Best rowing machine 300-400 lb weight capacity

L​ooking for an effective home simulator that would perfectly suit your parameters? Pay attention to rowing machine 350 lb weight capacity.

Here’s the deal:

Our team of fitness experts has prepared for you a review of best indoor rowing machine 300-400 lbs capacity weight limit for home use. It has never been so easy to choose a suitable rower.

Just read a brief summary, consider the pros and cons, pay attention to customers’ comments and make up your choice!

Rowing machine 300-400 lb weight limit

Check Sunny Health & Fitness rowers:

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rower w/ 350 lb Weight Capacity with LCD Monitor

  • Weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • Levels of resistance – 12
  • LCD digital display – scan, time, count, calories, total count.

The handlebars have slip grips, and the seat is fully padded, which is essential for a comfortable workout. The pedals are quite large and have with adjustable foot straps securing the feet in place.

This simulator doesn’t take up much room. And you can even hide it if you need to do this.

More details:

The length is approximately 56 inches. It is an acceptable option for an at-home workout. The computer shuts off automatically if you do not use the machine for 4 minutes. Check also top 3 rowing machines 400-500 lb capacity.

Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rower 350 lb Weight Capacity LCD Monitor

  • Max weight 350 lbs
  • Incline levels – 5
  • Display – calorie count, time, total count

Aluminum rail inclines with your body and creates a rigorous abdominal and leg exercise. The handlebars are non- slip grip. Acceptable for working out at home. It weighs 39 pounds and takes up little space. A great variant is Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 magnetic training machine.

How to choose exercise equipment for over 350 pounds? Before buying one, here are some facts:

  • Find out if you have space

What’s the point of trying to find a rower when after long researching, you realize that don’t have enough space to use it?

  • Figure out your budget (and stick to it)

There are hundreds of various simulators that range in price from under 100$ to over 3,000$! If you don’t know how much you want to spend, because you’re unsure of what your money will buy, here is a quick evaluation of quality and price range:

  • 400$ and under — “Low-End.”
  • 400$ – 700$ — “Mid-Range.”
  • Over 700$ — “High-End.”

Keep in mind that this is only a general rule.

And there is quality simulator 300 lb capacity both in the “low-End” and “Mid-Range” categories. Moreover, I`ll remind, that these machines with 350lbs capacity cost cheaper than simulators with less capacity. So, above there are the average prices for rowers of the middle class.

  • How will you use it?

Is this for residential or commercial use? All indoor simulators are ready for home use, but not all are ready to be used in gyms. Are you going to share it with someone?

If you are not the only person who wants to use it, it’s essential to choose a model, that has different resistance strength to accommodate the different levels of users.

Rowing machine for heavy person

These simulators are in different price categories, but we can guarantee, that they are of high quality. Besides, you try Stamina air rower. It is another optimal high-quality variant.

EFITMENT Total Motion Rower with Full Arm Extensions, 350 lb Weight Capacity – RW032

  • Weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • Levels of resistance – 12

The handlebars are coated, and the seat is padded, which is perfect and comfortable, helps maintain additional control when exercising.


There’s an additional tablet bracket where you can place your gadgets and enjoy a video, making your workout less monotonous.  The feet are secured with Velcro adjustable straps on comfortable pedals.

Which muscles are involved?

Training like this not only includes almost all muscle groups of the body. But also it improves the tone of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of our body. Use the ProForm Power 995i treadmill to warm up the muscles.

This piece of fitness equipment develops the upper half of your body-the shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles, muscles of back and arms.

However, are also actively involved the gluteal muscles, the muscles of the anterior and posterior surface of the thighs. And a part of the load falls on the muscles of the press.

High weight capacity equipment | workout

What exactly is a rowing machine?

It is a construction which consists of a seat, a handle, a frame, and a flywheel. Such exercises simulate real swimming on a boat. To make rowing machine sets and reps more realistic, some models are equipped with individual fans.

Think about it:

This fan stimulates the wind blowing. A removable sensor measures your pulse. And it is fixed to the earlobe, chest or neck area or is adjusted into the grips of “paddles.” Read more about best rated indoor rowing machine for home use on Amazon.

Exercises assure an excellent full-body workout for all groups of muscles. Good quality Amazon rowers are not cheap. But they are acceptable, easy and straightforward to assemble, suitable for training both at home and gym.

