Who has lost weight doing burpees

M​any people ask about the specific impact of burpee on the body as a whole. In the first place, all joints and muscles during the training receive the necessary load.

But in the highest winnings remain the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle (deltoid, trapezoidal, triceps), hip, abdominal press, as well as calf and buttock muscles.

Who has lost weight doing burpees?

It is an opportunity to burn a record amount of calories, as well as increase endurance. Studies have shown that this type of exercise burns 50% more fat than any other strength training.

Also, it is essential that burpee accelerates metabolism, which also fights calories.

It is worth noting that you are not going to see the instant result after two training. Because the muscles need time to adapt. But as for endurance, it will grow after two or three weeks.

Practice shows that burpee can serve as a necessary element of training, as well as training for strength exercises. And do not forget that in these exercises it is vital to follow the correct breathing.

People who lost weight because of burpees

I want to share a fantastic exercise called a burpee! It is a wonderful exercise. When you perform it, you work out almost all the muscles of the body! If you stick to the high intensity of the exercises and diet, you can burn those extra pounds in a concise time! My experience:

Last year (by May) my weight was 82 kg (my height is 171). I was performing only horizontal bars + push-ups and a little of kettlebell swings. My abdominal volume was 95 cm. And agree, it is awful)) But at the end of May, I made changes to my diet and my workouts. I started training first from 10 minutes of running, then 15 and at the end of June 20-25 minutes.

After jogging (after 2 minutes of rest), I began to do burpees. After the first minute of classes, I made 15 burpees and thought that I would “die” right on the spot))) My heart was beating furiously. Besides, there was not enough breathing.


I waited a minute, made another approach. After a workout, after 25-35 minutes I ate food (chicken breast, vegetables, and water itself). So, I worked for about two months, approximately 4-5 times a week.

Then I began to do burpee more. At the beginning it was only 1 minute, then 30 seconds break, then 2 minutes, again a break, another minute, again a break and again 2 minutes. The result was impressive!

At the beginning of August (after two months of training) I weighed about 72 – 73 kg. And my stomach began to hang only a little. But the volume of it was smaller a lot! It was a fantastic fat loss! According to research, 4 minutes of burpee are equal in 30 minutes of running!


Burpee leaves no one indifferent. People either love it or hate it. Usually, they hate trying to learn how to make a burpee. And start to love it after they appreciate the results. Burpee has a vast number of variations. So, you can create a program for training only on the basis of one burpee.

I usually do burpee during the drying period. It speedily accelerates the pulse, the metabolism and helps burn subcutaneous fat. I am not a fan of this exercise. It is very intense, and I quickly exhaled on it. But still, as an option for intensive cardio training, a burpee is a great fit.

Now I think that Burpee is a super exercise. After all, when I involve all muscle groups, I especially feel them the next day. But, the main thing is to do it every day. And the result will be sure.


I heard about burpee recently. I watched a video out of interest. Then I looked for different information on the Internet. And, of course, I tried to do. It is so difficult if you do not do the exercise for beginners. I mean that one that must be thoroughly done.

Even the approach of 15 exercises is something unreal. And the thing I want to share. I did not see a single comment that a person is a fan of a burpee. But everyone, absolutely everyone talks about unreal effectiveness. Exercise is cool. But you have to endure and force yourself every time.


I was amazed because of the real effect from doing burpees. I lost weight, became fit and started to love myself. But, there is no need to evaluate the burpee as an ideal exercise. Objectivity is essential in working on yourself. Any acute exercise has not only advantages but also disadvantages.

Reckless of doing burpee can cause serious harm to health. And, unfortunately, it was my case. You must know the main things. Burpee exerts the most dynamic load on the joints, which not everyone can bear. And the knee joints are the hardest. If you have problems with your knees, performing of burpee will only aggravate them.

Sometimes people are unaware of the poor condition of their joints until they begin to make burpee. So, I recommend you to pay attention to this to not be in my shoes. For beginners, it is usually challenging to master the correct technique for performing a burpee. But incorrect technique leads to injuries.


