Best Yes4All balance boards reviews

N​eed compact equipment that can be used almost anywhere? Yes4All wooden balance board can be taken to the gym or even placed at your standing desk as it’s easy to move.

What is the secret of popularity?

Balance, coordination, and speed of reaction. This is what you need to practice almost any sport. Using a wooden device, you can develop these useful skills, or in the offseason to support existing ones.

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Absolutely all sports in mind like with skating on the wobble fitness equipment require you to be particularly fit, and in most cases, the gym and morning jogging do not give the result.

Yes4all wobble deck balance board

It is an excellent choice for people involved in sports:

This training machine is perfect for improving balance and coordination. Basically, this kind of wobble fitness equipment will help anyone who wants to improve their shape. It makes your body fit and toned.

Moreover, it is an excellent correlation between the price and quality of a functional and durable model. This hardwood wobble fitness equipment has a slip-resistant surface.

Here is the deal:

Work on the Amazon board strengthens the vestibular apparatus and develops coordination. In numerous sports clubs, such a machine is used as a warm-up before extreme sports.

However, as a primary balance machine, it is a bit limited. So people with a high level of training can find this wobble fitness equipment not very effective.

For such people, we recommend seeing the article about 5 alternative balance boards: their types and differences.

First of all, let’s consider Yes4All Wooden Wobble Board – Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75-inch Diameter. See the product’s specifications:

Product’s specifications
  • Diameter: 15.75”
  • Height: 4”
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Device Thickness: 0.7”
  • Material: Solid Wood
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Gray
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Each workout is a job of consolidating certain skills.

The brain examines this situation and sends a signal to the muscles of the body instantly. Working through the same movements, it becomes easier for us to carry them out each time.

The most important thing in these processes is to be able to keep balance on a wooden tool. And also to have confident coordination.

Professional skills

The first wobble fitness equipment appeared in the 60s of the last century in the USA.  They came up with to hone the skill of surfing in places remote from the sea. 

But our article is balance 360 board review. If you look at the amazon balance board, as a sports simulator, then its’ heavy duty is the following:

  • It affects muscle groups that are difficult to pump with regular workouts.
  • Strengthens the spine, aligning posture.
  • Increases the load on the ankles, which are essential for professionalism in snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and skateboarding.
  • Helps train circus performers. Acrobats and stuntmen rehearse concerts on such a simulator;
  • Expands the possibilities of practicing yoga. It helps to find a balance, both physical and spiritual.
  • And also created a new direction – balancing. Performing stunts and various jumps on the device with a roller. It also has a small size and weight, due to which it is easy to take with you on trips and travels.

Post-traumatic rehabilitation

A good wooden yes4all board is also used for medical purposes. For example, in rehabilitation centers where athletes recover from their injuries. The main areas of use of such a simulator are:

  • The constant use of the legs, which is very good for the patient.
  • We are strengthening the spine.
  • Rapid muscle building and recovery of joints, ligaments, tendons.
  • Impact on the cerebellum, which is responsible for the vestibular apparatus. He teaches balance and body control.

Also, according to the wave exercise board reviews, it will be a great time spending for the child. Moderate physical activity has a positive effect on the child, straightens the spine, coordination, strengthens the muscles of the back and bark.

Impact on the vestibular apparatus helps to deal with various defects of speech, attention deficit disorder, improves the ability to read, memory and perception of mathematics and other natural sciences.

Wobble fitness equipment with a roller can be an exciting game with peers. For example, who will hold the balance longer and will not fall. Or you can perform various tricks on the dispute.

Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds

5 advantages of balance 360 board


This balance machine develops core strength, posture, improves coordination, feeling of balance and visual feeling. It is excellent to strengthen the targeted muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. What is important, it is useful for beginners as well as for professionals.


Wooden Balance equipment with an anti-skid pad on the surface is helpful during intense training. It provides a secure hold for absolute safety. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of failing. 

The fixed point of the support is a plastic fixture that allows the unidirectional movement. Besides, it has really comfortable parameters. 15.75-inch diameter big enough for both feet. It supports up to 300 lbs.


360 degrees rotation and up to 15 tilting degree, great to perform side to side, front to back, stretch and circular drills. You can try different kinds of exercises not worrying about the degree rotation. It allows performing drills useful for all body muscles.


With the lightweight, movable design, this wobble fitness equipment is excellent for Balance Exercises, Home Gyms, Gyms, Sports Performance Improvement, Rehabilitation, Strength and Balance Workouts. Actually, you can move the equipment where you need to.


Wobble fitness equipment is available in different color choices. So there’s no reason sticking to monotonous equipment that makes you not even want to lay eyes on. Choose your personal color and stay inspired!

Universal board, or Where else is the wooden yes4all equipment used

Experienced athletes are not the only ones who have their eye on the balance of the wooden Amazon board. Will you find yourself on this list? Don’t forget it is balance 360 board review.

