Survival and Cross jump rope | Review 2020

I​nterested in full-body workout burning more than 10 calories a minute? Today everyone knows that Survival and Cross jump rope is one of the most effective and useful sports equipment.

Here is the deal:

In general, skipping rope is an excellent item both for children and adults. In all honesty, the benefits of this sports equipment can hardly be overestimated:

  • Firstly, it develops the respiratory system.
  • Secondly, it benefits the cardiovascular fitness.
  • And thirdly, it forms the muscular system.

Be sure the rope exercises are elementary. Everyone can do it without any problems. It is important to say that many people consider jump rope as the most effective cardiovascular machine in the world.

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Survival Cross jump rope review

You have already decided to begin to do sports exercise with this equipment, but you don’t know which one to chose? Be sure we have the best variant for you. It is Survival and Cross Jump Rope.

To begin with, I want you to know that this skipping rope is an ideal fitness supplement. Why?

  • Be sure the answer is simple. First of all, it is essential to say that this type of sports equipment helps you to train the leg muscles.
  • Also, at the same time, you can perform cardio workouts as well. This excellent item allows you to develop not only strength but also speed and endurance, which is an essential factor for athletes.
  • Then, two comfortable handles are very convenient for the user’s palms. This fact contributes to the reliability of the grip. Also, it allows you to remain the hands in a comfortable position.
  • Furthermore, the length of the rope is enough so you can use it for a wide variety of training and various types of jumps.
  • However, it is also important to say that this type of sports equipment is general-purpose. The versatility of the adaptation lies in the fact that any users can use it. It doesn’t depend on your level of training, gender and the presence of practice and even age.

Of course, it sounds great!

This speed jump rope differs in the resistance to any scuffs and deformations. That is why you can use it for many years. Be sure serviceable fabric and high-quality coverage allow to keep firm to retain resistance to any detrimental effect.

Let’s watch a short video produced by the Survival and Cross brand:

General characteristics

This speed jump rope is suitable sports equipment not only for athletes and boxers. The representatives of all other kinds of sports can use it easily. Also, the fact that the skipping rope is long allows you to adjust the length for yourself.

Survival and cross rope adjustment are easy. Speed Survival and Cross Jump Rope is suitable for people with growth up to 199 cm.

What about the cable?

The company used empowering technology. It means that there is a circuit core inside of handles. The cable jump rope is attached to this core. That is why, when you jump the whole internal block of the handles circuits.

Not only the rope at the bottom of the handes hinges. This empowering technology prevents the abrasion of the cable and guarantees gentle and facile rotation.

Also, the rope is made of the firm cable. High-quality nylon covers the upside of the last one. Furthermore, it is an absolute unruffled. Therefore this sports equipment does not cause injury if the wire caused by-blow against human skin.

The next exciting things are with the handles.

Their texture is smooth and ergonomic. The length is 15 cm. That is why these handles are very comfortable for long workouts. For to be a high speed, this jump robe has double ball-bearings. This fact allows doing 6-7 jumps per second.

What is more, the empowering technology with the core guarantees a high speed of rotation of the jump rope. That is why it will be much easier for you to perform crossed, double unders or even triple jump.

Survival and Cross jump rope assembly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Handle colour: Black
  • Cable colour: Black
  • Length of the equipment: 304 cm
  • Maximal person’s height: 199 cm

How to cross jump rope?

A lot of people jump with the rope, but not everyone knows how to choose the ideal length. However, don’t worry! We know how to select the perfect lengthwise and what is more we know how to fix it on this speed equipment.

How to adjust survival and cross jump rope? 

So, to choose the appropriate length of this excellent sports equipment, you need to:

  • Stand in the middle of the skipping rope.
  • Take the rope in hand and raise your arms to shoulder level.
  • Fix the obtained wire length.
  • If the lock is fixed tight, you can start jumping!

Additional information: The jump rope handles have a check lock. You need to loosen the screw with a rope. Also, odd and ends of the cable you can cut. Then, it will not disturb you while jumping.

Benefits for weight loss | calorie burning

To sum up, let’s look at the benefits of using the best jump ropes, such as the above reviewed:

  • It is an innovative model for speed and cardio workouts. It was made in the advanced technology.
  • This sports item is designed to train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve blood circulation and coordination of movements.
  • This excellent sports equipment allows you to train calves, shoulders and arm muscles.
  • Jumps over rope increase flexibility, sense of balance and maintain a correct posture.
  • Long-term training on the rope develop human endurance and strength.

Jump rope for weight loss

During the time of drying or losing weight, our main task is to create a calorie deficit. This is achieved in two ways: a good diet and intense physical load. Moreover, cardio-load is especially important for this. It is quite easily adopted by the body.

Recovery after a training session is fast – one day will be quite enough.

But only if it is not about doing a few dozen complexes with jumping ropes or marathon races. During this exercise, a huge amount of calories is burnt, an even more severe energy deficit is created.

How many calories are burned per hour of jump rope workout?

For example, using this fitness equipment as a means for losing weight, after every 100 jumps you will burn from 45 to 80 calories. Such a variety of indicators depends, first of all, on the human’s own weight. The higher your weight is, the more energy is required for one jump.

It turns out that in one hour of training with a rope you can spend from 700 to 1200 calories – this aspect is more dependent on your endurance, the technique of the exercise and the ability to work correctly with the equipment.

Statistics is an interesting thing, you can’t crush it.

Workouts with a jump rope are the most energy-intensive form of cardio-load. More than 900 calories are burned in an hour of training. Of course, to perform them for a whole hour, and even at a fairly intensive pace – the task is not for beginners, for this you need experience and skills.

For more experienced athletes, there are other ways of jumping rope, which allow you to even more boost the pace of training and work out in the gym hard.

These are double and triple jumps, taking turns on one leg, alternately changing the left and right legs, crossing the jump rope in a jump, turning around its axis, etc. You can invent infinitely many variations, everything depends only on your imagination and level of physical training.

So, buy the Speed Survival and Cross Jump Rope right now and be healthy! Read also about Cross Rope review to know how to increase conditioning and aerobic capacity.

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