Before and after: Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid boobs

​​​T​h​e facts prove that popular models Bella and Gigi Hadid are ​free of breast implants and their boobs are natural.

Nevertheless, the media discloses pictures showing changes in models’ appearance. Imagine celebrities surfing the Internet and finding hot rumors about their boob job.

How do you think, are they annoyed?​ Is it true that sisters did boobs surgery?

If you are tired of cheating, find out the truth about Hadid plastic surgery in this article. 

Actually, Hadid sisters don’t hide their beauty secrets. Pay attention also to Bella and Gigi Hadid diet as another key to being successful Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Both models assure:

Plastic surgery scare us!

Bella Hadid boobs job | bra size | rumors

The facts show that Bella Hadid do not have boob surgery and is free of breast implants. Nevertheless, we find lots of rumors in the media concerning the boob job. Let’ have a look at the most widespread:

Rumor №1: Bella had plastic surgery at the age of 21

It is the age when women are allowed to got breast implants. But, there are rumors that by secret agreement with a plastic surgeon, the girl was able to increase the boobs a little earlier. In any case, new changes have become noticeable relatively recently.

Here’s the deal:

Bella happily forgot about zero sizes. The model got a second and a half breast volume. The public noticed changes very soon when the girl first appeared on the podium with a semi-nude chest.

It was visible how much her forms had changed. Undoubtedly, in combination with a thin waist and the elegant silhouette of her figure, the new Bella Hadid bra size looks perfect.

Bella Hadid measurements
  • Breast size – 32 B.
  • Cup size – B.

Bella Hadid height is 1.75 m. Her weight equals 55 kg.

Rumor №2: Bella Hadid had two plastic surgeries alternately

The model did not like the result of the first breast augmentation since the changes seemed insignificant. After the second surgery, she received a full third size. But Bella herself does not give any comments on this.

What’s the bottom line?

Bella Hadid’s new breast size brought her even more confidence. Confirmation of this – the appearance of many photographs in candid costumes. Bella has never been embarrassed to wear open low-cut dresses. But after a successful operation, she does everything even more to emphasize her feminine forms.

The girl is only 23 years old. But she has already become one of the most famous sex symbols. Her name often appears in large headlines. Besides, her photos and an Instagram blog are often discussed.

Rumor №3: Victoria’s secret models have a flat, underdeveloped chest

This topic has been vigorously discussed in the press since the appearance of the name Bella Hadid among celebrities. The owner of an attractive appearance, something similar to Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, she immediately attracted the attention of fashion magazines.

Despite the minimalist breast volumes, she was able to advertise youth brand swimsuits and become famous for her refined body proportions.

Want to know the best part?

Bella’s breast surgery was conceived a long time ago, especially since her sister, Gigi Hadid, who had already become a model, also endured mammoplasty and was able to build a professional career in many ways with her. It seems that Bella was afraid for a long time to attract public attention with her disappearance during the rehabilitation period.

As is known, the rehabilitation after the installation of breast implants takes an average of at least six months, with women wearing a special bandage for the first 2-3 months. If Bella Hadid did undergo plastic surgery, then she practically did not fall out of the usual rhythm of life.

At least, there is no exact information about this. There is an assumption that the girl continued to pose in front of photographers and go to the podium even in the early weeks of recovery. But, it was considered unsafe for her health. Anyway, there were no complications.

Bella before and after surgery

Bella Hadid – one of the most famous American top models. Also, she is one of Victoria’s secret angels, whose body regularly flashes on the podium. Besides, her face is in the leading glossy magazines.

You might be wondering:

Since childhood, it is evident that Bella will be famous because her mother and sister also built a successful career in the modeling business.

Unlike her relatives, Bella Hadid could not boast of outstanding appearance. Even with a good figure for the top model, she could never have taken the ranks of perfect beauties. But everything changed because of two successful plastic surgeries that she did.

It is known that when Bella was a teenager, she got an elegant aristocratic nose with the help of modern surgery techniques.

The model solved this problem almost immediately. And not everyone wondered when she had time to did plastic surgery because of her such a tight schedule. Nevertheless, the result of mammoplasty has already been appreciated by everyone. She has already amassed a high net worth.

The first plastic surgery

The royal procession of the Hadid sisters on the podium is impossible not to notice. And earlier eldest sister Gigi took all the laurels. But now, after a couple of successful exits, Bella get her moment of glory. The opening of the Versace show proved the beauty of the younger sister.