Exercise refers to a class of technically complex, coordinating. Therefore it requires strict compliance with the instructions. Step by step the execution technique:

The correct technique
  • Step # 1. Stand firmly, putting your feet shoulder width. It is your starting position.
  • Step # 2. From the standing position, move to the squat position and place your hands on the floor.
  • Step # 3. Place your hands firmly to the floor and stretch your legs back in one quick movement, taking the same emphasis lying down (the position of the bar).
  • Step # 4. Extrude from the floor, returning to the position of the bar.
  • Step # 5. Tighten your legs together with the case to your hands and jump your feet high up with a forceful push, lifting your arms straight above your head. Repeat the specified number of times.

If you have experienced burpee in practice and believe that in the initial steps you will still be difficult, do not hurry to abandon it altogether. You can always choose the so-called lightweight version.

Excluding from the exercise the last element – the jump, you can reduce the load on the body and ease the task of the bourgeois. So, it will turn out to many well-known exercises called “Scratching in the emphasis lying.”

Naturally, the result of this type of burpee is not as good as the effectiveness of the classic version. But for beginners, it is quite suitable. The main thing is to follow the correct technique and regularity of classes.

Relaxed option

If you have experienced burpee in practice and believe that in the initial steps you will still be difficult, do not hurry to abandon it altogether. You can always choose the so-called lightweight version.

Excluding from the exercise the last element – the jump, you can reduce the load on the body and ease the task of the bourgeois. So, it will turn out to many well-known exercises called “Scratching in the emphasis lying.”

Naturally, the result of this type of burpee is not as good as the effectiveness of the classic version. But for beginners, it is quite suitable. The main thing is to follow the correct technique and regularity of classes.

Increase the load

Sports enthusiasts who already have experience in the drill exercises, try to make training work harder, and increase the amount of time. For this, you can use dumbbells. In this case, the technique of exercises remains unchanged. And the effect on the body, of course, will be much more significant.

You can also increase the load with a special heavyweight vest. And the technique of execution of the burpee remains the same. Moreover, the result is just colossal. The exercise is equally effective if you do it with a Medball (wounded medical ball). Also, you need to take the ball at the moment of the jump upward, while raising hands over your head.

When performing the burpee, you can use different positions of the legs and hands. Therefore, you can achieve an excellent effect. Determine which option is suitable for increasing loads. But only your personal experience can help you with it.

Time intervals

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of burpee by observing time intervals. People know about them as an excellent addition to any training. You can combine it with the so-called “shadow box.” Suppose you can do a burpee for 30 seconds. Then the same amount of time as a shadow box. Rotate this for 2-3 minutes. And after the end of round 1, rest about 1 minute.

A good helper in tracking intervals is a timer. If you did not find it at hand, you can go another way and sort out how many shocks in the shadow box and burpee you are doing for a specific time interval. Suppose you do ten bursts and 100 bouts in 25 seconds. And in the next lessons, you should not waste time. Also, you need to count the number of repetitions.

Do not think that during a boxing shade you are resting from intense storms. On the contrary, try to put all your strength and vigorously strike. After all, the purpose of this interval is to make the body work even during fatigue. Specialists recommend performing burpee from 3 to 5 times a week. If you do other strength training, burpee can be a kind of warm-up before your primary exercises.

In practice

Nowadays, specialists have developed a whole range of burpee exercises for different levels of training. How to Make Offers with them to become familiar. For beginners: Run a 2-minute round four times. At the same time, rest should be no more than 1 minute between each round.

Average level: the same 2 minutes, but already six rounds with rest in 1 minute. You can also perform 3-minute rounds four times, rest in the same mode.
For advanced athletes: 6 times in a 3-minute round with 1-minute rest between them.

Mode for the most experienced. In this case, the rounds and the number of times are the same as for the advanced ones, the only one, reduces the rest time to 30 seconds.

