Best digital kitchen scales in 2020

A​re you a person leading a healthy lifestyle to keep fit or lose weight? Best digital kitchen scale is an irreplaceable device in your kitchen. 

I’ll tell you why:

This smart device helps to monitor the weight of the products. As a result, calculate the calorie intake every time you have a meal. 

Since even the best mechanical kitchen scales have a large inaccuracy, electronic ones have become more popular nowadays. Though their price is a little higher. You get an accurate device. You can safely cook the most complex dishes.

Choosing the best kitchen scale

We have prepared top 10 best kitchen scale for baking that has cooks illustrated. ‘

While choosing the brand suitable for you. Pay attention to the product’s characteristics and features. Look at the pros and cons. You can also read the customer reviews on each device.

Top rated kitchen scales

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale review

The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is a clever multifunction home device. Created to be highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The Precision Pro is made to the highest quality terms:

Weigh items up to 11 lbs quickly and accurately. With results displayed in four different units. Grams, ounces, pound and kilograms.

For cooking:

Weigh food items directly on the scale platform or utilize the scale’s tare (zero) function. Which reduces the weight of a plate or bowl and makes cleanup a snap. The high-resolution screen provides easy viewing angles on any kitchen counter.

Besides, the five rubber feet eliminate sliding. Additionally, the three-minute auto-turnoff feature ensures. That you will never again lose your measurement in the middle of your recipe preparation.

Main features
  • Simple to use a multifunction home scale. Excellent for chefs, dieters and families.
  • Max weight 11lbs. Displays ounces/lbs/grams/kgs. Graduation .05 oz / 1 gram.
  • Includes free EatSmart Calorie Factors guide. Portion control and calorie counting made easy.
  • Tare feature eliminates the weight of a plate. 3 Minute Auto-Shutoff lets you prepare ingredients while maintaining battery life.
  • 2 AAA batteries are included. 100% EatSmart Guaranteed Satisfaction.

For weight loss goals and disease management:

The precision pro is ultra accurate. It is precise to .05 ounce/1 gram increments. And perfect for calorie or carbohydrate counting. The scale now includes a free EatSmart calorie factors book for easy calorie counting.

Simply multiply the grams of food by the calorie factor in the book. Stop guessing about portion sizes and start living a healthier lifestyle today.

Best cheap kitchen scale | budget

Moreplus Digital Kitchen Scale

This kind of Kitchen Scale has a modern design. Mainly, it is focused on the basic purposes you need to cook healthier better meals. Stainless steel anti-fingerprint weighing surface and touch-sensitive buttons are easy to clean.

Fast and carefully weigh your ingredients to guarantee healthy portion sizes and follow recipes more exactly.

Main features
  • Moreplus kitchen scale provided with large accuracy sensors system. It benefits to give you accurate weight all the time. 5kg/11lb capacity, 0.04oz/1g division. Excellent for baking, cooking, postage, and jewelry.
  • Waterproof function let us no more problems the water will flow into the scale. Touch “UNIT” button, you can measure in g/oz/lb/tl/kg/ml/milk ml effectively. Suitable auto-zero, low power, and overload prompt. Tare, auto-off function, fast calibration in seconds, make weighing your foods hassle-free.
  • Possesses easy-to-clean stainless steel and anti-fingerprint technology measurement platform. The ultra slim design makes this food scale smart. Accent your countertop with a modern look. And effortlessly store the scale without bulk or hassle. The large LCD screen will easily display sections.
  • You can reach the sensitive button when you use it. And will not make the sound and will be unavoidable to get wet. So the touch button feature will well protect the scale and guarantee its accuracy.
  • Press on/off button for a while to turn this item off. Auto-off while no operation in 180 seconds if you forget to turn them off. Or your hands are all gooey with food.

The features of Moreplus kitchen scale include high-precision sensor and weighing range of 5000g/1g.

Its benefits are the waterproof and tare function. Moreover, it processes the automatic zero point tracking and automatic turn-off, low voltage and overload prompt.

Best quality kitchen scales | for accuracy

Uten Digital Kitchen Scale

This kind of kitchen scales has a real-time and heat indicator. So you get not only a kitchen food scale. But also a timer, real-time clock and thermometer. So that the product meets all your needs.