Turns out:

Of course, like a real star, she underwent a thorough inspection of our experts. They figured out where the truth is and where the fiction in the exterior of the model.

  • The first area that underwent correction is eyelids

It is especially noticeable in the last (recent) photos. Bella Hadid nose job is visible: the wings of the nose have become narrower. And the back is smoother. Such changes can be obtained by going through the procedure of rhinoplasty. Bella’s dramatic cheekbones are also the result of the work of experienced doctors.

  • The correct shape was achieved by removing a lump of bish and the face pull-up

But the participation of a plastic surgeon in the modeling of the star’s appearance did not end there. Judging by the photographs, the doctor worked on breast augmentation. That is mammaplasty (plastic surgery to change the volume and shape of the breast).

What does Bella Hadid look like today?

The model likes to be in the center of attention. She gladly competes with her sister, Gigi Hadid. Besides, judging by the predictions given by leading fashion houses, Bella expects a career that even her celebrity relatives can envy.


The new big breast may not have become her highlight. But it helped to compliment girl’s image with those feminine features that were so lacking before.

Breast “like Bella Hadid”

Bella Hadid is only 23 years old, but she has already managed to become a supermodel and even won the Model of the Year 2016 award at DAILY FRONT ROW.

Her success and appearance are envied by many girls. And in fact, there is something! So, her impeccable data is not only the gift of nature. But it is also the excellent work of a plastic surgeon.

Want to know the best part?

American surgeons have noted a decline in breast enlargement services. Nowadays, all girls dream of becoming the owners of the nipples like the famous model Bella Hadid has! The bare breasts of Bella became so familiar to American girls. Thus, the latter is now knocking over the thresholds of clinics with a request to change the shape of their nipples.

It’s funny, but such a procedure has been considered one of the most sought after for half a year. Therefore, surgeons are no longer surprised by the demands of clients. And for the most part, they blame the ladies on whom ordinary girls want to be similar.

In addition to Bella Hadid, girls all over the world want to have breasts the same as Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Rita Ora has. So, it seems that celebrities just forgot about the existence of a bra and do not hesitate to expose their boobs.

Besides, the procedure, of course, is much more straightforward than mammoplasty. Having decided on the form, the surgeon makes the areola symmetrical. And the clients want to have such kind of nipples as Kendall or Bella. If you’re going to lighten the skin, experts use a laser. And for darker shades, they use tattooing.

This is crazy:

Even the fact that after a seemingly straightforward operation, they will have to undergo a rehabilitation course does not stop the girls. Beauty requires sacrifice!

Women no longer have natural breast augmentation. Singer Rihanna and top models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who often appear before the public without a bra, have set a new trend, called the “designer nipple.”

American plastic surgeon Norman Roy told how girls began to come to him with a request to pump their nipples.

People pay attention to every little thing. Women no longer have natural breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. They want to pump every detail, – said the doctor.

Norman Roy

 Also, he added that his patients tend to be like celebrities in everything.

The procedure is an injection in the nipple with a unique hyaluronic acid filler. According to Rowey, the solution adds volume to the nipples, which causes them to stick out from under their clothes.

Bella Hadid comments

Earlier, Bella Hadid had already admitted that in her teens she was shy of her eyebrows and could not gain self-confidence.

In the new interview for InStyle, the model speaks even more about beauty, its fears. Besides, she answers to everyone who believes that she has performed plastic surgery.

People are sure that I have done this or that plastic surgery. Do you know the thing? You can scan my face if you want. I’m even afraid of fillers on the lips. I wouldn’t do anything with my face.

Before, I was not confident in myself. As a child, I was embarrassed that I had a thin waist, wide hips, big lips, and plump cheeks. Meanwhile, my sister was athletic; she had a great press. Now I love my hips and waist. But earlier I was teased because of my body build and because of my strange face.

I went through a lot of beauty stages. At 16, I had grilled before they were considered cool. And I didn’t look cool with them. Then I had colored hair – pink above and blued below. And at some point, they became “rainbow.” By the way, I learned to paint myself only after I started working with Dior and Peter Phillips.

Mom taught me how to care for my skin. She always said that healthy skin is more important than the make-up you put on it. And my father did not want me and my sister Gigi Hadid to be painted. Therefore, we did not the makeup.

I learned not to pay attention to negative comments. To do this, you need to turn off the phone and remember that I care about the opinion of only those people who at this moment are next to me.