The main thing is temperance

Burpee is a high-intensity workout, after which the sweat flows like a river. For a prepared organism, it is an entirely normal reaction. But here is a beginner that can completely differently react to such a load. These exercises can be dangerous to health and even cost life! Therefore, it is advisable to examine the doctor before starting.

There is one legend that professional athletes tell. People who are going to have burpee training should first come to the gym. In another way, they can have caution if they engage in burpee exercises at home. Consequently, there are two fictional characters which are the personification of overtraining. And they show by their example what may be fraught with excessive occupations.

The first is Clown Pequi. He is a man who was forced by excessive physical activity. The second – the clown rhabdom. And he makes people think even more. The character is from continuous training externally similar to the dying man. It is depicted with torn skin that fell out of organs and connected to the hemodialysis apparatus. These characters are a kind of reminder to athletes that the main thing in training is moderation.

Let such cases be rare, but one should be careful. The cause of the tragedy can be:

  • lack of physical training;
  • race for fast results;
  • excessive motivation;
  • lack of knowledge;
  • a large number of repetitions;
  • inability to distinguish between normal muscle response to stress;
  • Unhealthy overtraining.

Of course, physical activity is necessary for the development of the body and tempering the body. But it is not essential to go too far and try to maintain common sense. In pursuit of results, you do not need to cross the limit and pay an excessively high price.

If you have a desire to drop a couple of pounds and keep yourself in perfect shape, a burpee is a great option. Minimum of time, no cost, quick effect – that’s what you get as a result of exercises. Moderate and regular activities in a short time will give you a slim body and a healthy look.

Secrets of the burpee
  • if you can not physically master at a fast pace the full cycle of the exercises, then perform a shortened version; for example, without jumping up;
  • you need to jump your feet up as high as possible;
  • perform burpee without rest between each movement in the superset mode one after another;
  • hold short sessions for 1-1.5 minutes, trying to lay as many times as possible in the allotted time;
  • breathe correctly: lowering – inhale, push-up – exhale, rise – inhale, jump your feet – exhale;
  • for a better acceleration of metabolism, perform burpee in the morning;
  • Combine strength training with cardiovascular exercises for the development of 2 qualities simultaneously.

Is burpee a useful exercise for drying? The results of the study.

In their 2014 study, scientists from the Department of Health and Exercise Science (New Jersey) selected 13 adult men and forced them to perform 13 different exercises on different days.

The study aimed to identify those who had the best simultaneous effects on the development of an athlete’s strength and a decrease in his body fat. And the research results were recorded in the protocols.

According to research protocols, the energy consumption and, thus, the oxygen consumption in the subjects’ mitochondria was much greater in wave exercises with ropes (24.6 ± 2.6 ml • kg -1 • min -1) and burpee (22.9 ± 2.1 ml • kg -1 • min -1).

Exercises with free weights showed rather mediocre results, in particular, squats – (19.6 ± 1.8 ml • kg -1 • min -1), deadlifts (18.9 ± 3.0 ml • kg -1 • min -1), lunges (17.3 ± 2.6 ml • kg -1 • min -1). In other words, the energy expenditure in the strength exercises was rather mediocre (compared to the burpee and the ropes).

Conclusion: strength training is excellent. But the most effective way to increase calorie consumption is to combine them with CrossFit exercises, such as waves with ropes and burpee. Also, in combination, these exercises give an excellent “drying” effect.

Burpee vs interval cycling

One interesting study research was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. It aims to identify which of the two exercises considered is the best for burning fat.

The results were similar in parameters such as maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and heart rate (HR). The main difference was only in the control values of lactic acid. Because it was significantly higher when cycling. It suggests that you can use burpee longer (for a longer time), despite the similar cardiovascular effect with cycling.

Conclusion: cycling and running for many are unloved types of aerobic activity. Then, if it is your case, you can replace them with a burpee.

How many calories you burn

The question of how many calories burn one burpee is complex. It all depends on sex, age, the amplitude of movement, speed and the presence of encumbrances. It is believed that for men, one burpee burns 1.43 calories.

