hand and foot straps. Besides, the adjustable headrest and high-density foam shoulder pads. They will keep you protected and comfortable during your workout.

AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 

The special AeroPilates Precision SeriesAmazon Pilates Reformer 610 and Cadillac Accessory Package presents the Pilates experience you need. It has a great sequence of characteristics. Besides, comfort and specific design.

Why should you choose it?

This reformer provides you with all the tools for a great Pilates training. Aero Pilates XP 610 exercises are done lying down to reach your desired heart rate and tone muscle. You can do it as effectively as a treadmill.

It can be useful for you to see the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 problems.

With reduced impact in the joints, hips or spine. For more common Pilates exercises (alternatives to Burpees), switch the Rebounder out with the included padded foot bar.

The 610 features 4 levels of spring resistance. Heavier resistance engages the main muscle groups and lighter resistance activates the core.

Main features
  • Is provided with two items. Plus 4 workout videos and 6 educational videos. It expands workout potential. AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 and the AeroPilates Precision Series Cadillac.
  • 4 levels of spring resistance. With Patented Cardio Rebounder and padded foot bar for traditional Pilates exercises.
  • The padded platform, foam shoulder pads. Adjustable headrest, hand and foot straps for long comfort.
  • Cadillac includes spring-loaded push through the bar. Besides, roll down bar, arm and leg springs for wide, full-body workout.
  • Includes the wall chart and downloadable AeroPilates Primer, AeroPilates Basic Workout Package and AeroPilates Cadillac guided workout videos.[/su_box]
Advance your workouts with the Cadillac! This AeroPilates Cadillac accessory takes your training potential to the next level. Various outlets on this accessory allow you to strengthen and stretch the body.

Moreover, in a totally new, fun, gentle and joint-friendly way.

  • Roll-down bar perfect for supported ab and back exercises and spine articulation. Also involves core muscles.
  • Arm and leg springs allow for a more focused way of developing specific muscle groups.
  • Push-through bar great for both upper and lower body work. Try exercises like chest press, front shoulder raises, leg press, flutter kicks, deep back stretching and more.
  • Strong, attractive steel frame easily attaches to 610 Reformer. It occurs by placing the pad on the platform and screwing in the bracket.
  • Includes free online access to several AeroPilates guided workout videos. Plus a routine with the Cadillac accessory.

To conclude, the AeroPilates Precision Series 610 Reformer with Cadillac is the ultimate way to try AeroPilates. This fully-featured trainer has all the bells and whistles you’d demand from a premium reformer. Four levels of spring resistance enable you to adjust your training intensity fast and easily.

Pilates Cadillac Convertible

This Pilates reformer with half trapeze is both a commercial-grade Cadillac and pilates reformer. It provides the complete function for both in a beautiful and handcrafted design. The Cadillac convertible converts securely and comfortably between Cadillac and reformer.

The compact size of this convertible is excellent for rooms with limited space.

Actually, it is the most complete machine of this catalog. This trainer incorporates innovative systems. Such as the rapid change of foot bar positions, spring bar, and pulleys. It has wheels for easier transportation.
Cadillac includes
  • Twin drop-in mats are easy for one person to handle.
  • Push-through bar in the anodized aluminum can be assembled as the 3-slided bar. Adjustable to 3 heights.
  • Push-through bar with safety strap.
  • New padded trapeze bar with spring collars and springs.
  • Trapeze springs with snaps: 2 yellow (light) and 2 green (medium).
  • Long springs: 2 yellow (light) and 2 green (medium).
  • Solid roll-down bar.
  • 1 pair of padded cotton grips
  • Padded foot stopper.
Reformer includes
  • One pair of quick-release, adjustable and removable shoulder rests.
  • A padded headrest provides 3 positions: 2 above carriage and 1 leveled with the carriage.
  • Ropes adjustable with snap included.
  • Springs: 1 yellow (light), 2 green (medium), 2 red (heavy).
  • Loop/handles: wood classic handles (1 pair). Double feet and hand loops (1 pair).
  • Pulleys (1 pair).
  • Built-in standing platform with a non-slip surface for safety.
  • The padded seat on the footplate.
  • Includes the jump board and box.