  • Doctors (sports, rehabilitologists, traumatologists) – as it turned out, the wobble fitness equipment gives you the opportunity to work out the muscles-stabilizers. These are difficult to access during normal training. And the wooden equipment also improves blood circulation, the work of some parts of the brain and the regeneration of the tissues of the joints, muscles and nerve fibers.
  • Circus artists – the balance of the equipment, perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of a person, and the tricks on it look quite spectacular, of course, circus shows did not ignore such a valuable subject.

Those who want to achieve balance on wooden yes4all fitness equipment, and not only in the sense of the ability to stand on shaky surfaces, but also the balance of physical and spiritual.

Yes, wooden balance boards are widely used in some yoga practices for weight loss.

You need a wooden balance board if
  • You are only going to get on a snow/ski/kite/surf/skate/skimboard; the list is almost endless.
  • Have been rolling for a long time? You want to keep yourself in shape in the off-season and in bad weather.
  • You are engaged in martial arts or any other sport – coordination and balance will not be superfluous.
  • Just start doing CrossFit? Why do I ask you? Use YouTube; the pro has long been in. You can see more about CrossFit training.
  • You are for active recreation and gathered on the surf trip. Here yes4all equipment is an indispensable thing when surfing, and all because it was invented for this! Practice for a couple of weeks before the trip, and then you can show your friends a photo of how you conquer the wave, and not wallow in the foam.
  • You do yoga; your static is everything – go to a new level!
  • You do not have time for training. Do you know what bark muscles are? This is a complex of muscles that are responsible for the stabilization of the pelvis, thighs, and spine, including everyone’s favorite press. Train on the balance of the board, at least 20 minutes a day, even in front of the TV, and you will stay in good shape.
  • You have a child. A child has nowhere to put energy? Wobble fitness tool. A sense of coordination suffers (do not worry, it does not suffer, it is not yet developed). Yes4all balance equipment. Sooner or later he will see these cool guys in the video and ask you for a skate / or snowboard, and you will understand that it was prepared. The wooden balance device is here!

Are wobble boards any good?

It is not a rule of course. Cool tricks are created, and their stylish design perfectly complements the image. Five years ago, parkour or feints was considered particularly steep.

It is unlikely that it would be a great deal. Universal wobble fitness tool, where else. Experienced athletes are not necessary. Will you find yourself on this list?

Actually professional athletes, advanced users – when training is not possible. After all, every athlete knows how negatively the lack of practice effects. Do you need to do that? Doctors (sports, rehabilitologists, traumatologists) – of the joints, muscles and nerve fibers.

See also Amazon resistance bands 2020 for a more effective workout.

Today, it is impossible not to notice the spread of the wooden balance devices on the market. Not only as a simulator but also as an attribute of a separate movement. For the balance of the boards, separate cool tricks are created. And their stylish design perfectly complements the image. In general, types of balance boards are various!

Youth trends do not stand still:

5 years ago, parkour or feints on a skate was considered particularly steep. It is unlikely that anyone will know when they see guys with a wobble fitness tool on a busy street, but they will definitely stop to look. It is because such tricks look very impressive.

It’s not a great deal of peace. It is a woman who wants to achieve his own body of mind.

Who needs a wooden yes4all balance trainer?

If you do not like to sit quietly and are constantly looking for adventure, then you know a lot of boards: snow-, skate-, surf-, a couple more or more shared devices. But nobody speaks about wobble fitness tools, why? – by the very need.

In fact, in order to fly gracefully along a snowy slope (catch a wave and even walk a tightrope), it is not necessary to dwell in the mountains for years. At sea with the correct surf, near that same rope. You should train enough for a wobble fitness tool.

You see:

The balance discs are such things that not only take up little space and allow you to develop a sense of balance, improve your body control, get beautiful muscles and upgrade yourself overall.

But is also the secret weapon of those who do not fall from other wobble fitness tools.

It is a little bit of peace. Not fall from other wobble fitness tools. In fact, it’s not necessary for you to train enough for wooden balance boards. Once you get up on it, you need to stop training:

  • First of all, it’s fun, yes, yes, it is the most fun simulator. Moreover, it is not only for those train.
  • This is a trick for you to relax. not follow the recommendations).
  • Thirdly, you can feel the peace of mind and confidence of movements.
  • Fourthly, if you’re not going to be able to make it, then you can’t make it.

There are a lot of similar wooden amazon balance boards:

It is all about balance 360 board review. There is a lot of similar wooden devices, all of them had different shapes and made them from a variety of materials.

One can say that wooden board is small (expensive wooden balance devices usually have a skate form and two to three times bigger), but to stand at the table at work, it is enough for my 185 cm of height.

