Revolution 101 Balance Board trainer | Review

F​eel the lack of balance and coordination during workout? Today, balance boards gain popularity among people involved in sports. Revolution 101 balance board trainer is exactly what you need.

Why is it so popular?

Athletes often use Revolution 101 balance board in their workouts. It helps to improve the sense of balance, sustainability, and self-confidence.

It can happen that it will be difficult to pick up the board, as there is such a large amount on the market. The description of Revolution 101 balance board trainer will help you to understand whether this simulator suits you or not.

Revolution 101 balance board trainer

Revolution 101 balance board trainer is a quality simulator that helps you to improve your figure. It is beautiful. And if you order it, then delivery is fast. Moreover, you even can get the purchase in advance.

So, why you should buy this balance board?

10 benefits that make you buy it
  • The board is made of solid wood (11 layers).
  • Covering of the board is special and will protect your feet. Even if is the situation when you are training without shoes.
  • Also, you can notice attached to this board rollers. They are so famous for their quality because durable plastic serves a long time and erases very slowly.
  • There are also stoppers that protect your floor from damage.
  • Moreover, if you are not a beginner and want to try something new, more complicated and interesting, then revolution 101 balance board trainer will fulfill your desire. This simulator is perfect for people who have been engaged in sports for a certain period and perform exercises on balance boards.
  • During the creation of the simulator, revolution 101 balance board manufacturers used the best materials to make purchasers happy. As a result, they got a solid board with a cool design. By engaging in it, you will feel how easy everything is given, how smoothly it moves. And that finding your balance level is not so difficult.
  • Also, if you are at home, and your baby is sleeping in the next room, you should not worry. Almost no additional sounds and vibrations you will hear. All this is because revolution 101 balance board trainer has great rollers that allow you to train without fear.
  • This board is made entirely in the USA. Its coverage is mild. And a polyurethane roller with a board will help you not step too close to the edge.
  • The price of this model is average, that is, most people can afford to buy it and enjoy classes.
  • Also, you can choose any of the three suggested colors. You choose which design you like more. Moreover, the board is not very large (board – 30 * 11.5; roller – 4.5 in diameter). It is compact.

User rating of a balance board

Many customers are thrilled with the purchase and name many advantages of this model. The most important of all is quality (the best wood). Also, people do not forget to mention the soft surface of the board.

So, the workout goes smoothly.

But some users point out that when doing on a surface made of tile, they have some inconvenience. It is worth knowing that it is better to use a board on the carpets, especially for beginners.

There are also many other famous (and expensive) boards of others.

But revolution 101 balance board is an excellent alternative for them. After all, its quality is imposing. And popularity among people does not allow to doubt.

By the way, some users point out that they like the design of the board. Especially its compactness and ease. Due to this, they can do sport in any convenient place for them. Though it’s a small apartment or house, room in a hotel or yard.

Young mothers are also often reminded that this board is also an excellent option for children. One can conclude that this is an excellent choice for the whole family.

If you plan to do skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding or skateboarding, then you must first improve your balance with revolution 101 balance board trainer. It is an excellent way for your body to find your point of equilibrium and develop your fitness skills.

People reviews

For a long time ago (nearly 36 years), when I was a child, I tried to stand balanced on a board above a log in my yard. I got this great. And I even tried to do various exercises on the deck. I loved it, and then my friends said that there was the same trainer in the stores. I told my mother to go with me and buy it for me.

I’m just happy with the revolution 101 balance board trainer, and I advise everyone to buy it. And do not wait for 36 years to buy it as I did.


I bought this board a few days ago. And I already had time to try on it a lot of interesting things. To be honest, the balance board met my expectations. Because of my uncertain and shaky sense of balance, I start with the simplest exercises.

I found many exercises on this board on this site. And I’m glad I have the opportunity to do sports a lot and in an interesting way.


Hello! Recently I bought the revolution 101 balance board trainer. And do you know a thing? I am very pleased with the purchase. For many years I have been playing sports. To be more detailed, I use different balance boards to perform exercises. I like it. I’ve already tried a lot of different boards.

But for a long time, I want to try something new. I wanted to challenge myself. And I bought the revolution 101 balance board trainer. And definitely, this board is more complicated than my previous one. I was able to do a lot of exercises on the board.


I did interesting poses of yoga, different balances. But on this board, I feel generally ignorant. Everything is harder and much more interesting. But if you are a beginner, I do not advise you to buy this board right away. But if you are looking for a challenge for yourself,, then revolution 101 balance board trainer a great option for you!


