Poly Dacron battle ropes | Review 2020

B​ored with routine training in the gym? Try exercises and games with battle ropes. Using Poly dacron battle ropes makes your workout more diverse and muscle developing.

You’ll agree with me if I say:

I bet the last time you trained with a cord was still in school. Yes, and in school, you are unlikely to do anything other than lifting on a tightrope.

Well, it’s time to improve the situation and try to use this amazing tool to the maximum – the battling rope. Such cables are usually attached to walls, massive beams or pillars.

Despite the fact that they can vary in size, length and material they always have one task – to make you sweat well. (Some cords can be up to 30 meters long).

Choosing the best one for you, pay attention to the following characteristics. The high-quality fitness battle ropes for the effective workout should possess such features:

  • Low tensile properties and high elasticity.
  • Environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic.
  • A large margin of safety.
  • Convenient for the grip thickness and product structure.
  • No heat due to friction.
  • No scratches and slip while hand contact.

Poly dacron battle rope review

See the highly reviewed and durable Poly Dacron training ropes on Amazon. This fitness equipment is among the best battle ropes to buy. Click on the button to see more features and read customers’ feedback.

The fitness equipment with Poly Dacron is an excellent device for strength and cardio workout.

As well as for Crossfit and modern fitness exercise popular nowadays. They are an excellent choice for the home, gym, even office and workout facility practice. Lots of customers’ positive reviews prove that it really works.

Why should you choose Poly Dacron?
  • Composition: polypropylene and dacron plastic fibers
  • Synthetic fibers: twisted into strands
  • Dacron: provides strength in the outer braid
  • Polypropylene: provides a lightweight core and additional strength
  • Polypropylene for core: reduces weight, cost and makes the rope lighter

Exercise ropes: amazon choice

There are three main types of Amazon battle ropes. Each of which has its own special characteristics and a certain level of quality. Pay attention to the pros and cons of the product, while choosing the most appropriate for you.


This exercise cord trains the core strength. Engages the hands, arms, shoulders, back, and even the legs for a full-body workout. Use the cable to sculpt muscles, develop endurance and burn calories. Additionally, it can also increase response time and metabolic rate.

The POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope have superior quality heat shrink ends, which are perfect for exercising grip and hand strength. It helps you get a better grip when performing the exercises. The heat shrink caps on the ends help keep its shape and protect your hands.


  • Nylon sleeve covered – power guidance.
  • 100% dacron.
  • 7.5 inches heat shrink grips for improved grip and protection for the hands.
  • 3-strand twisted design, available in 30ft, 40ft & 50ft lengths with 1.5″ thickness.


  • The handle can occur too slippery.

AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope

Gain excellent results with the AmazonBasics Exercise Rope. This type of cord, users know by many names. Including a battling cable, combat, fitness, training, undulation, conditioning cord. The list goes on.

Inexpensive yet effective, the exercise rope makes a strong choice for CrossFit trainers, general fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes alike. It provides an especially great workout for boxers, swimmers, martial artists, and players of baseball, basketball, football, and tennis.


  • 1.5-inch exercise cord for strength training.
  • 3-strand-thick design made of the strong polyester blend.
  • High tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming to lose.
  • Can be used for undulation, pulling, or climbing exercises.
  • Rolls up for take-anywhere portability and compact storage
  • Measures 30 feet long.


  • The threading wears down with the time.

ZENY Poly Dacron Battle Rope

This battle rope’s strong construction holds up to intense undulation exercises on the floor. We advise that pole or tree to wrap around, anchor or hook best for inside usage. It also can be tied up in the rafters and used to climb. It can increase your grip and develop core and arm strength.

ZENY Poly Dacron Battle Rope trains the core strength. Engages the hands, arms, shoulders, back, and even the legs for a full-body workout.


  • 100% Poly Dacron.
  • Wear Resistant and Durable.
  • 3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Strong Construction.
  • 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect the cord from Friction and Fray.
  • Heat Shrink Caps on the ends.
  • High Tensile Strength.
  • Easy to be carried and stored
  • One of the grips may come loose.


