ProForm Power 995i treadmill | Review 2020

W​ant your treadmill to be highly effective and easy to use? To start a workout with ProForm Power 995i, just put on sneakers and run.

By doing this:

You will get not only physical load but also benefit mentally. You’ll take a break from the troubles, mental load, and even a bad mood.

To tone your body, saturate it with oxygen, relieve stress and start a new day with new capabilities, buy ProForm Power 995i treadmill. The simulator is top-rated and highly reviewed on Amazon.

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Maximal users weight 159 kg
Movement speed to 19 km/h
Type electric
Construction foldable
Product dimensions 85 x 32 x 14 inches
Running cloth size 51 x 152 cm
Shipping weight 225 pounds

ProForm Power 995i treadmill

Training on the ProForm Power 995 i treadmill is easy and effective:

The manufacturer intended modern innovations to support you grow every time and develop your own experience. Using up-to-day technology is a great pro, one of them is a 3.0 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor that is able of driving you to speeds of 12 mph.

Another pro is the extra-long 20-inch by 60-inch tread belt. It is of excellent quality and accompanied by ProShox Cushioning. That feature is helpful while recovery time by lowering the influence on your joints.

The manufacturer’s motto is:

Train smarter, train better!

One more innovative technology is iFit Enabled created for your personal convenience. With its help, you can get access to extensive workouts created by certified private trainers, Google Maps directions across the globe, and immediate stat tracking.

You can easily make your exercise an advantage with the ProForm Power 995 i simulator.

Exercise treadmill manual

Before using the ProForm Power 995i folding home treadmill, read the manual for proper exploitation. The main features and characteristics are given in a brief summary:

Treadmill type for home usage
Speed 0-22 km/h QuickSpeed ​​™
Engine power 3.0 hp Mach Z ™ Commercial Pro (DC)
Peak engine power 4.75 hp
Console LED display

The console displays the following data: tilt, speed of the running cloth, pulse, power level in Watts, pace, time, distance, calories burned.

Tilt angle adjustment electric Digital OneTouch® Control
Tilt running belt 0% to + 12% Quick Incline ™
Shock absorption system 6 ProShox ™ Cushioning Cylindrical Dampers
Pulse measurement EKF Grip ™ sensors
Built-in Bluetooth® smart receiver (chest band is sold separately)
Number of programs30
Specification of programs 15 interval, 15 tempo
Multilingual interfaceEnglish
Integration and Multimedia 2 speakers, MP3 player connector, iPod ® compatibility
Folding the SpaceSaver® system with EasyLift ™

Special software features:

Compatible with iFit® Live ™ (automatic tracking of training statistics, building routes with Google Maps ™, programs of famous coaches, an active online community). Bluetooth® connection requires an activation code (purchased separately).

ProForm Power 995i folding home treadmill benefits

  • Benefits for the figure

Run every day and you will be fit and slim. Regular and correct running, of course, is visible on your body. The fats are reducing, the muscles are toned and strengthen, the metabolism is normalized. Due to the workout, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood increases.

It is what helps to feel healthy and to burn fat cells (this is what everyone needs). Do not forget about proper nutrition and you will benefit even more.

  • Benefits for training

Run before and after active workouts. If you are planning strength training – after running on the treadmill, the load will be more effective, as the metabolism will increase. The benefits of using the treadmill are visible!

After all, you remember your workouts in the fitness club: first, you go to the treadmill for a warm-up and finish the workout on it. What relax you feel after strength exercises with dumbbells!

  • Benefits for body muscles

Run and strengthen muscles. When we run, the whole body works – the buttocks, the muscles of the hips, the ankles, the abs, the arms. Thanks to running, the muscles of the back and legs are specially strengthened.

It makes no difference how old you are – 15 or 55, you want to look great at any age. What is ProForm Power 995i treadmill? It is your best assistant, who keeps your body fit and toned.

  • Health benefits

How can it work without health benefits? Running is a cardio exercise that strengthens the heart, lungs and improves blood circulation. For those who want to get sick less, improve their immunity, it is better to buy a treadmill and practice it regularly. But without laziness and gaps.

  • Mood and strength increase

Instead of coffee, running gives energy and vitality. When you run, you can plan, dream, invent new projects, cheer up. Or on the contrary, relax, looking at the landscape outside the window.

Running away from problems is also not a metaphor. Try it and you feel lightness throughout the body, a wave of strength and good mood is presented as a bonus. The right antidepressant right in front of you.

ProForm Power 995i reviews

I live beyond the town, so various gyms and fitness clubs are far from my house. That’s why I decided to buy the treadmill on Amazon and do sports at home. First of all, I read lots of customers’ feedback. The main characteristics were durability and functionality. So, I made my choice and ordered Proform power 995i folding home treadmill.


