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Spanish paella with meatballs

Spanish paella with meatballs

For this video, we chose to cook a Spanish paella with meatballs (Paella con albondigas). Keeping up the style of "How to cook that" channel, we arranged the preparation on the river bank. Cautioning: the dish is spicy!


  • Minced beef
  • Round-grained rice
  • Chicken thighs
  • Bell pepper (green, red yellow)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Tomatoes (yellow, red)
  • Chili pepper
  • Smoked paprika seasoning
  • Cheese


  • At the beginning, light a fire and set up the chicken broth. Include salt, dark pepper, bay leaf.
  • While the stock is bubbling, work with minced meat. Include pepper, salt, include smoked paprika, blend. As we cooked on the fire, I wasn't certain to control it, so I made tremendous meatballs. Sprinkle them with flour to cause the crust to show up quicker.
  • Place the pan on fire, including the sunflower oil. Spread meatballs, watch that they don't burn. Remember about garlic. Here you can simply smash it without peeling.
  • Rapidly cleave the bell peppers and tomatoes. I needed to make it splendid. That is the reason I picked vegetables of various hues. I don't know that the shading influenced the taste, yet it turned out appealing without a doubt.
  • I include vegetables along with bubbled chicken (from stock) to a griddle after meatballs. I don't need them to cook. Fry for 10 - 15 minutes most extreme in the wake of including peppers and tomatoes. At that point put everything in a different bowl.
    frying meat and vegetables
  • Add olive oil, finely slashed garlic, stew pepper to the griddle. The pan is enormous, we fry cut ​​oyster mushrooms simultaneously.
  • Let's plan rice sauce. At the point when the shellfish mushrooms are semi-cooked, I add flavors to the focal point of the pan: smoked paprika, salt, dark pepper. Blend, include tomatoes. Hang tight for 5 minutes.
  • Add rice. What amount? It relies upon your pan size. It requires a base tallness of 2-3 grains of rice. We don't cook porridge, yet Spanish paella!
  • Add the stock in a few phases. Rice isn't cooking, yet step by step ingests dampness and all flavors.
  • After the rice turns out to be clear, spread the initial part: meatballs, chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes. Try not to blend. Bit by bit, include the stock with the goal that it doesn't bubble or burn.
  • When the dish is practically prepared, include cheddar. You can both rub or cut, as we did in the video.