But this is with an average weight of 80-82 kg. The energy consumption of burpee increases with an increase in the pace of exercise. If you make it seven times a minute – 10 kcal, 40 times in 5 minutes, burn 50 kcal.

Accordingly, set 5 times for 5 minutes exercises burpee will have a caloric intake of up to 250.

Given the same good pace of execution, it is clear. To lose weight at a diet (1400-1500 kcal), it is necessary to burn about 300 kcal each day. Therefore, the energy consumption from the burpee is ideal for those who wish to lose weight effectively.

10 reasons to love burpees
  • Rapid burning of fatty tissue Burpee combines the features of power and cardio-drainage. It means that the exercise effectively stimulates the body to burn fat. Besides, it does it better than different types of exercises that you perform separately. As already mentioned, you can burn about 100 calories for 10 minutes of drill exercises. And this is the best result than 10 minutes of jogging or cycling.
  • Accelerating metabolism Ten fast repeats of burpee allow you to “disperse” the metabolism just as it makes a 30-second sprint. So, metabolism accelerates the processes of burning fat. This process occurs not only directly during exercises, but also after several or even dozens of hours after training. It is because tired muscles consume energy for regeneration from accumulated fat reserves.
  • Flat elastic stomach When you perform the burpee, the muscles of the stomach work intensively. Especially when you perform the straps and push-ups. Also, to further enhance this effect, you need to try to keep your stomach tense throughout the exercise. And do not relax the muscles for a moment. Bu this way after several weeks of regular training you not only improve this part of the body. But you also lose a few centimeters in the waist.
  • Strong hands Burpee perfectly shapes the muscles of the hands. After a month of daily workouts, you will notice the light outlines of the biceps and the elasticity of the skin in the shoulders. Besides, you feel the power in your hands. If you are interested in such an effect of the drill exercises, perform them with an additional load. For example, perform with dumbbells.
  • Slim legs Burpee requires constant tension of leg muscles. Squats, straps, jumps are very active in this part of the body. So, thanks to them you can make the hips slimmer and provide a beautiful form of calves.
  • Elastic buttocks The elastic buttocks is another effect that burpee do. During its execution, the muscles of the buttocks are practically tightened all the time. To further increase their “participation,” strain them more when jumping and do not relax for a moment.
  • Strong endurance Everyone who has ever made a burpee knows that at this exercise the pulse instantly jumps up. It is enough only a few repetitions to make the heart work at high revolutions. However, it is not a disadvantage to this exercise. But it is one of the main advantages. Extreme stress strengthens the heart, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Strong straight shoulders Burpee is an exercise that activates the deep muscles responsible for maintaining the correct posture. Besides, they strengthen the muscular back corset which affects the state of the spine.
  • Strength and endurance The need for rapid change in position from vertical to horizontal requires a serious effort from the body. Although beginners may feel fatigued already after three or four bursts, it is not a reason to give up. Because you gradually accustom the body to increasingly high loads. As a result, the overall strength and endurance of the organism increases.
  • Agility and good coordination Burpee is a sequence of movements that you perform alternately in different planes. It is a full body exercise. To complete each item correctly, you need to synchronize the work of different parts of the body. A well as you need to keep balance alive. It improves coordination, ability and a sense of balance.

Burpee with a leap forward

Crossfit is valuable as a sport that has programs for beginner athletes as well as variations for more experienced athletes. In particular, thanks to this, there is no limit to perfection in technique and the complexity of the exercises.

An example of this could be a burpee with a leap forward. So, it would seem that this is a small addition to the first exercise. But due to the additional emphasis on previously unused muscle groups, it may be the only one in the preparation of an athlete for the long summer month.

Also, you can have a look for other 15 must-know exercises that are alternatives to burpees.

The benefits of exercise

Why do you need to use a forward leap in your program? After all, you can develop the necessary muscle groups without the use of such a complex technical exercise.