Gigi Hadid boob job | breast size | rumors

The American model Gigi Hadid – the owner of the beautiful appearance and feminine figure. She has also no proves to have boob surgery. Her breast is absolutely natural. Though, the rumors appear as well.

Rumor №1

The girl’s most controversial intended surgery is mammoplasty. According to experts, Gigi went too far. She changed herself at least three times. Did the girl insert the implants several times? What the model didn’t correctly do was pumping out the fat.

Here’s the deal:

Her figure was incredibly thin. On the contrary, it is most likely that she added subcutaneous fat from the hips to the abdomen. Regardless of whether Gigi does plastic surgery or not, her appearance is quite harmonious and attractive. Her measurements are the same as her sister’s:

Gigi Hadid measurements
  • Cup size – B.
  • Breast size – 32 B.

Gigi Hadid before surgery: users of social networks, accustomed to anorexic models, criticized Gigi Hadid, and recommended her to lose weight. Gigi Hadid sharply responded to the negative by publishing an angry post in the microblogging.

Rumor №2

The model’s face is also subject to criticism. Fans believe that Gigi Hadid has undergone plastic surgery. And experts agree with their opinion. They believe that, before the plastic surgery, Gigi Hadid had looming centuries. And after blepharoplasty, she got a more open look.

Experts do not exclude that Gigi Hadid got the aristocratic cheekbones only after removing lumps of Bish. And raised eyebrows appeared after the endoscopic lifting of the forehead.

That’s not all:

It is possible that cosmetologists used hyaluronic acid fillers to correct the chin and lip shape of Gigi. Delicate interventions only improved the genetic data of the model and added sexuality. Gigi, like her sister Bella, does not comment on surgery and talks only about the right choice of skincare and complete relaxation on beauty procedures.

Gigi Hadid respond

The model Gigi Hadid responded to criticism in social networks:

Yes, I Have Boobs, a Butt, and Thighs.

The attacks of critics – the same integral part of the stellar profession, as the adoration of millions. It is the all celebrities learn, sooner or later. However, having mastered it, they cope with the bitter truth in different ways.

Some simply intrigue detractors, others enjoy indifference to their person, albeit in the form of criticism. And still, others start a dialogue with heaters. Among the latter – the model Gigi Hadid. The model decided to respond to the criticism of her figure on Instagram.


Having such a beautiful body, the 20-year-old model found time between exits to the podiums (between Milan and Paris Fashion Week). And she posted a photo with an appeal to users criticizing her figure:

No, I do not have this type of figure, like most of the podium models. No, I do not consider myself better than them. Yes, I want to have my unique corporate approach. But I know well what I still need to work on.

No, I’m not the first and not the last model of this type of figure in the industry. You can keep looking for the reasons why I am where I am. But in reality, I just work a lot. And I was lucky to come to the profession only when the fashion industry was ready for a change.

I’m just doing my job. I have the type of figure that high fashion previously did not accept. And I was fortunate to get support from the designers, stylists, and editors who allow me the person I am. Those who understand that fashion is an art, which means that it never stands still. There is 2015. If cannot be a model, do not pour your anger on me.

Yes, I have breasts, butt, and hips. But I fit into the size of the fashion industry. Your comments do not make me hate my body. If designers want to see me on my show, I take part in it. If you do not wish to – do not accept. It works only this way. If you don’t like me, just don’t subscribe to my account. I like I can be sexy. I’m proud of it.

Usually, Gigi does not comment on the talk about plastic surgeries. But she talks about the skillful application of cosmetics on the face, proper skincare, and beauty procedures. Hadid claims that her natural beauty, in combination with a competent make-up and a healthy lifestyle, gives such a fantastic result.

Gigi before and after surgery

How did a global supermodel look to change with the help of plastic surgery? What kind of plastic surgery did Gigi Hadid perform? And if it is true, see the photos before and after the plastic in the article!

At the dawn of the 90s, a girl with a lush bust delineated dice press, and elastic rounded thighs would not become a top model. But Gigi broke the standards. What are Gigi Hadid parameters?

  • she is 35-25-35 in body stats
  • weighs 58 kg
  • her shoe size is 8

Gigi Hadid gained popularity in a short time. She has already visited many glossy covers of leading publications scored the highest rating among Instagram users as the sexiest beauty in recent years. Gigi has a stunning appearance, which allowed her to succeed in many model agencies.


