Weighted hula hoop reviews & results

D​ream to lose weight faster and make your waist slimmer? Exercising with weighted hula hoopis should be an indispensable element of your daily workouts.

Gained a few extra kilos that prevent you from wearing your favorite dress?

Do not be in a hurry to get upset. Sometimes it is enough to make your lifestyle more active. Let’s figure out more about the really effective way to make your waist slimmer.

Hula hoops fitness equipment for weight loss is the most affordable sports equipment, such as jump ropes for working out. It does not require special skills and conditions for training.

Its use solves a lot of problems
  • Fixes the work of the intestines;
  • Strengthens the abdomen and back muscles;
  • Promotes weight loss;
  • Promotes the waist slimming.

Hula hoop weighted review

Which hula hoop for exercises will you choose?

Let’s have a look at the best equipment for fitness training available on Amazon. Pay attention to the pros and cons while choosing the product. You will definitely find the most suitable for you among the best brands!

Let’s get a wider look at Acu hula hoop reviews for using at home as well as in the gym.

Before making a choice, consider all the pros and cons of the product, learn the main features and chose the most suitable variant for yourself.

Acu Hoop 3L Trim Hoop 4B Acu Hoop 5L Acu Hoop 4M Power Hoop 4B
Recommended Users Adults & Children AdultsAdultsAdultsAdults
Recommended User’s Weight 120 -160LB 140 – 180LB 180LB+ 140 – 180LB 160-220LB
Product Weight *Approx 3.0LB± 3.9LB± 4.9LB± 3.9LB± 3.9LB±
Diameter~41in 8 sections(~41″); 7 sections(~35″) ~41.5in ~40in ~41in
PressureAcupressure Bumps SmoothAcupressure Bumps Acupressure Bumps Adv. Acupressure Bumps
Body Parts Waist Only Waist Only Waist Only Waist Only Waist Only
AssemblyTwist Lock with a secure button Button Lock Button Lock Button Lock Button Lock
ExteriorFoamFoamFoamFoamEngineered Plastic
ColorRainbow Color Rainbow Color Rainbow Color Rainbow Color Red / Pink / Yellow Stripes

ROFIT Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise

Benefit a lot during your exercise with the ROFIT weighted 2.2lbs Hula Hoop. Your workout will be more productive and enjoyable! Weighted hula circles are an excellent way to tone your abs muscles. Besides, trim your waist while growing your core power.

The attached weights inside the Hula Circle make your training more efficient. Helping you burn more calories and improve elasticity. The wave-like design on the inside of the Hula Hoop will help keep the hoop on your body. And rotating for longer. Our unique padding gives a sufficient workout no matter how powerful.

The ROFIT weighted 2.2lbs Hula Hoop can be joined in as little as 60 seconds. With an 8 section snap together system. Which provides for easy storage. And is convenient to transport.

YM Hula Hoop

The magnets of the YM Amazon hula hoops will excite the recovery skills around the area. By improving blood flow and thus also raising metabolism. This, in turn, will bring more strength and greater vitality. The magnets will also help defeat stress. And partially ease the pain and fatigue from training with the hula circle.

Daily using the hula hoop will improve the balance of healthy bacteria. And may limit illness from occurring. Because of the rhythm and weight of our hula circle that rolls around your waist. Fat burning will target that area as well. The hula hoop will strengthen your core and create lean tissue around the area leaving only a slim waist.

The hula circle is also structured to have 40 massage balls. In which the magnets are placed along the inside of the hoop. Which is intended to give a massaging effect. No matter when you exercise. Whether it’s in front of a TV or outside. Our magnetic hula hoop is designed to give you a great workout so you can feel great and look great. Burning 100 calories every 10 minutes of use.

NEOWEEK Hula Hoops

These Amazon Hula Hoops are a Perfect Chrismas Gift. The weighted hula circle is not only a fitness trainer. But also a memory of Childhood. An ideal Chrismas gift to your family and friends. It involves a cute simple ruler. You can use it to measure your waistline. And test the effect of exercise easy to carry. The Weighted Hula Hoop is detachable and easy to gather.

