Will Smith workout for “I am Legend”

How Will Smith stays in shape? A day ago one of the most famous Hollywood actors and athletes posted on his Instagram page a video. He showed short episodes of workout routine with his coach – Ulisses Williams Jr. They showed how to gain muscle in shape with bench press and other exercises.

In this article, we reveal the training program for “I am Legend” film. Get in shape with Will Smith! First of all, look at bodybuilder’s body measurements:

Weight‎: ‎82 kg (181 pounds)
Height‎: ‎188 cm (6 ft 2)
Chest size‎: ‎42 in (107 cm)
Waist size‎: ‎84 cm (33 in)

Will Smith workout routine

The focus workout plan of the famous athlete from America based on composite movements. Basically, he uses exercises with a large number of repetitions and a lot of weight. But, periodically, in order to shake up the muscles, Will Smith changes the strictly established frequency and order of exercises. Muscles abdominal Williams trains every day.

With this program, the athlete trains himself. Seeking to increase endurance during training, Ulysses included drop-sets and supersets in the program.


On Monday, the emphasis is on the muscles of the legs. The system contains the following exercises:

  • Squats with a barbell.
  • Leg press.
  • Lifting to the toe.
  • Extension and flexion of the legs on the simulator lying.
  • Deadlift.
  • Raising to the toe in a sitting position.

In the end – lunges along with the use of the rod (100 repetitions).


On Tuesday, emphasis back training.

The list of exercises includes the following:

  • Deadlift with a barbell.
  • Pulling up with a burden.
  • Dumbbell traction in the slope (with alternating arms).
  • Traction on the low block.
  • Vertical block to the chest.
  • Stretching.

In the end – a pullover lying with dumbbells (100 repetitions).


On Wednesday, the muscles of the chest are subject to training. The complex of exercises includes such as:

  • Barbell bench press (incline bench).
  • Bench press.
  • Breeding hands with the load.
  • Dumbbell bench press (bench with reverse tilt).
  • Press lying narrow grip with dumbbells.

In the end – the reduction of the hands (using a crossover) (100 repetitions).


On Thursday, the emphasis places on training the shoulder muscles with the help of such exercises as:

  • Army press.
  • Swinging dumbbells to the side.
  • Bench press Arnold.
  • Swinging dumbbells in front of him.
  • Lifting dumbbells on the rear delts.
  • Shrugs using dumbbells.

In the end – he is pulling up the vertical block to the chest (100 repetitions).


On Friday, train your arm muscles. The complex of exercises consists of the following:

  • Lifting the barbell (training biceps).
  • Flexion with a load (reverse grip).
  • Barbell bench press (narrow grip).
  • Exercise Hammer.
  • French bench press (lower unit in a standing position).
  • Bending the arms on the Scott bench (using the EZ-bar).
  • Pushups (used bars).

All exercises performed in 5 sets of 13 repetitions. In the end – he does lifting dumbbells lying with supine.


On Saturday, the emphasis placed on the flaws. Exercise muscles that require attention in accordance with the complex indicators for the week.


Sunday: Rest.

At the end of the central part of the training, Will Smith uses a cardio-load system, which provides for high-intensity interval training on a treadmill or stepper (alternation: 1-minute run – 1-minute walk) for a duration of 10-15 minutes.

Of course, the prerequisite for accuracy, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the performance of the entire complex as a whole is the use of proper breathing techniques, comfortable grip and high-quality warm-up till training. According to the athlete, it is essential to visually represent the desired physique and persevere in the gym, giving it its full potential.

Training program for “I am Legend”

The world-famous American actor, who did not stop at just one cinematography, but experienced himself as a rapper and producer. His films made him not only successful and famous all over the world, but also rich.  About this man, one can say that his professionalism is a virtue that he earned by his work. That is the best way to characterize the talented actor Will Smith.

While preparing for a new role or any other new project, Smith focuses not only on studying the role but also on working on himself, resorting to sports training and regular diets as well.

Many, having seen his slender and pumped up body, feel not only admiration but also an irresistible desire to have the same form. The actor himself claims that his work-on system consists of a strict training regime, followed by a series of planned diets. In order to moderate the distribution of muscle strength, Will includes the load on the chest, triceps, and biceps in a sports training session.

The sequence of chest loads

  • 10-15 times bench press;
  • 10-15 times bending on a press with dumbbells;
  • 20-30 push-ups.