To conclude, this pilates Cadillac convertible is both a commercial-grade Cadillac and pilates reformer. It provides the full function for both in a gorgeous and handcrafted design. It converts safely and easily between Cadillac and reformer.

Studio Pilates Reformer with Tower

This Amazon Pilates Reformer has large strides and excellent surface. A powerful and highly convenient trainer. Perfect for studios seeking a comfortable and relaxing environment. The Rock Maple Wood provides that.

The reformer is preferred among fitness and health specialists:

Amazingly flexible and long-lasting. Provides the outstanding versatility to support a range of body heights, sizes and abilities. Great structure for maximum safety and endurance. It offers excellent balance and is very resistant.

The trainer includes innovative methods:

Such as the fast change of foot bar positions, spring bar, and pulleys. Besides, it has wheels for comfortable transportation. If you follow the up-to-date technologies, try also Withings Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scales to measure your progress.

Reformer includes
  • One pair of quick-release and movable shoulder rests. One pair of pulleys.
  • Adaptable in different heights with detachable wooden elevator.
  • Silent and soft bed sliding system. Thanks to its system of 8 vertical and horizontal PU wheels.
  • Silent precision bearings.
  • Adjustable and high resistance ropes with snap included.
  • Loop/handles: Foam handles (1 pair). Double feet and hand loops (1 pair).
  • Built-in standing platform with a non-slip surface for safety.
  • The padded seat on the footplate. Includes the jump board and box.

The padded headrest provides 3 positions. There are 2 above carriage and 1 leveled with the carriage. Springs provided: 1 yellow (light), 2 green (medium) and 2 red (heavy).

Tower includes
  • Stainless steel tower. Easily movable.
  • 41 hooks around the tower to allow multiple positions.
  • Upholstered mat to cover the surface of the reformer. Easy to put on.
  • Anodized aluminum stretching bar with rubber grip and padded protection. Provides safety strap for upper and lower springs. Adjustable in 3 positions.
  • Short cadillac springs with grips: 2 yellow (light) and 2 green (medium). Long cadillac springs with grips: 2 yellow (light) and 2 green (medium).
  • A roll-down bar made of solid beech wood with the leather cover.
  • 1 pair of pulleys.

Aeropilates reformer exercises

While training, the emphasis is placed on breathing. Improving movement coordination and a sense of balance are the key aims. There are your helpers while the development of the strong body.  Particular attention is paid to the exercise technique.

The main principles of Pilates will help to better understand the features of this fitness direction.

  • Control. Much attention is paid to muscle control. The resistance is used in exercises. It is provided by springs in special sports equipment or the gravity force. The goal is to control every body movement.
  • Centering. All movements start from the center. There are abdominal muscles, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and the inner hips surface. In modern terminology, this central area is called the core.
  • Concentration. During the exercise, full concentration is required. It covers the whole body, each muscle, and ligament. This activity significantly reduces stress.
  • Definition. Accurate and perfect movement is performed. During it, you focus on quality. Not on the number of repetition. The goal of this definition is to improve the accuracy of exercise performance. The main idea is to make all your movements smoother and more restrained.
  • Breath. This process is regarded as purification in Pilates. You absorb oxygen. The blood, saturated with it, is carried through the body. It purifies and refreshes you. Just like in yoga, you inhale and exhale in a certain rhythm. Of course, it is logical with the exercise.
  • Flow. The goal of Pilates is an economy of movement through the stream. It is created through the use of relevant transitions. In fact, this ability develops with practice. One movement smoothly passes into another, increasing your strength and endurance.
8 best Pilates Reformer exercises


Exercise is done lying on your back precisely in the middle of the reformer. Actually, it is not so easy to lie down correctly at the first attempt.

Put your feet on a special footboard with a lift. Then push the platform on which you lie so that it will go back. Then bend your legs – and the platform itself returns to its original position.