Besides, it has a tare option. You can weigh smaller ingredients. And liquids inside the included bowl without weighing the bowl itself. You also get the units conversion. With both measuring system of weight and volume. Two weigh unit system convertible. And two volume unit system.

The kitchen scale is easy to clean up:

It is crafted with a strong, easy-to-clean, Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel surface. The design adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen. Do not forget to place the scales on a flat surface. But not in carpet or soft surface. Don’t place it into water or clean it with corrosive chemicals.

Main features
  • Uten Digital Kitchen Scale organized with high accuracy strain gauge sensor system. Presenting you instant and precise results from 11lb/5kg capacity and 0.1oz/1g accuracy. Excellent for baking, cooking, and weighing postage. Moreover, for jewels with calibration weight and full-scale accuracy on target.
  • A built-in variable basic function such as zero & tare function, alarm timer, real time clock display. Water/milk volume indicator, temperature sensor, and low battery/overload indication. It is comfortable to practice with only 4 buttons and fit all your demand for scales.
  • You can push a system button to change weight unit between weight and volume. Multiple weighing units modes are relevant to various people’s habits. Do not forget to put the scales on a flat and firm surface. But not in carpet or soft surface.
  • The Kitchen Scale is lightweight, thin, compact with stainless steel platform. And easy to see a number with a large LCD Display. The dimensions are 9.25 x 6.50 x 1.06 inches. It can be hung to stow when the scale is not used. The scale takes up minimal space on your kitchen and easy to carry. Adding a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. It is durable and easy to read.
  • The Digital Kitchen Scale is made of high-quality stainless steel platform-sus401 and ABS plastic frame. It is made to be strong, solid, fast and durable. The manufacturer commits to producing high quality and great design products. Also being confident in this Digital Kitchen Scale and giving a full 1-year guarantee.

Bodyguard Digital Kitchen Scale

This is an excellent kitchen scale. It is very consistent and accurate. Besides, it looks really cool. If you order this scale and it worked flawlessly out of the box. Spend the money, buy this one. Having the piece of mind knowing that you are weighing exact measurements every time is worth it alone.

When you are cooking or baking:

Then the Digital Scale will give you the assurance of an expert chef. Through accurate and consistent ingredient measures. Measuring ingredients by volume using cups and tablespoons can be inconsistent.

You can easily over-pack a cup of flour by 25% when you scoop flour directly out of the bag. Measuring by weight with a scale will give you confidence. That your ingredients are measured accurately, every time.

The key to gaining healthy weight loss is often displayed as a simple equation. Burn more calories than you spend. While that may sound easy, many people struggle to reach their goal weight. If you are only centered on how many calories you burn. Then you are missing out on half of the potential of this powerful, yet simple, equation.

Your secret weight loss weapon is using the food scale for portion control. Use it to perfectly portion meals when counting calories and dieting for maximum weight loss results.

Main features
  • See measurements fast and accurately with the clear LCD display. The scale features an 11 lb (5kg) capacity. 0.05 oz (1 g) increments. Units include ounces (oz), pounds and ounces (lb: oz) and grams (g).
  • The controls are user-friendly for fast and effective measuring. Tap the left button to turn on the scale. Or use the Tare Feature, and long press the left button to turn the scale off. Tap the right button to turn between measuring units.
  • The display and power buttons are sealed under a protecting shield. To guard against accidental spills. The scale is easy to wipe clean with a dry towel or damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.
  • An automatic shut-off feature will turn off the scale after four minutes of inactivity. To help conserve and extend battery life. Batteries are included.
  • The manufacturer committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. If you have any question about this product, welcome to contact them. They will reply to your message within 24 hours.

TENDOMI Digital Kitchen Scale

This kind of kitchen scale can be used to weigh anything up to 11 lbs/5 kgs in 0.1 oz/1 g division. With a crystal clear and simple to read screen stays backlit for 30 seconds and auto-off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

TENDOMI Digital Kitchen Scale comprises 5 Measurement Units. It is easy to switch between 5 measuring units (ml, oz, lb, tl, g) for your more choice. It possesses the tare feature. So you can easily weigh food, powder and liquids. Without weighing container such as plate, bowl or cup itself.