But the thing is that the aim of this exercise is the development of precisely explosive force. In particular, jumping allows you to work simultaneously:

  • Quadriceps – like muscles that at an accelerated rate unbend legs;
  • Gastrocnemius, including the underlying layer of soleus muscles. Indeed, during the active phase of the movement, you transmit the basis of the impulse by this particular group;
  • Femoral muscles – which bring the body to the desired position.

All this is useful for people combining CrossFit with other sports. For example, athletes in speed-strength sports — European and American football — show the best results in forward-jumping.

Due to the unusual amplitude of movement and a pronounced fast style of execution, they allow you to develop a running speed and a jump distance.

In the case of considering such an exercise as a jump forwards, the entire muscular arsenal of the human body is involved. At the same time, at different phases of movement the intensity and emphasis of the muscles used are significantly different:

Muscle LoadAccentPhase
Leg MusclesActivethird
Diamond-shaped back musclePassive (stabilizer)second
Diamond-shaped back musclePassive (stabilizer)second
Muscles barkPassive (stabilizer)second

Exercise burpee jump forward has almost no difference from the classic base burpee.

However, by jumping out (which is an essential component of the third phase), it can significantly increase the load on the quadriceps and the gastrocnemius. Therefore, it practically do not participate in the classical variation.

Phases of the exercise

The technique of performing burpee with a leap forward includes:

Phase 1:
  • Stay exactly.
  • Get down.
  • Jump to the “Lying down” position.
Phase 2:
  • Pull one leg to itself.
  • If necessary, you can wring out.
  • Back hopping to the crouching position.
Phase 3:
  • Rightly jump out of the sitting position, up and forward, trying to overcome the maximum distance.
  • Back to step 1.

Execution time should be at least seven repetitions per minute. The main task of an athlete is to increase productivity and endurance while maintaining the pace and the right technique!

Everyone wants to perform the exercise as efficiently as possible and at the same time to avoid injury. So, to do this, you need to make sure of the following things before starting work:

What to look for when doing?
  • Quality shoes. Due to the presence of a jumping motion, in the absence of good soles improper performance of the technique can lead to unfortunate consequences;
  • Proper breathing. Make exhalation exclusively on the jump phase. No half measures.
  • The pace of execution is one of the fastest CrossFit exercises. If you do not observe a high speed, the efficiency of the hopping component drops by 20-30%.
  • When working with weighting, you need to control their movements. So, to do this, it is better to work with a partner who can correct you and pay attention to your mistakes.
  • When jumping, try not to reach the top position (regular jumping out of the squat). But try to move the gluteus and the body. For example, imagine jumping from the run. The amplitude of motion should be similar.
  • Balance – after a jump. It is necessary to observe it. Otherwise, the efficiency of work decreases.
  • Burpee with a leap forward is a necessary exercise. So you need to do it first. In another case, its effectiveness will noticeably decrease.


People often perceive burpee with a leap forward not as a separate exercise but as a superstructure. The best recommendation for its use is a combination with a simple burpee.

For example, you can first work in the mode of endurance jumping. And when the legs cannot make movement and listen to you, go to a classic burpee. Why are these different exercises?

Well, everything is effortless. If, with a simple burpee, the press and hands receive the most significant load, then in the case of the hopping component, the most significant burden falls on the muscles of the legs!

After the end of the circles of these two exercises, you can continue to unload separately, relaxed muscles.

And here is the most important thing! Due to the high intensity of this complex, it is better to work under the supervision of a trainer. In another case, you can take a heart rate monitor with you to check the state of the cardiovascular system.

Warm up before burpee training

Warming up before training is an essential structural component. It is critical that the effectiveness of your classes depends on the functional readiness of the whole body.

Why do you need a warm-up before training?

As a theater begins with a hanger, any training should start with a warm-up. It is an axiom (not requiring evidence). Unfortunately, there is no such thing. After all, to be honest, how does your training start?

  • Well, first thing, you go to the gym and in no hurry, seriously strolling, place your hands and “get well” with the good half of the gym.
  • Then you throw your “things” and sharply, breaking off from a low start, run to the first free simulator or projectile. But, unfortunately, you forget that there was no warm-up before training.

