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Maxim Nikitin

Maxim Nikitin

Hello! I'm a CEO of AFQ project. Fitness equipment expert. Certified specialist in fitness and nutrition.

AFQ – ask your fitness question

AFQLeading a healthy lifestyle has become a trend nowadays. Everybody wants to be slim and toned. Keeping fit is easy with a reliable source of fitness info.

Our professional trainers and workout experts give answers on common fitness questions. We want to make your information search fast and effective.

AFQ is ready for Black Friday in 2024! And you?

Black Friday is coming, and we will discover what to expect in 2024. The most desirable deal forecasts for November 27 include a wide range of fitness equipment. We suggest sales on rowing machines, disc golf facilities, fitness watches, Concept 2, Sunny Health & Fitness gear, etc.

Going to the driving platform of online trade, we’re expecting more Amazon sellers on the network than regularly. This way, plenty of Black Friday deals will arrive before the registered November 27 start date.

How does it work?

Black Friday 2024 will maintain the previous year’s suggested discounts while giving lower prices on equipment you need to buy. It is a kind of online retailer competition for more attractive bargains against the stronger competition this year.

The best Black Friday deals usually arrive from retailers that can attract you to their online market. Leading manufacturers assure you to add other practical buying options to your shopping cart.

According to fitness experts’ analytics, we expect a near 20% improvement in exchange for discounts on their celebration favors.