This is a warm-up exercise that prepares the body for training. It increases blood flow in the back muscles. Besides, it includes the muscles of the hips and buttocks. In addition, it really helps to get involved in the work, if you press the platform at an energetic pace.


Hands put into the loop and pull to the buttocks. Then lift your legs. Your hands begin to make up-and-down movements. This exercise is done with a small amplitude as if you are hitting the water.

Actually, this is also a warm-up exercise. It involves the press. But remember, that you’re doing the necessary number of movements with your hands. And your abdominal strain very much. You need to keep your legs raised all the time.


Now you already put your legs into those loops. Then throw them back. While doing that, act as if you are going to get up on a birch. Then you reduce the lower part down.

It is very important to pull the pelvis and lower back down. So the muscles in these places are trained and stretched. Pull your legs diagonally upwards.

Actually, this exercise is aimed at stretching the spine. Besides, it copes with opening the thoracic section, stretching the lower back. Besides, it is very interesting to pull the pelvis down. By doing that, lower back muscles work. You can not even guess of their existence.


You put your legs into the loops. Yes, these loops on the reformer are numerous. Pull your legs on. Sit on the block edge with a flat back. Do it pulling the head up. The bar is in your hands. With it, deviate back and return. It is important to do all of the above with a very flat back. Here we strengthen the hips and buttocks. Besides, we stretch and train the muscles of the back and abdomen.

Actually, this exercise is the back killer. At the same time, the large muscle under the shoulder is strained. And in general, the whole body is under pressure. The press works very hard.


It is the exercise where you press the platform with your feet in a seated position. The first option – a bent back. It is important that the body remains in place. The legs and waist move back. So these areas are stretched. The second option – hands behind. It is important to keep a straight back. So the muscles of the back are trained. The third option – hands forward. The top stretches upwards. In this case, the thoracic section stretches.

Stomach massage is a set of exercises. They are aimed at opening the lower back and stretching the spine. Your loin simply says “thank you” for every push-up of the platform in this position.


It is a series of exercises. During it, you need to press the platform by your legs. You must do it resting on your hands. Press the platform with your feet. You are to do it sanding on all fours or raising your knees over the reformer. It is important to make movements smoothly, not sharp. This is also a series of exercises that develop the buttocks muscles. It is still very fitting for people with injured knees.

As it gently strengthens this area. Quadriceps and calves just burn. Buttocks are also very tense. You may stand a very small number of repetitions. It is because exercise is very difficult. Especially if you raise your knees over the Amazon pilates reformer.


With one foot you press the fixed part of the platform. With the other – press the moving part. So that it moves. Then, due to the tension of the thigh inner surface, you return it back. Keep your arms at this position. Straighten your back as much as possible.

Here we train coordination, balance. Besides, strengthen the inner surface of the hips. For many, this is one of the most difficult exercises. Especially for those who have bad coordination and constantly roll back. In addition, the less the resistance of the springs is, the harder is to roll the platform back. The inner surface of the thigh strains very well.


Legs press on a special fluffy loop. The exercise is to lower the wooden plank to the stomach. It is to be done by hand force. And at the same time raise the pelvis.

This exercise is aimed at alignment and centering. It strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, and shoulder joint. Involves all muscle groups and requires maximum concentration and exposure. Some regard it as another difficult exercise. Especially those who have rather weak hands. So pull the bar with resistance – pleasure for a little people. But not only your hands are tense. The back and the buttocks are also working.

Here are practical recommendations on exercises:

  • Posture correction. Explain and learn the right body position in statics and dynamics. It will help you to improve posture.
  • Abdominal muscles and pelvic floor activation. Learn to strain all the abdominal muscles. As well as the pelvic floor. It such a way, you will improve muscle condition and maintain posture.
  • Efficient breathing. Learn the deep, diaphragmatic breathing. It is an essential part of the exercise’s positive effects.
  • Avoid strong muscle tension. Try not to overstretch your muscles. Use only the energy necessary for the movement. In particular, specialists recommend relaxing necks during exercises. Use internal neck flexors. In such a way, the neck back does not become stiff.
  • Multiplane workout. Do not use only exercises with moving forward. Perform a sequence of exercises that includes a stable number of flexings. Also, include exercises for arms. Besides, in the standing position for the whole body load.
  • Change the exercises. For better results, change the exercises. You should do it according to the ability to do them correctly. In fact, making changes not only gives the best results in the exercises. It also reduces the risk of injury.