Rep V2 Color Battle Rope

This cable has become a basis of convenient strength and conditioning workouts. Everyone from MMA athletes to NFL players uses them to build muscle mass fast and efficiently. To add, Rep V2 battle cords not only build explosive power and endurance.

But they also help develop a superior range of motion which can reduce the risk of injury. This kind of cable trains the core strength. Engage the hands, arms, shoulders, back, and even the legs for a full-body workout.


  • 100% pure PolyDacron material for maximum flexibility and whip action for battle cord work.
  • Nylon sleeve in the middle helps prevent wear.
  • Heat-shrink ends keep cord wound tightly and make a convenient grip option.
  • Black color makes dirt less visible.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Can sometimes loosen a bit.

Undulation rope workout benefits

Fitness battle ropes are a very dynamic exercise that accelerates your pulse while strengthening your body. Everything here consists of a stable body and an even spine when performing movements with arms and legs.

Increasingly, we see people with two cords in the fitness clubs, who seem to harness horses.

For many, this type of training is still new. Exercises with cables came to fitness clubs from mixed martial arts and really bring tangible benefits. Training with polyester rope amazon perfectly develop the endurance of your muscles, as well as explosive power.

Check what exercises exist with such interesting sports equipment:

If you like active fitness, but you are already bored of monotonous exercises, you are looking for how to diversify your classes. Obviously, cord training is an option that deserves special attention. Work with cords is complex and diverse, and you will not be bored here.

And although it is not quite the traditional way of fitness, but also extremely effective. You can see this after the first lesson.

What are training ropes necessary for?
  • Strengthen upper body (for shoulders)
  • Strengthen stabilizing muscles
  • Get a good cardio load

How not to harm health?

Work with these sports equipment, you can with any level of training. Depending on your physical form, you can choose the desired pace, and choose the best set of exercises for yourself. It can be a variety of ups and downs, hitting with ropes, throws, undulating movements.

In addition to the weight and length of the cord itself. The grip you use also affects the complexity of the exercises.

The technique of execution can be directed to different muscle groups. The most common movements with equipment are performed with either a large or a small amplitude. That is, it is short or long swing. Both can be:

  • alternating
  • parallel
  • one-sided
  • versatile (outer and inner)

Of course, this is not the whole list of possible movements. Swingings can be done in combination with other exercises. For example, with lunges, burpees, squats, with added steps, pushups or jumping on the curbstone.

You can also come up with completely new moves with any other combination. After all, training with ropes is a mass of opportunities for imagination.

  • As a rule, the exercises are performed interval. The number and duration of sets are set depending on your current form. But do not overdo it.
  • Do not forget that classes with ropes are high cardiac load, and to avoid problems, you need to be careful.
  • Control your pulse. When you visit the fitness club, be sure to ask the instructor. For instance, to introduce you to the technique and options for performance.
  • If you are starting a functional training session for the first time – do the following. First of all, consult your doctor for contraindications or any restrictions.

Training with this kind of fitness equipment is a very difficult, but fun and effective way to maximize the use of all your muscles. You will not only strengthen the wrist grip but also develop the muscles of the shoulders and forearm. But also strengthen the muscles of the bark.

Regular exercises will make you feel a huge surge of energy and powerful strength. And also, the ability to quickly lose weight and go to a higher level of physical fitness.

If you are bored running around the track, try the cord. It is not only effective but also fun! Are battle ropes effective? Here are the undulation rope workout benefits.

Low joint stress

When you perform exercises with a cable, your joints experience minimal stress.

Improving body balance

When performing the battle ropes exercises, you may notice that one half of the body moves differently than the other. In other words, one is better developed. One of the advantages of the cable wave is that over time such an imbalance will disappear.


You can literally train anywhere where there is a strong support to fasten the cord. It is one of the useful battle ropes workout benefits.


Workout with the cord involves the whole body, train the neuromuscular system. It is because of using the force of the body and passing it on to the arms. Besides, the high intensity and fast nature of training with this kind of fitness equipment will effectively develop cardiovascular endurance.

Not to mention the fact that such training perfectly burns excess fat.

Raises mood

The mood to overcome obstacles and difficulties. When you start using cord training, you begin to overcome yourself. Furthermore, in the future, different strength exercises will not seem so difficult.

