Can I use keto diet during the breastfeeding?


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Welcome everybody, my name is Silva and my best friend wants to get here some advices from you. See, she has born cute twins recently and now she is breastfeeding, obviously. She is nuts about diets and healthy life, so now she does want to start keto diet again but i am not sure whether it will be good for her and her babies. So, what are your opinions? Do you think that it is good to begin the diet now or it is better to wait until she ends breastfeeding? Thanks for answers!

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hello there Silva!

    It is really cool that you care about your friend so much. Seems like #truefriendship goals to me.

    Anyways, I have read somewhere that Keto diet is definitely on the list called “the most forbidden diets for breastfeeding women” . Bus after a while I have also found some information that helped me make my mind
    and clear some blanks…

    For starters, starting any diet while nursing is literally not recommended by many dietologists. Some explain this by saying that food restriction can actually badly after both mother and baby’s health: lactation problems, constant bad mood, dizziness and body pain. Believe it or not, but I do think your friend should rather find some local gym, buy the year membership and while the baby is asleep—go work out for a while. Though it would be better when the infant is more than 6 month old. She can also find some home exercises, since as I believe, nowadays almost everyone has the basic access to the Internet.

    Moreover, I still want to admit that many online fitness editors let you know that Keto is safe for breastfeeding moms. Those there also some cons coming:
    1.Since the diet is a low-carb one, it literally restricts many beneficial fruits and vegetables. Take tomatoes or bananas,for example. On the other hand, your daily fats intake will be increased. So should you count this a “-“ as well?
    2. Keto can be really dehydrating. It is quite essential for breastfeeding women to drink at least 12-13 cups of water daily.
    3. Your friend’s mind might be a little “foggy”. If she is one of the Keto newbies, it is likely to be pretty hard at first. She might forget about doing something important or feel under the weather. It is great actually that she has the support from her loved ones, but are you always with her? Consider this too, please.

    Some studies show that Keto diet does not affect your milk production or even slightly affects it somehow. Some say quite the opposite.

    Personally, I would not recommended your friend to choose this diet. Just suggest her the gym offer, maybe even take her out and try working out together? Being with someone always helps. I am almost sure she would like it (cause c’mon, being with your friend in a new place always have this calming effect on you, doesn’t it?). In addition, you have also mentioned that she loves that “all-healthy” stuff..why wouldn’t she take up some yoga classes? It helps to calm down your nerves and she might even stretch her muscles after an exhausting babysitting to relax fully?

    Just go ask her and work out the plan together. Hope you will like and consider some of those at least!

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