Best 3 Marcy rowing machines

I​magine safe and enjoyable physical activity, including all the major muscle groups. Think it’s impossible? Pay attention to Marcy rowing machine with high weight capacity.

According to manual:

A great benefit of Marcy regatta rowing folding machine is a cardio and strength training at the same time. Rowing is safe for people of absolutely all ages.

In this article, you can find the best 3 rowing machines that are so popular among the people. Such as Marcy Foldable NS-6002RE, NS-40503RW, and NS-6050RE rowers.

Have a look at the comparison chart to choose among the best Marcy rower. We are sure you’ll find the model suitable for your needs.

NS-6002RE NS-40503RW NS-6050RE
Assembled Size 71 L x 18.5 W x 38 H 74.5 L x 20 W x 32 H 90.5 L x 19 W x 34.5 H
Product Weight 74 lbs 64 lbs 88 lbs
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Display Monitor Time, total count, calories burned, speed, RPM Time, total count, calories burned, RPM Time, total count, calories burned, speed, distance, RPM
Battery2 AA Batteries (Not Included) 2 AA Batteries (Not Included) 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Special Features 8 magnetic resistance levels, 8.8 lb. flywheel, foam-covered row handles, LCD display panel, adjustable foot strap 8 magnetic resistance levels, 8.8 lb. flywheel, multi-angle monitor, foam-covered row handles, LCD display panel 8 levels of resistance, turbine rower, wind resistance, foam-covered row handles, LCD display panel, adjustable foot strap

3 Marcy rower machines

Here is our fitness experts’ outlook on the most effective rowing machines of this brand. Before choosing the optimal one for you, read Marcy rowing machine instructions.

Read the results before and after rowing machine. Easily do the purchase right now!

Marcy magnetic rowing machine with 8 levels of resistance NS-40503rw0

If you hear about the Marcy foldable magnetic rowing machine, you can immediately think that this simulator is appropriate for everyone. And you are right because it fits both for women and men.

This rower is has a lot of different functions and has an attractive design.

NS-40503RW features
  • Even if you live in a house or apartment, you should not doubt whether to buy it or not. The dimensions of the Marcy rowing machine, including the folding frame, will fit for every place.
  • The Marcy turbine rower is the perfect variant for those who want to train a little and burn calories in the morning. For those, who are beginners in the rowing sport and are not going to be in the professional sport.
  • As this rower is perfect for beginners, mostly it does not fit to advanced users. But still, an easy to read LCD display provides you with the necessary information that is an excellent advantage.
  • Also, the frame you can fold and which is unisex gives you another reason to buy this simulator.
  • The size of the folded rowing machine is 74.5 L x 20 W x 32 H. So, you can store it wherever you want quickly.

The Marcy Foldable NS-40503RW has a significant amount of basic features that suits to an average rowing machine. It is the perfect variant for you to start training on such type of simulators.

The weight of this machine flywheel is 88 lbs. Due to this fact it is allowed for eight levels (resistance levels that are adjustable).

Also, this rowing machine has an LCD screen:

  • It displays data. The frame of this screen is sturdy and made of aluminum.
  • Besides, the LCD screen shows you the calories you burn during training, the distance you have done.
  • Moreover, it displays time and speed, strokes per minute.

You can think that this model is so simple, but actually, a lot of buyers are satisfied with such a purchase.

Besides, manufacturers made the seat of aluminum. And a seat pad is large and economic. And security straps are applied to foot pedals that are swivel. But there are some limits. The weight of a user must be less than 300 lbs capacity.


  • A lot of good reviews for this machine
  • High rate. It means that you should not doubt to buy such thing because almost all users are satisfied with it.
  • Folding function afford people who do not have much space to place the machine in any corner of the room.
  • Due to simplicity in using even freshers can efficiently perform any exercise.
  • Comfortable construction, so that every person can easily exercise on the machine.
  • High quality so that buyers do not doubt to have such a simulator.
  • Marcy Rower offers a platform for exercises that is quite simple.
  • Availability of the reports that lead to loss of weight and improving your fitness.


  • Adjustable resistance levels are not fit for people who are already doing sport for a long time and are quite fit.
  • Order of attachments that is mentioned in the instructions is not logical. But still, it is not so hard to figure it out.
  • You should not be so confident in the counter of calories you burn per training. The data quality is not very high.
  • You cannot regulate the size of the pedals and seat. So, for some people, it is significant discomfort, and they cannot feel well during the training.

