Jimmy Lewin’s back workout. Fitplan app

Swedish fitness trainer and bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin, the husband of a famous worldwide fitness model Michelle Lewin, is not just a sportsman, he is her agent and social media manager who ‘sculptured’ her and helped achieve everything she has now.

Thousands of people follow his Instagram, where he shares the moments of personal and working life. As for the second mentioned, it interests the followers more, as lots of people just dream of having the body as Jimmy has.

He has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 300 posts, but you will not find step-by-step instructions to do the work out there. However, we will help you with the back workout plans this time.

Ultimate shred simple back workout with Jimmy Lewin

Warm up. The research has shown that only 5% of people visiting a gym do the warm-up before the workout. For motivation, read about Mike o’Hearn transformation. And this is a blunder. Warm-up prepares the muscles to the load and helps avoid being injured.

General warm-up will be enough but pay attention to the upper body.

  1. Do the lunges with arms and shoulder width apart, bent over rows.
  2. Do the side lunges
  3. Warm up your shoulders and neck

Now let’s proceed to Jimmy’s back workout. Do three sets and eight reps each exercise. Return to the starting position.

  1. Wide-grip pulldown
  2. Close-grip pulldown
  3. Close-grip seated cable row
  4. Dumbbells row for posterior chain

Some comments and tips: keep your torso still, back straight and extend the arms fully on the return phase. Do not forget to stand in plank position, squeeze your shoulder blades. Your range of motion should be smooth. If you are looking for more, read also about Michelle Lewin back workout and Ulisses Jr back workout.

Biography & Life facts

Jimmy Lewin is a worldwide famous fitness trainer who started on his new life when he left his hometown in 1997.  He had been traveling for a while and visited many European countries including Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus. In Venezuela, the man met his future wife – Michelle. They got married in 2010 and have been living happily since then.

Initially, Lewin started working out just to change his lifestyle somehow, as he was a parties-lover. Actually, the sport gave him what he was seeking for quite a long time. He finally found himself, he found motivation and inspiration. Michelle supported him and he saw wonderful results.

“You can’t really slack being married to the hottest girl on the planet”- he said once

Together they created a world brand and now they keep developing it.

Lewin as a brand: clothing, accessories & fit app “Fitplan”

The Lewins made their hobbies make money. And they did it in a very up-to-date form.

  • Lewin fitness platform” is a portable personal fitness program that helps users lose weight, keep body fit and muscle groups toned. The platform is available at Amazon in the USA, Mexico, Australia, Europe, and the UK. The program is useful both for beginners and advanced.
  • one101one is Lewins’ sports closing brand. They propose the customers a variety of goods targeted both at men and women. The outfits are stunning – the design is simple but stylish. Everyone who goes to the gym can definitely find there something they will fall in love from the first sight – starting form swimsuit and finishing with accessories.
  • ‘Ultimate shred’ by Jimmy Lewin is a fitness plan developed by personal trainer personally for you. The eight-week course forecasts five days per week workout with Jimmy’s remote assistance. It is something that will help you train with Lewin even if you are in the other country.

“Every day is another chance to get stronger, eat better, live healthier and be the best version of yourself”

Jimmy Lewin is not only a sportsman but also a good motivator. People who follow him on Instagram will agree. Thanks to the videos he shares, everyone can try his workout in the gym.

Conclusion: to build up back – download the app

“Fitplan” application developed by the professionals to help people keep fit, stay strong and healthy. It collects the fitness plans of personal trainers for you to achieve your fitness goals. Jimmy’s fit plan “Ultimate shred” will become your best decision towards your body sculpturing. Read also about Nike training app for android. Combine your workouts with the Seated back machine for the best result.

To sum up, we would say that nowadays there are so few people with clear goals and strict plans for their achievement, but Jimmy Lewin is a great example of such a personality. Be healthy, keep fit and work out with us and with Jimmy. We will look for his best exercises to share with you.

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