Running parachute for speed workout

W​hat about your level of physical training? The main thing to estimate your fitness level is a short-distance running. Using of additional equipment such as running parachute is a key.

The result often depends not only on the efforts made personally.

Running with a parachute is a significant part of the training process. Many athletes, such as Australian runner Michelle Jenneke use this method.

At the same time, includes not only the simple overcoming of the distance in the speed training but also the development of speed.

Parachute for speed training

So if new techniques and programs appear for training in the athletic hall, then the arsenal of simulators is quite scarce for running. Especially since running is not the most interesting type of training.

To diversify the process and at the same time improve the effectiveness of exercises gives the use of fitness parachutes.

Where can I buy a running parachute?

Amazon speed running parachute resistance trainer is an optimal choice. The manufacturer says that with a diameter of 56 inches can produce 12-33 pounds of resistance. The faster the speed, the greater the resistance will be.

For a very good price, sellers offer the jogging parachute, suitable for all sports that require explosive drag force and acceleration training.

The complect has upgraded and modified waist belt to get rid of the tearing of the belt. The metal D-ring rotates 360 degrees, which means you can sprint in any direction.

Adjustable high-quality nylon belt, suitable for high-strength stretching, suitable for all kinds of waists (20-42 inches) to drag on the ground. And for men, women, and children, to achieve the best state.

Considering the possibility of acquiring a sports parachute for running faster:

We still recommend paying attention to the option of a branded accessory. It gives more opportunities for use in the training process as compared with simple models.

Today, when professional athletes struggle literally for hundreds of seconds, and records become a big event. In the process of training more and more attention is paid to increasing their efficiency and attracting new non-standard solutions.

One of these solutions is the use of additional funds for complex training of several qualities of an athlete. Another option can be NBpower Leg Magic exercise machine.

What does running with a parachute do?

The essence of the use of this fitness equipment is to create additional resistance while running. This method is similar to running with weighting. But in this case, the additional load will be received not by separate muscle groups, but entirely.

An alternative option for the speed chute is running with a tire, but this option is inconvenient for several reasons.

Running with a tire
  • Bulky equipment: large and heavy.
  • The tool lies on the ground, which means the load will be accented down.
  • Difficulties with the varying load.
  • When running, the projectile wags from side to side. It leads to loss of coordination and violation of the technique of running.

As you can see, the difference between the tire and the chute is colossal.

The only advantage of the tire is that no wind can get it out of the way. In the case with the dome, if the wind blows from the side, the projectile will be demolished and the tire will not.

Running with a chute
  • Equipment weighs almost nothing and takes up little space.
  • The projectile will be exactly at the height that corresponds to the mount on the body of the athlete.
  • You can vary the load by adding or removing additional shells.
  • If you run to meet the wind or windless, the projectile will be located exactly behind his back.

Parachute running uses when training sprinters and sometimes it is used by long-distance runners. This projectile has earned its popularity because strength training can be carried out directly at the stadium or in the arena.

Parachute running benefits

Running a short distance, shuttle running, with acceleration and overcoming obstacles requires difficult physical training. It is extremely important to have a reserve of endurance and explosive power for instant acceleration.

As a rule, training in these exercises and running disciplines bases on repetitions of jogging at specific distances. Many athletes in overcoming the distance to increase the efforts use various weighting materials.

They are in the form of bracelets attached to the body and limbs.

To understand the nature of the impact of a fitness parachutery:

Holding a heavy dumbbell in your outstretched hand for a while. Then replace the projectile with a rolling pin for dough. Feel how much easier?

This sports equipment produces a runner
  • Top-end speed
  • Inch wind expansion
  • Coordination of movements
  • Makes you fully concentrate

The same feeling is experienced by the sprinter, behind whom the dome of the equipment has just fluttered. And now, when it has been removed, and the person is running light.

Now imagine that behind you is not a single, but a double chute for running. Air resistance is doubled, which means that the athlete will have to double the effort to overcome it.

Parachute running exercises

1. Better speed

The athlete is tasked to run as quickly as possible, but with a chute behind his back. Since the action is absolutely similar to the ordinary race, the same fast-twitch muscles including in the work. And since the projectile creates additional resistance, muscle training is much more effective.

It is because it enhances the ability of the user to exert more effort.

That is user acceleration muscle endurance and enhance the ability to adjust. You can swing your leg muscles in the gym as much as you like, but you can make them work synchronously only while running.

2. Improves speed endurance

Running 100 meters with a sprinters parachute is much more difficult than without it. Sprinters need speed endurance in order to maintain maximum speed throughout the race and not get tired at the finish.

Therefore, in simple terms, if an athlete, without any particular problems, runs a distance with resistance, then without it the strength to finish is just enough.

3. Improves stability

Running at high speed is fraught with loss of coordination from one inaccurate movement. A fall at high speed will cause not only a lost race but a serious injury up to a fracture. Therefore, the use of this projectile exercise can improve the ability of the athlete at high speed and prevent falling.

4. Speed training

To get the benefit of using the projectile, it is necessary to understand “which way to approach it”. And this applies not only to the gym but even to a special chute for sprinters.

The essence of the work is to create additional resistance by filling the cavities of the projectile with air. As a result, it becomes much harder to run. In fact, the load on the muscles increases several times.

There is a simple pattern “the magnitude of the load depends on the speed with which the athlete runs.” That is, if you increase the pace of the race, the resistance will increase significantly. In addition to that, lowering the pace will reduce the load.

During such a run, the main load falls not only on the legs. It also includes work on the back, the press, and even the hands, which usually do the minimum work. There is also training of the nervous system, which tells all systems of the body how to respond to this load.

You can navigate by several qualities that make up the main characteristics of parachutes for fitness.

What resistance trainer to choose?
  • General characteristics: weight, size, length of the sling and halyard.
  • Fastening method and reliability of fasteners.
  • Material production.
  • Manufacturer.

The most well-known brands such as Adidas or Nike are leaders in the production of racing equipment.

Also, well-known brands in this industry are BfSmile, Sports and INDIGO. With the proper desire, you can find a cheaper or more expensive and high-quality dome or mini parachute for running.

If you make the purchase on the Internet, remember some rules
  • See reviews.
  • See seller rating.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer.
  • Decide on the characteristics that satisfy you.

We wish you a good and useful purchase! I hope we convinced you that speed parachute is a really effective tool to improve running!

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