Rafting on the Dniester on kayaks. 3 days & 7500-meter rowing challenge

T​hey said it would be cold, rainy, and monotonous. They convinced we would get bored in 3 days. The most aware frightened of bad roads and coronavirus.

Nevertheless, we decided to go rafting.

We got everything in the right portions. Even extreme because of the pierced kayak bottom, since named Titanic.

We’re already in Lutsk now.

Still, somewhere over the Dniester cliffs, a gray heron continues to scurry, fish splashes in the water, Dzhurinsky waterfall noisily throws down the water.

The dying Chervonohrad Castle cries with pieces of crumpled bricks, the river stream polishes the old bridge remains. The fires over which political-marketing-religious-cognitive-gender discussions took place are cold.

A lonely fisherman who fished on the Dniester that morning still thinks of the song “My Volyn”. Men in red rescue jackets passing by in kayaks sounded persistent.

PS. There wouldn’t be such an adventure without travel agency “Patriot”, Hot tours, and ANTAR. Special respect to the Antar team for just a perfectly chosen playlist.

I practice rafting on Dnister in kayaks for a long time. So, I already have the experience and write expert reviews of rowing machine equipment. See the following links:

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