So, a warm-up is a set of special exercises aimed at general warming up of the body, muscle development, and mobilization of the joint-ligament apparatus and usually performed before training.

The main tasks that solve the workout are:
  • Stretching and bringing to the tone of all muscular systems of the body;
  • Increased cardiovascular activity. Also, it is increased blood flow to skeletal muscles from 20% to 75%;
  • receiving anaerobic load type;
  • increase heart rate to 100 beats/min for 10 minutes of warm-up.

Note: waiting also includes warming up series or sets before each exercise. It “brings” approaches to 50% weighting from the worker (7-10 repetitions).

Usually one needs to complete the work with “liner” within 30-40 seconds. Otherwise, the process of acidification of muscles and lactic acid will start.

In addition to the above-mentioned tasks in general, specifically in bodybuilding, a warm-up is necessary for:

  • prevention of injuries when working with large weights;
  • Increase the intensity and effectiveness of the training, due to the release of adrenaline (anabolic hormone);
  • increased capillary expansion;
  • increased tone of the nervous system;
  • accelerating metabolic processes;
  • increase the rate of transmission of the nerve impulse (increase neuro-sympathetic response of the brain);
  • concentration and the creation of a “right” mood for strength training.

But how to properly do a warm-up so that it does not turn into complex, chaotic movements?

Exercises for warm-ups. From theory to practice

First of all, no one perfect warm-up program suits everyone and everything. And it is due primarily to the physiological features of the body. Also, it depends on the type of physique, the mobility of the joints and many others.

Besides, before performing the warm-up, you must imagine that you want to get from it eventually. For example, an easy warm-up of the whole body or purposeful blood filling of a target muscle group.

To turn on cardiovascular (in the form of a run) in your workout is also an issue that you must answer based on your goals.

Note: In one foreign literature, it was found that the usual (weakly intensive, stretching) warm-up only “pays” the body. To shake it before training, you must perform sharp, ballistic, and “swagger” movements.

So, when you decide on the goals, you can go to the practical part. They divide the training warm up into:

  • general;
  • special;
  • pause;
  • stretch marks.

General warm-up

Thanks to the OR, functional training of the body and all its systems is underway for the upcoming training. Then, during its implementation, there is an increase in body temperature.

The duration of an OR depends on the athlete’s level. And it usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes and includes the following types of load:

  • any exercises for the muscles of the hands/feet;
  • easy jogging with pulse rate in the first aerobic zone (50% of the maximum);
  • Rotational exercises to increase the flexibility of all joints.

Special warm-up

Usually simulates the future work of an athlete with aggravated shells. But the working weights are minimal and amount to 10-20% of the maximum. Therefore, perform training program before each exercise no more than 10-12 repetitions.


If you thought that break in the warm-up is a kind of “technical” failure that’s not foreseen, you are wrong. It is a post-traumatic complex of relaxing exercises for 5-10 minutes.

Besides, it allows you to move the body from an excited state (after the main workout) to a more relaxed. The most common example of it is slow jogging. But jogging also smoothly moves into walking, as well as smooth pulling from side to side.

Due to this “pause,” you achieve removal of lactic acid from the muscles. Also, you reduce the pulse rate and body temperature. Moreover, after that, there is a normalization of intramuscular veins.

Note: Usually, a sudden stop of workout leads to a blood clot in muscle vessels. It makes the heart work more actively, increasing its frequency and load to maintain optimal blood flow to the entire muscle. So, this phase can prevent such a “blood clogging.”


Stretching the muscles is probably the most commonly used type of “warming up” before training muscles. In total there are three of its kinds. So, there are statics, dynamics, and ballistics. Static is to “immobilize” the limbs. So, you fix in a particular position. Dynamic is a controlled execution of movements. And the last, ballistic is the fast, motor and chaotic movements.

The most effective of the three existing ones is dynamic stretching. In the west, or more precisely among the Hollywood stars, this type of workout is becoming more and more popular. And the same is plyometrics. It is a unique complex of exercises performed with its weight. Also, it combines both the warming up of the muscles and the simultaneous increase in their strength.