There is a contrast to everything. So, in this case, there cannot be any disadvantages taking into account a lot of cons of this rowing machine.

Is this rowing machine worth buying?

Almost every user can recommend Marcy Folding Rowing machine because it is perfect for beginners. And the quality of it is equal to the money you pay.

The cost of this machine is quite low. Users that are more experienced in such kind of training can have some problems because of the resistance knob.

But still, this disadvantage is single:

The Marcy Regatta rower gives you an opportunity to work out regularly. And it allows you to have comfort and secure training.


To sum up, the Marcy foldable magnetic rower does a lot what most people could expect. Users, who look for a compact and high-quality model, consider this variant as one of the best.

There is enough here for the Marcy foldable regenerating rower to be a decent starter, but an extra inch on the pedals, a comfier seat and a little more resistance might help turn it into a 5-star product.

Marcy Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine for Cardio and Strength Training Exercises NS-6002RE

The fact that this model of machine is magnetic appeals to all users. Because unlike airborne resistance that makes your training noisier and not so natural stroke Marcy pro water rower NS-6070rw give you a fantastic experience, and it is a real pleasure to use it.

NS-6002RE features
  • You easily fold this type of rowing machine because there are wheels that help you to transport it.
  • Aluminum is the material the rower is made of, so it is quite stable.
  • Also, the simulator has a resistance level that you can adjust, tracking LCD monitor. Marcy NS-6002RE is so comfortable, smooth and do not make noise. Besides, it is ergonomic.
  • The weight of this machine is 74 lbs. So, it will not be so hard to transport it taking into account wheels. The limit if the weight of a user is 300 lbs.

This machine is considered to be one of the best of the budget rowers.

The magnetic rowing machine allows you to have soundless training and the image of sailing. Also, you can feel something gliding effect because of the no pain cooperation and the right balance of resistance.

  • This magnetic rowing machine has eight levels of resistance.
  • Moreover, its flywheel merely is adjustable, and the weight of it is only 8.8 lb.
  • Besides, you can choose any intensity of workout you want. The manufacturers designed the machine in such a way that it fits any power.
  • Also, below the handle, you can find the resistance adjustment dial. So, you are allowed to access it between the sessions of the rows simply.

If you are ready to overcome a big challenge, this rower machine is perfect for you.

The disadvantage of the Marcanchor002RE’s resistance is the thing that it can make this machine a little less complicated for the average and advanced people.

Some advanced sportsmen may find the highest resistance level too easy for them. It is because this machine is particularly suited for beginners who need easy input for further encouragement.

Marcy rowing machine review

Like most rowing machine in this price range, Marcy Regatta comes with LCD tracking monitor that tells you your distance, speed, strokes calculation, strokes in a minute, distance and when the time is over.

It is excellent when you decide on your goals in fitness and keep track of the progress you make with the monitor.

6 advantages that will make you buy it
  • The monitor can fit the position you described and can be further tilted.
  • The rowing machine seat gives you a lot of comfort because of it specifical ergonomic contour.
  • You can easily and quickly adjust pedals that you can regulate to the size you want.
  • Foot straps are so comfortable to keep your feet firmly and protect you from traumas. Due to them, you can control yourself better while rowing.
  • You can easily grip an unusual NS-6002RE foam handle. If you do long sessions of the row, this handle will be comfortable for you.
  • Besides, you can achieve the goals you have already set with the help of this rowing machine. You can train in a cozy atmosphere and experience all the advantages of the NS-6002RE.

Although Marcy Regatta rower has a rail made of aluminum, the of the machine is light, especially if to compare it to other simulators.

Because of the folding function, you have an opportunity to hold the simulator in half if you release a single pin. And do worry about the rail because you can fold it very quickly.

At the same time:

Reduce the size considerably. In this case, you can store the machine away very easy under the bed or another thing till you are going to do exercises again.


  • You can assemble and the machine easy and with no problems.
  • Adjustment of the resistance.
  • Operation Silent Work.
  • Because of the folding function, it is effortless to store it.
  • Even people with heavy weight can use this machine for training.
  • Due to the resistance (magnetic), the stroke of the rowing machine is smooth.
  • Beginners have an amazing choice.
  • The design fits both men and women.


