Emily Ratajkowski diet for weight loss

W​hat does Emily Ratajkowski eat in a day? The main principles of her nutrition? We invite you to make a tour of model’s weight loss diet.

How does she manage to always look amazing? Some effective celebrity weight loss diets to keep up with model standards?

In this article, we reveal Emrata real diet secrets.

According to en.wikipedia.org, Emily Ratajkowski is a model and actress, who is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet. Actually, with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 54 kg, the model’s parameters are 89:61:87.

Despite the strict diet, the girl allows herself not actually dietic food. In fact, she is lucky to rich success for such a short period of time. Many people consider all her success is thanks to her body. The model herself confesses that it’s because of her genes.

How does Emily manage to maintain such amazing parameters?

Emily Ratajkowski diet

The model believes that beauty is a relative notion. She claims that our attitude plays a key role. But like other beauties, Emily does not neglect the help of modern medicine. It is obvious looking at Emily Ratajkowski’s photos. But let’s get to know everything in order.

What Emrata eats in a day

Hannah Hargrave reports on livestrong.com:

If you expect to read that in all respects perfect Emily’s nutrition entirely consists of pizza and fast food, you are greatly mistaken. Actually, the model likes to have a not really dietic snack, but in general, her nutrition is not so obvious as you may think. What does the model eat? 

The girl follows a reasonably strict diet, based on the following products:

Top 3 products
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Non-fat meat with seafood

Before responsible events, the model, as a rule, keeps to a juice diet. She prefers not to overload her stomach with hard food. As she is a model, she prefers simple low-calorie food. Going on the catwalk, Emily must look absolutely amazing and have a perfect body shape.

Favorite vegetables and fruits
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Turmeric

Only having such healthy nutrition, you can feel at your best walking on the red carpet in the next open dress. However, the perfect Emily Ratajkowski has her weaknesses:

Emily’s weaknesses
  • Popcorn
  • Sweets
  • Well-grilled steak with a glass of another dark beer

No wonder:

As the model spent most of her life in Texas. The famous Fast food also occasionally appears in the beauty’s diet. Actually, it could not be the other way, when your best friend is Bella Hadid, a well-known fan of cola, cheeseburgers, and fries.

Principles of Nutrition

Every day for breakfast, Ratakowski buys a Black Breast Coffee Breton pie with a large cup of black coffee. However, during lunch, it strictly restricts itself and prefers to eat a portion of a salad. Check what fitness model Jen Selter eats or highly popular Kayla Itsines BBG meal plan.

It would seem that an active social life requires careful care of the figure and appearance. However, the diet is very chaotic and not orderly.

Mallory Crevelling states on womenshealthmag.com that the beauty rarely eats at home:

Lunch and dinner are a good opportunity to support social networks. Among the favorite places is Italian cafe Bestia, Café Gratitude, sushi restaurant Mako and UNI network. If she remains at home, then almost everything is cooked with her favorite seasoning – turmeric. Among all drinks prefers beetroot smoothies.

Most of all she likes meat and is not ready to give it up for the sake of modern trends and trends. For good meat, Ratajkowski allows herself an Italian wine or a glass of beer. Often at breakfast, the girl likes a cake or a croissant. Among the favorite snacks are sweets and popcorn. Since childhood, the girl likes large portions of street tacos and burrito.

In an interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she admitted that some guys on dates were surprised by the size of the portions ordered by her.

You’ll be surprised by these 8 Emily’s secrets

1. She eats baking for breakfast every day

I go to the coffee shop “Blacktop Coffee” every morning, and together with the black coffee, I allow myself to eat a cookie called «kouign-amann», Ratakowski admits.

2. She is afraid of a buffet.

The model and actress said that she usually eats a salad or a sandwich for lunch. However, when the girl is on the shooting set, she has to restrain herself when the organizers arranged a “buffet”. Emily herself says: It’s easy to go crazy – they know how to feed you.

3. She allows herself little weaknesses

I would not say that I’m the girl who can not live without chips, but I like to eat a cupcake or a croissant in the morning, the model says.

4. She loves a meat

You already know, I am carnivorous, – the celebrity jokes. – I really like to eat meat. My body needs iron, so I’m definitely not that person who eats only salads. I like to keep my body in balance and supply it with energy on time. It is a pledge of good health.

5. She often tries to train

The girl confesses that in a crazy schedule it is extremely difficult for her to find time for full-fledged daily training: At the end of each day, even if I’m very tired, I try to at least have a little exercise. It can be a long walk or doing yoga.

6. She does not eat at home

Emily admits that she never eats at home. “Dinner is the time when I try to make the most of my time with people,” says Ratajkowski. Indeed, if we take into account that in the evening, after coming home, we are all inclined to overeat – Emily’s method can work perfectly.

7. She drinks water and sleeps a lot

Before going to bed, I always drink water and take off my makeup. In addition, I sleep well only in my bed – because otherwise, I feel I have not had enough sleep.

8. She is not too strict towards herself

I think it’s very important – to be able to give yourself a break,” assures Ratakovski, and it’s hard not to agree with her.

Genes – a key factor

Recently, Emily had posted a photo with her mom on Instagram. After that, everything more or less became clear. The luxurious model’s figure is pure genetics, as evidenced by the excellent physical form of Mrs. Ratakovski, who is nearly sixty years old.

Want to know the best part?

The supermodel has regularly admitted that her magnificent appearance – no more than the gift of Mother Nature. In addition, it is said that the 27-year-old girl never referred to the services of plastic surgeons, while remaining a true supporter of natural beauty.

The question of plastic surgery and bra size is an issue of interest for many people. Emily Ratajkowski is sure that the main thing is to feel comfortable in your own body.

Nevertheless, lots of women all over the world are a little envious. Emily has a particular body type. It is known that she can allow herself not actually dietic food without bad outcomes. In other words, the model eats but does not gain weight. How can it be possible?

Emrata weight loss tips

Being trendy Emily often appears on the pages of fashionable publications. Many of them eager to know her lifehack of success.

Charushila Biswas reveals it on stylecraze.com:

  • Emily’s daily meal

Elegant and provocative Harpers Bazaar is one of the oldest sources of news in the world of fashion and beauty. Last June Emily shared with them about her a self-care tactic on diet and fitness. It’s her own adopted way to be fit.

  • Sweet breakfast

The model has a pastry for morning meal daily. She adores pastry called Kouign Amann. She takes this cooky with her black coffee. Emily doesn’t think what is inside this pastry. It’s just delicious.