It’s funny

If you are tired of working with a barbell, then the cables are just for you. A huge number of exercises that will bring a variety in your workout.

Exercises for beginners and advanced users

The possibilities with cords are truly endless. Categories of people to whom they fit:

  • Newbies
  • Advanced athletes
  • Elderly people
  • Military and rescuers
  • Children

There are restrictions on health (as in all sports):

For example, people with heart problems, before embarking on this kind of exercise should insure. It is necessary to understand that during active work with the ropes, the heart rate greatly increases. Therefore, first, go through a consultation with your doctor regarding the intensity of training.

Did you do the exercises with the cords? If so, please share it in the comments.

Battle rope workout techniques

AskYourFitnessQuestion offers you some exercises with exercise ropes amazon for the gym. We recommend performing each exercise in three 30-second sets with a 30-second rest between sets.

Let’s start training!

We advise anyone who is interested in cable training to ask the coach for help at the beginning of the session. The trainer often encounters people who have pain in their shoulders or other joints. It is if they do not follow the correct breathing or do the exercises incorrectly.

Consultation with a specialist can prevent such problems and guarantee you an interesting and safe undulation cable workout plan.

Variable wave

Grasp the cables with your hands, hold them in an almost tight position. Legs must be spread wider than shoulders and slightly bent at the knees. Further, with sharp wave-like movements, you pull the ropes up and down alternately. It will be enough to do 30 repetitions, the main rule is to do the exercise at an explosive pace. Such a load combines strength and cardio workouts.

Simultaneous wave

Knees shoulder width in a slightly bent position, the support goes on the heels. The arms are also shoulder-width wide, and the gaze is directed forward. We make an active swing with our hands, and with the cables, we try to hit the floor. With every swing, you need to squat a little. You can do 20-30 repetitions. As a result, practiced almost all the muscles.

Exercise rotation

Keep the position of the legs, as in the previous exercise. We join hands together and start rotating the ropes with sharp circular motions. Very good training for obliques. Exercise can be done in different directions, alternating them for 30 seconds.

Exercise snake

Position your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and sit down. Take the ropes and spread your arms to the sides, parallel to the floor. Stretch and spread your arms, the main thing is not to cross them. First of all, you will get an excellent workout to strengthen your shoulders. Do 20-30 repetitions in this exercise.

Blows on the floor

This exercise resembles a simultaneous wave. In the initial position, the legs are straight, and the arms, together with the cables, are raised upwards. From this position, you need to properly hit the cables on the floor. You can do about 20 strokes, but since the exercise is power, then do not accelerate much, keep the average pace. Excellent training for explosive power.

What undulation rope workout exercises with a cord are there?

  • the alternation of waves in a half-ride;
  • double wave;
  • jumping with powerful claps;
  • rotation from side to side;
  • standing cable throw;
  • jumps with variable waves;
  • running on the spot;coilsws through sitting;
  • wave plank;
  • side plank with a rope.

Let us consider in more detail which muscle groups are involved in one or another training ropes amazon exercise.

ExerciseMuscles worked
Double wave Upper shoulder girdle
Jumps with powerful claps Muscles of the legs and abs
Rotation from side to side Lateral abdominal muscles
Standing rope discharge Upper shoulder girdle
Jumping with variable waves Muscles of the legs
Running in place Feet + heart
Throws through yourself sitting Legs + body and core
WaveCore + Press
Side plank with cord Core + press
Alternation waves in a semi-semiTop shoulder girdle

Despite the apparent simplicity, many exercises with a cable in the gym require special techniques. The general principles of all exercises are the same:

  • Do not use safety straps. The load should be limited to maximum wrist strength.
  • Work at a moderate speed, increasing the load gradually with increasing muscle mass.
  • Combine with static-dynamic exercises.
  • Use basic exercises to prevent confusion before working with this kind of fitness equipment.
  • Work in tandem with a partner who will control the correct technique for doing the exercises.
  • Use the heart rate monitor throughout the whole set with the cords. When exceeding the permissible rate of the pulse, stop and take a break.
Note: the maximum allowed pulse is calculated according to a simple formula (220-age) * 80%. To achieve this pulse, you need to immediately reduce the intensity of the exercise. Since the athlete risks getting microtraumas of the heart, which will overgrow with connective tissue. And thereby lead to sports heart disease.