Becoming one of the main faces and bodies of the fashion marathon, Gigi does not leave the podium in the new season. She opens the leading shows in New York, London, and Milan, including Tommy Hilfiger, Anna Sui, Jeremy Scott, Diane von Furstenberg, Versace, and many others.

Gigi cheekbones have acquired a certain aristocratic charm. And evident changes are noticeable:

  • Forehead lifting (endoscopic)

Previously wrinkles were noticeable in the forehead area. But now the girl’s eyebrows have risen indecently. And there is not a trace remains from the wrinkles. No doubt – the girl was pumping hyaluronic acid fillers into her lips.

In any case:

She did the operation very well. And we cannot accuse her of unnaturalness. Sisters Hadid are unlikely to be recognized by the public for their plastics. They assure fans that everything is natural and most importantly, properly care for themselves. Weekly cosmetic procedures and competent make-up work wonders.

  • The correction of cheekbones

Everyone likes bright shanks like models. But all the girls are pretty. So, they achieve the effect of a pronounced fork with makeup. It is shading the transition from the forehead to the lips.

Getting beautiful shins and a pronounced hollow under them helps to remove Bish’s lumps. These are small fat lumps that help babies suck milk. Adults, of course, do not need them.

And if you delete them:

There is the effect of bite or drawn cheeks. It is a trendy procedure. Doctors do very quickly and under local anesthesia. After such an operation, you can immediately return to work.

But it’s important to remember that it is gorgeous and charming to have cheeks. They have a fantastic look. The girl looks older with her cheeks.

  • Chin Liposuction

Second chin is not a reason for panic. But it is a signal for action. If the reason is in weakened muscles, then regularly perform gymnastics. So, boldly show your tongue, open your mouth wide, strain and relax the muscles under your jaw. If the root of evil excess fat cells, then independently remove the “spare” chin is impossible.

During the rehabilitation period, slight swelling and bruising may occur. This phenomenon is within the normal range.

Just have a little patience.

Then the perfect oval of the face and clear lines of the lower jaw appear very soon. To get the most successful result and speed up the recovery process, doctors recommend using a unique compression bandage.

On the way to success

Gigi did a great job to succeed. And it is amazing. The girl was born with surprisingly impressive features. But what changes have occurred and did a plastic surgeon have a hand in this?

  • 2012 | In 16 years, the image of Gigi was impressive. Few teenagers looked like this. Thin eyebrows, which subsequently changed. The nose was shaped, often corrected by rhinoplasty.

Already this year, the girl walked on the red carpet with changed hair. They have become a lighter shade. And the swelling of the face from childhood is still preserved. In the autumn of this year, the eyebrows become much thicker. And the hair became textured.

  • 2013 | Striking a broad nose. Gigi uses in her appearance one of the most successful boho-style styling, make-up bow.
  • 2014 | At the age of 18. Applying make-up is impeccable. But there is a strange line under the lower lip on Gigi’s face. But after a while, the model reappears with blond hair and plump cheeks. Also, the first signed the contract with Maybelline.
  • 2015 | Noticeable growing up. Gigi is already not a child. She is an amazing woman. The children’s make-up has gone. And instead of it, there is a bright lipstick, false eyelashes, iluminizer.

But all the same, matte nude lipstick (with which the model periodically appears) remains an ideal option for her face. In this period the supermodel becomes world-class. This year is the beginning of the girl’s experiments.

  • 2015 | Noticeable growing up. Gigi is already not a child. She is an amazing woman. The children’s make-up has gone. And instead of it, there is a bright lipstick, false eyelashes, iluminizer.

Gigi Hadid now

Earnings of the model exceed $ 9.5 million, and it is much more than her sister Bella earns. In December 2017, a scandal broke out over Gigi’s armpits, which were captured in the photo and showed vegetation. The girl did not comment on this. In February of this year, the star told about her illness.

She has problems with the thyroid gland. And, unfortunately, it is almost not treated. And her brother and sister have a maternal disease. Therefore, Gigi is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. She does not smoke, eats appropriately, do sports.

The most important question for fans is whether Gigi Hadid had plastic surgery or not?

Before the spectacular appearance of Hadid on the podium, thinness on the verge of anorexia ruled the fashion. The girl was one of the first to bring great forms to the business.

Analysis of a photo of a girl five years ago confirms plastic surgery. The body of the girl was not so spectacular. The girl angrily replies to the envious in her blog that she is totally against plastics.

I am real! Just hate to listen to your angry reviews! Maybe you should try over your appearance?

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  • Emily Sanders

    Is it true that Bella Hadid recently denied having any surgery or fillers?

