High Elevation Training Masks review | Black Friday 2020

W​ant to make gym workouts more effective and time-saving? We have prepared a new super trend for you! Elevation Training Mask is a patented breathing resistance trainer.

What’s the secret?

Training mask helps make your lungs stronger due to resistance to inhalation and exhalation. This trainer for breathing will make your workouts more effective by reducing your workout time from 60 to 20 minutes.
  • With the help of this device, you will learn to control your breathing in an extreme situation, and concentrate on the final goal.
  • The High Elevation Training Masks have a multi-level valve system that enhances the resistance to oxygen supply in various modes you choose.
  • So it is a perfect trainer for those who don’t like to waste time on the way to their goal – fit and toned body!

Let’s have a look at top breathing training masks for effective workouts.

Elevation Training Mask: Black Friday

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There are five main types of training masks, each of which has its own special characteristics and a certain level of complexity:

Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask 2.0 [All Black] for Performance Fitness makes the power of breathing training and conditioning to your workouts.

Using the trainer permanently in your workout routine will develop respiratory power and breathing. Healthier breathing while training leads to increased stamina, endurance, workout capacity, and enhanced recovery.

TrainingMask’s multi-patented NXT FORC3 technology suggests six levels of resistance which allows you to work on breathing power, inspiratory muscle strength, and breathing technique.


  • The leader in performance breathing devices.
  • Increase your body’s growth hormone levels by up to 25% with exercise.
  • The patented multi-level resistance which loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air.
  • Include 6 Resistance Caps, 3 Flux Valves, Head Strap, Manual.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels.


  • Comparatively high price.
  • The measurements for the face can be not accurate.

Resistance Workout Training Mask

Resistance Workout Training Mask is adjustable for cardio, fitness, cycling, running, lifting, endurance sports exercise. It is a trainer for breathing and improving the flow of air supplied to your body.

The mask creates resistance to the flow of air. When your body adapts to workouts with restricted oxygen flow, your lungs will be trained to take deep breaths to use oxygen more efficiently.


  • 6 level of air resistance
  • 3 rubber pressure control inserts
  • 1 premium grade neoprene head sleeve.
  • Improve stamina, endurance, workout capacity


  • The measurements for the face can be not accurate.
  • Sometimes ears can hurt.

CFORWARD Dustproof Face Mask

CFORWARD Dustproof Mask is a perfect choice for people involved in running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. It also can be used haze day protection, anti-dust and so on.


  • Active carbon filters isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes, and particulates.
  • Suitable for most people Unique ventilation design, a plurality of holes, excellent permeability.
  • Can be used haze day protection, anti-dust and so on.
  • Can easily be washed, the filter is replaceable and comes one more pair of filters for free in the package.


  • Sometimes slips down the face.

Sparthos Workout Mask

Training solves one of the major problems – the lack of adjustable breathing levels. It leaves you feeling like you’re not getting plenty of a workout or way more than you asked for.

With 16 different breathing levels:

The Sparthos mask allows you to discover just the appropriate level of complexity. Plus, you have the capability to alter the airflow settings with one quick click without having to take the mask off and interrupt your workout.


  • Makes workouts more productive by simulating high altitude.
  • Is anatomically designed, cutting-edge technology to energize any sport.
  • 16 breathing levels at your disposal – from beginner to pro.
  • Change air flow intensity during workouts.


  • Sometimes slides down
  • Doesn’t seal very well

Training Mask Dark Hero Series

Dark Hero Series [Bane Silver-Black] Workout Mask for Exercise, Training, Cardio, Running, for HIIT Workout and Sports is a Performance Breathing Trainer. It is a cutting-edge respiratory conditioning equipment that will bring your workouts and fitness to a whole new level.

Performance breathing with a REAL TrainingMask makes you breathe more powerfully leading to enhanced fitness and workout tolerance.


  • The best-selling Bane Insane Sleeve, Silver Front Cap.
  • Uses patented multi-level resistance which loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air.
  • Comes with the standard black sleeve with the black cap as a free bonus.
  • Is powered by the revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow platform.
  • Using the mask will decrease the impact of fatigue in your training sessions.


  • Some misunderstandings with colors.
Frequently asked questions

Q: How to use the training mask?

A: To begin with, the resistance level is set: minimum for beginners. You should start with a warm-up, and then just move on to the main workout. You should start the basic training with static exercises so that the body does not become under stress.

Q: How to breathe through a training mask?

A: After wearing the mask, you need to inhale air into your lungs and hold your breath for 10-12 seconds. So the body gets used to the lack of oxygen and gradually adapts.

Next, you need to train the lungs to work more economically: take a deep breath (about five seconds), then the same deep breath. You need to learn to breathe for 4 days, making several approaches during the day.

Q: What are training masks for?

A: To increase the capabilities of the human body. When it is used, the effect of oxygen starvation is created, the lungs stretch more strongly because more respiratory cells begin to work. After some time, a person gets used to training in such conditions and increases his/her abilities.

What size training mask should I get?

The training mask is not much different in size. It is elastic and stretches, so it is difficult to guess its size. Chose this sports trainer based on your own weight:

  • small (S) – with a weight less than 65 kg;
  • medium (M) – with a weight from 66 to 100 kg;
  • large (L) – more than 100 kg.
Benefits of using training masks
  • Increased physical endurance
  • Improved mental endurance
  • Enhanced lung capacity and diaphragm training
  • Improved efficiency of oxygen use by the body
  • Increased anaerobic threshold
  • Enhance general efficiency
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