Note: Kouign Amann is a speciality from the northwestern part of France. This Breton pie means cake and butter. Sometimes it is called the fattest cake in Europe. It is made of croissant dough. That’s about 50 per cent of butterfat.

  • Light lunch

Emily has a different approach to the lunch. More or less standard and sweet breakfasts are followed by a rather light meal.  As she mentioned, the salads and sandwiches are common for lunch. Typically to Los Angelis (L.A.), she joins the veg juices to her menu.

Turmeric and beet ones are her beloved. When she is out, mostly on sets buffet dishes are often served. In these cases, the model has to control her appetite.

  • Best dinner places

Due to her lifestyle, she is often out of home for dinner. Dinner is my time – says the model. This is her time to be social and catch up with people. Her best places in LA are an Italian restaurant. It’s called Bestia. She likes their good cocktails and wine.

Café Gratitude is the other place downtown where Emily enjoys a healthier and lighter meal. She adores amazing sushi at Mako. It’s a cosy place in Little Tokyo.

  • Cooking at home

For sure, it’s a happy occasion for Emily to have dinner at home.  Then she cooks a lot. She likes to do it. The model told it is good chance to manage what are you are putting into your body. You can regulate salt and sugar as well. The body needs protein and craves iron.

Thus meat is frequently included her dinner set. She really likes to eat meat. In spite of all indulgences, the model prefers to keep her diet especially balanced. This priority gives her body energy and helps to be healthy.

These 5 Emily’s tips will change your view
  • So, she can eat something high in calories. At the same time, she strictly control herself when attending the buffet. Catering is quite usual when she is on set. Emily tries to be well- behaved with that stuff. Otherwise, it’s easy to go crazy.
  • She is lucky to relax with food from time to time. The girl can survive without chips. But her fans know her to love a good cupcake sometimes.
  • Hikes and yoga are her favorites compare to fit exercises.
  • Enough volume of water and sleeping are a key strategy in life. She takes some water before bedtime. The best sleeping is at home bed.
  • Never be too strict or hard to yourself. It’s vital to do some breaks. However, it’s better to know the origin of the ingredients. Note what kind of stuff you are putting in your body.

Emrata fitness secrets

Emily Ratajkowski’s diet is not only the calorie limit and food schedule. Moreover, it’s wider sense means the style or mode of life. Some other aspects of Emily’s beauty and fashion treatment she told to New York Times and Elle.

Calin Van Paris reports on vogue.com:

  • Skin care

She does nothing special but usual everyday skin-care procedures. Practically, it’s the same in the morning and at night. Washing and moistening are basic. She always removes make-up. It’s her golden rule. As her skin depends on the weather, she practices with different products. The model likes Tarte Cosmetics. It gives her a fresh look.

Emily travels a lot.

So, she cares to avoid over-drying skin. Chloé body lotion and Aquaphor moisturizers help a lot. Time to time 20 minutes masks at the hotel refresh to feel much better. Especially after the long flights she washes her face and put on Sisley Express Flower Gel. You can keep it for the night.

  • Makeup tricks

Surely, Emily can’t stand to look like a clown. Day-to-day make-up is simple. It includes tint, cream blush, mascara and lipstick. Cat eye is her method to look more done up for special events. In these cases liners, highlighters and a contour shades are her assistants. Her main zones for highlighter are cheekbones and nose lines.

By all means, brush up your eyebrows. Add some lip stuff on your cheeks. It will help you to look perfect even without any other makeup.

  • Hair

Emily told If she weren’t a model she would like to try with super short hair. The length about two inches would be helpful with a saltwater beachy look. As she admires the ocean. Finally, Emrata tried to change hairstyle.

Now she is not able to ever think about it. Her hair is usually straight when it is down. Sometimes she plays with curled ends too. Very often her hair is up or Dolce & Gabbana style.

  • Other beauty rituals

A Korean spa once per months is her additional treatment. She visited not the most popular place in Hollywood. It’s not a typical spa. But, she likes its specific atmosphere. It helps her to switch off. First, Emily spends 40 minutes in different pools. Body scrub, shower, acupressure massage follow after. After that, her skin is so smooth. She always sleeps so well that night.

  • Fashion and brands

The model’s key favourites are Céline, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana too. She chose them because they understand how to make a woman feel sexy. So Emily put on their dresses for some special events.

  • Lingerie

Fancy lingerie is not hers. No need to have the extra padded bra and push up. She prefers daily comfort. Simple underwear with support is her style.

  • Fragrance

It’s difficult for Emily to find the right fragrance. She scared to smell cheap.  Definitely, she will never take some powerful, too sweet or masculine.  She prefers her own scent.  However, recently Emily invested her sensuality presenting new fragrance from Paco Rabanne.  This Pure XS For Her is a combination of a floral bouquet with popcorn crash.

  • Secret exercise to get Ab crack

In spite of her indifference to the gym, the model works out regularly. Emily likes planks. This exercise involves various groups of muscles. It is a perfect mode to aim the front body. She advises starting planking. It is really the way to get an Ab crack. You can find in Instagram the video where Emily answers the questions while planking.

Of course, Emily Ratajkowski belongs to ectomorph body type. Mostly extra pounds are not a problem for them. Let’s see how the other body types can manage the weight loss and be in shape.

Emily Ratajkowski body type

Actually, the most correct classification of human bodies is the division into Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs. Knowing your type, it is much easier to decide on both nutrition and exercise. And in general, you know what your body is capable of in case you know your body type.

William H. Sheldon introduced the main features of each type (it is reported on uh.edu):

  • Slim figure with straight body lines.
  • Weak, slender musculature.
  • Narrow bones with small joints.
  • A small fatty layer or its absence (without training and keeping to low-calorie diets).
  • Narrow shoulders, small breasts, and buttocks.
  • Relatively long arms and legs.
  • Difficult weight gain.
  • Fast and efficient metabolism.
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficult muscle building.
  • Natural, proportional lines of the body.
  • Natural, moderately developed muscles.
  • Bones and joints of medium size.
  • Natural slimness.
  • Developed, “square” shoulders.
  • Fat is evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • Lose fat easily.
  • Effective metabolism.
  • Easily build muscle mass.
  • The body responds quickly to training.
  • Smooth, round body.
  • Musculature develops easily but tends to be underdeveloped.
  • Medium or large bones and joints.
  • High level of predisposition to fat accumulation (there may be excess lipid mass and weight problems).
  • Narrow shoulders, high waist, large, wide hips, creating a pear-shaped figure.
  • Difficult weight loss due to loss of fat mass.
  • Slow metabolic rate.
  • Fatigue, frequent fatigue attacks.
  • Slow weight loss.