    • Mary Lace

      I have read in one celebrity magazine Bella Hadid told “People think I got all this surgery or did this or that. And you know what? We can do a scan of my face, darling. I’m scared of putting fillers into my lips. I wouldn’t want to mess up my face.”

      So the Interned divided and everyone has his own opinion concerning that.

    • Mary Lace

      Besides, Megan Mage commented the following situation: “Bella Hadid denying she’s had work done is what’s wrong with society. Giving young girls unrealistic expectations to look up to, then pretending it’s all “natural.” There’s nothing wrong with having work done, but own up to it.”

      As to me, I think it’s hard not to notice the nose transformation, looking at Bella’s photos.

  • Nose Job

    The amount of insecurity present in this article is mind boggling. No she’s not giving young girls unrealistic expectations by having plastic surgery, she’s being a pretty model and being good at it. Insecure women are always so quick to assume any girl who’s famous has had surgery done, and all your evidence completely ignores the workings of camera angles, aging, and lighting. As an artist who notices these things on a daily basis, I’m absolutely shocked by how far you will go to pick at 2D photos to make yourselves feel better. But whatever, stay “quirky” and “naturally beautiful” so you aren’t fake like the other girls.

  • Stuart Barnett

    The appearance of Gigi and Bella Hadid is angelic. It is no doubts that she is one of the best Victoria’s Secret models. Are their parameters natural? I decided to find out everything and showed the expert some models’ photos.

    A specialist in injection techniques:

    Surgical intervention is visible of the upper part of models’ faces. Probably, blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) helped her cope with the impending upper eyelid. Also, Gigi had an operation of removing lumps of Bish. It was held in the cheekbone area. As a result, the face became thinner and elongated.

    Besides, there were “hollow cheeks” and clearly defined cheekbones. I think that it is the most likely that the model had an endoscopic lifting of the forehead. The reason for it is that botulinum toxins were unable to lift. And it is so hard to change the shape of the eyebrows so much.

    The bottom of the face of Gigi Hadid was corrected by a beautician. With the help of contour plastics (correction fillers), doctors worked very delicately on the shape of the lips and chin.

    Despite the dense makeup, Hadid sisters have small rough edges. They are models. And that means that for a successful career, their face should be in perfect condition. Therefore, I would recommend them to apply laser techniques.

    First, a falling atrophic scar, which is located in the area of the left eyebrow, is noticed immediately. Moreover, I advise treatment of injuries using laser nano perforation. The scar is small. And Gigi could get rid of it entirely in just a few procedures.

    Also, in the area of the nose, single pigment spots are visible. These spots are a symptom of incipient early aging of the skin, in particular, photoaging. To stop the rapid age changes, one could resort to such a procedure as Qool-rejuvenation.

    It perfectly brightens the complexion, makes the skin radiant, healthy, and well-groomed. Besides, this procedure does not require rehabilitation (even the most minimal). It takes quite a bit of time – 30 minutes. So, it will not affect the tight schedule of the model.

  • Maxim Thompson

    Yolanda about daughters’ plastic surgery

    Recently, Yolanda got rid of breast implants and refused fillers. On her Instagram, the woman published a new picture. There she showed herself in all-natural beauty.

    Finally, I returned to the original 1964 (the year of birth of Yolanda), the designer wrote under the post. Then the woman decided to share her story of recovery with subscribers.

    Mom of Gigi and Bella Hadid admitted that her body finally got rid of implants. They only harm the body. Yolanda said that she carried out various manipulations on herself because the standards imposed by society require it. So, a woman needs those standards to always look perfect.

    I believed that a sexy woman should look that way until all these toxins started killing my body from the inside. Your health is your wealth. So, make informed decisions. Read the information provided by the broken system before putting something out into her body, the woman recommended.

    Yolanda added that it took her a long time to reverse some rash decisions and accept her natural beauty.

    We must learn to love ourselves and celebrate our unique, one-of-a-kind beauty at any age. After all, beauty does not make sense without health, the designer concluded.

    However, subscribers did not let Yolanda forget about past mistakes. Moreover, many believe that the daughters of the former model turned to plastic surgeons. Some of the users left a few comments in which they asked how a woman relates to the fact that the beauty of her daughters Bella and Gigi is the result of a doctor with a scalpel.

    What about your daughters? Especially Bella. She is beautiful, but there are fillers in her lips – many are interested.