  • We consider the highest level of workout not appropriate for Marcy NS-6002RE Magnetic Rowing Machine.
  • The resistance will be too easy for advanced people. If you are an advanced in rowing person, the simulator will not suit you.

Conversely, the paddle pin also allows a unique quick-release pin to prepare the machine for action. Coming to the transport wheels for easy movement around, you can switch different rooms easily or go further!

Its special space-saving design and durable materials make it a fantastic choice for anyone living in a house or a flat that is small.

Marcy Turbine Rowing Machine Rower with 8 Resistance Setting and Transport Wheels NS-6050RE

A lot of users ask what the best exercises they can perform on a rowing machine are. So, the answer is obvious. They are the rowing and running. People who live in the USA prefer indoor simulators because of the weather.

It is often unfavorable.

So the rowing machines in fitness centers or their houses are the best choice. Marcy machines are budget and considered to be one of the best. Their rate is pretty high.

For single-motion fluid, rowing training uses almost all primary muscles. It also drops fats and burns calories faster than biking or running.

The Marcy Foldable NS-6050RE rowing machine is affordable almost for everyone and is am mid-range so the popularity if it pretty high. You can get it both for a fitness center or your house or apartment, even in the case, it is small.

It is an exciting thing that you can choose the green or grey color of this machine. Both models are beautiful and attract you to do exercises on it.

The metal the machine is made of is aluminum. The same metal our two previous rowing machines and Body-solid GSRM40 have. But the frames made of steel. All these facts make the rower light and strong.

But there is the limitation of the weight of a user. Your weight cannot be more than 300 lbs.

There is a wonderful fact that the display of the machine shows you the number of calories you burn, the distance you have done, your speed and strokes per minute.

Moreover, you do not need to turn it on each time. Because there is a self-activation function that works each time you start your training.

Furthermore, if you like to watch some videos, movies or do other things on your tablet to not get bored while training, there is a tablet holder for you. And it is the perfect variant for those who want to entertain during the workout.

NS-6050RE features
  • Your training is silent and smooth with this machine because of the 8.8 lb. flywheel. And it is worth to mention a resistance system that is magnetic.
  • Resistance 8 levels allow you to control the intensity of the workout.
  • Also, a folding function gives you an opportunity to store the machine wherever you want.
  • The dimensions of the folded rower are 90.5 L x 19 W x 34.5 H.

Almost every user is satisfied and shares his experience with others. You can do exercises on the rowing machine only 20 minutes a day three times a week and still have good results.

On the other side:

Some people say about fluidity and are not satisfied with this machine. Also, they do not like the fact that there is a program that shows your exercises or no exercise guide that is billed in the rowing machine.


Marcy Foldable NS-6050RE has some negative feedbacks because of the strap durability or machine structure. Also, some people noticed the malfunction of the rower. Or they experienced the situation when the strap left inside the machine.

On the other hand:

Everyone can highly recommend Marcy magnetic rower for beginners. As in previous cases, the resistance level can be too easy for advanced rowers.

But freshers should not forget to watch a right perform of exercises on a rowing machine on some YouTube channels not to have problems.

Also, under rower, you can place a 29GS Solid P.V.C Mat to avoid scratches or other damages on the floor. And be careful with reinforcing the strap not to break the machine.


  • There are a lot of different examples of exercises on the display
  • You can easily read the display
  • The grip of the handlebar is quite firm
  • You can regulate the pedals to the size that is the best for you
  • Durable material the machine is made of.
  • Noiseless performing of exercises on the rower.
  • Using of the Marcy rowing machine is comfortable and simple.
  • You can assemble the machine with no problems following a machine package.


  • The price range is not so good because of the durability of the straps.
  • Sometimes lack of power in the levels of resistance.
  • There is a limit in the weight of the user. The maximum number of the weight is 110 kg.


In general, Marcy Foldable NS-6050RE Rowing Machine is high rated fitness equipment that is praised by many users.

Occasionally you get issues like straps stripped off the machine or malfunctioning display, but since the manufacturer offers a warranty, there is nothing to worry about.

This machine would suit beginner and intermediate user. If you are an advanced user that is looking for a challenge, please look into other rowers.