Wooden balance board exercises

Strengthening muscles with the wooden board is simple:

The fact is that when working with iron, the largest load is taken by the largest muscles, which are designed to perform certain movements. At the same time, the remaining muscles are very difficult to use, since “large” muscles simply take all the load from them.

As a result, it creates a strong imbalance, which is equally harmful to athletes and ordinary people. The wobble fitness tool is what will correct this imbalance.

Simply put:

If you want to understand whether you need to buy a board, you can make an allegory with ordinary clothes. Imagine that muscle layers are ordinary things from your closet.

For example, a sweater is the outer muscle layer of large muscles that take on the main load. The t-shirt beneath is the interweaving of smaller muscles, which play an equally important role (and sometimes more important).

So, put on a T-shirt and then a sweater and compare it with dressing two sweaters at once, one on top of the other. It is quite obvious that with the second version you will look much more.

The same applies to your muscles, training only large muscles, of course, you will grow, but forgetting about the smaller muscles that are under them, the increase in mass will be even more noticeable.

First of all, it is important to learn how to get on the amazon balance board correctly to avoid falling and injuries:

  • Put the roller on the floor next to the object on which you will lean (back of a chair, sofa, wall, etc.);
  • Put a device on it (one end is on the floor, the other is raised);
  • Face in the direction along with the device;
  • Hold a hand for support;
  • Put the right foot on the bottom edge (the foot is placed across the device);
  • Put on the left foot on the upper side (the foot is placed across the device);
  • Without releasing the support, transfer the weight to the left foot so that the deck is parallel to the line of the floor.
  • After performing the exercises, it is necessary to go off the device in the reverse order, lowering the right end to the floor, moving the left foot behind the right back.

The famous fitness model Michelle Lewin practices using the fitness platform and gets amazing results!

She has her own workout program for training using the balance machine. The model highly recommends to include it into your workout routine.

  • It is the most basic exercise, without which it is impossible to perform the other ones. Actually, it is an elementary balance stand – the ability to keep the coordination while rolling, while not leaning on the back of a chair, wall or other objects.
  • Go to the board, as was described above, feet shoulder-width apart, arms apart or holding onto a support. Start slowly rolling under the board from side to side, eventually bringing it to the very edge of the yes4all balance equipment.
  • Feel how the muscles work, find the point of support. Your main task is to master the skill of balance to such an extent that you do not hold on and generally forget that you are standing on the device, and not on the floor.
  • You can perform complicated push-ups from the floor on the balanced board. The principle is the same: the hands are put a little wider than the shoulders at the edges of the device. Back and legs are straight.
  • Perform push-ups (1-2 sets 10 times). Do not stop at this figure, increase the number of times and approaches with each workout!

You can complicate the exercise in 2 ways:

During push-ups, you move the roller on the device to the most extreme points to maintain balance. Do this smoothly, moving both hands; Place one hand on rocker boards, another on the floor and perform push-ups.

  • The yes4all equipment is great for all types of squats, although doing them with a lot of weight on the shoulders is still not necessary to reduce the risk of injury. But dumbbells and weights up to 10 kg, additional pressure on the hands are what you need for intense and effective training on the machine.
  • Regular squats are performed from a standard stand position. First, you need to learn how to perform squats and keep your balance well in this position, then do it all the way down and connect the extra weight.
  • It is essential that the correct squat technique is followed. This is necessary not only for the muscles to work correctly but also in order not to get an injury because of excessive load.
  • This simple exercise has long been recognized as one of the most effective and not requiring specialized training or equipment.
  • During the performing of the plank, almost all the muscles, especially the buttocks, legs, back, and abdominal muscles are tensed. Using the Board Trainer in this exercise enhances the effect and helps to connect the muscles.

On the yes4all balance equipment, you can perform the strap:

  • on the elbows;
  • outstretched arms;
  • on one hand;
  • one leg;
  • one hand and the opposite leg;
  • side strap;
  • reverse strap.

Cerebellar stimulation

Cerebellar stimulation is a modern method of correcting various disorders in speech. And also intellectual development. Despite the fact that it has been used for only a couple of decades, experts see him as a great future.

They calling it literally “the key to brain training.”

Any training process involves the consolidation of certain skills at a subconscious level. The brain, analyzing a specific situation, must give the command to the muscles in a split second.

That is what it is about endlessly repeating the same movements. In common parlance, this process has a name like the “lightning reaction.”

It is impossible without a sense of balance and excellent coordination of the whole body. Scientists have long proved that they can be improved. In case of loss, they can be restored. The first simulators especially improving for this purpose appeared in the United States more than half a century ago.

You need to note wooden board’s narrow specialization

The main load, in this case, falls on the muscles of the ankles. Without their fortification, there is nothing to do, first of all, in “ wooden equipment ” sports:

  • snowboarding
  • surfing
  • kitesurfing
  • skateboarding, and so on.