Double wave with variable lunges back

This is the most difficult of the exercises, as it combines the Double Wave with the second exercise. With your hands, you perform the Double Wave. But instead of keeping your legs still, take a step back with your right foot. Tap the floor with your knee. Then, raise and return your right leg to its original position, then repeat the whole exercise with your left leg.

“Your body falls and rises, while your arms also rise and fall,” explains the trainer. “So you work your upper and lower body.” To conclude, this is undoubtedly a comprehensive workout for the whole body. This one allows you to work out the quadriceps with your hands, shoulders and stabilizing muscles.

Low alternating waves

Although this exercise is very similar to the previous one, it will allow you to use the lower part of the body. Now, instead of standing, you need to bend your knees more strongly by doing a squat. After this, you can begin to move your arms.

Shoulder press

You should not be limited to dumbbells and weights, performing a press from the shoulders. Ropes, in this case, can also be useful. Lay the ends of the cable on the shoulders (the cable should be taught). Lift the rope up as you straighten your arms. Then return your hands to the starting position.

Side impact

We continue to test the strength of an invisible enemy. Stand with your legs apart shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees. Take the ends of the cable with your hands, while palms should be facing each other. Tighten the body and move your hands to the left side. Raise your arms above your head and drop them sharply down to the right side. Do the exercises, moving hands in different directions.

Power strike with a change of hands

This exercise is a variation of the above, i.e. it is necessary to perform the same movement. But this time the movement must be done with one hand, alternating hands. Perform one swing with one hand and then with the other swing with the other hand.

The alternation waves in the half-ride

  • Take two ropes, extremely large thickness (so that it was impossible to close the fingers around the diameter).
  • Get up in the half-ride.
  • Make a deflection in the lower back.
  • Stretch your arms in front of you, not fully unbending them at the elbow.
  • Slowly start the movement with your right hand up and your left one – down.
  • Gradually accelerate in movement.
  • At the end of the cord, make a sharp breakthrough to compensate for inertia.

Jumps with powerful claps

This exercise is somewhat more difficult. But it will use the muscles of the legs for all the power. Furthermore, it can even replace a squat with a barbell.

  • Take the cords in hand.
  • Get up in the half-ride.
  • Make a deflection in the lower back.
  • Stretch your arms in front of you, not fully unbending them at the elbow.
  • After that – jump sharply upwards.
  • At the same time, cables should be lifted as high as possible
  • At the moment of peak inertia, which coincides with the landing, to make a “whip” movement, sharply lowering the ropes downwards.
  • If the cords do not fly out of hand, you can repeat. Work to the pulse, or to a strong weakening of the muscles of the wrist.

Jumps with blows and pushups

This combined exercise will not only help increase strength but also help improve the explosive power of movement. In addition, it adds extra workload to the previous exercise. Take the position for push-ups, holding the ends of the rope in his hands. Tighten your knees to your chest, then sharply return them back.

Perform push-ups, and then quickly get up, not letting the ropes from his hands. Raise your hands up, stretched out, standing on tiptoes. And then perform a squat, striking the cords against the floor. Put your hands on the floor and return to the starting position. Done! You have completed the exercise.

Jumping with pulling the knees and variable sweeps

The longer the name, the harder the exercise. And this exercise is a great example. Take the position for push-ups, holding the ends of the cable in his hands. Jump in a horizontal position with the knees tightening to the chest, press. And then abruptly stand up and perform variable sweeps with the cable with your hands for 10 seconds. Then go back to the original position.

180 ° jumps

Stand in such a way that your left side is facing the fastening of the cable. Place the ends of the ropes in front of you. Take the ends of the cables and bring them together in front of you. The palms of the hands facing each other. Sit down and then jump up, turning around to the point of attachment of the cable. Turning 180 °, wrapping your arms over your head. Land on bent legs, telling the ends of the cords on the left of the hull. Repeat the exercise, turning while jumping 180 ° to the other side.