To sum up, the Marcy Foldable NS-6050RE is high-value equipment for fitness that is appreciated by many people. Sometimes you get some problems with straps durability or a faulty display.

But you should not worry because the manufacturer offers you a 1-year warranty. So, beginners and average level in rowing people can confidently buy this machine. If you are advanced in rowing, look for some other high-quality machines.

Marcy foldable magnetic rower benefits

The essential benefits of rowing training are true!

Rowing is not a new kind of sport that requires advertising support. It has a long history. And its many advantages are scientifically proven! First of all, it helps to increase your cardiovascular endurance and develop a well defined upper and lower body.

See 7 main benefits of rowing below.

1. Team or individual work

Rowing can be an excellent individual or group training. Therefore, in the world, there are many rowing studios. They are analogous with cycling studios, with energetic instructors, rhythmic music and simple, repetitive movements.

So, this is an excellent option for those who want to get all the benefits of rowing. And for those, who do not want to practice alone. Well, if you are not a fan of group training, you can train in the gym alone.

2. Relatively inexpensive

Buying a high-quality rowing machine will be cheaper than a cycling simulator of similar quality or the purchase of a treadmill. This allows the club to reduce the cost of cardio. And when you open a rowing studio, costs are reduced significantly.

As a result:

It leads to a lower, and therefore more attractive price for a visit to the client. If you want to buy a rowing machine for your house, look for prices that are affordable for you. You can buy a low-cost quality machine that will not be problematic.

3. Training of the whole body

The uniqueness of rowing is that it allows you to increase both strength and endurance. Although endurance, of course, in the first place.

Due to the repeated pushing and pulling movements, you cause adaptation in the body. And the muscles have to make efforts without corresponding fatigue.

Moreover, increasing the load over time, you make the muscles grow, becoming stronger. With constant training, you also speed up your metabolism because more energy means more opportunities to do what you love!

At the beginning of the movement:

You involve the muscles of the lower body. The primary muscles there are the quadriceps and the muscles of the front of the thigh.

These muscles are included in the process of extension of the knee, as well as flexion of the hips. And it allows for powerful movement of the legs. Also, rowing involves the calf and gluteal muscles.

During the stroke, you perform flexing of the hips and body. Maybe it would seem to involve the abdominal muscles like twisting. The resistance is directed in the opposite direction.

And that means that the gluteal muscles, the muscles of the lower back and the muscles of the back of the thigh are involved.

When you return to the starting position, you activate the press at the restoration stage!

As for the upper body, trapezoid and rhomboid muscles of the upper back, latissimus muscles of the lower back, as well as biceps, triceps, and pectoral muscles are involved in rowing.

In general, movements during rowing repeat the mechanics of movements in everyday life. Therefore, it allows them to be characterized as functional movements.

4. Low injury rate

The negative load on the joints in rowing is minimal.

You do exercises on the rower in a sitting position, legs rest on the support, and your hands hold the handle. Due to these facts, there is a minimal load on the ankle, knees, hip joint, elbows and shoulders.

Movement in rowing is the opposite of our daily load when we sit in front of computer typing or driving. So, this allows you to use rowing as a “medicine” from the negative impact of the modern lifestyle.

Each stroke requires a leg press, flexion/extension of the hip joint, the attention of the shoulder blades (opening of the chest). Also, we “pass” through a series of movements, increasing the mobility of the lower back, knee and shoulder joints.

But rowing is excellent not only to prevent injuries but also for those who have already encountered similar problems.

For example, for people who are overweight or for those who have joint issues, rowing can be an option. Also, for runners rowing is an excellent tool for aerobic training. It, nevertheless, much less “wears out” the problem joints for runners: knees, ankles, back.

Moreover, if you already have problems with your knees (including surgery) or your back, rowing will help you recover. Therefore, people use it in rehabilitation.

5. Improving the cardiovascular system

Like other cardio exercises, rowing causes the heart to “pump” blood through muscle mass, saturating it with energy (oxygen), nutrients and excreting waste (carbon dioxide and lactic acid).

However, rowing has a much more significant impact on the described processes. And that processes make training more efficient.

So, the fact is that on rowing simulators more muscles are used (according to various sources from 80% to 95%) than on other cardio simulators. Also, more muscle requires more energy.