After this exercise algorithm, the actor trains on an elliptical trainer at about 65% of the power. The second stage is the triceps load:

  • bench press with a barbell 20-30 times;
  • 20-30 times with each hand to carry out the extension with the weight;
  • 20-30 extensions with each hand on the upper block;
  • extension of the arms with dumbbells from behind the head 20-30 times.

After a certain load on the triceps, Will prefers changing the sport to a lighter one, for example, running. The last stage of physical training is biceps:

  • 10-12 alternate flexion of the arms with dumbbells in a sitting position;
  • 10-15 alternate flexion of the arms with dumbbells in a standing position;
  • 20-25 flexion of the arms with a support on the knee.

The last exercise is performed in a sitting position, and you can use not only a chair but also a special inflatable ball. To perform correctly, you must sit in a special position in which the hand will rest on the knee, and the body is in a slightly bent position with respect to the hand. After performing a series of exercises for biceps, an actor can easily pull himself up a few more times on a horizontal bar.

Get muscle in shape | bench press

Many, having seen his slender and pumped up body, feel not only admiration but also an irresistible desire to have the same form. The actor himself claims that his work-on system consists of a strict training regime, followed by a series of planned diets.

The actor does not focus on one sport:

  1. Power load. The first stage can be called lifting heavy weights for 5 days. This allows you to warm up well and gain muscle mass. Thanks to such training, Will Smith keeps his muscles in great shape.
  2. The second rule of the actor is to change the type of loads. After a simple bench press, Will can easily move to pull-ups or push-ups.
  3. Run. The American actor believes that running is one of the greatest values of sports and does not remove him from his workouts. Smith can run up to 5 miles per day. And daily activities on the treadmill are his usual walk. The actor tries to combine different combinations of running: a minute of jogging can be combined with a minute of running for a long distance. With such exercises, overall health is excellent.

With the right combination of loads and exercises, you can not only bring your figure into excellent athletic shape, but also improve the state of the cardiovascular system, and your health in general.

Will Smith Diet

For gaining 15 kg of muscle mass for the role of Ali, Smith followed these rules:

  • Lots of protein and complex carbohydrates
  • Meals in small portions 6-7 times a day
  • Sports nutrition, protein, and creatine
  • Completely eliminated fast food and any other junk food.

Will Smith’s diet:

  • Food №1: scrambled eggs, 5 proteins, and 1 yolk, 2 slices of cereal bread glass of orange juice.
  • Meals №2: oatmeal with skimmed milk with banana and raisins, low-fat yogurt, 1 fruit.
  • Intake №3: Turkey fillet with cheese, broccoli and some butter, 1 fruit.
  • Consuming №4: can of tuna or egg whites and 2 toast of cereal bread.
  • Eating №5: protein shake.
  • Food №6: turkey fillet or low-fat steak, possibly fish, garnish pasta.

After that, the metabolism was accelerated, and in conjunction with workouts, Will began to gain muscle mass, without additional fat and even managed to burn it.

Proper nutrition is an essential element in the development of a sports career. Will uses mostly organic products for his diet, prefers herbal infusions, vitamins, and dietary supplements. The basis of his nutrition, like any athlete, contains protein. Protein is a building material in weight gain, and mainly muscle growth, the anabolic effect of protein.

Daily food intake

In order for the anabolic effect of protein to manifest itself insufficient strength for an athlete, its use must be distributed appropriately throughout the day.

1 meal

  • Whey protein – 40 g and green tea.

2 food

  • 6 pieces of boiled egg whites,
  • half a cup of oatmeal,
  • half a grapefruit, a portion of BCAAs (a complex consisting of three amino acids: valine, leucine, isoleucine).

3 meals

  • Whey protein – 40 g.

4 meals

  • 170 g boiled chicken breast with half a cup of red rice.

5 meals

  • 160 g salmon (fillet portion),
  • Two servings of leaf lettuce and a small banana seasoned with flax oil.

6 meals

  • a cocktail consisting of 50 g of whey protein, one part of a mixture of “Vitargo” and one part of L-glutamine,
  • Sports supplements, vitamins.

7 food

  • 170 g fish fillet tilapia (tropical dietary fish),
  • Boiled potatoes (2 pieces) and a portion of leaf lettuce.

8 meal

  • one part of fish oil, glutamine
  • 2 scoops of casein protein.