    None of my children have ever used fillers or botox. There are no foreign objects in their bodies. They know what it is because they saw my torment, said Yolanda Hadid in defense of Bella and Gigi.

    In June 2018, Bella Hadid stated that she had never done plastic surgery in her life. Supermodel admitted that she was too afraid of surgeons and would not want to spoil her natural genetic beauty.

  • Emily Sanders

    What is bad about “new boobs”

    Among all the existing types of plastic surgery for women, the most popular is breast enlargement. To make the boobs luscious, the patients choose mammoplasty for themselves. Breast enlargement is due to the use of implants. And not always the result of surgical intervention pleases a woman.

    • Any surgery of increasing breast size, regardless of which implants are used, is associated with risk

    It is practically impossible to predict how a woman’s body will respond to intervention. And, despite all the benefits of boobs correction, the disadvantages of mammoplasty are more significant.

    • Plastic surgery that increases the chest positively affects the patient’s self-esteem

    The woman looks more spectacular. Also, she is not ashamed to wear tight things, clothes with a wide neckline. After the mammoplasty, every woman feels an increase in men’s interest.

    • Even though after the operation to increase boobs, a woman can forget about many complexes

     They put her health at risk. After all, implants are alien bodies. And the effects of them on the human body have not yet been studied. Inside such implants, there may be a saline solution, a hydrogel filler or a silicone gel. The position of the implants over time will change. So, after the operation, it is necessary to do the correction.

    • As a rule, breast correction is performed 5-10 years after the intervention

    If you do not do sports under a unique program, do not do a breast-shaped exercise complex. Otherway, you may experience chest asymmetry. The implant can easily change the place! Also, the load on the spine increases. And as a result of it, a woman can get scoliosis.

    • Operation on breast augmentation is dangerous because of the infection

    Also, the reason for the refusal to change the size of the bust surgically for women is the risk of contracting around the mammary glands, accumulation of lymph or blood. When you capsular contracture, in most cases you need to remove or replace implants with others. The reason for it is that the body reacts to the prosthesis as an alien virus. As a result, the patient feels pain and severity.

    • After breast enlargement, women often notice a decrease in the sensitivity of breast tissues

     In other words, mammoplasty affects the quality of intimate life.

    • Also, plastic surgery of the breast may impair the ability to breastfeed

    According to statistics, the ability to lactation is maintained only in 5% of women who have undergone mammoplasty. Therefore, such operations are recommended only for those who already have children. Finally, the surgery to increase the bust is irreversible. Despite the fact that you can remove implants without problems, you are not able to return the elasticity of the stretched breast tissue.

  • Julia Ford

    I think the availability of plastic surgery should not interfere with a woman’s reasonable approach to their health. Mammoplasty has contraindications:

    • Age less than 18 years.
    • Severe diseases of internal organs that do not allow anesthesia.
    • Any tumors in the mammary gland.
    • Oncological diseases.
    • Acute and chronic infections.
    • Pregnancy and lactation.
    • Blood clotting disorder.
    • Diabetes.

    To reduce the risk of complications, you need to discover the following things in qualified medical centers before conducting mammoplasty:

    • breast ultrasound.
    • complete blood count, urine.
    • blood coagulogram.
    • blood chemistry.
    • test for the presence of hepatitis, HIV, syphilis.
    • ECG.

    When confirming the patient’s clinical health, two weeks before the planned mammoplasty, you should stop taking hormonal contraceptives and medicines that include salicylates. A week before the operation, you need to stop smoking. Because nicotine reduces the healing of stitches and weakens the body as a whole.

    Compliance with these rules is essential because mammaplasty may have general surgical and specific complications that it is better not to provoke. General surgical complications include hematomas, seroma, keloid scars, infection of wounds. Too particular – ruptures or displacement of implants, allergies to the implant material, the appearance of fibrous formations.

  • Maxim Thompson

    Guys, I have some questions:

    • How do you treat people having plastic surgery?
    • Is it possible to be a top model having visible changes in appearance?
    • How often do the top models visit plastic surgeon?
    • Eva Moore

      My attitude toward people having plastics is quite positive. I think women who have the opportunity to improve their apperance can easily do it. In the 21st century, possibilities and techniques of plastics are wide.

      Of course, you need money and patience, especially for a boob job. Celebrities and top models, such as Bella and Gigi Hadid have all the opportunities to improve their appearance. But as for me, they look quite natural without it.

      I like how they look now – young and beautiful. Maybe it is the key to their success?