What dumbbell exercises can I do to increase an arm muscle mass?

Published: August 7, 2018

Hello there! It’s Greg. Guys, I want to gain some muscles in my arms, to make them stronger. I’ve heard a lot about dumbbell exercises, which are very useful for men, who have the same goal, like me. So, I was hoping you could suggest me the best exercises could be done with dumbbells.
Maybe do you know some programs of training?
That would be awesome!
I would like to know how often I should do these exercises? When preferable should be the training?  Should I buy some additional specialised equipment for it like different ropes? Do I need specialised simulators for gaining arm muscles? What do you think about a rowing machine? Can it help me to approach my aim? What workouts are the most effective?
I would appreciate any information. Waiting for your reply.

1 Answers
Joey Bright Published: September 1, 2018

Hello Greg! Try doing these exercises in order to gain muscle!

1. Goblet Squat

How: Stand with feet set wider than shoulder-width and hold a dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest. Sit back into a squat, then drive back up and repeat.

2. Dumbbell Clean

How: Flip your wrists so they face forwards and bring the weights to your shoulders, slightly jumping as you do. Slowly straighten your legs to stand. Then lower the weights down to your thigh before moving into squat position and repeating.

3. Farmers’ Walk

How: Walk forward taking short, quick steps. Go for the given distance, as fast as possible.

4. Bent-Over Row

How: Keep your core tight and your back straight as you row the weights up to your chest. Lower and repeat.

5. Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift

How: Lower the dumbbells to the top of your feet, as far as you can go by extending through your waist, then slowly return to the starting position.