The amazing feature is the brushed stainless steel finish:

This brushed stainless steel surface is fingerprint-proof to give you a cleaner look in the kitchen. The multi-functional food scale is perfect for housewives and not only. This accurate little kitchen scale can not only be used for delicious baking and cooking, but for postage and jewelry.

With its low battery indicator, you will always know when to replace the batteries. In order to keep your measurements clear and accurate. This digital kitchen scale is very easy to clean up. The scale is easy to wipe clean with a dry towel or damp cloth. Bottom with 4 anti-slip rubber feet.

Main features
  • With its high accuracy, quickly and precisely weigh foods thanks to 4 high precision sensors. Quickly switch between 5 measuring units (ml, oz, lb, tl, g) via an easy-to-read LCD screen. Weighs up to 11 lb/5 Kg in 0.1 oz/1 g division.
  • The smart tare function helps easily weigh liquid or powdered ingredients in a container. By automatically decreasing the weight of the container. Causes no contamination when cooking or baking.
  • Due to the auto-off function, the kitchen weighing scale turns off automatically after 2 minutes of quiet time. In this way, effectively saving energy. Or you can press the power button for a while to shut cooking scale down. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included).
  • The kitchen scale has a slim compact size. Its slim-profile, lightweight and small design make this baking scale simple to carry and store. In this way, saving space for the rest of your kitchen essentials. Sleek design in a refined stainless steel finish adds a stylish touch to your kitchen.
  • Blue protecting film on the surface completely prevents your tiny lovely scale from scratch. Before arrival, please take it off before you use this food scale. The smooth stainless steel surface is fingerprint-proof. And easy to clean and maintain. 4 bottom pads protect your tabletop from being scratched.

Kitchen scales that count calories

Kitchen scales monitor every gram. So they will help to control the amount of calorie intake. And in such a way it will benefit the process of weight loss. The task of weight loss is may seem boring and difficult.

But after some repeatings, this becomes a habit. You better buy electronic weight. As they are much more precise. See the experts’ advice on how to lower cholesterol levels.

For the convenient usage of the consumed products:

Use the calorie table. Every organism has its own daily norm of calories. It depends on the body type, lifestyle, activity, the state of health and so on. Every healthy person needs 1200 calories of daily intake.

In order to maintain the body’s health. Add the physical and mental load. On average, for women, the amount is 2000-2500 calories.

A simple formula for calculating daily calorie intake:
10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age – 161

Do not rush to cut at once the diet to lose weight. To begin with, try not to overdo the daily rate of products. Not to make a mistake in the calculations will help just the kitchen scales.

Go with confident steps to your goal. Mind that following healthy nutrition, you will not only look great. But feel cheerful. Share our tips with friends. You know that losing weight is much more fun together.

Customers’ reviews

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is an excellent scales for everyday needs. I’m happy with my purchase. The device measures weight very accurately, they turn off after a certain time after usage, which significantly saves the battery.

Moreover, a separate button for zeroing the weight of dishes is a great helper. You can easily change the units of measurement. The equipment is very light and compact, so allows you to carry it in your bag. This feature is especially useful for those who carefully monitor nutrition.


The idea to buy digital kitchen scales came to me a few years ago. I adore to cook and quite often feel the need to weigh products. But the final desicion to buy this fitness equipment came after I decided to switch to proper nutrition and count calories.

After suffering a bit for a few days, I could not stand and went for kitchen scales. Moreplus Digital Kitchen Scale appealed to me immediately. Bright and stylish, they became a great addition to my kitchen.


Actually, our family has become obsessed with control of their food recently. They gradually began to follow the so-called proper nutrition, so the kitchen scales became a necessity. Personally, I wanted not only practical and accurate, but also beautiful scales.

So Uten Digital Kitchen Scale seemed a perfect variant for me. I like that the scales are light, have a convenient form, i.e. You can take it with you on vacation, for example.


I want to leave Taylor glass top kitchen scale review. I think the main rule of each culinary specialist is following of the cooking proportions. This kitchen digital scales will help you to manage the highly accurate weighing of ingredients before cooking. Every housewife needs to purchase such a device and then your dishes will always be perfect.


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