Star jump

Yes, that’s right, star jumping. However, it is important not to make a mistake: this exercise will make your heart beat wildly. And you may be thrown into a fever, especially if you use the cables. To begin with, move your legs together and bend them at the knees. Hold the ends of the cable in your hands. Jump up, spreading legs to the side and raising arms up from the sides above the head. (It should be done along with the ropes). Land on bent legs, placing the ends of the cables in front of the hull.

Reverse lunge with variable swing

Mahi and lunges, so even with the cords! “This exercise is useful not only for the muscles of the upper body. It is beneficial for the lower part of the body too. Especially for the quadriceps muscles of the legs, biceps, forearms, back and abs,” Wilson notes.

Start by performing variable sweeps (see Exercise # 2). After receiving a good “wave”, move your right foot back, making a reverse lunge. Return the leg to its original position, and then repeat the lunge for the left leg. Continue to perform reverse attacks, while continuing to perform wave movements with the arms with the ropes. Do not forget to monitor the position of the head and chest.

Double wave

This is a sophisticated version of the last exercise, which requires more concentration. Moreover, not only the upper shoulder girdle but also the abdominal muscles. Because of the need to extinguish the inertia of the cord.

  • Take two cords, extremely large thickness (so that it was impossible to close the fingers around the diameter).
  • Get up in the half-ride.
  • Make a deflection in the lower back.
  • Stretch your arms in front of you, not fully unbending them at the elbow.
  • Slowly start moving your arms down and then up.
  • Gradually accelerate in movement.
  • At the end of the rope, make a sharp breakthrough to compensate for inertia.

Rotation from side to side

  • Take two cords in hand.
  • Make a slight deflection in the lower back, while generally keeping your back relaxed.
  • Relaxing the lower back, begin to pull the ropes to the belt (heavy traffic). Do this, while turning the body in the direction of motion.
  • At peak load, turn the other way, for optimal results.
  • Repeat until exhaustion.

Standing outburst

The ejection of a cable standing in its technique resembles a double wave. The main difference lies solely in the working amplitude. Instead of working in a half-ride, you need to work with a jump. While throwing the cord as hard as possible forward (by moving your arms up). The rest is identical.

Jumping with variable waves

Jumps with variable waves are performed as follows:

  • Two ropes are taken;
  • Engaged in a starting position with a full squat;
  • Gradually, the one-handed movement starts down, the other up;
  • Subsequently, jumping out of a deep squat is performed;
  • In this case, the wave motion does not stop but only accelerates.
  • Ideal – when for one jump there are no more than two cycles of wave movements with your hands. The abs, the upper shoulder girdle muscles, the back, the pectoral muscles and the deltas are being worked out.

Blows on the floor with a jump

This is a complicated version of the previous exercise, here we actively connect the legs. The difference is that when we raise our arms, we jump up. Due to this kind of training, almost all the muscles of the body are worked out.

Double wave

To start the exercise, stand in the half-squat position. Make sure that the spine stays flat, and the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders. The toes are pointing forward. Take a cable in each hand and move your arms up and down together. Try to create a wave-like movement in the ropes. In other words, slam the rope across the floor.

The trainer explains that the body should remain motionless. Moreover, all attention should be focused on a steady pace as if you were beating the drum. This movement will help to work out your forearms and shoulders, as well as the body’s stabilizing muscles.

Alternating wave

This exercise is similar to the previous one, Double Wave, in its original position and technique. But instead of moving your arms together, raise one hand up and the other down. Then change hands.

“Waves can be small if the hands move quickly. Conversely, large if you want to put your shoulders in a bit more,” the coach says. Offset rhythm allows you to work out other muscles – stabilizers. Than those that were involved in the performance of the Double Wave. This exercise is also aimed at your arms and shoulders. Additionally, it has a complex effect on all muscle groups.

Lift and throw

Stand in the half-squat position, take a tightrope in each hand and pull it tight. Firstly, raise the ropes above your head, then sharply drop them down to the right and release. Raise again, stopping for a split second to check your flat back. And then, sharply throw it on the floor to the left.

The trainer assures that it is necessary to direct the socks in the direction of the cords. This exercise works particularly well on stabilizing muscles. And also includes the external oblique abdominal muscles, in addition to the arms and shoulders.

