Users Agreement

Users Agreement

Y​ou are always welcome to our website:

Definitely, you will find a variety of healthy tips concerning nutrition, diets, and workouts here in one place. So, you are always appreciated with different fitness questions. For sure, the experts’ feedback you will consider useful ones. To make your choice easier we reviewed the best in sports equipment and outfit. Mostly we operate with the user-generated content.
With no doubt, we respect our communication. To prevent any kind of differences we arranged a certain User Agreement. These files include our official vision and ways of cooperation.
The administration confirmed their position concerning Privacy Policy, and some other Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions of AFQ

The Terms and Conditions set the rules for using our website
These Terms and Conditions are applied totally and involve the Users of our website. Visiting this website, the Users confirm their agreement with all rules and terms issued below. Nobody should use this website if they disagree with any of these of our Terms and Conditions.

General positions 
Those who are under 13 are not allowed not to use our site and not to present us with any personal information.           We encourage you to browse and register on our website You are free to post the questions, replies, comments, articles and media files on our website.

When involving in the activity of questions, answers, blog posts etc, you confirm your agreement to follow our terms and conditions.

Reason to contact us

Please contact us if you consider the posted materials are impolite, unacceptable rude or provocative. We appreciate you note us in case anything breaches these terms and conditions. Indicate the link to these articles in your applications.

From our side, we analyze your signals. Thus, we will judge about the reason to improve or take out above mention publications. However, there is no necessity to inform you of our decision.

The users agree to give only truthful, correct, valid and total data necessary for our site registration. For sure, they can update the information in case of any changes. The users consent to check their account to prevent its use by children and any other unauthorized persons. The users agree not to disclose their access or password to the account.

User-generated content
User-generated content means any text, image, picture, audio, video files or other material the visitors decided e to post on Accordingly, presenting the content, you give us a non-exclusive, international irrevocable right to operate, process, modify, publish, translate and distribute it in any and all our services.
Users’ content has to be original. It is prohibited to violate the rights of any third-party. Obviously, use the link to the source if you use borrowed information. Our administration keeps the right to take away any of the users’ content from this website. A special notification is not obligatory.

Ask for fitness questions rights
1. We keep the right and responsibility to correct, remove, refuse any users’ content including images, videos etc.        But it is not our obligation.
2. If we suppose any aggression or harmful sense in users generated content we can stop their access to our website. It is a matter of our own consideration.
3. We are allowed to collect and store users’ IP address for safety goals.
4. On our own judgment, we have the right to connect you directly to the email address. From our side, we obliged not to inform the users’ emails to the third-parties.
5. We have the right to provide corresponding officially authorized actions without any limits for any unlawful or illegal use of our website.

Users’ obligations
The users have to fulfil the terms and conditions of Users Agreement including Privacy Policy.
Users understand and realize that they are responsible for the content they provide to us, including its legality, validity, accuracy and correctness.

The users should not post any materials like questions, answers, images, videos and others that break the intellectual property rights of the others. It includes but not limited by registered trademarks.

Limitation of liability
In no way, or any of its employees are liable for any direct or indirect arising deals connected with your use of this website.
This website is free from any liability concerning any loss, damages, costs associated with actions connected with the content on the website.

Changes in Terms and Conditions
Askyourfitnesquestion has the authority to amend these Terms and Conditions at any convenient time. The date of last modification will be mention on the page of Users Agreement. Please visit our website to look and check our site rules regularly.

The administration of has the permit to subcontract, pass or assign its rights and/or obligations under these Terms and Conditions without notification. At the same time, the users are not allowed to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of their rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction
These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United State.