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Dietary bagels without flour with poppy and persimmon

Cook Time40 mins
Servings: 18 people
Calories: 18.1kcal


  • 80 g cottage cheese 1.8-2%
  • 65 g of oat bran
  • One tsp psyllium
  • Five g stevia (sugar substitute)
  • One pc egg white
  • One tsp baking powder
  • 14 g casein
  • One g salt
  • One tsp poppy (for filling)
  • One tsp coconut sugar
  • One pcs persimmon (for filling - cut into small pieces)


  • Make the first variant of the dough: connect all the ingredients, except casein, directly with hands. Then pour a little casein and mix a tight dough, but do not make it dry so that it does not crumble, but it is easily rolled out if overdone - you can add one tsp. Water, achieve plasticity of the dough. Crispy dough without the addition of flour is ready.
  • Make the second version of the test: we connect all the same ingredients, except casein, directly with hands, but increase the number of the following components: cottage cheese - 100 g and oat bran 65 g + add 30 g of coconut flour. Then pour a little casein and mix the dough the same way as in the first option. The soft and damp dough is ready.
  • Roll the thin dough layer.
  • Cut the dough into triangles - in half, half and half; it turns out exactly 18 pieces.
  • Sprinkle the surface with coconut sugar, poppy seeds or cinnamon (than you want) and put a small piece of persimmon on a wide surface, and then - spin into the bagel, lubricating them with the remaining yolk. Persimmon can be substituted for any berry according to your taste.
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes, depends on the thickness of the rolled dough, the thinner - the less time to bake. Take care not to burn.
  • Take it, sprinkle with dry skim milk and everything, you can eat, even until the evening, because they almost contain no fat and carbohydrates. Bon Appetit!