Looking at Emily Ratajkowski, it is not hard to guess that she belongs to the Ectomorph type. She differs in difficult weight gain because of fast and efficient metabolism.

Let’s figure out the key characteristics of this body type.

Ectomorph body type

Women of this type are tall, thin and fragile. They have light bones, small joints, and not big muscles. Long arms, legs, neck, and fingers are the recognizable feature of ectomorph. There is very little fat in the body.

As to the hair, it is usually thin, but dense. Weakly developed lower jaw, thin wrists, and ankles. Ectomorphs often suffer from heat and badly stand humidity. They also tend to bad sunbathe.

This type is the hardest to gain muscle mass and weight. Ectomorphs eat little, easily endure hunger, and, as a rule, cannot gain enough calories to build muscle. They almost do not need cardio workouts in order not to burn the necessary calories. But they usually need strength exercises and protein supplements.

Diet & workout for each body type

Somatotypes classification came from PhD and MD William H. Sheldon in 40th last century. His theory assists to individualize diet and fitness schedule to reach the shape and weight targets. 

Most people are not 100% one type only. Usually, it’s a blend of them. There are a variety of body types combinations. Basically, there are three general body types. We’ve already featured their main highlights.

The body type is one of the main factors that can settle on people’s metabolism. The metabolic level is really important. It’s based on your genetics and hormonal profile. People have faster metabolisms because of their higher thyroid levels.

These are also important factors how you feel and look:

It connected with the weight loss a lot. A focus is not just simply to lose weight. The goal should be losing fat. Especially those stubborn areas such as belly, arms and legs.

Clarify your body type to get success in weight loss

However, before continuing the investigation of diets and weight loss we offer to uncover your body type. If you know your somatotype you can control and adapt your body work and nutrition. You do not go against your nature but help it to succeed.

Would you like to determine your shape type or somatotype?

There are different ways to do it. Somatotype is determined by measuring certain body parameters. Fitness and nutrition couches might help you with exact calculations. Let us use the easiest of them. Certainly, these are rough methods. Nevertheless, do the simple tests.
Measure the wrist length results
  • about 15–17 cm is for mesomorphic type
  • less than 15cm is for ectomorphic type
  • more than 17cm is for endomorphic
Finger and thumb
  • Besides, you can simply grip the other hand’s wrist with the middle finger and thumb.
  • You are the mesomorph if the fingers just touched.
  • The fingers of ectomorph are overlapped.
  • For the endomorph, they do not reach each other.

Measuring the breast, waist and hips, cannot accurately determine the somatotype. The matter is that there are different frame shapes like apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc. Their owners can belong to different somatotypes.

It’s necessary to note there are no pure ectomorphs, mesomorphs or endomorphs. Usually, we have signs of all three somatotypes. However, one of them is dominated.

Ectomorph | Emrata body type

Let us remind that ectomorph is typically a tall skinny guy or woman.

As usual, they have small joints, narrow hips and shoulders and long limbs. Due to their fast metabolism, they do not generally gain the weight or add muscles growing. The typical representatives of ectomorphs are basketball players and models.

In fact, Emrata body shape is an example of ectomorph body type. Emily Ratajkowski legs and arms are long and slim. Model’s weight is another point that proves it. She adores eating fast food and different not actually dietic meals. After that, she does not gain weight as other body types do.

As a rule, ectomorph can eat a lot more food especially carbohydrates. In fact, they have better glucose metabolism. So, the blood sugar level allows them to consume more carbohydrates without getting fat.

However, sometimes they get the so-called problem like “skinny fat”. Thus, these lucky people don’t need to lose much weight. Just to burn some fat around the belly or upper legs.

4 ectomorph features backed by science
  • The optimal diet for them should be about 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fats. Yes, they can have more carbs compared to the other types. The reason is their body use them quickly for energy.
  • For weight loss, they should reduce the calories but not so much. So, simply lessen the carbs. But healthy fat and proteins continue eating at the same level.
  • However, these skinny bodies also require some exercises. It is enough three or two times a week to manage 30-45 minutes dealing with the sport. Their workouts have to be short and intense. Overtraining is the enemy for them. They should keep valuable muscles.
  • In fact, the best exercises for this ectomorph type is strength workouts. Lifting weights to tone are also fit. Cardio is the last one.

As well as Emily Rajikowski the other famous ectomorph bodybuilders are Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz and Trinny Woodall, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Alexa Chung, Kate Hudson, Nicole Ritchie, Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani.

Among celebrities:

There are not so many famous ectomorphs. Usually, the fitness models work hard to achieve the perfect body shapes. That is why people of such a body type are considered lucky.

Ectomorph weight loss workout
  • The entire training program should focus on large muscle groups like back, legs, chest. It is better to use a minimum of cardio aerobic exercises. It helps to save or gain muscle mass.
  • In the beginning, basic exercises are preferable for the ectomorphs. More experienced ones can apply split-system training. It means that you practice one body part per one workout. Each muscle group receives a load only once a week.
  • The exercises for one muscle group should not exceed 12 sets. The break between the sets should be 60-90 seconds. It provides better muscles growth.
  • One set contains 4 to 8 reps. The whole workout should not exceed one hour including the warming-up and cool down.
  • You can use isolation exercises if there is enough muscle volume. Just make them ripped.
  • Ectomorphs need comparatively much time for recovery. So the optimal workout schedule for them comes to 3 workouts per week and enough rest between them. Seeping time is at least 8 hours a day.
  • It is better to decrease cardio. But jogging or walking will be beneficial for the cardiovascular system and health in general.
  • Water schedule: at least 2.5 litres per day.
Ectomorph diet tips
  • The diet balance includes 50-60% of carbohydrates, 25% of protein, 15 – 20% – fats. Protein intake is about 3g per kg.
  • Eat 5-6 times a day. Take 1-1.5 glass of water 30 minutes before the meal.
  • Your metabolism is fast. Avoid being hungry. The muscles tone is connected with your eating. If you prefer to gain some kgs, increase daily calorie intake by 500-750 kcal.
  • The last meal should be 40-60 minutes before bedtime.
  • Use complex carbohydrates. Minimize simple carbohydrates and animal fats. You can eat nutritious products like peanut butter, nuts. It will increase the calories. It’s better to take the sweets after workouts. Some gainers and pure proteins are allowed.