And that means more blood circulation and heart function. It is proven that 30 minutes of rowing can be as valid as 90 minutes of cycling.

6. Increased calorie burning

The competing rowers spend much more calories at a distance of 2000 m than runners with obstacles at a distance of 3000 m.

A large number of muscles that are involved cause the stunning effect of rowing in burning calories. Data on the number of calories burned to vary. People explain it by different conditions of training.

For example, Harvard Health Publication states that a rower weighing 84 kg burns 377 kcal in 30 minutes. Besides, Frederick Hagerman, from the University of Ohio’s physiology lab, claims that rowing burns 10–15% more calories than a bike ride.

There is evidence that the hour class on the rowing machine burns 600 kcal. Also, Instructors from ShockWave say that participants of these programs burn an average of 800 calories per hour!

So, agree that burning 400–800 kcal in less than an hour is impressive.

7. Saves time

A full body workout saves you time. You do not need to train your upper or lower body separately. Just try to burn calories or do aerobic exercise.

How to choose the best rowing machine?

Rowing machines are relatively inexpensive, which is a decisive factor in their selection. But you should understand that rowing can develop back problems. So, before you start exercising you need to train in the gym and make sure that there is no pain.


While working on a machine, imitating rowing, more than 80% of the muscles of the whole body and most of the joints are used. And the body is not overloaded. Therefore, it makes rowing one of the most useful and safe loads.

On the market, there are several types of rowing machines for the house, with differences in both design and price.

  • Air rowing machine. The work is based on using air resistance created by the fan blades driving the flywheel, which varies with different traction forces.
  • Water rowing machine. Work is based on the water resistance. Magnetic rowing machine. This system means that working resistance changes due to the magnetic braking system.

Also, simulators vary in the type of traction and come with a Scandinavian or central thrust. For example, the Scandinavian thrust feels the most similar to the classic rowing. Traction involves mainly the muscles of the back. So, you should train correctly on the simulator.

Training requires concentration.

So, it is suitable for advanced athletes. Central thrust is the most common and allows you to comprehensively train all the muscles of the body, while not requiring specific skills.

How to assemble a Marcy rowing machine?

Here are the main rules while buying the best rowing machine. Elements of rowing simulators and requirements for them:

Frame design

It is recommended to purchase an all-metal construction with a seat on an aluminum base. The frame should not sag under the weight of the body;

Braking system

Air and water must be the highest quality. But the magnetic is almost silent. Water simulators have the most significant similarity with the present water rowing;


When choosing cables, you must have comfortable sensations when practising. Also, pay attention to the absence of stretching during acceleration;

Quality of movement

While training there should be no jerks, changes of resistance. Your actions should be uniform and soft. During the initial movement, when the buttocks are as close as possible to the heels, the rowing arms on outstretched arms should not return to their original position;

Ease of management

Information on the display should be simple and clear. Also, program management should be simple and clear;


Your seat should be comfortable regardless of the distance you have done on the simulator.

Guide frame and seat base

The seat should move freely from one end of the frame to the other, even with a slight tilt. When choosing a rowing machine, you can check it easily.

If everything okay, the seat moves back in one direction, and this edge of the frame rises a little. And if the seat remains stationary, then it is better to refuse the rowing machine;

Propeller arms

They should be comfortable to hold and allow not to lose the grip, regardless of the degree of fatigue;

The regulation of the footrest

It should provide a comfortable setting for a convenient and reliable location of the legs during the classes;


As a rule, rowing machines are compact, having a narrow and long base. There are folding models, and the rest you can store in a vertical position;

Quality guarantee

It is necessary to clarify the terms of warranty for the frame, electronics, transmission. Also to find out where the repair or replacement will occur in case of a breakdown, study reviews of rowing simulators for the house of various models.

Rowing workout routine

It is essential to understand:

To achieve visible results it is necessary to train regularly. It is facilitated by the presence of a rowing machine at home because it takes away the need to spend time on the way to the gym.

Also, it allows you to train at any time. One hour of rowing workout will be the most effective for you. Because fat begins to burn after half an hour of workout. And workout more than 60 minutes lead to fatigue.

Of course, a rowing machine is one of the most effective means of losing excess weight or maintaining physical fitness. You can achieve it by the absence of sharp drops during loads and comfort during classes.