This board, like every other thing, has its disadvantages. I’m a coward, and I’m always scared of doing something new and dangerous. For example, the same situation with this balanced board. I’ve fallen a few times already. But still, the board is pretty good. Though it’s terrible for me to take it every time, I’m always happy at the end.


What is a balance board?

The development of the fitness industry and the bias in practicality and functionality significantly changed the very concept of physical activity and amateur sports.

Moreover, even traditional strength training has endured a lot of changes and today federations in which steroids are banned (at least officially) are becoming very popular.

All this led to the fact:

Many people want no longer to go to the gym and perform monotonous movements thoughtlessly. The era of broad specialization has come, when most people prefer to train in the fresh air, playing the most natural movements.

Such trends in sports have made quite old inventions famous again, breathing new life into them. The balance board has become one of those. Although this uncomplicated and straightforward invention, that people had already created in the 1960s. Today it has become a true lifestyle style. And it gives also quite effective training.

If you use the phrase “all ingenious is simple,” then it is about the Balance board. Both amateurs and even just adherents with an active lifestyle use it. Moreover, professionals in various sports enjoy such workout.

Therefore, there is a time to study in detail what it is, to whom it will be useful and whether it is necessary to pay attention to the board at all.

Key features and effectiveness of the balance board

Of course, some people had not even heard about something new.

But they immediately want to buy a balance board, not yet thoroughly acquainted with the capabilities of this simulator. However, this is not always the right approach, and you need first to understand its functionality and only then make a choice.

Benefits of using a balance board
  • The impressive development of coordination and balance.
  • Strengthening the muscles (especially stabilizers).
  • Lack of injury (with proper and careful use).
  • Accessibility and simplicity.

People created a balance board half a century ago. And its aim was using for some sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, freestyle, etc.). However, everything becomes clear already at first glance at the simulator itself.

It simulates the normal movement of these sports.

People created the same balance board with the aim of daily development of equipment and skill. Therefore, if you can not always go to the slope or even to a unique platform for skateboarding, you can practice with the board anywhere, even in a small room or on the street.

If we talk about the development of balance and coordination, then the balance board is definitely the best simulator. The same applies to strengthen muscles and to improve blood circulation. Balance board is often used even for medical purposes. You can improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs or for the prevention of vascular diseases.

Although the balance board is not worth buying only for treatment:

It is preferably an aid and a simulator for prevention and recovery. It does not give a curing effect, as medications do. Therefore it is necessary to understand its role clearly.

Strengthening muscles with a balance board

Improving balance and coordination, of course, is an important feature and many professional athletes resort to using the board to enhance their training. But still, it is necessary to recognize that not every person needs this.

But strengthening the muscles of the legs, which work almost all the time throughout life – is extremely important. Moreover, it is not about all the muscles, but about those that most often receive less load.

The fact is that when working with iron, you take the primary load by the most massive muscles that are designed to perform precise movements. At the same time, the remaining muscles are tight to use, since “large” muscles take all the load from them.

As a result:

It creates a muscular imbalance, which is equally harmful to athletes and ordinary people. The balance board is the thing that will correct this imbalance.

The simplest movements on the balance board involve more leg muscles, although while maintaining balance the body uses almost all the muscles. So, the board has an incredibly vast potential both for recovery and regular exercise and for training athletes.

Recently, the “Turkish ascent” exercise has become popular in many sports.

And in the CrossFit, it has become essential for the development of coordination. However, the balance of the board is even more suitable for this purpose. Due to its construction, it is possible to carry out movements that are difficult to make with weights.

Therefore, it is not right to believe that the board is needed only for those who ride a skateboard or go down from the snow-covered slopes on a snowboard.

When you correctly perform the exercise, you can adapt it can to any needs. The static load and perhaps the most demanding conditions for maintaining balance make it a perfect solution.

Board balance and muscle mass

It is essential to understand whether the иlance board can give something for those who need only muscle mass? Of course, this is not a power block and not a simulator for the development of strength or muscle hypertrophy. But the board can certainly help.

There are a few reasons for it
  • Balance board uses deep muscles, which are very difficult to load with regular exercises in the gym.
  • It improves coordination, which will help you with many exercises. For example, it helps in all types of squatting, swinging, all weightlifting movements.
  • Provides a static load and strengthens the muscles. And it will positively affect the power performance, and, consequently, muscle growth.