The next body type is a mesomorph. 

These body types are liable to have the best athletic genetics. They have wide shoulders narrow hips, strong muscle and less body fat. They usually have ideal metabolism. These people easily gain muscles and lose fat. We can see the mesomorphs among fitness models, bodybuilders or football players.

This body type needs balance when it comes to fat loss. This diet should be about 40% of carbohydrates, 40% of protein and 20% fat. It is better for them to keep this ratio and simply reduce the total calories. They need both protein and carbs to burn some spare fat. Because their metabolism uses them to build the extra muscles.

The fitness routine would include equally aerobic cardio as well as anaerobic lifting weights. It is the best to exercise about 4 to 5 times a week.  Although, not longer than 45 to 60 minutes in time.

Best known among mesomorphs are Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Garner or Madonna.

Mesomorph weight loss workout
  • Standard training routine is suitable for mesomorphs to improve their body parameters. The main thing for the mesomorph is the stability of the training process. It’s easy for them to get out of shape if they stop exercising.
  • It is better to equalize cardio and strength exercises. It stimulates muscle growth and burns spare fat.
  • High-intensity workouts during 45-60 minutes.
  • As a beginner, you need to alternate workout intensity. One training day uses low weight but many repetitions. The next classes come to more weight and fewer repetitions. The third workout return to more reps with less weight. Chose a few effective exercises. Every workout use 2-3 of them for the definite muscle group. Alternate them correctly.
  • More experienced athletes – mesomorphs need to adjust the program depending on the goals: to work out the relief or gain the muscle mass.
  • Use aerobic or cardio exercise 2-3 times a week, for 20-30 minutes each. Jogging or running helps to maintain the body relief.
Mesomorph diet tips
  • The diet balance ratio includes 35-45% of proteins, 25-30% of fat and 40-45% of carbohydrates – 40-45%. The protein consumption is 2-2.5 g per kg.
  • Ideal sources of protein are beef, fish, egg whites, turkey, chicken.
  • The main rule for mesomorph is to limit fat up to 20-25%.
  • It is worth to split the daily meal into 4-5 times.
  • It is required to exclude fatty and heavy food. No alcohol. Time to time some sweets are allowed as support after exercising.
  • The diet can include healthy fats: olive an flaxseed oils, almonds.
  • Daily water schedule: at least 2.5 litres


The third group is called the big-boned endomorph. Those people require the most attention when it comes to fat loss. They tend to bulky look. Their shoulders are narrow and the hips are wide. Usually, the arms and legs are short and thick. This group has muscle.

At the same time:

More fat than the other two body types is the tendency for them. These are representatives with a rather slow metabolism. As a rule, the body does not digest carbs properly. The blood sugar level shoots up too much. It converts the food into the fat.

Due to this fact they should consume fewer carbohydrates. So the diet should be about 25% of carbohydrates 50% of protein and 25% of healthy fats. Besides, they need lots of vegetables and fibre and very little simple carbs. Because of the above endomorph features, they need a special attitude to the training.

Their muscles tend to bulk fast. So, they need less anaerobic, strength or weight lifting exercises. At the same time, they have to double the aerobic or cardio exercises. For the weight loss, the workout should be five to seven times weekly. It is worth not to overcome 90 minutes.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce and Shakira are the pear-shaped women.  Perfect endomorph celebrities are presented by Kim Kardashian Amanda Peet, Scarlett Johansson, Julie Henderson, America Ferrera, Kristin Davis, Heidi Range.

Endomorph weight loss workout advise
  • These people should work out hard and often. Mid weights but many sets and reps with short rest are the best for them. It can be 6-9 sets and 13-20 reps for one muscle group. Recovery is about 30-60 seconds
  • Overloading can provide muscles decreasing. Training time 65 -75 minutes.
  • The combination of strength and cardio loadings with mainly basic exercises bring the best benefit. Start the workout with the strength practising as it needs more energy.
  • 10-15 minutes of cardio is a great warming-up. It encourages the body.
  • Large weights and fewer sets and reps could add muscle mass but will not reduce the fat.
  • 3-5 times a week during 30-40 minutes spend with cardiovascular machines to simulate running or rowing.
  • Increase the intensity gradually. The body needs the time to adapt.
Endomorph diet tips
  • The diet ratio is based on 50-60% of protein, fat limit up to 10-15% and carbohydrates near 30-35%.
  • Protein is sourced from fatless meat, chicken and turkey fillet, fish, sports nutrition.
  • The endomorph has to limit simple carbs and saturated fats to burn the calories.
  • The whole grain products, vegetables, especially green ones and fibre are the best friends. Be care of corn, potatoes, carrots and other starchy ones.
  • Everything is personal when it comes to weight loss. But you should reduce at least 300-500 kcal from the daily diet.
  • Try to eat small portions 6-7 times a day. This is a way to push up the metabolism. Short term between the meals predicts the hunger.
  • As a rule, the endomorphic body tends to hold water. However correct workouts and proper nutrition normalize water content. Nevertheless, it is still important to drink about 2 litres per day.
  • Sports nutrition market offers endomorphs fat burners, energy, amino acids, concentrates and protein isolates.

Their weight loss results are sensitive to food quality and quantity.

Each body type is unique

Truly to say, most people have unique shapes and composition. As a rule, we join the features from different types. It means that your upper body can be ectomorph or mesomorph but the lower part is endomorph.

You might be wondering:

To get the shape of your dream or just be in the tone you should properly evaluate your genetics. Knowledge of your strong and weak sides will open the right door to your weight target. Hence, the above information and advice will help you to adjust the diets and workout routines as per your peculiar shape. Individualization will boost goal achievement.

Weight loss celebrity diets that influence

Most of us dream about weight loss without counting calories. We want to eat our fave products too. Victoria’s Secret Angels discover some diet canons. Within two weeks it is possible to lose 14-17 pounds

Danielle Prescod reveals the main rules of “Diets of Angels” on elle.com:

2 weeks Victoria’s Secret Angels’ diet

Within two weeks you have to eat only certain products. This menu stimulates metabolism. Avoid sugar, sweet products, salt and alcohol. Use olive oil and lemon juice as the salad dressing.

