Effective fitness training. 10 useful tips

  • Search for a team

If you want to change your lifestyle, but lack the motivation of self-control, then find yourself a partner. Remember, you are not the only one who suffers from extra centimetres. Perhaps among your acquaintances, some women also want to take on their body seriously. Combine your strength! Make a group chat. Send pictures of your food and workout every day, share recipes and useful hints. That conversation will help you not to lose track and will provide you with the help of like-minded people.

  • Trick laziness

There are days when you catastrophically don’t want to exercise, and in the cold time of year, you don’t want to get out from under the blanket. Look at the results you have already achieved. Maybe 2 kilos – is not so much, but it’s your work. Sometimes look through photos of fitness bloggers and models. Their elastic prizes will push you out of the house for training.

  • Love the variety

The more you work on yourself, the more goals you set. Getting used to strength training, you’ll want to sit on twine, practice yoga, relax on pilates. Find in your plan a place for a variety of loads, and then your workouts will not be a part of everyday routine.

  • Don’t be stressed about the size of the cloth

Now you think that your weight – is your only limitation. But you have no idea, about the potential hiding in your body. Start doing sports, and you will see that you can go for long runs, any cardio loads and strength training. Your body will obey you and do any exercises. Obstacles are only in your head.

  • Find a perfect time for sport

The condition of practical training is their regularity. Therefore, it is important to find at least 1 hour a day for yourself. For domestic chores and work it is somewhat tricky, but being a good wife and mother is not only doing everything for the family but also taking into account your desires.

  • Find a comfortable place to practice sports

Not everyone like to workout in fitness clubs. Someone has hang-up because of their forms, someone does not like the spirit of competition, and someone does not have enough time or money. An ideal gym can even be an apartment. The result is not affected in any way. Useful videos with training will help to achieve the desired figure.

  • Keep your hands cold

According to a study by scientists at the School of Medicine at Stanford University, people who went in for sports, holding cold water bottles, could work longer and more efficiently. According to experts, the reason for this can be the much slower rise in the internal temperature of the body.

Therefore, before going to fitness training do not forget to buy bottles of water with ice.

  • Take off your shoes

One of the incredible trends in fitness is working out without shoes. There is an opinion that it is especially useful to workout barefoot for people who are more prone to various injuries.

For example, a group in social networks called “Barefoot in Toronto,” say that walking without shoes improves blood circulation, helps strengthen bones and helps even improve posture. The results of one of the studies say that barefoot training reduces energy consumption by 4%, which indicates an increase in the amount of training time and a slight improvement in running speed.

  • Drink coffee

Yes, coffee. Because when caffeine ingested before exercise, it helps burn more fat and also reduces the pain in muscles during use. This secret when doing sports is good news for those who want to work longer or perform more repetitions.

  • Internal motivation

Words can motivate the person to best results especially when it says it to himself. Just saying “I can do it” or “I’m strong”, social changes it’s mood, and has more motivation.

  • Drink chocolate milk

Although scientists attribute chocolate milk to not too healthy drinks, experts believe that it helps to recover after training. Researchers from the University of Indiana found that those athletes who drank chocolate milk in the second half of intensive training were not as tired as those who did not consume it.
Also, researchers at the University of Texas found that participants who consumed chocolate milk improved their time in the competition, compared to those who drank a sports drink.

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