Sanabul Boxing Gloves with Essential Gel

A​re you hesitating to choose the training boxing gloves? The expert fighters’ experience guides you to make the right chose towards Sanabul Boxing Gloves with Essential Gel.

Why do you need boxing gloves?

Sanabul boxing gloves can assist in different fitness activities and goals. Your target is to become a high-class box fighter or you are going to develop coordination, strength and fast reaction. Maybe you just want to lose the weight? Variety of these classes will help you.

Different objects require one simple decision. The optimal boxing gloves are your excellent mate.

Best Sanabul boxing gloves

Among the huge number of boxing gloves, we put forward the Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves. Our choice is based on opinions, feedbacks and our own experience.

First of all, this is not just a couple of boxing gloves. It is a combination of safety, benefits and optimal price.

Essential boxing gloves characteristics
  • Fit kind: standard
  • Design: elongate, ergonomic
  • Stuffing: gel
  • Meshing: present in palm zone
  • Closing: hook and loop
  • Colour: basically black with varicolored parts. You can choose up to your taste (orange, violet, green, etc)
  • Material: leather
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds or 0.5kg

The Essential series of boxing gloves includes the other important and protective assessors.

The manufacturer offers shin guards, MMA gloves, punching bag mitts, headgears. All necessary units accompany the boxing gloves in one place.

Training gloves benefits

1. More than an attractive facade

The manufacturer invested a lot of efforts to initiate these boxing gloves.  This pair has not only a super exterior. They also function perfectly well with no breaking your funds.

The gel-type foam fills the goods. This stuffing guarantees excellent defense and flexibility. These features assist to enjoy the training and win the competitions. They aid to avoid the hands’ injuries. The boxing gloves are made of special high technology leather.

Durable material affords long life for the units. It is easy to clean and maintain them too.

2. Efficiently advanced

They purposely created boxing gloves to shape the natural hand curving. Ergonomic modern longitudinal but arch design grants this ability. Safe hook and loop locking mode warrant a harmless match for exercising. It is very easy to put on and take these boxing gloves off.

It provides proper fist closing during the fighting. They equipped with the mesh zones for palm.  They prevent hands overheating. Qualitative meshed fabric boosts the boxing gloves breathability.

3. Size and style features

You can acquire the color variety of Essential style boxing gloves. It is possible to choose the color of the couple every day weekly.  The choice can also depend on your mood or beloved fitness outfit. You’ll definitely find the pair according to your taste among the bright spectrum variants.

Totally black boxing gloves are respectable and available.

The Essential Gel boxing gloves arrive in different sizes. They vary from 8 oz to 16 oz. The most frequent women sizes are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz. Kids commonly wear 8 oz and 10 oz. To be certain you buy the right size follow the special guide.

4. Not only a boxing glove for your workout satisfaction

You can easily save your time and budget.  By some clicks, you can enrich your protective ammunition here. These goods are must-have for those who have a serious attitude toward training boxing and martial arts and other similar skills.

There is a series of Essential accessories which help you to get a pleasant and safe training.

Do not miss to obtain extra MMA gloves, headgear and shin guards. Harmless focus mitts will help to improve some specific blows. Boxing gloves and other required units harmonize with color and style design. The most crucial is the fact of real quality, durability, and reliability.

Users’ feedback about Essential Gel boxing gloves

The customer bought the 14oz black and green boxing gloves. They absolutely fit him. His weigh is 200 lbs but the wrist joints are rather thing. These boxing gloves suit perfectly to his hands still with the wraps. He often practices cardio workouts. His classes include hitting and kicking a punching bag.

These boxing gloves really are worth this money. They are gifting total safety and perfect design. Amazon supplied them earlier supposed time. These boxing gloves are highly recommended. It is a real balance of quality and price.


He has been utilizing these boxing gloves for a definite time. He confirms that they are great to perform sparring and punching bag exercises. The meshed palm areas provide extra breathing. It is real sweat protection. Your hands are dry during the whole work out.

For sure, it is a super strategy. He uses these pair of boxing gloves2-3 times a week more than one year. They are easy for cleaning and disinfection. Sanabul essential gel boxing gloves are price friendly and great quality goods.


This guy has absolutely satisfaction and state much love concerning these boxing gloves. He seriously considers them the best cozy gloves he ever had. This couple has amazing quality and design.

They are firm for a long time. He uses the size of 10oz. The model of boxing gloves fits perfect. They match comfortably with wraps. He often practices them on the punching bag and in sparring training.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are most boxing gloves red?

A: It’s true that classical color for boxing gloves is red. Everything depends on the competition regulations. Red and blue amateur boxing gloves correspond to the colors of the ring’s corners. At present, the market offers different colours of this equipment. Choose whatever you like for your workouts.

Q: What weight boxing gloves?

A: The boxing gloves have different weight. It is measured in ounces or oz-in short. Weight options of professional and training gloves can be 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 oz. The battle rules determine the weight of boxing gloves for competitions. Usually, the amateurs use heavier gloves compare to professional fights. The boxers select the training equipment depending on their weight.

The size of the boxing gloves depends on their weight too. The bigger is the weight of a boxer, the heavier the gloves should be. The heavier are the gloves, the harder it is to exercise with them. I the other words to hold the hands. If you want to do all your best during training, you can take heavier boxing gloves.

Q: How often should you clean boxing gloves?

A: The cleaning frequency depends on how you treat your pair after each workout. You should care the boxing gloves thoroughly to prolong their life. Keep them apart from your sports clothing. Dry them after each exercising.

There are different ways to clean the boxing gloves out and inside. Avoid too wet them often. Use special soap liquids and sprays or vinegar to kill the bacteria. Follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Q: What types of boxing gloves are there? Is there a difference between kickboxing gloves and boxing gloves?

A: There are several types of boxing gloves. Their classification depends on the way of the usage. Main boxing gloves types:

Training or punching bag
Gloves of coach
Sparring gloves
Competition boxing gloves for the amateurs
Professional boxing gloves
Professional fighters use them. Basically, these gloves are customized. They have exclusively lacing fixing. You can use the training boxing gloves for the workouts practicing some boxing equipment like a punching bag, speedball, etc.

The other kinds of boxing gloves are referring to Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and another fighting. Semi contact gloves are often called kickboxing, karate or Taekwondo boxing gloves. They differ in shape and weight compare to classical boxing gloves. Specific and less known boxing gloves are Mexican style boxing gloves.

Q: When were boxing gloves invented?

A: The history of boxing gloves is rather long. Related things used in ancient Greece about 3 thousand years ago. These were leather strips. The athletes wrapped the fingers, wrist, and forearms. More similar to current model appeared in the XV century in England. They were stuffed with horsehair.

This equipment was used only for training. The sportsmen struggled bare-fisted. Since 1867 the boxing gloves are obligatory.

Now we believe that you have no doubts about boxing gloves.  Do not waste time for further browsing.  You can spend it on more benefits. Knowing all the preferable features take up the option of Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves.

This elegant but practical and durable couple will bring you the best conditions, packing, and comfort.  

You can obtain total defending equipment from them too. The manufacturer tends to protect the heads, hands, legs.  Many fitness masters trust in their proficiency.  We wish you safe and successful exercising with these boxing gloves.

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