Coconut milk is quite an underrated product. It is known mainly as an element of exotic Thai cuisine and some diets that imply the abandonment of one or another food of animal origin. It’s very cool that nowadays it’s accessible to those who don’t live in the tropics. In this case, coconut milk is an alternative to the usual cow or goat’s milk, cream or sour cream. Coconut milk smoothies for weight loss is a perfect combination!

However, a delicate creamy drink with a light sweet-ish taste has much more useful properties than just the ability to substitute dairy products. That’s why it’s so popular among vegans. The milk is not the water that’s inside a whole shredded coconut. This liquid is called coconut water, consists of almost 95% of the actual water and contains virtually no fat or other nutrients. Milk, on the other hand, is a mixture of pulp and water that has been thoroughly processed to a homogeneous mass. It results in a high-calorie product with a high content of polyunsaturated chain fatty acid, vitamins and trace elements.

Harm to human health cannot bring such a drink. However, there are cases when it is absolutely not recommended to use it. It is necessary to find out whether you have an individual intolerance to those components that are part of it. If this is not done, allergic reactions and other negative consequences may occur.

Carefully consider the choice of coconut flesh. Very dangerous is the product, the shelf life of which is coming to an end. It is also worth making sure that the storage conditions of the drink have been met. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable harm to your body. Do not abuse the milk, if you are pregnant. Limit yourself to small portions of the drink that are not capable of harming your health. If we talk about its harm to the child you are waiting for, the product may cause allergic reactions.

So, after drinking one cup (240 ml), you get:

Calories – 552
Fat – 57g
Proteins – 5g
Daily value of vitamin C – 11%
The amount of iron and magnesium 22%
Daily potassium – 18%
The value of selenium – 21%

Coconut milk


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