No fruits for evening meals, as they are carbs. Drink at least 2.5 litres of still, room temperature water daily. By the way, water helps to allay hunger and delete toxins.
The first day
  • Meal # 1. A cup of coffee or green tea without sugar and milk.
  • Meal # 2. An, but not a big fruit
  • Meal # 3. Two boiled eggs, a salad with one tomato and fresh greenery, two baked potatoes
  • Meal # 4. A large beefsteak, some salad of fresh vegetables and greens
The second day
  • Meal # 1. A cup of coffee or green tea without sugar and milk
  • Meal # 2. Any small fruit
  • Meal # 3. Beefsteak, some fresh vegetables or green salad
  • Meal # 4. Vegetable soup
The third day
  • Meal # 1. A cup of coffee or green tea without sugar and milk and one whole grain toast
  • Meal # 2. A glass of natural yoghurt
  • Meal # 3. Meat steak and fresh vegetables and greens salad. A glass of any fresh juice will be a compliment
  • Meal # 4. Some stewed vegetable and chicken breast
The fourth day
  • Meal #1. Coffee or tea with one whole grain toast
  • Meal # 2. A handful of any nuts without spices
  • Meal # 3. Beef or chicken steak, set of fresh vegetables and green tea.
  • Meal # 4. Two boiled eggs, and two slices of low-fat ham.
The fifth day
  • Meal # 1. One grated carrot with a spoon of olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Meal # 2. One banana or the other fruit.
  • Meal # 3. Grilled fish with one large tomato and cup of black coffee without sugar or milk
  • Meal # 4. A steak, some fresh vegetable salad and glass of any fresh juice.
The sixth day
  • Meal # 1. A cup of blacktop coffee without sugar or milk or green tea.
  • Meal # 2. A glass of natural yoghurt and one banana
  • Meal # 3. Boiled chicken breast, green salad and a cup of black coffee.
  • Meal # 4. Meat steak with salad or vegetables
The seventh day
  • Meal # 1. A cup of black coffee without sugar or milk or green tea
  • Meal # 2. Banana or the other fruit
  • Meal # 3. Diet meat steak and green salad
  • Meal # 4. Couple slices of hard cheese, a large portion of fresh vegetable salad.

A balanced diet and regular workout is the best way to be active, healthy and lovely, like the Angels.

Victoria’s Secret Angels diet tips

Many people follow the fitness models. They try to look like them. The girls have some secrets on how to be cute and healthy. Here are the main weight loss tips from them. Let’s have a look at special products for the proper nutrition.

  • Water

This is a vital product for each model. They used to keep the bottle of still water in the bag. Their motto is minimum 2 litres of water daily. Elle MacPherson drinks 3 litres. The fact is that very often the models do not drink at all 12 hours before the show.

Afterward, they immediately returned to the usual water regime. Green tea
Victoria’s Secret supermodels start their day with it. They even have a special diet 2 weeks before the sets. Obligatory breakfast includes green tea and toast. Green tea improves metabolism.

  • Proteins

For many models, proteins are 30 – 40% of their diet. They source it from eggs, legumes, low-fat dairy products or lean meat.

  • Apple

Hard days are usually for the models. To avoid hunger attacks they keep some apples with them.

  • Full breakfast

Despite the strict diet rules, the models choose solid breakfast. Calories will burn during the day. But they can max work out.

  • Green smoothie

The recipes as the tastes are different. Here is one green smoothie from Miranda Kerr: Blend roughly equal quantity of parsley, lemon, cucumber, and spinach.

  • Organic products

Who can be Victoria’s Secret Angel?

Victoria’s Secret is a globally famous lingerie brand. The underwear giant named their models the Angels. Among them, you find Helena Christensen, Tyra Banks, Leticia Casta, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and many others from all over the world.

Behind the wings and faultless bodies, hard work and huge efforts stand. Here are some more details about it.

  • Ideal body

It’s not easy to challenge Victoria’s Secret standards. Many models dream about walking in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The Angels should be not lower 175 cm with the waist up to 61 cm. They must be toned and shaped. Just a skinny body is not enough. It’s true the VC Angels look healthy and fit.

  • What to eat?

Victoria’s Secret nutritionists prefer low-carb keto diet. It means protein and fat. The meal includes chicken, beef, fish, seafood and eggs. Sugar and carb products are completely excluded. Unpleasant, but it comes to fruit as well.

At some stages of weight loss, they can add vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, wheat germ or asparagus and salad. However, before the shows, their menu is rather strict. of Proteins and 15-20 ml of vegetable oil for each meal.
  • No food after 6 pm

To boost fat burning, the girls could use amino acid complex, digestive enzymes, vitamin and mineral additives. Then, some protein bars or shakes and almond milk are good for the recovery after the workout.

  • How to work out?

The Angels work out regularly. Strength exercises, squats, lunges, push-ups, the variety of deadlifts are basic ones. They focus on abs, triceps, biceps and low body. Cardio and other activity like boxing, ballet, dances shed pounds.

They spend at least 4 times a week in the gym and continue to train at home 3-4 times weekly. The tip: you train on an empty stomach. Just drink a cup of black coffee before classes.

  • Is it effective?

You can notice the first results after 4 months. However, this route is very exhausting. It requires a long recovery and strong motivation. The Angels have it: huge fees, new contracts and the fans’ admiration. The whole team of nutritionists, trainers and physicians monitor and control their health.

Hollywood weight loss alkaline diet

This single rule diet benefits those who are eager to lose weight and improve their body and skin.

Recently many Hollywood celebrities accepted alkaline diet. Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Giselle Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow and others follow it. In general, it’s a very simple nutrition system. Keep in mind the only one main rule to get the aim.

What is the alkaline diet?

Several years ago nutritionists Vickie Ejson and Natasha Korret developed a food program to normalize acidity. The target was to solve gastrointestinal problems. The main idea is to balance the pH index to 7.35 – 7.45. They are sure it can assist with digestion and metabolism. They published n the book Honestly Healthy Alkaline Program to share their vision.

Joe Leech explains the theory of the alkaline diet on healthline.com:

All products are divided into alkaline and acidic. In other words, the digested food creates the alkaline or acid reaction. The diet’s core is adapting the products variety to keep the right acid base. It helps to manage the weight loss. However, it concentrates more on health approach.

6 Alkaline diet pros that make people follow it
  • digestion improvement
  • appetite stabilizing prevents overeating
  • the skin, hair and nails get better
  • less tiredness and more energy
  • reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases
  • weight loss up to 4-5 kg per month

The main diet’s rule: 80% of alkaline and 20% of acid food ratio.