Great for storage and fit to take our Hula Hoop to the playground, lawn, Party, Coastal Beach. This hula circle Weighs 2.3 pounds and measures 38 inches wide. Advised the hula hoop for kids and beginners. Actually, the soft froth can defend Beginners and kids from the waist.

RUNACC Weighted Hula Hoop

These Amazon Hula Hoops have a flexible Weight. It allows you to pack sand or steel balls. To add the weight of hula circle. Enhancing exercise intensity. If you’re a hula circle beginner. Do not to add filler stuff. Overweight people who want to lose weight are advised to increase the weight to 3 to 5 lbs.

The weighted hula hoop consists of 6 detachable sections. It is quite easy to install and remove. Also allows you to take it apart to store and carry around. Designed with high-quality foam on the surface. Soft and suitable. It gives a massage effect around your abs and waist area during use.

Suitable for beginners and advanced trainees. Stainless Steel Inner Tube. Rustproof and firm. Doesn’t deform after use. Greatly ensures the high quality. Slim down Fast. According to physical theory. A flexible hula circle can add the weights as you needed. Aims to enhance exercise intensity. Fit your body perfectly and maximize weight loss. Improving workout results.

Sports Hoop Weight Loss Series: Acu hula hoop reviews

The Acu Hoop series is one of the sign hoops with the advanced patented wavy-ridged design. The wavy ridges provide a strong force. That deeply stimulates the core muscles. The wavy ridges work to stimulate your core muscles and tone your stomach, back, glutes and hip muscles. The muscle stimulation intensity scales with the hoop movement. The more powerful Acu Hoop spin around your waist, the greater the intensity.

Lose weight and get a slim waist with the Acu Hoop 4M. It is perfect for adult users with its medium diameter and weighted nature. The weighted hoops are specially designed to slim your waist. Also, to burn calories and fat, and promote overall weight loss.

The Acu Hoop 4M is perfect for adult beginners. The hoops have a larger diameter than a traditional hula circle. This makes it easier to use. As it provides a larger force which allows the user to spin the hoop at a slower pace. The Acu Hoop 4M is a patented product with a unique wavy ridges. Which works as a grip as well as stimulates and tones core muscles.

accmor Weighted Hula Hoop

The weighted Amazon hula hoops have soft foam padding all around. That will give you maximum comfort and protection. The wave sharp enlarges massaging area on the waist. And brings you the feeling of burning fat. The exercise hula circle is detachable and easy to assemble. Great for storage and convenient to take our Hula Hoop to the playground, lawn, Party, Coastal Beach and so on.

You can adjust the size of Amazon hula hoops according to your figure. The package is 8 sections. You can remove 1 or 2 sections. And then set up 7 sections or 6 sections hula circle. Overturn the traditional design, install and remove a step in place. Do not take the place, It also helps you to exercise more as padding prevents the hula loop from slipping off of your waist. It is not only an exercise tool but also a massager for your waist.

The adult Amazon hula hoops are the simplest and most fun way to work out. Besides, to burn fat and get the slim waist. The fitness hoop is perfect for cardio and dance exercises. That will aid weight loss for perfect results in the easiest way possible.

Customers’ reviews

If you want to become the best hula hooper in the world and slim your waist, do not waste your time and buy the equipment at once! Read the customers’ weighted hula hoop results to make sure it is worth buying.

You will find answers on the following burning questions
  • Are weighted hula circles effective?
  • How to use the equipment to lose weight?
  • Does a hula circle slim your waist?
  • Why do weighted hula rings have ridges?

I heard about this sports equipment quite recently. My wife and I went to the sports goods store and she liked hula hoop. She said this is an amazing fitness tool that helps to keep fit and burn extra calories.

I decided to please her and buy this hoop. In a month of training, her wais became slimmer. So I do not doubt in the effectiveness of this ring and highly recommend buying.


I presented the hula ring to my mother. She got rid of the extra centimeters for a couple of months. The figure became more graceful, the waist looks much slimmer. She was very happy to get such a useful gift.

Now my mother uses it twice a year to maintain the body in perfect shape. She also likes resistance bands for burning calories and losing weight. Personally, I also try sometimes fitness activities with this equipment.