We use them for power and cardio training. You can lose weight, improve our health and body shape rather fast.

Goal №1 – development of muscles.

The following training programs are suitable for this:

  • Slow rope with maximum resistance (about 10-20 rows per minute);
  • Fast rope with minimum load (50-70 combes per minute).

Duration of classes – no more than 20 minutes. The variation of the load depends on the selected grip.

For example:

Direct grip (palms pointing downwards) more load the triceps and back. But at the back grab (the palms are facing up) the shoulder girdle, biceps and thoracic are worked out.

Goal № 2 – Losing weight and relief.

In this case, the duration of the workout can be 20-60 minutes. Every 10 minutes you can make a small break. During the rest, you can practice exercises on the press.

If at the beginning of the workout you cannot withstand the recommended program time, work on the following chart. Rip 2 minutes and rest as much as you like.

And so the necessary amount of time – 8, 10,15, 20 minutes and so on. At each training, gradually reduce the pause and increase the working time. Try discomfort, interrupt the occupation.

Option number 1

2 sets of 8 repetitions. One set includes 20 comb (maximum speed) + 10 comb (minimum intensity). Break between sets – no more than 5 minutes.

Option number 2

3 approaches for 8 minutes. The rest between sets is 5 minutes.

  • 4 minutes – 24 rotations per minute;
  • 2 min – 26 g per min;
  • 2 min – 28 g per min.

Option number 3

3 sets of 5 repetitions. One retreat is 1 minute of work with a maximum speed of + 1 minute rest. Break between sets is 3-4 minutes. The speed of combinations:

  • On the first approach – 18, 20, 22, 24, 26.
  • On the second one – 20, 22, 24, 26, 28.
  • On the third one – 22, 24, 26, 28, 30.

Training intensity

The intensity of the training on this kind of equipment is determined by the efforts you made. You can choose the program suitable for you – high-intensity or light training. The load level is adjustable with a damper.

The foldable rowing machine is one of the best types of cardio load.

If you are bored with a treadmill or exercise bike, you should try this kind of training as an alternative. Furthermore, this simulator allows you to solve several problems. So, to build muscle and draw relief, lose weight, increase strength and endurance.


Before starting a fitness workout, do not forget to consult with a specialist for contraindications.

  • Diseases of the heart and respiratory systems;
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • Diseases of the joints and bones;
  • Poor health, cold, flu.

Compared with their predecessors, modern simulators are not so bulky and fit perfectly into the home interior. When assembled, they are so compact that they fit easily even in a small apartment.

A piece of advice:

The numbers below are periods in minutes. Time is approximate. You may not always to stick to this time of training. But still, it is not necessary. Just try to give all the best 3 times a week for 20 minutes. And say goodbye to something extra on your body.

Follow this

  • 00: 00–03: 00 – Warm-up

Start at a moderate pace. You do not know how fast to train? Here is a guideline: during these three minutes you have to cover a distance of about 500 m.

  • 03: 00–06: 00 – Footwork

Do 10 reps with straight arms, only straightening your legs, then 10 regular strokes. Then 5 more feet and 5 normal. Then again 10 + 10. Keep on alternating.

  • 06: 00–08: 00 – Acceleration

Defeat another 500 m, but just try to do it in two minutes, not three, as in the warm-up.

  • 08: 00–12: 00 – Traction pyramid

Ramp out 100 m with maximum speed. Then, sitting with straight legs, tighten the handle 10 times to yourself (that is, perform horizontal thrust).

After that:

Run another 200 m and do 15 repetitions of horizontal thrust. Then 300 m – and 20 hands strokes. And then work in reverse order: 200 m and 15 repetitions, 100 m and 10 repetitions.

  • 12: 00-14: 00 – Sprints

Train with all your strength for 20 seconds, then for 10 seconds lower the tempo to the restorative in order to breathe slightly. Keep on alternating. Bear in mind: this will be a serious cardiovascular load.

  • 14: 00–17: 00 – swim on record

Make a sprint for 30 seconds, trying to swim as far as possible (conquer at least 125 meters mark). Remember the distance covered, relaxed training for the next 30 seconds for a breather.

And then:

Accelerate again and try to beat your record. Just complete three of these circles, each trying to improve the result.