Finally, Will’s coach Ulisses Williams is the best of the best in bodybuilding. The motivation of the athlete lies in the desire to achieve the highest result. Thanks to bodybuilding, the athlete constantly looks excellent. Williams takes his physical fitness very seriously and successfully uses sporting achievements, knowledge and aspirations in order to train many famous people.

If you are interested, follow the links of Will Smith and Ulisses Jr Instagram pages.

How Will Smith stays in shape

Perfect appearance and attractive forms are the calling card in the world of “stars”. To achieve visible results without persistent exercise is difficult. Therefore, almost all the celebrities involved in sports.

A huge number of famous people exercise every day. And even carry their fitness instructors with them everywhere. The preferences of celebrities in the sport are very diverse: from calm and measured sports to active and intensive training.

Have you watched the movie “I’m a Legend”? The story of the last man to survive in the city, surrounded by mutants. However, this is not about cinema. I want to tell you about Will Smith’s workouts in preparation for the shoot. Since the release of the film “Independence Day”, I noticed that the figure of Will Smith has changed a lot. While watching the films “Ali”, “I am a robot” and “I am a legend”, I began to watch with admiration his efforts to improve his figure.

Will Smith in the film “Ali” (2001)

  • To achieve the same physique like that of Muhammad Ali, Will Smith trained 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Will was involved in weightlifting and boxing. He even ran in field boots in the snow. As a result, he achieved that his weight increased from 185 pounds to 220 pounds of muscle mass.
  • In order to successfully fulfill the role of Mohammed Ali himself, Smith had to gain a fair amount of muscle. For this, he changed the intensity of the loads.
  • To increase the size of the muscles, Smith did three or four sets of 6-12 repetitions with a weight of 65-75% of the maximum, resting between them for two minutes.
  • To increase the power indicators – four to six repetitions in three to five sets, resting for three to five minutes between them.
  • For better results, change your workout mode from strength to volume every three weeks.

Will Smith in the movie “I, Robot” (2004)

  • After the movie “Ali”, Will lost a lot of muscle mass. To regain form and star in the movie “I, Robot,” he had to resume training. At the time, his personal trainer was Darrel Foster.
  • Smith trained 5 days a week. Each workout was dedicated to 1 or 2 body parts. He also ran 5 miles (about 8 kilometers) per day and boxed twice a week. As for the diet, Will’s diet contained a large number of proteins and carbohydrates, due to which he increased muscle mass. High-calorie, junk food was completely excluded.
  • After 3 months, Smith was doing a bench press with a barbell weight of 385 pounds, which is 35 pounds more than during the period when the actor starred in the film “Ali”.

Given the metabolic rate, which increased due to the addition of muscle mass, Will gradually reduced the amount of food intake to burn fat, but not at the expense of carbohydrates. His form still needed carbohydrates as fuel for regular workouts. After six months, Smith’s fat fell from 12 percent to 7.5 percent.

Will Smith in the film “I am a Legend” (2007)

Will Smith threw off twenty pounds to star in this film. For several years, his weight ranged from 205 to 210 pounds. And during the filming of this film, he began to weigh from 185 to 190 pounds.

To my surprise, in one of the interviews, he said: It is much easier for me to lose weight than to gain it. I was fifty times harder to gain weight to play in the film “Ali” than to reduce it.

Comments from Mana

Although Will Smith and put off the weight to play in the film “I am a legend”, now he looks better than ever, with or without a shirt. To be honest, I prefer shapes with muscles in tone, rather than huge piles of muscular muscles. Will has perfect proportions. He is 50 years old (born in 1968), but he looks much healthier than those who are younger than Smith by 10 or even 20 years.

While world fame, for example, Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Will Smith, can afford to hire personal trainers to control diets and workouts, for us mere mortals, the only coach that remains is our motivation to be healthy and beautiful.

Very often I hear from people the phrase: “Come on, you! They are stars! Do not even dream about the same training. And your figure will never be as delightful as theirs! ”I do not deny that it is very difficult or almost impossible to achieve a perfect figure.

However, we must take an example from these celebrities. Even if six cubes do not appear on our stomach, and the fat ratio in our weight is not equal to 6% by the end of the day, because our workouts corresponded to their training approaches, we still took a few steps closer to our goal of having a healthy and beautiful body.