Double lap

Remember how you jumped over a double cable when you were a kid? Well, for adults, too, there is such a cable . To start with, take a cable in each hand and begin to perform circular movements. Your right-hand moves counterclockwise, and your left hand clockwise. After each approach, change the direction of movement of the hands. In fact, this exercise works the forearm in addition to the shoulders and stabilizing muscles.

Using the equipment for exercise

These are the same exercises with a cable for a classic CrossFit. The emphasis in which falls not on the hands, but on work with a partner, and the correct body movements.

Throws through sitting

Exercise is similar to working with turns. The main difference is to isolate the muscles of the press and the bark. This achieves by turning off the muscles of the legs and lower back, which eat the lion’s share of the load.

  • Sit down on the floor;
  • Pick up 2 ropes;
  • To make wave movements, while trying to pull the cords to the belt;
  • At the time of attraction gradually rotate the body;
  • At the peak of the load from this kind of fitness equipment, turn in the other direction.

Wave plank

The wave plank is a rather pointless exercise, in terms of complexity/efficiency. On the other hand, many lovers of a handstand with an emphasis on lying down love it. Because it allows you to develop the core muscles, much more efficiently than a vacuum.

How to do it:

  • Stand in the position of the strap on one hand. (The hand should not rest on the floor but on a special stand);
  • The second hand must hold the cord;
  • Slowly start doing wave motion from side to side, gradually accelerating.
  • Work until reaching a critical point with a heart rate monitor.

Lifts from the prone position and performing the “snake” on the floor

Take the ends of the cable in each hand. Lie on the floor and take a position to perform pushups, lowering the chest to the floor. Then stand abruptly, bending your knees and squatting. Spread your arms to the side so that they are parallel to the floor. Without crossing arms, fold them and spread them so that the ropes on the floor form a “snake”. The movement must be done as quickly as possible. Return to the starting position.

Added step with variable sweeps

Ready to move? Let’s start with the variable sweeps of the waves. Then move in one direction with additional steps, without ceasing to make moves. Then perform a squat, and then with the addition step return to the starting position. It is important to constantly maintain the pace of the strides, performing movements in incremental steps.

Side plate with a rope

This is a very simple exercise for those who have mastered the sidebar.

  • Stand in the pose of the side plank, so that the main weight lay on the elbow;
  • Keep deflection;
  • On the other hand, take the cord by the tip;
  • And slowly – by turning the hull back, and moving the blades to move the cord towards you.

It is important to do this not with your hands (biceps muscles), but with your back and body.

When reaching the end of the cable, turn on the other hand and continue the exercise. The main feature is cyclical, and high involvement of the rhomboid muscles of the back, and the oblique abdominal muscles. Movement occurs solely due to elbowing (not wrist).

Best quality battle ropes | brand & material

Crossfit is a relatively young sport. It is based on a system of physical exercises, including various levels of training. Interval high-intensity workouts, strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics are all elements of Crossfit workouts.

It can be practiced in many gyms, as well as in individual programs.

Simple and inexpensive projectile CrossFit exercise – cable. Many exercises are performed using this particular equipment. The main task is to transfer the impulse of the wave-like movement from the hands of fitness equipment.

To achieve maximum effect, a CrossFit sports cord should have certain characteristics:

  • flexibility and elasticity – for a smooth transfer of effort;
  • standard battle rope length – depends on this parameter limit effort, which must be applied to perform the exercise;
  • weight – the specific weight of the rope along with the length determines the maximum effort and intensity of work;
  • wear resistance – the cable is operated in an active mode. Is in contact with a solid floor surface.

The rope for CrossFit is better to choose natural. With a diameter of 40-48 mm with a specific weight of 0.5 kg / m. Simple recommendations on the choice of length – the longer the cable, the higher the load.

  • 9 m – suitable for beginners, girls and teenagers;
  • 12 m – girls and teenagers with an average level of physical fitness;
  • 15 m – the majority of adult men, trained women;
  • 20 m – professional athletes;
  • 25 m – the most powerful athletes with a high level of physical fitness.

Where to buy exercise ropes?