It can be daily, weekly or monthly share. The most important is to save the required balance. You can cook any recipes or cook your own dishes. Just choose the right alkali ingredients.

The food is classified as alkaline, neutral or acidic. Some products we used to consider acidic belong to alkaline ones. The reason is that we define food pH after its digestion. A good sample is a lemon. Due to its sour taste, we tend it to acidic food. However, lemon’s residue is alkalic in the body.

Alkaline diet food classification

Acidic products
  • Alcohol
  • Grains
  • Eggs
  • Meat & poultry
  • Fish
  • Dairy
  • Peanuts and walnuts
Neutral Foods
  • Natural fat
  • Starches
  • Sugars
Alkaline Foods:
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit, except grapes
  • Legumes
  • Smoothie

As you can see:

The alkaline diet supposes using many vegetables, fruits and other healthy food. There are no strict limits. You just protect the body from junk food. You might not succeed in fast weight loss with an alkaline diet. But more important, it obviously brings you more energy, brainstorming and better immunity.

Weight loss diet general points

When it comes to fast diets you can find many methods. These different ways of prompt weight loss have only 5 essential rules in common. Namely, they are:

  • Sharp calorie intake decreasing. The body starts to spend fat reserves when it does not get the usual calorie amount. A couple of days before the shows the catwalk models reduce consumed calories by half.
  • The majority of proteins. Proteins dominate in the menu. Minimum fat and fast carbs are excluded. The reason is the body utilizes much energy to metabolize protein. It guarantees fast weight loss but keeps the muscles toned and ripped. No negative impact on skin, hair and nails.
  • Smaller portions. Less food means fewer calories. It helps to recharge the body. Stressed metabolism will use extra stocks.
  • Red light. Fast diets are rather strict. You should reject alcohol, salt and sugar. They tend to hold the water. Smoked meats, fries, soda and other junk food are forbidden.
  • Enough liquid. Proper water regime is important. The still mineral water, juices, herbal, green, white and black teas maintain the water-salt balance. Besides, each of them has their own secrets and small tips they use to be in the best shape before sets and shows. Let’s explore some the most effective. Many celebs checked these diets on practice.

Weight loss diets food base

There is a group of products used as the base for many diets of fitness and catwalk models. You can use them to fight the fat too.

  • Feta and salt-free hard cheese
  • chicken and quail eggs
  • natural yoghurts without any additives
  • fresh vegetables
  • low sugar fruit
  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • balsamic and apple vinegar
  • mineral water
  • green and white teas
  • black coffee

Perfect bodies of top and fitness models impress and cause the envy. Of course, partially it is the gift of nature or genetic. A good sample is Emily Ratajkowski’s killing body. But mostly, it is the result of hard work in the gym and proper nutrition and variety of limits.

We offer to investigate some top effective diets the models use before important shows, filming and sets.

Express 3 days diet

This models’ diet is very strict and low-calorie.  Of course, it requires patience and endurance. But, the results are really impressive. You can lose up to 4 kg within a short time.

3-day menu
  • Breakfast: 1 soft-boiled egg
  • Lunch: in a couple of hours after the breakfast includes max 200g of 0-2% fat cottage cheese with no additives, tea without any sugar
  • The dinner: is not later than at 4 pm: 150g of the same cottage cheese and tea.

In fact, lunch is like the second breakfast, and dinner is at lunchtime. You are not allowed to eat after dinner but drink still warm water. Some extra tea and plenty of water will help to overcome the hunger. The dinner can be later. However, not later than four hours before bedtime. Sugar, salt, spices are prohibited.

Use this brief weight lost method not more than 3 days once per month. The body has limits of nutrients and vitamins. This method of weight loss is possible for short period only.

This diet is not for you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or those who have stomach or kidneys problems. Definitely, it’s better to get professional advice before.

Highlights of 7 days models’ diet

The second option of models’ diets is a weekly weight loss system. This 7 days fat burning is not so strict. But, you can be easier up to 3-6 kg. People can remove extra volume on the hips and waist. The muscles are not changed, only fat is taken away.

The main issue:

The maximum 1000 calorie limit daily. The proteins are the base. Exclude the salt, spices, flavours, sugar and sweets. Some ginger can improve the dishes’ taste. Boil, steam or bake the meat and fish. Calculate the oils calories in a salad.

Between the meals, you can drink hot sugar-free beverages. Besides the restrictions, you have more variety of food.

The list of products for 7 days models’ diet
  • Meat low-fat beef/veal, chicken breast, turkey
  • Fish white sea fish, bakery products, dietary bread, whole grain bread
  • Eggs chicken, quail
  • Dairy products low fat cottage or curd cheese, salt-free hard cheese, feta, non-fat yoghurt
  • Vegetables any non-starchy, any green, paprika, tomatoes, carrot, legumes
  • Fruits/berries citrus, green apples, sour berries
  • Beverages tea (preferably green or herb), still mineral water
The 7 days diet daily menu option
  • Breakfast: 2 eggs or 50 g of meat, slightly buttered one whole grain toast a cup of hot green tea
  • The second breakfast: hot green tea.
  • Lunch: 100g fish or meat 200g vegetable salad with olive oil or lemon juice, two savory fruits, hot water.
  • Dinner: 100g meat or fish with 300 g of vegetable salad and hot water.
  • Before bedtime: a glass of hot water. This sample menu can be different. You can change salad recipes, add legumes, alternate kinds of meat and fish.

Like many others, French models have their secret of weight loss. A week before catwalk show they remove fast carbohydrates, fats, sweets and focus on proteins. They drink lots of green tea. There is no complicity to manage this diet from France.

  • A teaspoon of honey and a cup of green tea
The second breakfast
  • A cup of black coffee with wholegrain toast
  • 200 g vegetable salad with some lemon juice as the dressing
  • 50 g feta or a glass of low-fat yoghurt
  • a cup of sugaherb 50 g feta or a glass of low-fat yoghurt
  • 250 g protein product on your choice (chicken breast, beef, eggs or fish)
  • 100 g of fresh vegetables
  • a cup of sugar-free green tea

The results are in 2 kg and max 6 kg weight loss. By all means, it’s not bad. This week food challenge is more health friendly. Nevertheless, it’s better to get the permit from profs.