What are my impressions and results? This treadmill appeal to be because of its functionality. I have a wide choice of programs for exploitation, a large LCD display that shows the speed indicators, distance, time and calories spent. In such a way, the workouts are never boring, I can always diversify my training switching the programs.


During the workouts with ProForm Power 995i, the treadmill is stable, doesn’t move. A pleasant bonus for me is the support for a bottle. It is important for me, as I always feel thirsty during my training. Besides, I can put my phone on another support to watch videos during my training.

For me, the sizes of the treadmill are not important as I have enough free space. But if needed, you can easily move, fold and put away the simulator. It is also possible to store it vertically. All my family uses Proform power 995i and everybody is satisfied.



  • design, high quality
  • convenient in usage
  • extended data on the display
  • 30 training programs


  • not found

I’ve bought the Proform power 995i half a year ago. I like this manufacturer as it produces functional treadmills with wide capabilities. Lots of useful information is presented on the display. Namely, how much kilometers were gone during the training, calories consumed, the speed of training, and pulse.

To transfer and measure the last data, there is a special mount on the handle. It is convenient to exercise on the simulator, it has a wide running area and there are handles.

My workouts with this treadmill are comfortable and safe. I gradually increase the load and see visible success. My flat is small so I cannot allow to store it in an open position. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult and takes a little time (less than a minute) to fold it for the storage.



  • high quality
  • many data on the display
  • foldable
  • convenient


  • large size

For me, it is a great tool for losing weight. Firstly, I intended buying the treadmill to load the muscles. As I lead a rather passive lifestyle. That’s why I decided to buy the Proform power 995i to diversify my sports routine. I like the simulator as it’s of high quality. The running cloth itself is wide and made of good material.


I like that the maximal user’s weight is 159 kg. My weight is 115 kg and it works great half a year. There is still no problems. The treadmill is very convenient while training. There are all the necessary buttons on the display. The indicator shows the speed of movement, time and distance gone, calories consumed and pulse.


You know that it’s not always possible to run or walk on the street is not always possible. On the contrary, you can exercise on the treadmill anytime. It’s very convenient and effective to keep fit using this simulator. I lose 2-3 kilos in a month, and weight doesn’t return. That’s why I recommend this treadmill to everyone who wants to save the result for a long time.


I use this treadmill for more than 2 years. So I can already emphasize the pros and cons. The changes are visible. On average, during one training I run 6 kilometers. The simulator is durable, as it stands more than 100 kg, it is proven! You can both run and walk on the treadmill. Usually, I use the walking regime for the warm-up. After that, I start running. This way, it works better.



  • quality
  • design
  • worth its price


  • not found

When I saw this treadmill for the first time, I understood that it’s what I need. For me, the simulator is quite compact. It stands in the corner and takes a little space. When folded, it doesn’t interfere absolutely. When I turn on the simulator, it’s already installed as it was during my previous training. So you don’t need to install it again.

The simulator works very smooth. It doesn’t make noise, doesn’t move. In general, the treadmill is easy-to-use every day. I like that you can observe calories consumed during the training. So if you eat a cake comprising 400 calories – go ahead and run! For everyone who wants to lose weight to summer, it’s high time to buy the simulator.


Conclusion: pros and cons

  • Convenience

Proform power 995i treadmill is an excellent variant for busy people. If you stand it at home, all your problems will be solved. You do not need to visit the gym to work out. You can combine running with your daily routine business or just watching tv. As a result, you spare much more time for training.

  • Functionality

The treadmill offers a wide variety of functions. You can add and reduce speed. It will always help you to retain the speed you stick to. You will always know the distance, time of training and the number of calories burned. You can train using the program for losing weight, or enforce the training by changing the tilt angle.

  • Effectiveness

Some haters of treadmill claim that workouts with it are easier than usual running on the fresh air. So they are not so effective. The experiments showed that your heart rate is a little lower in every training mode of the treadmill. But the difference is very slight, so you can enforce it simply by changing the tilt angle.


  • Boredom

You cannot deny the fact that the treadmill is not so exciting and interesting as running on the fresh air. Runners should be ready to feel boring during the first workouts. Moreover, because of it, the effectiveness can be lowered.

  • No resistance

Headwind or crosswind is able to create additional resistance for runners and partly change his running technique. It is considered, that while running on the open air, the person inclines ahead more, than while running on the simulator.

  • Flat surface

Running cloth is perfectly flat, that is not natural in the usual conditions. Of course, you can install the correct running technique. But there is a probability that a beginner runner will repeat it with mistakes while running on the street.

That is why excessive comfort and smooth surface are not always useful during the training. Especially when you prepare for the competitions.

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