  • 17: 00–20: 00 – Hitch

Ramp more 500 m, but in a quiet mode, restoring breath.

How to make a training program

It is not so difficult to make a training program for a rowing machine. Start with 10 minutes of training with a simple grip (palms look down). In the next training, add 5-7 minutes of the usual grip and 5-7 min reverse (the palm looks up). During the change, grab a small break.

Also, experiment with rowing speed:

Do not forget that every 15 minutes of workout it is recommended to take a break for 30-60 seconds to shave back and legs. So, do the push-pull or squat approach.

Exercises and rules for warm-up before training

Everyone knows the fact that you cannot start a workout without doing the warm-up before. By warming up, you heat your muscles and prepare them for a further load.

It gets better:

Even a very short warm-up may reduce the risk of injury during exercise. Also, the warm-up before workout brings tone and stretches the muscles.

Moreover, it increases cardiovascular activity and elasticity of the joints, enriches the blood with oxygen. And you know that is increases endurance. Also, it accelerates metabolism.

General rules for warming up
  • Duration of warm-up should be not less than 10 and not more than 15 minutes.
  • Duration of warm-up should be not less than 10 and not more than 15 minutes.
  • The interval between warm-up and training should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • The time of day for training is also significant. If you do a warm-up in the morning, it should last longer than in the evening, as the body needs time to wake up.

How to stretch properly

Every person has a similar way of behavior. For example, when you do something you do not want to, you look for many options for solutions. And you do not think about their consequences. Everyone tried to sit down on twine and knows how easy it is.

The main thing here:

Not to resort to radical action. We want to tell you about the mistakes that practically all start-up athletes perform in stretching. Thus provoking various injuries.
  • Lack of warm-up before stretching

This item is important for both beginners and professionals.

It does not matter how much you are training. You must remember that muscles should be soft and elastic before they start to stretch. For them to become such, arrange an intensive warm-up for at least 10-15 minutes.

  • It is not necessary on the first day to try to turn the mountains. Also, do not sway between chairs, throw your legs too high. If your ties immediately encounter such a tension, this may turn out to be a pitiful one. Start with attacks and waves. These exercises will prepare your ties for further work.
  • Do not perform stretching exercises with sharp movements
As you know, to stretch the muscles and ligaments require fixation and time. Therefore, in no case do not try to sit in a twine jerks. Fix the position in which you maximally spread your legs. And stay in it for a few minutes.

During this time:

You will notice how gradually you go to the twine. You will spend more time. But do not hurt yourself. Be sure to take a few minutes before such an approach.

  • Do not ask or allow nonprofessionals to stretch you.

First, they may not calculate the power. And secondly, it is wrong to pull you.

For example, the same jerks that we talked about above, or twist their hips incorrectly. With such stretching, you can get a hip dislocation and get other unpleasant sores.

  • Massages, hot tubs and special exercises will be your helper after stretching over the coming months. Nobody wants to be injured instead of flexibility.

The rowing machine is one that affects all the muscle groups of the back and shoulders. But it works so softly that even elderly people can practice it.

Contrary to the existing opinion:

Such simulators are useful not only for men, who do such exercises with broad shoulders, give relief to the hands.

But they also effective for women. For them, they strengthen the muscles of the throat, eliminate the effect of “chicken wings” (so-called limb top of the hands).

Peculiarities of Amazon row machine training

  • Duration of workouts

The normal duration of classes on a rowing machine high weight capacity – 50 minutes. During this time, the athlete manages to complete three complexes of exercises.

What’s the bottom line?

Start classes for 20 minutes, gradually lengthening them. On the load, the regulator performs at the lowest level. The main purpose of mastering the installation is to introduce the body into a tone. Also, intensive and prolonged workouts during this period are contraindicated.

An indication of the possibility of increasing the load is the lack of discomfort in the muscles. So, now you can read about examples of exercises that are recommended to perform on a simulator.

But do not forget that this machine has a weight limit. So, determine the weight you are going to train in advance. But still, there is a high weight. Thus, even a big sportsman can use this kind of sports equipment.

Basic сomplex includes short and long combinations

  • Short boom

Initial position:

Sitting, lower limbs curved in the knee, the feet fixed with belts. Hands stretched forward, grip straight. Slowly repel with legs, move back. And at the endpoint pull the hands to the chest. Smoothly return to the initial position.

