What is Bella Hadid natural hair color? Who is her stylist?

Published: July 12, 2018

Hi! I have never followed any famous people live on social media, and even hadn’t an idol! I don’t know what had happened, but I recently saw photos from Victoria’s Secret underwear collection and found one model very beautiful. Her name is Bella Hadid. I am really surprised with her toned body, skin and hair, that emphasises her natural beauty! She is incredibly beauteous.

Now, I’m the fan of this beautiful model Bella Hadid. I think many girls wish to look like she. I’m too.
I even want to have the hairdo like her. Maybe someone knows what are the most loved Bella’s hairstyles?  What is her natural hair colour? Did she any plastic surgeries? What does Bella do to be so beautiful? How to keep the body fit like Bella Hadid?

Until recently, I did not know who she is. So it was interesting for me everything about her. I came across someone’s question about Bella Hadid parents and a sister. Reading the answers was interesting enough, that helped me to know more about the model and her star family!

I hope your replies to my question will be as interesting as those.

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Maxim Nikitin Staff Published: July 13, 2018

Hello. I read about Bella Hadid a lot and I think I can answer your question.
Her stylist is Elizabeth Sulcer. Before working with Bella, she started in the fashion world working with Alexander McQueen. While she’s not with Bella, you can find her dressing everyone from Josephine Skriver to Adriana Lima. Recently, Bella Hadid has also been working with her sister Gigi’s stylist Mimi Cuttrell, that is why you can often see both of them wearing the same clothes.
Hope you could find something new about Bella.

Stuart Barnett Published: July 12, 2018

Hi! Great question!
Bella Hadid’s Hairstylist is Chad Wood; he’s working with many famous people including Bella Hadid. Also, Bella has dark hair.

Tania Kharkevich Staff Published: July 15, 2018

Her hair is dark, but her natural colour is lighter than now.
Her hairstylists are Chad Wood, Keith Shore, Eddie Parra.
Eddie says that Bella has healthy and beautiful hair. She has never tried chemical treatment for her hair.

Maxim Nikitin Staff Published: July 20, 2018

Hello! Naturally she has dark color of her hair.
I know that Bella has a lot of stylists.Most known are Chad Wood and Elizabeth Sulcer.Chad Wood is also known like a Jessica’s Alba and Vanessa’s Hudgen hair master. He helps to keep Bella’s hair in a perfect condition, even after very cold and hard winter.Elizabeth Sulcer finished Brown University,New York. She cooperated with brands “Vogue Italia”, “Blackbook”, etc.

Maxim Nikitin Staff Published: February 12, 2019

Hello Kelly!

To my mind, your questions are quit and exciting. I suppose that a lot of our users will be interested in all this question as well. It is obvious. Probably, everyone wants to know all the secrets of its pippin. In most cases, we want to know to the letter everything about our idol. That is why it will be a big pleasure for me to give some answers to your truly fascinating questions. So, let’s don’t waste time and begin right now.

First of all, I want to answer your main question. It sounds like “What is Bella Hadid natural hair color? Who is her stylist?”

Of course, nowadays we used to see that Bella Hadid has a beautiful and magnificent head of dark hair. However, I want you to know that it is not her natural hair color. Yes! It means that Bella Hadid regularly dyes her hair in the dark. People that tried to answer to your question before me are right on the money. I know that it is hard to believe, however, Bella Hadid is a natural blonde. Let me explain why does she do it.

As everyone already knows Bella has an older sister Gigi Hadid. She is a famous and successful model too. According to the fact that Bella does not want to be confused with her older sister, she decided to dyes her hair a chestnut color.

Without any doubts, this outstanding top model knows and works with a lot of different professional stylists. Every brand has its stylists. So, we can only imagine how many stylists the model tried and changed. However, reportedly, in most cases, she asks Elizabeth Sulcer, Eddie Parra or Keith Shore to dye her hair. It is important to say, the New York stylist Keith Shore notes that thanks to the rich chestnut shades of the hair Bella’s facial features are so spirited, clean-cut and finely wrought. And now, pay attention, please! Keith Shore repeat a secret about how to achieve Bella Hadid’s color hair! Colorist says:

“To achieve Bella’s color I would recommend asking for a neutral, rich brown—that way it won’t be too ashy or too warm. Neutral puts it somewhere in the middle which is where we usually stay. Again, a photo helps too—almost all colorists can agree it takes the guesswork out for us!”

Besides, it is important to say that the top model has very delicate hair. That is why her stylists need to use a lot of special styling tools to create hair volume and texture. So, once the model noted that for the effect of “beach” curls, she uses Wave Spray and OUAI. At the same time, to make the sleek hairstyle sometimes she uses a hair gel from her younger brother.

What about hairstyles?
Generally, in most cases, we can see Bella with sleekly gathered hair. For example, it can be a horsetail or a bun. Of course, sometimes Hadid appears in an entirely new role. For instance, from time to time model use winge. However, she and her stylists know how to make it looks very natural.

Eventually, it has to be said that Bella Hadid also regularly works with such professional stylist as Mimi Cuttrell. Maybe it is even the favorite one.

But, besides, I also want to write some words about Bella’s plastic surgeries. First of all, I want you to know that in childhood Bella had a lot of complexes. According to some sources girl even had some problems with self-esteem. However today, in spite of this Bella Hadid says that she never did any plastic surgeries. Once upon a time, she said that she does not want to mess up her face. However, on Internet sites, you can easily find a lot of different information about her numerous cosmetics surgeries.

According to different sources, the top model did blepharoplasty and mammoplasty. Some people note that Bella did the procedure of Bichat’s Buccal Fat Pad Removal. To their point of view, she removed the excessive fat pads from her cheeks. What is more, they confirm that Bella also did a nose job, filler injection, and lip augmentation. In such a way she wanted to make her face appear slimmer and skinnier. Put in other words, she had s big desire to be more attractive. Believe or not believe in these facts that’s for you to decide. But if you will compare Bella’s photos from childhood or youth and now, probably you will be surprised a lot. During the last years, the successful top model had changed a lot!

On the other hand, be sure that every day Bella works hard to be beautiful and healthy. Yes, Bela love pizza and hamburgers. But be sure, even if she eats fast food or junk food, she has a lot of training in the gym. Bella does cardio, boxing, and many various dumbbells exercises. So, as you could already understand she works hard to keep her body in good shape. That’s why it means that literally on a day-to-day basis you have to put a lot of efforts to keep the body fit, and to looks like Bella Hadid.

Finally, if you want to find out more information about this successful top model, I strongly recommend you to read our post about Bella Hadid her lifestyle, workout, and nutrition. Here, you will be able to read also about Bella’s biography, career, love relationship and so on. I am sure that it will be interesting for you. So, don’t waste time and do it right now! Without any doubts, you will enjoy this post a lot: Lose weight with Bella Hadid: nutrition and body care.

What about me, I want you to know that I already must go! I am going to write new useful and fascinating posts for you! So, follow our site and read our post and articles with great enjoyment and pleasure.

Hope, all my answers were exciting and useful for you!
Be strong, beautiful and healthy!
Good luck!