Therefore, even though the board will not force you to change clothes for a couple of sizes in a month or two, it will not be useless. The development of deep-seated muscles and stabilizer muscles plays a vital role even in board-building.

Because there a considerable part of the burden falls on separate work, not to mention other sports.

So, if you want to understand whether you need to buy a board, you can make an allegory with ordinary clothes. Imagine that muscle layers are everyday things from your closet.

For example, a sweater is the outer muscle layer of large muscles that take on the primary load. The t-shirt beneath is the interweaving of smaller muscles. Besides, it plays an equally important role (and sometimes more important).

So, put on a T-shirt and then a sweater and compare it with dressing two shirts at once, one on top of the other. It is quite evident that with the second version you will look much more.

The same thing happens to your muscles.

Therefore, training only large muscles, you make them grow. But if you forget about the smaller muscles that are under them, the increase in mass will be even more noticeable.

Therefore, many people prefer to pay more to get a certified high-quality product. Also, they do not want to risk in vain for doubtful savings. However, today you can buy the balance board in many stores. And budget solutions are already emerging that low combine price and good quality.

Using the balance board, you can complicate any other movements from different sports:

1. Squats

For example, the usual squats (even without burdening) on the board will allow not only to use all the muscles of the body. But it also will allow you to include a vast amount of stabilizers, whose work is necessary to maintain balance.

2. Push ups

The same thing is about to push-ups. Even when you have passed the weight of your barbell in the bench press over a hundred times, the balance board will still be useful.

Try push-ups on the board, keeping perfect balance. Firstly, it will create a significantly higher load than ordinary pushups. Secondly, it will be beneficial for those who have an imbalance in the strength of the arms or other muscles.

3. Bar

4. Lunges

The pinnacle of your skill will be complex movements that are more acrobatics than just training muscles, endurance, and coordination. All this will allow you to get extraordinary results and use all the muscles of the body.

Especially you develop mainly the core muscles in exercises where you need to maintain balance.

Otherwise, the board is a versatile tool that will expand your workout in any sport. It is a mistake to believe that the board balance is only suitable for those who love skateboarding and winter snowboarding. If you correctly perform the exercises, the board will become at the same time your trainer.

Also, it will be a universal simulator for you that develops not one, but all physical characteristics at once.


To sum up, the board is “all in one bottle.”

  • It is a multi-purpose simulator that is suitable for prevention, rehabilitation, and physical development. Besides, it is convenient and practical. Therefore it does not require any additional space or other conditions. Also, you can quickly put the board in a bag or a particular case, taking with you on vacation or just outside.
  • You can also train everywhere. Because all you need is a relatively flat surface. So, anything from asphalt to tile is suitable. Also, today the balance of the board gave rise to a particular lifestyle. Because it is not at all ashamed to get it even on a busy square and show what you can do.

In its practicality and simplicity, you can compare the board with a rope. However, later the popularity of the cord slightly decreased, but this did not make it useless. Many athletes, including professionals, still always use the balance board in practice.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is a Balance board too simple entertainment?

A: As usual, any mass movement, trend and all that is popular, acquires a certain “opposition.” In most cases, it is represented by people who do not fully understand the effectiveness, specificity, features.

And it is not to mention the knowledge of physiology, and so on. So, many “haters” relate to everything with a negative, not even trying to grasp the essence.

Nevertheless, more reasonable people prefer to check their skepticism in practice, delving into the very essence of training before deciding on buying a board. There are already quite a few videos in the network in which highly trained people show real miracles on the simulator

The necessary movement, which involves maintaining balance, standing with your feet along the edges of the board, is the simplest and most basic level. Try to do tilt, fixation on the board with the help of legs and arms. And you will immediately understand that for such “tricks” you need the practice of a real acrobat.

Therefore, if we evaluate everything by the necessary movement, which simulates skating on a skateboard or snowboard, then the balance of the board will seem simple. If you look further, then you can burden yourself almost endlessly. It will provide a real progression for many years. So, the board indeed will not become temporary fun for 1-2 months.

Q: To buy or not to buy?

A: A balance board is a simple simulator concerning which the principle of “Easy to learn, hard to pro” ideally works. Therefore, learning how to perform regular movements on the board is quite easy.

But becoming a real pro by playing a real freestyle is very difficult. It requires considerable experience, training, and constant practice.

The question of whether to buy a balance board or do it yourself is somewhat individual and depends on each person. Also, it depends on a person`s finances, preferences, and other conditions. You can always take the usual board size, make a homemade movie and train.