  • Long boom

The initial position:

It is the same as in the case of a short boom. But the feet are fastened with belts so that the points are slightly torn off. The back is slightly rounded, the head is pulled forward, the arms are straightened, in the direct grip on the arms. Repel the front part of the foot, moving back, and bend the body.

At the same time bend the arms in the elbows, pull the handle towards the collarbones. Smoothly return to the initial position. The stronger the body torsion when performing the first phase of the exercise, the more loaded the back and the muscles of the abdomen.

It is recommended to tilt the body by 45 degrees.

Other possibilities of the indoor rower

The simulator of the cable model helps to develop other muscle groups if you change the starting position. Exercises are performed on 3 complexes, every 10-20 repetitions.

  • Pumping of triceps

Initial position:

On the seat sit back with the back, and the legs are on the sides of the bench, rests in the floor, bent in the knees. The hands bent in the elbow joints and laid behind the head, hold on the handle.

Hands are gradually straightened perpendicularly upwards, giving the triceps load, then returning to the original position at the same pace. Resistance rower helps you to make your training more useful.

  • Pumping of deltoid muscles

Initial position:

Standing in front of the simulator, legs are arranged along the width of the shoulders, the back is not rounded. Hand holding palms down. Hands are raised until they form a parallel with the floor surface, lowered.

Training program

LevelA frequency of training per week (times)Quantity of approachesApproaches durationDuration of training (minutes)
Beginner2-33 to 10 short and long comb5 minutes15-20
Average337 minutes30
Advanced4510-12 minutes40-60

Between approaches make a break for 5-10 minutes. This time is intended for active rest, which involves stretching, light exercises. So, you will not let the muscles cool down.

Exercising technique

The obvious method of doing velocity exercise on this training machine should provide an active action of both upper and lower parts of the body.

For instance:

Cycling or running is involved mostly the lower part of the body. However, the entire body is engaged if you exercise on this machine.

This instruction of 4 stages will show you how to use the simulator correctly:

Recovery stage

At this stage of the exercise:

The entire body of the athlete tends forward, sliding to the feet. The whole body should be relaxed, and the muscles are not strained. Moving to the capture phase, you need to prepare the body.  Slightly lean forward for not more than 30 degrees.


Accurate implementation of this phase is directly related to the productivity of the entire exercise. In this case, it is essential to check once again the positions of your body:

  • Pumping of deltoid muscles
  • The shoulders are straightened and are on the same vertical line with the hips
  • The head is directed straight ahead
  • Almost the all body weight is transferred to the feet ( must be feeling of floating above the seat)

In the peak moment of capture there should be such sensations:

  • The lower part of the body is “glued” to the handle of the simulator
  • After “swinging the paddle,” you feel the counteraction of the paddle at the moment of its slowdown
  • The back and trapezius muscles are activated.

It is recommended taking one breath for one “paddle stroke.”

End of the stroke

The last stage begins, and you need to completely straighten your knee joints.

  • Stopped traction
  • Hands are straight, and the handle of the oar is near the solar plexus
  • Trunk – with a slope of “11 hours.”
  • Cortex muscles are strained
  • Neck and shoulders are relaxed
  • The chest is slightly raised
  • Hand wrists are straightened and relaxed

Note: the handle grip is soft and flexible. Don’t strongly compress the hand to hold the handle, hold it with your fingers.

Final thoughts and guidelines

Unfortunately, the retailers provide product information, in which there are almost no details. Hope you are an active participant in the Amazon.

I had a difficult time finding reviews during my search, but I think you were interested in this post. Read also about best rated indoor rowing machine for home use on Amazon.

Rowing machine for heavy person

Have you ever wondered which simulators bring you the most benefit?

Of course, gyms have different body training devices. But not all of them are equally effective when it comes to burning calories and slimming. However, you should note that the simulators do not perform all the work you need to do.

To achieve the desired results, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And it necessarily must involve a proper diet. Read an article about nutrition trends. Eat healthily and lose weight. It will help you to lose weight faster.

Using a rowing machine helps to increase muscle and maintain it in tone. Moreover, it enhances cardiovascular function and increases resistance. This kind of fitness equipment is especially useful for older people.