In online stores like Amazon, you can purchase the necessary equipment. Moreover, you can make a CrossFit cable with your own hands, after processing the edges. Conversely, choose a ready shell at an affordable price.

Battle ropes for weight loss

In the world of CrossFit, athletes are constantly striving to shock their bodies with new types of stress. In the course are the unusual modes of exercise, or even non-standard study of muscle groups. After all, the main goal of an athlete in a CrossFit is to develop a functional force. Of course, that will be useful in everyday life.

That is why rope exercises became especially popular. It is important to understand that it is not a simple cable that is used, but a special sports equipment. With weighting (usually in the form of a kettlebell), at the end. So you can transfer the inertia of the end of the projectile due to a strong lever. Thereby greatly increasing the load on the target muscle groups.

Note: on the other hand, people with a high degree of fitness may not be worried. It is because with a good vascular system, the pulse will reach the intensity of fat loss. And this means that the entire cable complex is good to use for weight loss, without injuring the muscles.

Why, in a CrossFit, and in other speed-strength sports more and more are gaining popularity with rope exercises for hands. There are several explanations for this.

First, the dynamic load. When performing classical exercises with a barbell or dumbbells, the hands work in a dynamic phase. That is, rest and load. When working with a rope, a micro superset effect occurs. When in one phase of the movement, exercises with cable work, for example, biceps, and in the other – triceps. This does not allow the muscles to get rest. And the super compensation with stabilization increases the isometric muscular indicators. Due to these indicators, the athletes greatly increase strength endurance.

The next point is the presence of isometry in the loads. When working with this kind of fitness equipment, the muscles are worked out at a very unusual angle. This allows you to use the deepest muscle fibers without any problems.

Thirdly, the low possibility of injury. The main load is regulated by the speed of the exercise. The maximum difficulty is ensured not by weight, but by the weakest component of the muscular corset, the wrists. Since the wrists cannot be stronger than the muscles of the back, it is simply impossible to disperse the cable more strongly. Because, in the case of a critical load, it will simply fly out of the hands.

Note: the fall of the rope from the hands is fraught with stretching due to sudden movement and arising inertia.

Fitness equipment use options

The main action is the creation of wave-like movements in this kind of fitness equipment. That can be performed in different planes and with different amplitudes. In this case, you can use a variety of hats, as well as different thickness and length of the cable. To complicate the task, add lateral body movements. And if you want to give a big load for the legs – increase the depth of the squat.

Using cable in your workouts, you can reach new heights in the process of creating your body. But, as in any other method, you should always remember the correct technique for performing the exercises. Additionally, you should not rush to increase the load!

As can be seen from all of the above, battle cable can replace almost the entire inventory of the gym. After all, during work, both the leg, abs, the muscles of the back and upper shoulder girdle are used. The ability to constantly increase the load without risking injury – makes the exercises most effective for all groups of athletes. Both for beginners and experienced athletes.

And most importantly, inertia redemption in most exercises allows to work out not only strength and endurance. But also explosive characteristics. It is due to the explosive elements – the muscles are worked through as deeply as possible.

After all, about 80% of the muscle fibers are involved. And with the right load, an exceptionally dry muscle mass, with a high ability to recover, grows. Therefore, exercises with this kind of fitness equipment are highly recommended to those athletes who are engaged in shock sports. Work with the cable allows you to increase the force of impact up to 7 times, for 2 months of training.

You can even make your own battle ropes! The only minus is that the cable is very heavy. In fact, it is very difficult to move it from place to place.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to use battle ropes?

A: The classical exercise is as follows: Keep the ends of the rope at arm’s length in front of your hips with your hands shoulder-width apart. Support your core and start alternately raising and lowering each arm explosively. Hold alternating arms for 3 to 4 sets of 1 to 2 minutes.

Q: Muscles worked doing battle ropes?

A: This fitness equipment works your whole body, especially your core, shoulders, and arms while sending your calorie burn through the roof.

Q: What size rope for battle ropes to choose?

A: Most usually, battle ropes come in 3 lengths (30, 40 or 50 feet) and 2 thicknesses (1.5″ and 2″). The size that will suit you depends on 2 principal factors: your fitness goals, and the amount of space you have.

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