First of all, I should say that it is hard to turn the hoop at first. Especially for beginners or those who have not been engaged in sports for a long time. They probably will have many bruises, the body will hurt.

I twist the hula hoop daily for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes 2 times a day, if there is enough time. For 2.5 months, the waist has become slimmer in volume by 4 cm.


What was my result? The abdominal muscles and press noticeably became slimmer and more elastic. And personally, I felt changes in 2 weeks of exercices. While using the fitness equipment, your mood improves, I feel only positive emotions.

I will continue doing workouts with circle further, and recommend it to you! Fitness is not for me. There is no time and opportunity to go to the gym or exercise at home. But this amazing fitness tool – the most suitable option, the load and pleasure!


I have read that this fitness tool burns 15 calories per minute. Perhaps, but I also know that exercises should be regular. And most importantly, the hoop should be twisted as long as possible without interruptions and stops.

Only in this case the best effect will be achieved. Begin to twist and watch the clock. Twist without stopping, and after 10 minutes you will feel the tension in the body, which will not happen if you constantly make pauses.


Those who want to constantly keep fit, definitely need this equipment. It helps to not eat in the evenings, burns extra calories and forms the waist. It is very convenient to watch TV and study. I would say that this simulator is for the lazy.

Do not start with a long workout, in order to avoid bruising, 5 minutes is enough. Now I exercise for an hour, combining it with other exercises. The result is visible in the mirror, it makes me happy and gives a motivation.


Results before and after

Here are the results of real people who used a weighted hula hoop. Of course, visible waist transformation cannot be achieved by only workouts with a circle. The strict and well-balanced diet must be followed.

Besides, hula hoop exercise should be combined with other kinds of workout such as aerobic, anaerobic and strength training.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can Hula Hooping burn belly fat?

A: Body fat does not burn locally. Weight loss is gradual, so a complex approach based on a combination of intense exercise, aerobic exercise and a low carbohydrate diet is necessary to achieve quick results.

Q: How long should I hula hoop a day?

A: The question of how long to exercise with the hoop is individual. Generally speaking, 15 minutes a day is the optimal figure. Gradually, you can make the workout longer and alternate the rate of rotation.

Q: What weight hula hoop should I get?

A: Heavy hoop (metal or with weights inside) is suitable for a trained, athletic body, otherwise, bruises on the abs, hips and sides may occur. Light hoop (plastic, massage, lightweight metal) is suitable for beginners. It not only burns calories but also trains the cardiovascular system.

Q: How many calories does hula hoop burn?

A: The research proved that with the help of this fitness device, people burned 210 calories in a 30-minute workout or 7 calories per minute.

Summing up all the positive reviews, we present the main benefits of the hula hoop. According to customers’ feedback, this fitness equipment is suitable for people with a quite different level of training. From beginners to pro users.

Users admit the following advantages
  • Coordination and balance. Exercises with a hoop improve the movement coordination of the hips and abdomen muscles. Significantly develop the vestibular apparatus. And allow for better control of movement.
  • Aerobic exercise. With an increased rate of work with the Amazon hula hoops, you use almost all muscle groups. And strengthen the heart and blood vessels.
  • Spine flexibility. During the workout, the muscles of the middle and lower back are included. And with developed elasticity of the spine. The risk of injury during exercise is significantly reduced.
  • Grace and mood. Training improves posture and gives your movements a grace. In addition, they improve cerebral circulation. Resulting in the stimulation of brain activity. This has a positive effect on the emotional state. Try also top 10 songs to hula hoop to make the workout even more exciting!
  • Deep massage of the muscles and internal organs. Massage movements of the Amazon hula circles accelerate metabolism. Besides, ensure blood flow to the skin. The skin is tightened and gains an attractive look. In addition, this massage reduces cellulite and improves bowel function.
  • Weight loss. Intense workouts allow you to actively spend calories and burn fat. 10 minutes of training can burn about 100 calories, 30 – about 250. However, if you want to get rid of extra kilos, combine the load with proper nutrition. To control the process of losing weight count calories consumed.
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