Three steps towards a goal are more than nothing. We are learning. We are growing. We enjoy it.

Bodybuilder’s success story

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. – born September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – American actor and hip-hop artist. Available there are two Oscar nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and a Grammy Award. In 2008, he was named the highest paid actor in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

From an early time, Will was an exemplary student, witty, intelligent. Fortunately, this helped him get out of any situation, for which he later received the nickname “Prince.”

From 12 years old begins to rap with his friend. At 13, his parents are divorced. After that, he begins to seriously engage in music and hobby develops into a career. Will began to rap along with his friend – DJ Jeff Towns and organized a duet. By the way, Smith’s pseudonym was “Cool Prince”.

As a result, he became a very popular rap artist with two platinum albums. But soon the popularity began to subside, and Smith decided to invest the earned money in business, cars, and jewelry. Unluckily, he did not achieve success and even got into debt.

Soon good luck smiled at him again, and Will was invited to play the main role in the series The Prince of Beverly Hills. Even it was not necessary to play, just was himself. The series has become popular, after its completion, the actor already had connections in Hollywood.

He also played in some good films, the first successes in his acting career were due to the film “Bad Boys”. Then it started, “Men in Black”, “Ali”, the continuation of the bad guys, “I, the robot”, “Seven Lives”, “I am a legend”, “The Suicide Squad” And much more.

That only is Hancock with his superpower or preparation for the film “Ali” and simply the excellent form, which he showed in the film “I am a legend”. Read below and find out how he achieved it.

  • Height – 188 cm
  • Weight – 90 kg
  • Bench press – 175 kg

Surfing the internet and reviewing their pages on social media, you can see that Will regularly is continuously in the gym and does not neglect his workouts, but “the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ” does not want any fuss and avoids drawing attention to this.

As to nutrition, “The Man in Black” completely rejected fast food and went on a diet rich in proteins and wholesome carbohydrates, such as low-fat beef, chicken breasts, cereals, and nuts.

Smith’s coach Ulisses Jr

Ulisses William Jr is an athlete, who exercises without using anabolic steroids. He is building muscle through intensive training, a proper diet, sports supplements and various additional cardio loads. Ulisses Jr is considered a real bodybuilder.

In his interview, the athlete said that he already got everything he wanted to achieve from the fitness industry. William won in more than ten bodybuilder projects, appeared in more than 50 magazines editions, trained many celebrities and received the position of PT Director of the Reebok Sports Club – the best gym in Europe!

Ulisses stated that his next challenge would be to reach a higher commercial level. Shortly, it will be a TV show or a movie.

  • These two celebrities have excellent motivation and goals, which they are tirelessly striving for.
  • Will Smith is already on the way to get the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!
  • And do you have a goal? What motivation inspired you?

Currently, natural bodybuilding is very popular. One of the most attractive and famous athletes in natural bodybuilding can be called Ulisses Williams Jr. He was born in New York, the USA in 1979. The main parameters of the athlete: height – 178 cm, weight – 84 kg – at tournaments, 93 kg – out of the tournament.

He is one of the leading fitness models today. His physique is a model, on which many athletes look up to.

But it was not always so. Since childhood, Williams had a slim physique, which determined his desire for physical self-improvement. Bodybuilding Ulysses Williams Jr. began at 19 and continues successfully until now. Quickly enough, this sport became the primary occupation of the life of an athlete.

Ulisses Williams jr takes its first place at the youth championship “2000 Platinum Classic NYC” in 2000. This achievement served as a powerful impetus for the further development of the athlete.

In the period from 2001 to 2005, Ulisses Williams jr takes part in many sports championships, where he takes first place. In 2005, at the “World Championships Las Vegas”, he receives an only third place. At the end of the championship, Ulysses decides to postpone the meeting and creates his fitness club.

At the same time, the athlete marries, and two sons are born in his family. Together with his family, the athlete changes his place of residence from New York to London. 2010, 2011, the champion does not surrender leadership positions, successful participation in the championships is rapidly increasing his popularity among bodybuilding.

Today, Ulysses Williams is the author of a unique training system, successfully implemented by him to maintain his unusual appearance and for business development.

Will Smith and Ulisses Wiliam Jr in the gym

Ulisses Wiliam Jr comments this video on his page like this:

Putting my man @willsmith through his paces in the Bahamas! He bout to get in sick shape……Watch this space!

Ulisses Williams
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