Cardio jump board reformer: calories burned

Of course, you always need to plan, calculate and define everything you do. Fitness activities are not an exception. For those who want to start using the Pilates Reformer, it is very essential to calculate the calories burned.

Let’s try to figure out how to burn the maximum calories.

Calories distribution in Pilates is a question of interest for many people. Actually, there is no exact answer to this question. We can only define the approximate number – around 200-250 calories per hour of training.

You may think that it is too little, as even while running you burn around 300 calories.

At the same time, you need to understand that losing weight is not the main purpose of Pilates. But it forms the conditions while the energy distribution is higher and more effective than usual.

What influence on calorie distribution?

Lots of factors influence the number of calories burned while exercising on the Pilates Reformer. You need to consider them to calculate and keep under control the calories.

1. Person’s weight

The person’s weight is an essential factor for estimating calories consumed. The higher your weight is, the higher energy consumption will be. As each body cell needs its part. At the same time, when you have weight problems, your endurance is much lower.

Of course, it influences the effectiveness of training.

2. Muscle mass percent

This factor is essential due to the following factor. Muscles need more energy. At the same time, fat tissue does not consume it at all. That is why the more muscle mass you have, the higher energy consumption you need.

3. Training intensity

There are many directions in fitness. Starting with the easiest used by beginners or the rehabilitation after an injury. And to overall hard to perform and demanding much energy. Depending on the workout plan intensity, there will be a difference in calories consumed while training on Pilates Reformer.

4. Level of training

Your training level is a very important factor in calorie consumption. It is always harder for the body to perform the tasks it is not accustomed to. That is why beginners will use more calories while training on Pilates reformer. In this case, you can try using resistance bands.

More advanced users that already have experience in workouts with Pilates Reformer, will need less energy to perform the tasks.

5. Mood

You will be surprised, but your mood has a great impact on the effectiveness of your training.

How does it work? In fact, when you do exercises in a good mood and with pleasure, calorie distribution will be much higher. It is connected with the special hormones that your body releases. They stimulate fat split.

6. Metabolism

In fact, metabolism really differs for many people. Somebody has a natural incline to lose more calories compared with others. And some people find it harder to consume calories. It is a natural factor, so it is hard to influence or change it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does equipment work?

A: Pilates exercises bring much better result with special equipment – Amazon Pilates Reformer. Actually, relatively lately this invention was improved thanks to new technologies. The Amazon Pilates Reformer is based on a motor platform.

As a result of it, workouts have a huge effect. There are also straps with loops for legs and arms. They are designed for performing various exercises.

As to the performance of the exercise. You are to do it on a loose platform so that it does not move. Of course, this will require additional efforts. But due to them, deep muscles will work better. You might not even suspect it. In this case, there will be no load on the joints and the spine.

Especially in contrast to training on usual trainers. Some exercises are performed on a stable platform as well. In addition, in the process of each exercise, only the necessary muscles are involved. Others remain unstressed. So, the muscles get rid of the unnecessary additional load. As you know, it is only harmful.

Q: How does one lesson pass?

A: Imagine that you attend the very first lesson. A qualified trainer will definitely see all your problems at a glance. And you will start working on them. Pilates exercises on the Amazon Pilates Reformer last about 60 minutes. During all this time, simple but very effective exercises are performed. They will affect absolutely all muscles and body parts.

For example, raising the entire body as high as possible. It’s like an exercise “Bridge”. By doing that, leave the platform unmoved. And alternately stretch the legs upwards. The exercise is performed at a moderate pace. Of course, it allows you to perform everything as accurately as possible. It is important to monitor your breathing.

Q: Feelings while exercising?

A: Feelings and emotions during Pilates are rather distinctive. They significantly differ from those that you get from other types of fitness. There is no strong tiredness as after the gym.

