How to pump the abs up fast ?

Published: July 3, 2018

Hello, I’m Leo. I want to make my body stronger and beautiful. I have been working in the gym for six months so far; the results are not very good. I refused the coach. The fact is that my coach did not give me anything useful. He pressed only on legs and about the rest of the body could remember just after ten pieces of training and even more. When I began to engage myself, the result became better. But still very much like to hear someone else.

Can you tell me how to remove a lot of extra centimetres from my body with a set of exercises in the gym three times a week? And I want to pump up abs faster. Can you advise the most effective practices?


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Maxim Nikitin Staff Published:

Raising the hips. This exercise is best performed on the bench. Take a horizontal position on the bench and grab the edge with your hands. The starting position of the legs is to lie on the bench. Then raise them legs while avoiding inertia (the so-called “twitching”) and trying to use less of your upper press, since this is an exercise for your lower press. Raise the legs for 3-5 seconds, then the same time to lower the legs and you need to try touching the knees with your chest, but you should keep your legs straight.

Maxim Nikitin Staff Published: July 15, 2018

Hello, Leo. You need to understand that you cannot get a perfect six-pack in just a week. But don’t get disappointed, some tricks will significantly bust your pumping of the abs.
So, to pump your abdominal muscles very fast you need to. Also, you can start to perform weight training. Regularly do cardio. For example, many people choose running for that purpose. If you don’t like running, you can walk at a fast pace. The last tip is to keep your exercises different. Always try to find some new activities and add them to your training. Hope I could help you, Leo. Bye!