Korean beauties 13-day diet marathon

Kristin Kirkpatrick reports on today.com: Do you have at least two weeks for the weight loss program?

Then it’s worth to test the diet of Korean models. It is also effective but takes 13 days. It possible to lose from 4 up to 8 kg.

The diet from Korean fashion models excludes alcohol, sweets, spices and dairy products. Fats and fast carbs are out of product lists too. The focus is on protein. No need to have the same menu daily. Change meat, fish, vegetables. The main tip is the volume of portions and the amount of protein. One meal is not more than 350 g.

Here is the approx daily menu.

  • a glass of water with lemon juice and ginger
The 2nd breakfast
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • some pickled or boiled broccoli
  • greenery
  • a slice of brown bread
  • 150 g of lettuce salad
  • 50 g of bulgur or brown rice
  • 150 g of steamed white fish
  • 200 g of shrimps
  • 150 g of meat (chicken breast, beef or turkey)
  • smoothie blended of celery, cucumber, tomato, greens

You can have light snacks between the meals. A bit of fresh fruit or fruit and vegetable smoothies are the options. After getting up, drink a glass of water. It will wake up your metabolism. Don’t forget about enough water during the day. It’s the best detox mean.

What’s the bottom line?

Lack of salt the Korean models compensate by a little kimchi. These are rather known traditional spicy salted vegetables. Usually, cabbage and Korean radishes are fermented. But note, that it should be really small quantities. During the diet, it is seasoning, not another dish.

Get back to the full value nutrition

Any diet supposes two ways ticket.   

To explain, it means that our body requires the portion of time to enter the diet regime. This preparatory term and definite measures adapt the entity for the diet stress.  Another key point touches the topic of how to return to the usual meal.

Axioms of the diet exit

Fast weight loss methods used by the models are quite tough. This is a challenge for the body. To avoid any health danger you need to follow some rules. They will assist to come back to the regular food schedule harmless. 

4 canons worth to note
  • Dilute protein with carbohydrates. Step by step adds cereals to the menu. Enrich the cottage cheese with some berries.
  • Plus 200 kcal per day.
  • Graduate the calorie increasing. Plus 200 kcal per day is a usual norm. Continue to raise up to desired calorie level. until you reach the desired indicators.
  • Replace products slowly.

You want to update the menu with new products. Do not rush to do it. Replace one product per day.

  • Still minimum sugar, salt and seasonings.
  • Preferably, no sugar and salt for another two weeks after the diet. It is necessary to fix the result. To improve the taste use minimum of salt. Take some honey instead of sugar.

6 crazy and dangerous diets for fast weight loss

Nikelle Murphy give an overview on cheatsheet.com:

  • KE diet

It is ketogenic-enteral nutrition. In other words, feeding tube diet. The promise weight lost by 9 kg in 10 days. The tube is injected into the stomach through the nose.

The slimming person eats nothing except a special blend of protein and fat dropping over the tube. It contains not more than 800 calories daily. Carbohydrates are excluded. The specialist’s supervision is required. The cost of this program is at least $ 1,500.

  • Tapeworms diet

For sure, this is truly a dangerous diet and one of the worst in the world. Its sense is to take in the pill with warm eggs. You can eat whatever you want. Then the grown warm eats your extra calories.

In the US, selling parasites for weight loss It is not approved by the FDA. It is the same as the worm infection. So it is really hazardous.

  • Tongue patch diet

This is the trick with the patch on the top of your tongue. This meshed plastic patch makes swallowing difficult. You feel the pain during the meal. As a result, the patient is forced to use liquid food until the patch falls off. It is approx 800 calories per day.

This technique came to the United States after from Latin America. Now it takes $ 2,000 for the procedure and promises to lose 8-9 kg in 30 days.

  • HCG diet

HCD or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone from the urine of pregnant women. This method was on top in mid of the last century. But, it has its followers up to now. The diet consists of two factors. People get the injections of HCG hormone.

They keep the ultra-low-calorie diet. 500kcal per day. This the poor in calorie intake provides weight loss at any case. Why should you take hormone injection? It’s still the question. Be careful to avoid the problem with metabolism and risk of cancer.

  • Cigarette or nicotine diet

It’s no sense to discuss this crazy and stupid mode to weight loss. Unfortunate there are the volunteers who are ready to lose extra weight by means of cigarettes and water. Lung cancer risk is not the best exchange for model shape.

  • Master clean or lemonade diet

10 days liquid menu includes lemonade- cayenne beverage, salt water and herbal tea. It really removes your spare fat due to minimum calories. Besides, you also will lose your energy, metabolic system, muscles, bones, health and happiness.

Definitely, we can go on the list of strange and crazy diets celebs tried. Mushrooms diet, last chance diet, vinegar and many others are the part in the total list of 3200 known weight loss food programs.  But does it worth?  Take care!

The survey

What are your feelings for crazy and strange diets? Will, you reply the following. Is the effect of strange and sometimes dangerous diets worth the health risk?

  • Of course, not worth it!
  • Strange diets – for strange people.
  • I do not know, I am against any diets. I am proud of my spare tie.
  • The risk is a risk, but sometimes a woman is ready to do anything to look stunning.
  • The only correct diet is proper nutrition and fitness. The rest is lack of control and laziness.
  • They are not so crazy, these strange diets. Some ones I might try.

Negative sides of dieting

It’s quite clear, that any diet for weight loss is stressful for the body. The poor nutrition, lack of vitamins could bring harmful impacts. The sides effects of crashed diets touch our health and mind. We should be careful and remember about possible problems.

Kelsey Miller reports the most common negative results on refinery29.com:

Nutrients shortage, slowing metabolism, muscle loss, weakness, gallstone, nausea, headaches, osteoporosis, anemia, poor immune system, hair, skin and dental troubles. Risk of cancer and depression are also connected with unsafe diets.

Absolutely all these negative factors are unpleasant. But the hardest and really dangerous are eating disorder including anorexia. This is a serious mental disease which can bring a lethal issue. Thus, think, consult and follow fitness models’ diet if you are totally sure in healthy and positive results.
Frequently asked questions

Q: What makes a woman beautiful?

A: Emily is sure that confidence does it. She feels confidence because she has learned to love herself. The girl welcomes the things that make her unique and exceptional.

Q: What is Emily’s hair routine?

A: Every morning she uses Aura Botanica. The model thinks it’s such a good way to start the day. This shampoo wets and makes the hair soft. It’s a perfect repairing for damaged hair.