You feel only comfort and relaxation. Actually, after such exercising, you realize a lot. How much you don’t know about your body and how unconsciously you feel it. You realize that sometimes you unconsciously destroy your body.

During a workout, you perform simple exercises. But how many interesting distinctions and details they have. That help to understand the kind of your health problems. Moreover, with the help of pilates reformer, you learn how to cure them!

The goal appears: to fix all the consequences of a previous lifestyle. You can no longer think about losing weight or building muscles. The only aim is about how to become just healthy. And this appeals to absolutely everyone. Since more than 90% of people suffer from back pain. Plus have certain problems with spine health.

Q: For whome is the equipment?

A: You can find exercises on the Amazon Pilates Reformer in the training plan of such stars like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Wise. No wonder, as it is relevant for people of different ages, sex, and level of training.

Pilates is simple and complex at the same time. I compare it with the boundless starry sky. It is when you first come to exercise. First, you go to the trainer. Then do not immediately understand what is happening. Sometimes you even get lost before the seeming complexity of new tasks.

But your body feels that something right is happening. With each lesson, the principles of this direction are revealed before you. They allow you to become slimmer, more flexible and stronger!

Variety of exercises for a fit and balanced body is great! All exercises are performed in a predetermined sequence. Make sure they are done in combination with proper breathing. It leads to the desired result gradually and without unnecessary discomfort. Workouts are held in a quiet rhythm. Much attention is paid to self-control and detailed stress of all muscle groups. Including the deepest and smallest ones.

Q: Reasons to buy pilates reformer?

A: Pilates exercises using the reformer smoothly develop the whole body. It benefits in correcting the wrong posture. Besides, restores the energy balance of the body. Exercises on the Amazon Pilates Reformer contribute to the natural development of large muscles.

In fact, Pilates is a system of physical exercise or just fitness method. This kind of sport is absolutely safe for people with any level of physical training. But on the condition when exercising is correct. It includes more than 500 exercises and six main workout components.

Many of these exercises are performed in the lying position. So training is considered to be less traumatic. Usually, it starts with a light workout. Gradually it flows into the other kind of exercises. They are performed in sitting and then standing position.

4 reasons that make you buy it
  • Visible results at minimal time-cost and without exhaustion. A good workout with a personal trainer or in a mini-group is like an hour in the gym. It is when comparing the intensity. Pilates consumes 200 to 300 calories per hour. Pilates classes will fit even in the tight schedule. Plus, except for leggings and t-shirts, you do not need to take anything with you to the gym.
  • Complex approach. In Pilates, all muscles are consistently worked out. Exercises for strength and stretching are combined. Exercising provides general and local health effects. It improves the condition of all body systems. Besides, it relieves stress, pain, and tension in the body. Except this, the pilates workout helps to normalize sleep, reduce the effects of injuries. And of course, they give an aesthetic effect.
  • Fits everybody. Pilates can do everything despite the gender, age, and level of physical fitness. Sports overload or injury is also not an obstacle. First of all, a competent Pilates teacher evaluates the state of health. He monitors the body features of the newcomer. Then he creates a program that takes these features into account. Consequently, it allows you to move forward smoothly. As for sports injuries and overloads, there are any in pilates.
  • It is funny. For many, training is associated only with suffering. Pilates break this stereotype. Each exercise as a creation. You use different equipment, the exercises are not repeated. You can feel like a real gymnast. Do the relaxing exercise “Bridge”. Try a spine-disclosing and stretching massage in the exercise “Shot spine” on an Amazon pilates reformer. And most importantly, you have a great concentration on the correct exercise performance technique. By doing that, you forget about the problems. After the workout, you stay relaxed. Your head is clean.

Benefits proved by researches

There is substantial evidence that regular Pilates training can improve elasticity and energetic balance. Besides, reasonable evidence claim that exercise can develop endurance of healthy people (Cruz-Ferreira et al. 2011b).