However, this option is hardly suitable for compound movements. Because, in this case, you need entirely different conditions. For example, you need a stronger board material, a roller that can withstand any loads and does not break under you, increasing the risk of injury.

In general, the choice of brand and other conditions will depend on each person individually. But you can always be sure that the balance of the board will not gather dust in your closet as a useless acquisition.

Q: What should you pay attention to when choosing a balance board?

A: The balance board consists of a board and roller. When choosing the first, consider the material of its manufacture. It should be of high quality, without cracks and knots. Such a kit will last a long time, will not cause injury. And it will be convenient to exercise.

As for the roller, it is an essential element of the set. The requirements for it are simple. But the quality of production directly affects the productivity of the workout. Look so that it is reinforced frame. Otherwise, it is deformed during class. Production material should be rubber or polyurethane. Such a cylinder will not slide over the floor and the back surface of the base. And another important nuance – check whether it leaves traces on the surface. It indicates a poor-quality assembly. It is easy to damage the coating and will soon become unusable.

For greater security, get a pad with a rubberized base. It will provide better grip and soften shocks.

Q: How to choose the right balance board?

A: When buying a simulator for coordination (especially the first), consider the following tips:

Method No1. If you lead an active lifestyle, but there is no time to go to the gym regularly, then classes on the board will be appreciated. They strengthen the core, back, and legs, develop coordination. In this case, there are no special rules when choosing the shape, length of the board and the diameter of the roller. Choose to your taste, to study it was comfortable. The most important thing is your feeling about it. Feeling great, progress will come faster.
Method No2. For professional or novice surfers, snowboarders, skiers or skaters, read the description of the types of boards, and the decision will come of itself.
Classic form (Original) – the most standard and popular model. Suitable for fitness, vestibular training, and general development. Start to hone skills and various tricks with this model.

Sportswear. For example, for a snowboard extended, ideal for active exercises. It is even suitable for various tricks and skills. Short form differs with the tip of the tail, made for surfing. And the increased diameter of the roller allows you to perform exercises similar to the sea. If you do yoga, then the YogaBoard form is ideal. The massive and big board is an excellent tool for practice, stakes, and meditation. It allows you to make soft leisurely movements and perfectly relaxes the body.

There is also a baby form. The child will be able to grow faster and learn to control his own body. The size of this simulator is smaller and made on the principle of swing, to prevent falls.

Method No3. The longest and tedious. On the Internet, many bclearly select the form for your goals and hobbies.

We recommend not to spend a lot of time studying. But merely open an online store and choose the board that you like.

Exercises with balance board

1. Trasters (3 sets of 10 times).

Description: This is one of the most common exercises in CrossFit. It provides an incredible load on all the muscles of the body. However, this bar can be even higher if you use the balance board.

Exercise correctly develops all the muscles. And the board helps to improve the sense of balance, which even more burdens the core muscles.

It is essential to understand that this is one integral movement that you should carry out smoothly. First, squat, then return to the starting position and only then you can squeeze the dumbbells up.


Take dumbbells with a suitable weight and stand on the board, evenly distributing the load over the entire plane. Keep balance, then do squats, dumbbells hold near the chest. Next, get up to its original position and do the dumbbell bench press up.

2. Throws medbol (start with 20 shots in a row).

Description: A great exercise for those who do regular fitness or bodybuilding seems boring.

It is better to perform with a partner, throwing medbol to each other. But you can also do the exercise yourself, throwing the ball up or into the wall.


There are no particular restrictions. And the exercise is well suited for both beginners and advanced athletes. The main thing is to learn to keep balance, not paying attention to the board.

Otherwise, you will not be able to catch the ball well. You can throw it in any direction and any form (side throws, straight, from the chest, from the belt, etc.).

3. Horizontal bar (3 * 30 seconds or more).

Description: This exercise is well known to all, but with the balance of the board it can shine with new colors and become even more effective. The board is an ideal way to complicate standard execution.

Technique: take the usual position of the body for the plank, bend your arms in elbows and rest against the board. But it is essential to distribute the load throughout the board balance evenly.

Complications number 1: if you want to complicate the task even more, then perform the bar on the board with rolls on the sides. In this case, it will explode your muscles. Also, it will add the necessary stretch and improve flexibility.

Complications number 2: You can also hold support on one leg, which will further complicate the exercise.