What does this mean?

They do not strain back and joints. Moreover, some of them can determine your heart rate and has a performance monitor. Also, water resistance is one of the good qualities of this machine.

Rowing machine weight limit is special for each model. In general, it helps to reduce weight, burns calories quickly, making it an excellent addition to your training program. But it in case you want to lose weight.

The active training on this kind of fitness equipment can burn about 377 calories in 30 minutes for a person weighing 85 kg. It can help you get the desired calorie deficit, which is an integral part of weight loss.

What’s more:

You can try to use an air rower or indoor rower. They also give wonderful results.

A piece of advice from fitness experts
  • Usually, people tend to pull too much weight. Also, their rope is often too short. And they try to move forward and back too quickly. It is better to try to make a move longer and slower. In this case, it is more accurate and effective.
  • Focus on the work of the legs, not hands.
  • One of the most forgotten rowing items is out. And knowing how to sit during tension is essential. Your back should not go back and forth. It must be in a strong, stable position.
  • Legs, hips, arms, hands, thighs, legs. This is the sequence of training. If you reorganize this list, it does not work.

Main mistakes

A lot of people make different mistakes while performing exercises on the rowing machine.

  • Speedy execution of combinations.
  • Continuous work by hands.
  • Insufficient fixation of the body and inability to keep back straight.
  • An incorrect sequence of actions.
  • Loss of traffic control and the active connection of inertia.

Rowing machine for heavy people

In order for the trainer to work longer and to be as effective as possible throughout the life of the service, it is necessary to adhere to some rules that we will tell you about.

  • We recommend you to monitor the technical condition of the simulator carefully. Pay particular attention to chains, asterisks, rotary conduit connection.
  • Avoid using a robotic simulator with a worn or weakened part, as this may result in injury. If you are unsure about the state of any part of the rowing machine, we recommend replacing it with original parts.

Classes on the simulator force almost all groups of muscles. And it makes them possible to develop and strengthen the entire body. The trainer warns against sudden movements and counterbalance resistance.

The reason for that:

It makes it an excellent means for rehabilitation and restoration of physical forces in people of all ages.

Exercises that improve the efficiency of training
  • Consult your doctor. Ensure that there is no danger when performing intensive programs.
  • Check the technical condition of the rowing simulator.
  • Start with a stretch, make fun of yourself before you start training on a machine. See the manual for training with particular recommendations.
  • Start each stretching with light training to warm up.
  • Take no more than five minutes on the first day to help your body adapt to new exercises. Then gradually increase the duration of exercise on the simulator and intensity for two weeks.
  • Do not do heavy work during the first lesson. Do not start immediately at the level you finish. Also, do not try to do intense intermittent exercises, start with uniform rowing at a convenient pace. From the next lesson, begin to increase the intensity gradually in several periods of 1-3 minutes. Then, if you feel good, you can start doing 12 more intense exercises.
  • Use the damper setting “3”. For the cardiovascular system, it is best to use universal damper settings at the level of “3-5”. Excessive damper exercises can be harmful to your health and your training program. Moreover, large loads will reduce your result and increase the risk of injury.

Lose weight fast

Due to the cyclical work of all muscle groups stretched in time, the rowing machine speeds up your metabolism to the limit. Moreover, it improves your blood circulation, lung function, trains your heart muscle and increases stamina.

More good news?

Also, classes on this kind of simulator (with the right technique) are practically safe for the joints. For example, they are better than running.

You can do exercises on the rowing machine in the days of strength training. Both at the beginning and the end of the training. A rowing machine can take a separate training day by increasing the training time to half an hour or more.


The simulator is ideally suited to the mode of circular and interval training. Because there are different exercises are performed one after the other without interruption or with short pauses.

Training 1

Row for 8-10 minutes 3-4 approach. Vary the speed of training. So, do an average of 23-24 rakes per minute, every 3-4 minutes increase the pace to 26 strokes. Also, keep a fast pace of a minute. And then return to the original position.

The last two minutes of the approach is maximum acceleration. Therefore, try to keep up the pace of more than 26 strokes at this time. Rest between each set for at least 5 minutes.

