Bakhar Nabieva: diet, nutrition, legs workout and life

D​o you know that Bakhar Nabieva got the title “Miss Iron Bum” for her buttocks? Sharing her photos, she motivates both men and women to do sports and achieve success. 

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The girl was even accused of taking steroids because no one believed she sculptured her body by herself. We are going to tell you some facts about the 24-year-old model, which conquered Instagram and became famous not only in Ukraine but also all over the world.

Full name Bakhar Nabieva
Date of birth 08.04.94
Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan
Lives in Dnipro, Ukraine
Profession model and fitness coach
Net cost from $ 0.5 to $ 2 million

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Height158 cm
Bodyweight52-56 kg
Bench press80 kg
Static push105kg

Childhood and the start in sports

Bakhar Nabieva famous as “Miss Iron Bum” was born in Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan. Now girl lives in Dnipro in the east of Ukraine. Weird proportions and incredible legs made her popular around the world.

In childhood, Bakhar used to be a very slim girl. For her non-proportional thin legs, all the classmates laughed at her. To change the situation and stop being bullied, Bahar went to the gym. Her first steps in training were chaotic and disordered.

The focus on basic exercises soon developed muscles. For best result, the girl started studying literature about bodybuilding and hard athletic.

2012-2013won the university competition in powerlifting
2010took part in a bikini-models competition
2015took the fifth place in the category of fitness bikini at the Dnipro Cup

However, the model career no longer attracted the girl.

On Instagram Bakhar shares videos from training and posts motivating photos. Right now she has more than two million followers. She makes money on fitness nutrition and clothes ad.

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The fit girl loves sports; she has even tried herself in running, basketball and volleyball. To the gym, she came in 2010-2011. Notable results appeared two years later.

Bakhar’s training is hard and exhausting, but simple to do at the same time.The focus is on calves muscle, buttocks and quadriceps. The basis of the training is a variety of squats, leg presses and lunges.

  • The model trains every day, except weekends.
  • The number of repetitions of exercises with weights does not exceed 6-15.
  • The duration of training is 1,5 -2 hours.

The model confessed that she deliberately does not give much time to the upper part and she is quite happy with the disproportional development of the body.

Workout: legs & abs

  • Squats with a barbell
  • Lunges
  • Bar deadlift
  • Leg twist
  • Standing calf raise
  • Legs raise
  • Russian Twist
  • Crunches

Bakhar does not stick to diets. The basis of nutrition is made up of proteins (eggs and meat). Sometimes she eats cakes or brownies. Before training, Bakhar eats 3-4 times and has a snack after classes. There should be six meals a day.

High intensive workouts prevent the formation of body fat. She is an athlete of Dragon pharma. She advertises this sports nutrition and shows how it works and helps in her personal example.

I’ve been in sports for a long time. I have always liked to run and compete. There was basketball in my life and volleyball. I have never liked to be skinny and always wanted to change it. I always thought athletic bodies look crazy beautiful.


A girl from Dnipro became famous around the world. What’s more, outsiders nicknamed Bakhar Nabieva “Girl with the Iron Buttocks” – “The young lady with steel buttocks”.

In an exclusive interview for the Information, the girl told how she has achieved such forms, what she thinks about comments to her address, and what kind of guys she likes.

Schedule: nutrition and gym

I wake up, have a filling breakfast and another two meals after it. Just then I go to the gym where I spend an hour or two, depending on the muscles group I work on. After the workout, I have a snack.

The perfect number of meals per day is six. Sometimes it is difficult to follow this schedule of meals, that is why I gain or lose weight from time to time. If you eat badly – your efforts are gone.


A standard workout – squats, leg press and lunges

Maybe I would surprise many people, but I train the upper body, too. I don’t want it to be big and I don’t care about the proportions. For legs, I do squats, leg press and lunges with hard weight. I do 5-10 sets and not more than 12 reps.


Millions of followers in Instagram including 50 Cent

The point here is not the number of likes, but the communication and the realization, that in the huge ocean of Instagram models, most attention is paid to me.

I am far not the most beautiful girl, but I drew it somehow. And it does not matter whether the feedbacks are positive or negative, they exist and it is the most important thing here.


Bakhar is a very interesting person for publicity. The managers of Ukrainian and foreign fitness events always invite her to join.

Many experts believe:

She could not have such results purely working out. They convince her of taking anabolic steroids, the synthetic variations of the male sex hormone testosterone. As proof, they indicate not only the model’s muscles, but also her low voice timbre. However, Nabieva denies all the accusations.

In 2016 she was in the epicenter of a scandal. There appeared a video with naked Bakhar on the Internet. She commented she had nothing to be ashamed of, as she was covering the most intimate parts with her hand in the footage.

The feeling about the popularity and negative feedbacks 

I am not afraid of the fame, I am afraid of the tendency that people now are so rough and stupid, that they just can’t stand out of other people’s business. They say how the things should be in the world and a person and they think they are right.

Every day I get messages like “OMG, why, you are a GIRL”. I am waiting for the day when they will finally realize that I am doing it for myself because I like it. Of course, there are people that share my interests and I am happy with it.

I will be what I what to be. You may call it “a man, a monster”, I don’t care. Nothing will change. I will not change. All in all, I wish them good luck and a more fulfilling life.


Bakhar’s perfect man

Everyone thinks that there should be a tremendous bodybuilder next to me. No! No rich daddies, or something like this. The man has to be fit – that’s the point concerning appearance. The most important thing is he has to be my person.

Summary: Nabieva as a phenomenon

People call her an alien for her unique appearance.  They adore her and try to be somehow alike. Bakhar is a great example of a person with a clear goal and strong will. She has no excuses, she strives, works hard and does what she like. She made her hobby become her life. An inspiring girl with a character and iron bum.

Bakhar Nabieva
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