1. Dumbbell traction in the slope (3 * 10-12).

Description: a classic of any strength training. Although, people perform it more often with a barbell. It is not so convenient for a balance board. Therefore, it is better to do exercise with dumbbells.

Technique: take a stable position on the board. Then slightly bend your knees and tilt the body forward and down. Strongly ahead is not worth it. It can upset the balance. Pull the dumbbells to the level of the waist.

2. Diagonal climbs with a medbol (2 sets of 7-10 times on each side).

Description: An excellent exercise that develops not only the muscles of the back but also the whole “upper body.” Given the fact that the balance board also actively includes the legs and the press, it is possible to provide a complex load on all muscles.

It is essential to keep the medbol in front of you on outstretched arms all the time to increase the amplitude.

Technique: stand on the board and take the medball in your hands with both hands. Next, lift it over the left shoulder. Then lead diagonally to the right thigh, performing a little squat at the bottom.


1. Pushups

Description: push-ups are a classic exercise. This exercise is relevant everywhere, from school physical education to the elite Ranger Regiment in the United States. Pushups allow you to vary the technique so that the progression and development will be almost limitless.

The difference with the execution of the balance board is that you need to place hands on the board while maintaining balance. It will create an incredibly strong load not only on the shoulder girdle, chest and back. But it will do it also on the abs and thigh muscles.

The balance of the board complements this movement even better, creating additional factors. There are balance retention, the inclusion of stabilizers, etc.

Technique: the usual method is simple, take a prone position, with an emphasis on the socks and hands (full palm). Next, keeping the body in a perfectly flat line (from the heels to the neck), make a slope to the floor.

Balance Board: Exercises – Pushups, standard

COMPLIANCE number 1: try push-ups with rolling to the side. Balance board allows you to make movements to the right and left, loading the arms, shoulders, and obliques.

It is a compound movement that requires considerable preparation and coordination. So, first, try to perform at least 5-8 times in the approach with the perfect technique. Then increase the momentum and the number of repetitions.

COMPLIANCE number 2: if the usual push-ups on the board do not seem complicated to you, then it is time to switch to uneven push-ups.

The bottom line of this exercise is that one hand rests on the board (or floor) as usual. And the second hand you need to stretch to the right. Because of this fact, you create an energetic imbalance.

And the load rests on one arm and the pectoral muscles. Do push-ups on each hand alternately, smoothly making a small roll on the board.


1. Lunges (3 * 12-15 on each leg)

Description: this exercise will be incredibly useful on the board. It is because you will have not just to keep your balance, but strain all the muscles of your body so as not to dodge.

The difference from the usual attacks is that you do not need to take a full step. And the board will not allow fulfilling this condition. Keep the hands the best at the waist to improve balance.

Technique: put your feet on both edges of the board, lying on it along, not across. Next, sit down on one leg so that your knee is as close as possible to the board. Then alternate the execution of movement on each leg.

2. Squats (3 * 6-12, depending on the technique)

Description: you can not imagine training your legs without squats. But thanks to the board, even the normal movement without burdens will provide a tremendous load.

You should hold the dumbbell or weight only with one hand. Otherwise, you will provoke rounding of the back, which is highly undesirable.


Stand on the board with both feet, evenly distributing them on the surface. Next, keep your balance and crouch down as low as possible. Although at first, it will be enough to sit down to the “thigh parallel to the floor” level.

COMPLIANCE #1: you can make squats more difficult with the help of weight. Although the movement will differ from the classic version with a barbell. For these purposes fit dumbbells or weights.

When performing the squats on the board, try to lift and hold the weight above your head. It will allow you to maintain balance and also load your back, arms, and shoulders. And simultaneously you make the exercise genuinely complicated.

COMPLAINT # 2: you can move away from the weight and complicate the movement at the expense of technology. And we are talking about attacks on one leg.

To do this, put one foot directly on the board strictly in the center (under the roller), and the other on the floor. Next, sit down so that the foot on the board is bent at the knee to the right angle. And the second leg is 1-2 cm above the floor.

It is essential to learn to keep balance before embarking on this option. Otherwise the risk of injury increases. To maintain the balance on one leg is very difficult. Besides, to throw the entire weight of the body on one leg, you need strong and prepared muscles.

 COMPLIANCE #3: it is a complication of the previous movement and, probably, the most difficult technique for the legs. So, these are squats on one leg. But the move is different from the classic “pistol.”

Visually, the movement is very similar to the Bulgarian squats. But the “back” leg will be in the air. And the whole emphasis will go on the second leg on the board.

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