Training 2

Row 1,000 meters to speed with long strokes (tilting the hull back). Then make 50 Trusters with a 20 kg bar, then 30 times jumping. Moreover, try to keep within the minimum time. And, if it is possible, do not rest between exercises.

Training 3

Row 2 rounds of 15-20 minutes. Every 5 minutes, increase the pace of strokes. So, the first 5 minutes – 18-20 strokes per minute (according to a state of health), the second 5 minutes – 20-22 rakes. And the final 5 minutes – 24-26 strokes.

Training 4

Row at a speed of 500 meters, then do the bench press (on the bar weight of your own body) – 30 repetitions. Then rowing for 1000 meters + bench press 20 repetitions. Then training for 2000 meters + bench press for 10 repetitions.

Try to complete the workout as quickly as possible. You can try to use the Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine with PM5. It is really good for such training.

Benefits of a rowing machine with 350 lb capacity

Classes on this kind of fitness equipment not only develop the musculoskeletal system. But also bring other benefits. They strengthen and develop contractile ability of muscle fibers.

Also, they normalize the functioning of the circulatory system. Moreover, such classes improve the metabolism and nutrition of tissues and stimulate immunity.

The number of calories that can be burned with the rowing machine ranges from 300 to 700. Because both the upper and lower parts of the body work, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Some hydraulic simulators contain programs or games (otherwise it’s boring). And if you work at medium or high intensity, you can burn more calories than on a treadmill.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Rowing is a fairly technical exercise. Is there a risk of damage?

A: In fact, it is very easy to study the basics of good technique. You can even just read a short 10-minute introduction to the course. The risk of damage is not higher than in the case of other exercises, and it can be avoided by observing the technique. Unfortunately, most people in gyms do not study the correct technique and position, because a limited number of coaches owns such data.

Q: This is a hard exercise that may not fit the less trained people. What can they advise?

A: vAgain, I believe this is mostly due to a lack of knowledge. People do not tell the basics of how to use a simulator. Or which training is the right on some stimulators. In fact, the training on the simulator can be easily adjusted to an individual goal and level of training. So, beginners, who start to run, do not run immediately at the semi-marathons. Therefore, the same situation is with the dam.

Q: How can gyms organize group classes?

A: We combined our knowledge of world leaders. The 45-minute lesson is going on for music and combines rowing with a circular workout. 20- and 30-minute formats – in the style of high-intensity training, which require 6-8 machines. All classes are designed specifically to make fun classes and diversify the training on machines.

Q: Can I lose weight while exercising with a rowing machine?

A: Our fitness experts claim that you can lose extra kilos during workouts with the rowing machine. This kind of fitness workout is considered one of the most powerful activities to lose weight. Such exercises significantly reduce weight and increase fat burning.

Only in certain body parts losing extra kilos is impossible, so if you have belly fat, you can not just lose weight in the abs area. Working out a particular part of the body will not lead to fat loss in this problem area. Therefore, you need a comprehensive workout. The 350 lbs capacity rowing machine uses the balanced movements of all muscles, not just in problem areas.

It replaces a number of other simulators and does not stress the locomotor system. This will allow you to do effective aerobic exercises. With the right duration and intensity of training, you can burn fat in your body, strengthen your muscles and get an excellent athletic form.

Q: Are rowing machines suitable for men and women? What about children and elderly people?

A: Actually, the 350 lbs capacity rower is an excellent choice for women who want to lose weight quickly and get rid of extra kilos. As well as for men who want to increase their level of physical training or gain muscle mass. It is also suitable for overweight people because it does not strain the joints.

Concerning people of different age groups, the rowing machine is suitable for both children and the elderly. Training with this type of simulators allows elderly people to prevent the loss of lean body mass. Besides, it has a positive effect on the cardio system and is suitable for the prevention of various types of diseases. Even people with disabilities can also do exercises and train effectively.

Q: Are rowing machines suitable for recovery after injuries?

A: Yes, some rower machine models are quite suitable for rehabilitation. Nowadays, using such simulators has become an essential part of comprehensive treatment already in various medical institutions and resort establishments. The current global trend recommends accelerated recovery after sports injuries and arthroscopic surgery.

This means the shortest joint immobilization and the earliest stretching and strengthening exercises for the muscles. A rowing machine can effectively provide easy and quick recovery, increase your mobility and flexibility after an injury.

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