Best Power Tower 2020 | workout results

I​magine doing sports at home and gaining excellent results. It’s quite easy with Power Tower equipment for gym strength training. 

What’s the secret?

Be sure it is a fantastic sports item for everyone. The effectiveness doesn’t depend on your sex, body sizes and so on. We had found this item on the

So, let’s start the review on the best Power Tower.

Power Tower workout equipment

Let us introduce you a fantastic home sports equipment Power Tower. Without any doubts, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to show this excellent sports equipment for you.

To begin with, we want you to know, that Power Tower is a high-quality gym level workout equipment.

Why? Be sure the answer is simple.

First of all, one of the main advantages and benefits of this item lies in its versatility. It means that you will be able to perform three types of exercises.

In general, it includes abdominal exercises, bar exercises, and parallel bar exercises. As a result, you have an excellent opportunity to train different groups of muscles of the body.

Can you only imagine, that you achieve the gym result by using only one sports equipment like Power Tower? Of course, it sounds great and quite amazing!

Hence, as you could already understand training on the Dip Station Power Tower contribute to the development of different types of muscles. For example, the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, and abdominals.

1. Chinups

Two pairs of the over-head handles allow you to do mixed-grip chin-up. So, you vary training load on different back muscles. On the one side, while you are performing close grip pull-up, you load the muscles that are located closer to the center of the back.

On the other side, wide grip pull-up excellent grows front and back lat spread. Be sure, the length of each handle is sufficient. So, without any doubts, it allows choosing the comfortable grip for every athlete. What is more, it doesn’t depend on his or her anthropometric data.

2. Dip bar exercises and pushups

It is essential to say that the power tower has forward bars. So, every athlete can choose such a position, that will be comfortable for him or to her to perform the pushups. Moreover, be sure it will be convenient to do pushups, both when you are facing the simulator and even when you are back to it.

3. Abdominal exercises

The Dip Station Power Tower has the back and unique elbow rest with two vertical handles. So, it guarantees you a big comfort, while you will doing abdominal exercises.

Furthermore, thanks for the covered elbow rest you can easily take the previous position, fix your elbows comfortable and without any risk of injuries.

Now, we want you to show two videos.

Do not worry! It will not take long! The videos are short but very interesting. On the first one, you can see how a young man performs different types of exercises with the help of this sports equipment. So, let’s watch it right now.

The next one is more interesting. Here, Laura Swain, the personal certificated trainer from California will show you six bodyweight exercises on the Dip Station Power Tower. This set includes the most effective calorie-burning exercises. So, let’s watch it!

Hope, you have enjoyed a lot! Maybe, you have already had a big desire do not waste time and you want to buy the Dip Station Power Tower right now!

Power Tower workout results

The Dip Station Power Tower is a fantastic sports purchases for the home.

Especially if you have an active and sports family. Probably everyone will be happy to have such a fantastic sports equipment in its own house. So now, let’s pay attention to the general characteristics of this item.

General features
  • The construction is entirely stable and safe.
  • The curved shape of the back allows the athlete to take the ideal preparatory position for abdominal exercises with an emphasis on the arms.
  • The rests for arms (elbow-boards) are comfortable and resistant.
  • Built-in push-ups constructions.
  • Durably stitched pillows with a dense filler.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces of the handles guarantee firm grasp.
XPH Power Tower
  • The material of the construction: Steel + plastic elements (the whole Tower Power construction is made of the steel tube)
  • Colour of the construction: White (black is also possible)
  • The material of the rests and pillows: Pu leather
  • Colour of the rests and pillows: Black + grey
  • The material of the handles: Foam
  • Colour of the handles: Black
Dimensions of the sports equipment
  • Length: 49.2-inches (125 cm)
  • Width: 42.5-inches (108 cm)
  • Height: 85.4-inches (217 cm)
  • The diameter of the steel tube: 2.3-inches (6 cm)
  • The weight of the equipment: 65 pounds (29.5 kg)
  • Maximum user weight: 500 pounds (226 kg)


To sum up, we can conclude that the Dip Station Power Tower is an excellent cross-functional sports equipment. It will be suitable for home use. Without any doubts with the help of this item, you can make beautiful relief of your body. What is more, the Power Tower will keep you healthy for a long time.

Therefore, we had discovered that these sports equipment is perfect for everyone. Furthermore, it is very suitable for people, who don’t want or don’t have time to go to the gym.

Obviously, with thanks for this item, you can perform a lot of various exercises. You can train almost all the muscles of your body. Be sure with the Dip Station Power Tower you can do pull-ups, dips, raising legs and plenty of abs exercises. As a result, you can train not only lower but also the upper body.

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