For many, words stretching and warming up are synonymous. But they adhere to entirely different principles of preparation for training. Warm-up, in general, gradually prepares the body for the main load. But the aim of stretching is just stretching the muscles. Therefore, you first need to slightly raise your body temperature (by warming up the heater).

And only then you can stretch out. But still, you should not do it on “cold” stretching because it can lead to injury. Also, you should not miss stretching after a good warm up. The consequences may be the same.

Now let’s look at the most effective and easy to perform “stretch” exercises.So, run from head to toe and find out which moves will help you to cope with the task of stretching most effectively.

  • Stand straight and push your chin to the chest. Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds. Feel how the back of the neck is stretched (see image).
  • Take the starting position. Place feet shoulder width holding your chin on one level, wrap your neck to the side (wherever you can). Then get back to work and turn around in the opposite direction. Do this 8-10 times.

Trapezius muscle

Take the starting position. Hold your head with your right hand. Slowly lower your head on your shoulder (as long as you can). Stay in that position for 4-6 seconds. Then repeat it 5-6 times again. Then change the head of the hand and repeat it for the other.

Pectoral muscles
  • Approach any vertical support, put an arm bent at 90 degrees. After that tilt the body forward and slightly to the side till you feel the tension in the chest muscles. Then hold for 3-4 seconds and then repeat the exercise with the opposite hand.
  • Stand exactly, place your hands in the “lock” and pull them back. Try to lift your hands slightly, holding them straight. Feel the stretching of the chest (see pictures).


Take one hand for the vertical resistance (a pole) and tip over it, straighten your legs. Besides, hold for 3-5 seconds. And then repeat the movement by changing your hand.


Firstly, stand straight and place one hand (over the top) behind the neck. Secondly, put your other hand on top, grab your elbow and pull the triceps stretch. Stay in that position for 3-5 seconds, repeat with the other hand.

The skeletal muscle of the abdomen

Put one hand on the belt and tilt the torso in the same direction, stretch by hand. Repeat the slope with the other hand.

Delta (rear bundle)

Standing firmly, pull the elbow from the opposite side. Then hold for 10-15 seconds and do the same for the other side. When dragging the elbow, the forearm should remain perpendicular to the floor.


Take the starting position – feet shoulder width. Lift your arms upwards to the shoulder height. And perform the rotational movements of the shoulders and trunk to the sides (to the stop). Return to the original and make 8-10 reps in the opposite direction.

Stretching the muscles before training (lower body)

Knee Joints

Put your feet together. And place and hold your hands for your knees. And perform ten circular movements inside and out.

Thigh biceps

Stand in front of the rise from the steppe platforms. Throw your straight leg up and stretch the entire body to the foot. Feel the stretch of the hip bicep.


Place feet shoulder width. Step back and take the case, bending your leg in the knee. Keep your back up smoothly. Then return to the starting position and repeat so many times. And do the same with another leg. The number of repetitions from 6 to 8 times.

Four-headed hip muscle (quadriceps)

Stand on one leg and grab a second hand over the shin. Hold for a few seconds. Then release the leg, take a step and repeat with the other leg.

So, as already mentioned above, there is a lot of various workout complexes. And each of them is quite effective and suitable for almost any person. Most of the warm-up begins with a slow cardiosessia for up to 10 minutes.

Then follow 5-7 minutes of dynamic stretching. But the dynamics are usually aimed at working out the technology before the strength training.

Let’s summarize some of the above:
  • always knead before training, cold muscles because often it is the causes of most injuries;
  • warming up is better to do in upper sportswear, so you better warm up them;
  • Make your lightweight program, depending on the goals and objectives of the training;
  • From time to time, including new exercises in the workout;
  • do not work with weights more than 30-40% of the maximum;
  • the duration of warm-up should not exceed 10-15 minutes;
  • After warm-up use water.

Following these principles, your muscles will always be in tone. And the body’s response to strength training will be a great surprise!

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