Training on the rowing machine begins with a 10-minute warm-up.

Its purpose is to warm up the body as much as possible. After that, you can go to the central part. There are several options for building a workout. And all of them are quite effective. So you can try them all one by one and choose your favorite or other types of load.

Basic training with moderate intensity

Work for 20-40 minutes without a break with an intensity of 18-22 strokes per minute.

Interval training

This training involves several visits with a period of rest between them. And it can vary in degree of intensity.

  • Low intensity – 12-15 minutes of work, 2-3 approaches, 3-4 minutes of rest between approaches.
  • Average intensity – 6-8 minutes of work, 3-5 approaches, 3-4 minutes of rest.
  • High intensity – 2 minutes of work, 5-10 approaches, 1 minute of rest.


Option for advanced with a gradual increase and then a decrease in intensity:

  • 4 minutes – 18 strokes / min
  • 3 minutes – 20 strokes / min
  • 2 minutes – 22 strokes / min
  • 1 minute – 24 strokes / min,
  • 2 minutes – 22 strokes / min
  • 3 minutes – 20 strokes / min
  • 4 minutes – 18 strokes / min

Training on a rowing machine

During training, it is critical not only to maintain the correct technique. But it is essential to make sure that you are warm enough to do the workout, especially regarding strength training.

You should start slowly, adding 1-2 training sessions per week. Below we propose you different workouts. So, if you are a beginner, choose one of them for yourself.

Rowing to a distance of 1000 meter
  • Approaches: 4.
  • Rest: 7 minutes between the approaches.

For this exercise, there is no prescribed stroke speed (go the distance). However, in this case, it is critical to follow the maintenance of the full stroke length. Do not shorten the amplitude of the movement during the stroke as this adversely affects the body position and technique.

The goal is to maintain the lowest possible average of the length of time, adhering to the sprint speed. Of course, it is difficult to keep over a long distance, especially for all four segments.

You will be able to make progress, using every second of rest to ensure that every part of the length will pass with maximum efficiency.

Rowing for 8 minutes
  • Approaches: 3.
  • Rest: 6 minutes between each approach.
  • Speed: the first 4 minutes – 24 strokes per minute, the next 2 minutes – 26 strokes per minute, the last 2 minutes – 28 strokes per minute.

These segments pass at medium intensity, accompanying at large intervals for rest. As in the case of the 1000-meter distance, you should make the most of the rest periods to ensure maximum return during the passage of the segments.

Also, each working segment is divided into three parts. It means that you should reduce the length of time for a distance of 500 meters.

Rowing for 10 minutes
  • Approaches: 3.
  • Rest: 3 minutes between each approach.
  • Speed: the first 3 minutes – 20 strokes per minute, the next 4 minutes – 22 strokes per minute, the remaining 3 minutes – 24 strokes per minute.

Now you are going to reduce the intensity and increase the amount of work that will help improve overall endurance and stamina. And do this exercise at a more or less constant pace. Then rest for 3 minutes.

The intensity of the work for this exercise is lower. So, you can focus on the technique and maintaining the correct body position, as well as increasing the stroke length.

Rowing at a distance of 3000 meters
  • Approaches: 3
  • Rest: 4 minutes between each approach
  • Speed: 1000 meters – 20 strokes per minute, 1000 meters – 22 strokes per minute, 1000 meters – 24 strokes per minute.

Perform this exercise at a steady pace of work. Also, adhere to the prescribed stroke frequency and continue to work on increasing the stroke length and body position.

Rowing for 20 minutes
  • Approaches: 2.
  • Rest: 5 minutes between the approaches.
  • Speed: the first 5 minutes – 20 strokes per minute, the next 10 minutes – 22 strokes per minute, the last 5 minutes – 24 strokes per minute.

It is a standard exercise for rowers, designed to increase the amount of work at a constant pace. Also, it is necessary to focus on maintaining a continuous length of time for a distance of 500 meters. But it should not be too large or too short.

Rowing for 15 minutes
  • Approaches: 3.
  • Rest: 3 minutes between sets.
  • Speed: the first 5 minutes – 20 strokes per minute, the next 5 minutes – 22 strokes per minute, the last 5 minutes – 24 strokes per minute.

Continue to increase volume with a low frequency of strokes and short rest intervals.

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