For researchers, “substantial evidence” means the following:

It is the conclusions of several well-proved studies. They include random experiments under control. The succeeding searches support the idea that Pilates can increase flexibility, dynamic balance, and muscle strength.
4 proved benefits
  • Increased flexibility. Mature women exercising on Amazon Pilates Reformer developed mobility of the body (Sekendiz et al. 2007). Besides, they improved the muscle condition of the thigh back (Kloubec 2010). It is opposed to the control group of people who did not change their lifestyle. Women over 60 years old, who practiced Pilates, increased the elasticity of the lower back.
  • Improved dynamic balance. Healthy adults tried 5 weeks of training on Pilates equipment. The mean age was 27 years. Their dynamic balance in the standing position developed compared with the control group (Johnson et al. 2007). Women over 60 years old studied Pilates for 12 weeks. As a consequence, they improved their dynamic balance and reaction time. Besides, they reduced the number of injuries (Irez et al. 2011).
  • Increased muscle endurance. Women practiced Pilates three times a week for 5 weeks. They improved the endurance of the body muscles. As usual, it is compared to inactive control (Sekendiz et al., 2007). Young adults showed increased endurance of the abdominal muscles and lower back. The changes occurred after 8 weeks of training, three times a week.
  • Improved psychological state. In addition, women developed their physical self-esteem and perception of health. Actually, it helped to improve overall psychological well-being (Cruz-Ferreira et al. 2011a). The mood and sleep quality improved among college students. They practiced Pilates for one 15-week semester (Caldwell et al. 2009).

In fact, those who continue constant pilates exercising receive much more advantages than is already known. The area of interest includes the effect of Pilates on learning to move. As well as influence on choosing the movements most suitable for each person.

For example, some exercises may be dangerous for people with spine problems. Other movements may be more suitable for sports use.

Customers’ reviews

I am really impressed by my new Stamina AeroPilates Reformer 287. This amazing simulator helped me to tone up the body, improve the overall level of physical training and health state. It was very easy to install the reformer.

It took half an hour after buying to set up the equipment and start exercising on it. Amazing handcrafted design is the additional positive side of the simulator. It perfectly suits my flat design. Highly recommend!


The quality of AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 is on the high level. I am really pleasantly surprised by the Reformer features. You do not need to look for the better reformer machine. It is an optimal variant for those who want a beautiful strong body in home conditions. I bought this reformer on Amazon. Perfect service for high-quality fitness equipment!


After buying my Peak Pilates System Deluxe I cannot quit exercising on it. I found this simulator the most effective and of high quality. It is possible to do Pilates at home in addition to weekly gym workouts. The effect is visible! Of course, you need to work hard to achieve the desired result.

Nevertheless, it is worth it. My husband liked the changes in my body quality. He promised to try exercising on the simulator by himself. Looking forward to seeing his result!


I have bought Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Home Pilates Reformer recently on Amazon. First of all, it seemed to me a bit hard to exercise. But soon I got accustomed to it and learned to work effectively aimed at the result.

Now, my workout routine is never done without this amazing equipment. I use it four times a week to achieve the maximum result. So now my current fitness aim is to make a Beachbody with the help of this Pilates Machine.


The facts are provided by people exercising on Amazon Pilates Reformer for 1 month:

  • Visually it may seem that exercises are not difficult. You may think that 1-hour workout on the Amazon Pilates Reformer is a simple task. But the first days of training are a bit complicated for beginners.
  • First of all, pilates on the reformer – is about the back and stretching. If you have far not perfect stretching – at first it will hurt. But with practice, it will be easier.
  • There will not be the moment effect. It is exactly. At first, you may even not understand why you attend pilates classes. It is not the same as the gym. There you can see visible results already in 3 weeks of training.
  • After some time of Amazon pilates reformer exercising you will notice that you have a perfectly straight back. While doing that, you do not even control the process. That is why the effect is significant and visible. After work in a sitting position, your back does not hurt anymore.
  • If you like a dynamic kind of sports. Then pilates on the Amazon Pilates Reformer will seem to you a little boring. The use of this kind of fitness is undoubtful. But you will not feel any adrenaline while doing it. So pilates works the best in combination with some other kind of sports.
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