After all, their legs are constantly involved. The same can be said about skaters, figure skaters, downhill skiers, representatives of certain circus professions, and equilibrists. For example, cannot be counted all.

Coordination training occurs through the creation of situations associated with loss of balance. The task is to return the body to a stable position.

  • The first step is to learn to keep balance and not fall.
  • The second is confident balancing and moving along the wooden board’s plane.
  • After that, you can proceed to the development of tricks, racks, and rotations.

Michelle Lewin transformation

Using the fitness platform, the famous fitness model achieved stunning results!

But let’s get everything steps by step. The future model was born in Venezuela. Before she moved to the USA in 2013 girl worked as a model. But then, her life absolutely changed.

  • As work in the modeling industry required to keep fit, she spent lots of time in the gym. This exactly helped her in her future career. Actually, Michelle Lewin was striving for success before and after her transformation.
  • In 2014, the girl took part in Orlando Pro Europa 2014 championship. That was the bikini category. From this moment, a model’s new life began.
  • Shooting for sports magazines, taking part in many big, professional competitions. She became the face of companies selling sports nutrition. Michelle Lewin was always striving to achieve high positions in society.
  • She started going for sports when she was only 17. In that age, her weight was only 43 kilos. When she wasn’t a fitness model, Michelle should have had good shapes. So her weight has riched 67 kilos.
  • The weight was not the problem for the girl, as she looked amazing! Still, permanent workouts, healthy lifestyle led to her body transformation. After some years, her body weight has lowered to 54 kilos.
  • At the same time, her beauty didn’t disappear. A lot was achieved by workouts with her own fitness platform. They help to keep the body and muscles in tonus, develop endurance. In general, you can do various exercises with the help of this platform.

Today, fitness model Michelle Lewin is one of the most popular in her area.

Her appearance and body are charming. But everyone knows that she did lots of exhausting workouts and diets to achieve this. Actually, many agree that she is just obsessed with sports. Exactly this helps her to stay in tonus after long shootings.

Michelle has her own training program that helps her to achieve success. She shares it with pleasure and do not make the secret out of it. The main thing is perseverance and no fear to work – as fitness model says.

Pros and cons of the balance machine

To summarize, the wooden board is “all in one bottle.” This is a multi-purpose simulator that is suitable for the prevention and physical therapy.

It is absolutely convenient and practical, therefore it does not require any additional space or other conditions. The device can easily be put in a bag or a special case, taking with you on vacation or just outside.


  • Surface resistant to slip
  • Durable construction
  • Full rotation around the vertical axis
  • Ability to combine with other types of training
  • Affordable price


  • Without angle adjustment

You can also train everywhere, all you need is a relatively flat surface. Anything will fit, from asphalt to tile. Today the balance of the board gave rise to a certain lifestyle because it is not at all ashamed to get it even on a busy square and show what you can do.

By its practicality and simplicity, the device can be compared with a rope. Once there was a real boom, during which everyone had this simple device. Later the popularity of the rope slightly decreased, but this did not make it useless.

Frequently asked questions

Q: So what is a wooden balance board?

A: This is an absolutely simple simulator, concerning which the principle “Easy to learn, hard to pro” ideally works. Learning how to perform ordinary movements on the device is quite easy. But to become a real pro by performing a real freestyle is very difficult. This requires considerable experience, training, and constant practice.

The question of whether to buy a wooden balance device or do it yourself is rather individual and depends on each person, finances, preferences and other conditions. You can always take the usual board size, make a homemade movie and train.

This option is hardly suitable for complex movements because completely different conditions are needed: a stronger board material, a roller that can withstand any loads and does not break under you, increasing the risk of injury. Also important is the question of the durability of the device.

Initially, wooden balance boards began to be used for medical purposes. Especially on the basis of various rehabilitation centers, in which athletes have recovering from serious injuries. A wooden board was equally well suited to skiers and martial arts masters.

As well as football players, hockey players. In general, a representative of almost all sports. In order to fully understand the uniqueness of wooden yes4all equipment, you should know that not every person can become.

For example, a swimmer or a spear thrower. And the first of them can not be the second and vice versa. The reason is the difference of the muscular skeleton. And the device does not notice this difference.

Q: How to choose the balance board?

A: The choice of a brand and other conditions will depend on each person individually. You can always be sure that the balance of the board will not gather dust in your closet as a useless acquisition.

This is really a universal simulator, which, although it can not “everything”. But can do a lot. Therefore it can be useful both for simple entertainment and for training important characteristics of professional athletes.

Balance machine Yes4All offers one angle of direction and one surface of motion. This hardwood amazon board has a slip-resistant surface. The fixed point of support is a plastic mount that allows unidirectional movement. This is a primary wobble device, which performs its function well, though does not enable to adjust the angle. What is important, it is made from durable hardwood. It has a very useful non-slip surface and hard support.

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