My push-up challenge in the Balkans

H​ello! I’ve been to a 10-day expedition to the Balkans, where I made a fitness challenge on Instagram. As I promised my trainer to maintain a workout routine, I did push-ups in every country, making videos.

What are my impressions?

The Balkans were not as I imagined, relying on stereotypes. Not so wild and musically gypsy, but much more civilized and architectural. No wonder, as the trip was to the capital cities.

In general, it was amazing:

The fast traveling allowed me to see so much in ten days that you can’t travel in a few years.

Noisy and pompous Budapest. Quiet and sleepy Zagreb. Exotic Sarajevo, “wrinkles” and “scars” that only add charm. Great mountain and sea landscapes of Montenegro.

Wild, slightly combed Albania, the least similar to other Balkans. A little gray, but interesting Sofia. Even more unexpectedly pleasant, tasty, and colorful Macedonia. Fragrant young wine of Hungarian Tokaj.

My push-up challenge demanded to chose new locations. Among them were the following cities:

Budapest, Tokaj (Hungary), Zagreb (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bar (Montenegro), Shkoder, Durres, Tirana (Albania), Ohrid, Skopje (Northern Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Smederevo, Belgrade, Novi Sad (Serbia).

The fitness challenge was unforgettable, leaving the great impressions. I call everyone to take the maximum of your fitness routine, making it integrated with traveling.

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