Q: When does she feel the most powerful?

A: Emily is sure that most accomplishment and doing the loved things. She likes to be creative and work with people she likes to work with. The model likes to make something bigger than herself. All these actions bring her powerful.

Q: What is her favourite cocktail?

A: She likes Jin martini. With pleasure will prepare it for her friends.

Q: What’s the first thing does she do each morning?

A: She checks her emails.

Q: What does she have for breakfast?

A: Black coffee is must have. Then it can be granola, yoghurt or toast.

Q: What’s Emily’s favourite dessert?

A: She confesses that she really likes sweets. The options are dark chocolate or pumpkin cheesecake.

Q: What about her favourite food?

A: Her taste is different. She prefers sushi, Thai and Italian food.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing that she’s ever eaten?

A: It was calf tongue.

Q: What’s the last thing Emily does before going to bed?

A: It’s washing her face

Q: What’s one skill that she wishes to have?

A: Emily’s aim is to speak many languages.

Q: What’s the greatest gift she has ever got?

A: She thinks it was a trip.

Q: What is her favourite pizza?

A: It is anything with lots of meat and cheese.

Q: What trait does she admire most in others?

A: Empathy

Q: What features does she deplore?

A: Selfishness and bitterness

Q: What is the colour of her hair?

A: She says she’s actually never coloured her hair. So it is brown.

Q: What is her face shape?

A: She thinks it’s like an egg shape.

Q: What car does Em Ratajkowski drive?

A: She drives a Toyota Prius now. But she used to drive Nissan Versa. She got it when she was 18.

Q: Does she have Irish roots?

A: She confirms it. Her middle name is O’Hara. She loves to visit Ireland.

Q: Where did Emily go to a high school?

A: She graduated public high school SDA Mustangs California. Her father was an art teacher there.

Q: Do you have any problem to take naked?

A: Model is not shy to pose in a bikini or even naked. Emily declares that she is very comfortable in her body. Her father is an artist. So, she perceives the female body as an object of art. Emily thinks that the way she looks in the photo is just a photographer’s vision.

Emily Ratajkowski’s small secretes

The model shared tips on how to take the best picture in a bikini:

The most important thing is confidence. If you are not comfortable in a bikini, then you will never get good pictures. The other important aspects are posture. Do not be afraid to do something new with your body. She has workable poses to make great photos.

To receive stunning shots every girl should find her own body positions. There are so-called universal poses:

They are suitable for almost all. For example, half sideways stand with an arm raised at the head. You can stay with wide legs and transfer the weight to one of them. Look directly at the camera. Be sure to try.

  • Little ways

It is no secret if something is strictly prohibited you need it much more. It’s true for food and diet as well. It’s concerning anything, chocolate, red wine and so on. And this may lead to extra kgs.

Our body hates the pressing. Therefore, very often Ratakovski is able to relax in the diet. This is a kind of force and power balance.

  • Drink water and sleep a lot

This is the easiest and most effective way to save and keep the beauty and shape for a long time. Our body always needs enough healthy sleeping. The right level of liquid is required too.

People often miss these simple true facts. Emily reminds that these two things you can allow yourself in large quantities.

  • Regular and often working out

Nevertheless, Emily is known by the lazy fitness secrets she spends lots of time training. Even she is tired so much,  the model tries to do some sports. It could be a long walk or some yoga asana. It helps her to be tone and relax.

Pros and cons of dieting

The feedbacks are different as for short models’ diets. Somebody can’t bear tough restrictions. The others fail the protein marathon.

Evaluate the main positive and negative feature before you make this diet decision:


  • Fast results. Possible weight loss up to 4 kg in just 3 days
  • High efficiency. Everyone can lose weight with a model diet
  • Toned and ripped muscles
  • Availability of products


  • Unbalanced diet
  • Feeling of hunger
  • Chance of side actions like fatigue, dizziness, mental health effect
  • Time for recovery
  • Seldom recap
  • The need for good health and great tenacity.

Diet or not to diet

These prompt weight loss modes are not the ways who suffer from chronic diseases. The aged people, teens and breastfeeding women should avoid them too. Meat, fish and dairy products are not suitable for vegetarians. Lactose intolerant people are not able to use cottage cheese and other dairy derivatives.

What’s the bottom line?

Effective top and fitness models’ diets are not a cure-all solution in overweight. Especially, if it is a real problem of obesity. It could help to get back in shape quickly to fit your favourite dress. To prevent tight frames of diets always watch how much you eat.

Hunt life hack from supermodel Candice Swanepoel (Victoria’s Secret, the first South African Angel. She hasn’t got any food limit. Just strictly controls the quantity. The size of the one-time meal is not more than a handful. Read also about Jen Selter workout and nutrition.

Emily Ratajkowski diet inspires to work out

So many people are interested in special recipes of Emily’s body and success. 

She is always balanced to be social and catch up with people. Thus, Sanne Vander, a Dutch model who lives in Los Angeles was inspired by Emily’s fitness shape. On her YouTube chanal, she tells about Emily Ratajkowski workout routine which helps to have the body like Emily.

Emily Ratajkowski height and weight is an example of a perfect body. Of course, she works hard to have such body shape. She has a special diet and workout routine, that helps her to maintain a model body, butt to look perfect in a bikini.

More details about the model
  • Emily describes her ideal man in three words: intelligent, independent and celebratory
  • She considers the shoulders as the sexiest body part on a man
  • Good conversations with her friends are the things she can’t live without
  • Any kind of any jumpsuit will never appear in her closet
  • One of her passion is social justice for women.
Conclusion: main points of Emily Ratajkowski diet
  • Emily follows a relatively strict diet: the basis of which are vegetables, cereals and non-fat meat with seafood.
  • Before important occasions, the girl starts to follow the juice diet.
  • Spinach, apples, carrots, beets, and turmeric – the key products to feel amazing on the catwalk.
  • Model’s weaknesses are popcorn, sweets and well-grilled steak with a glass or two dark beer
  • Fast food periodically appears in the girl’s menu.

Just a few words to summarize the attempts to be slim and skinny. The health is the highest value of life. There are no magical diets. However proper nutrition in paring with regular workouts and wise mental attitudes can make true miracles.

We wish Emily Ratajkowski diet will change your uncertainty and bring you more self-confidence, good feelings and success.  Many of us dream to be ideal like most celebs. But each one has its own beauty. The main way to be happy is to be healthy.

Emily Ratajkowski
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