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W​elcome to the AFQ.
Dear readers, our team created this site for you, so you do not have to read dozens of fitness tips sites, but found some interesting information in one.
Everyone here can find useful information for themselves. You can ask questions and be sure to get an answer. We have navigation for a particular audience, so it’s easier to find exactly what interests you.
Let’s look at each category below.

  1. For women
    The category is made especially for female readers. Every woman wants to be attractive for both men and herself. Proper nutrition and regular exercise can do wonders.
    Here you can find many useful advises about different diets, how to lose weight, to keep the body always toned and beautiful, about workouts during breastfeeding period and other valuable facts to improve the body without harm to the women health.
  2. For men
    The representatives of the stronger sex can find here useful tips about burning excess fat, pumping up the hard muscles and special diets.
    Do you want to increase the muscle mass quickly? Notice: Each group of muscles needs to be separately and adequately trained. How to do it – read in this category.
  3. Instamodels
    It’s no secret that motivation plays one of the most important roles when we begin to improve the body. Inspiration can be an example of stars who so strive for their purpose that they do, it would seem, impossible! Today, social networks contribute to healthy lifestyle ideas, and you can see thousands of people who have started to live, achieve amazing sports results and build a perfect body. Here you will find many secrets of the most famous fitness models on Instagram.
    An example of these people is inspiring and makes us believe that it is even impossible!
  4. Outfit
    This category is a good page for people who want to buy sports equipment.
    Where to find a quality simulator for an affordable price? How to choose professional sportswear for home use? What features are most important when buying tools?
    What are the best gymnastics next year?
    If you are interested in answering these questions, stay on this page.
  5.  Workout
    In this section, you will find a large number of fitness and bodybuilding fitness training programs for any purpose and any muscle groups. Regardless of the level of training and available equipment, you can start training right from the moment!
    Here are detailed instructions for beginners in the gym and lots of tips for bodybuilders.
    How to diversify classes? How to get warm? What exercises do?
    If you want to know the answers to such questions – then this category is for you!
  6. Fitness recipes
    Here is a great variety of proven healthy and healthy eating recipes, step by step recipes for fitness dishes and master classes.
    If you want to lose weight, easy recipes for fitness, HLS recipes, diet recipes, and healthy foods are perfect for you. You do not know how to cook healthy and nutritious, and most importantly delicious food? The best recipes from AskMeFitnessQuestion will not leave you indifferent!
  7. Nutrition
    If you have already thought about losing weight or gaining muscle, you should have understood that it is necessary to regulate the diet.
    What kind of sports nutrition for muscle growth? What products accelerate metabolism? What is the right nutrition and what are its basic principles?
    If you want to know all the information about different diets and sports nutrition, read this section.

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We have a lot of tips on how to pump different parts of your body to find the most appropriate diet and a lot of recipes for your apple nutrition, how much you need calories per day, a good training at home and in the gym.

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So, we are sure that you will definitely find what precisely interests you!